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  28. 50th anniversary dial
  29. Time for a forum split? How about separate forums for Tudor and Rolex
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  32. Yacht Master - Underrated or Red Headed Step-Child?
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  34. Rolex vintage dial question
  35. Did Tudor Make Any Non-Hacking Oyster Prince Date+Day References?
  36. Are used 16710's (GMT II) really selling for $10k now??
  37. NEW ROLEX MILGAUSS in 2019 is coming!!
  38. First time should I
  39. Rose dial
  40. Rolex Dealers in Miami
  41. SOTC ó 16570 Polar for 116710LN
  42. First Rolex impression
  43. Milgauss or Oyster Perpetual
  44. Tudor MT5612 Is this accuracy normal??
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  71. Sea Dweller 16600 size opinions please
  72. So listen to this AD BS
  73. A Visit to Tudor
  74. BB58 Iím more than happy!
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  77. Your Rolex And Your Colonoscopy
  78. Interesting post on Instagram
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  80. Marmite Milgaus!
  81. Grey market resellers.
  82. Tudor Snowflake - how much????!!!!!!
  83. Superlative Chronometer Standard
  84. BB on a Ranger bracelet?
  85. Wait Lists and Basel Arrivals
  86. [Question] Buy full white gold sky dweller with blue dial?
  87. How fast is your watch per week
  88. Crown clicking while screwing down?
  89. Best Real Competition to the Black Bay GMT?
  90. How about a Tudor GMT BLNR
  91. Tritium Patina Stability For Daily Wear Watch
  92. my rolex is gaining more seconds than my parnis seagull after servicing at RSC !!!
  93. Tudor Pelagos Bezel Markers Not Lumed
  94. RSC vs Indie, Better tools?
  95. Date misaligned on datejust ref.6694 cal.1215
  96. Tudor Black Bay GMT - Date Issue Poll
  97. Tudor 90800 Jumbo OysterDate
  98. Catching the Rolex bug: Please share your Rolex Mistakes and Smart Moves
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  100. Rubber Strap for Explorer II 42mm
  101. Observations by DD40 Owners
  102. GMT's
  103. Would you wear your Rolex.
  104. Homage/Similar to Rolex Datejust
  105. Before and AFTER......... POST YOURS TOO!!!!
  106. Concerns about newly acquired vintage Tudor Oyster Prince
  107. Rolex Fact Check from The Sopranos
  108. Would a Rolex guy ever wear a Seiko?
  109. Where to buy a heritage black bay dark bracelet?
  110. When was the last year Rolex produced the GMT II "Coke" edition?
  111. Pelagos Crafter Blue strap
  112. Vintage Rolex Unicorn
  113. New Pepsi/Superman Jubilee vs Daytona 500 for comfort?
  114. Got a Black Bay 36 Today
  115. Are these ALL the Submariner References?
  116. Blackbay GMT & 58 availability in the UK
  117. Limited editions like Bucherer Boutique Editions - just how easy to get are they really?
  118. White Dial OP 39mm - thoughts and opinions needed
  119. Pelagos bracelet length
  120. Any way to verify RSC service?
  121. Blue leather Everest strap on 116000 silver dial
  122. Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bracelet Cost?
  123. Please help: Tudor BB GMT bracelet on BB41?
  124. Rolex prices to drop on the secondary market..
  125. Any tip on getting a 126710BLRO?
  126. AD remorse.
  127. Black Bay Metal on Strap
  128. Finally scored the Sea Dweller 126600
  129. I
  130. Think I Scratched My Rolex Itch?
  131. 2 brothers, 10 years apart
  132. Rolex Pre-qualification
  133. bought my first Rolex
  134. Rolex Explorer I or Submariner No Date as a second Rolex
  135. Appalling treatment at Rolex - Heathrow
  136. Please Help Me Decide...Which Rolex
  137. Incoming: GMT BLNR
  138. Has anyone heard an AD say this before?
  139. Incoming - Explorer 1
  140. Sub No Date Vs Blusey
  141. My Datejust takes its first flight
  142. New Purchases
  143. Interpreting pressure test...
  144. Could a Rolex service be considered a Restoration?
  145. Rolex / Tudor strategy
  146. Incoming- BLNR
  147. How to tell white gold vs. stainless steel?
  148. Rolex and Transformers (Bit of Fun)
  149. Tudor just teased a new sub for 2019
  150. Rolex Serial Number
  151. Submariner - Achieved.
  152. Wanting to buy my first Rolex, but which one...
  153. Saturday afternoon at the AD
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  155. 116200 Datejust with leather strap
  156. Adding Sub or Datejust 41 to my collection
  157. Bribe a dealer to get onto a waiting list?
  158. Sky Dweller Steel or Daytona White Ceramic
  159. (Help) Tudor 76213 Authentic check and priced.
  160. Big Tudor theory
  161. Deep sea availability
  162. Need help with a vintage Tudor purchase.
  163. New Watch
  164. Choosing Rolex Sea-Dweller for the Experience & 70th Birthday
  165. DD40 YG- Buy from AD or Trusted Seller
  166. 3235 Inaccuracy
  167. Tough Explorer Choice
  168. Milgauss Owners Club
  169. Tudor Heritage Black Bay link screw size
  170. New Datejust joins the family!
  171. 3 reasons why the OP is the only Rolex classic
  172. Tudor Baselword 2019 Wishlist?
  173. Custom Dials??
  174. Rolex 6694 Opinion and Authenticity
  175. 2nd Rolex . . .
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  177. Difference between 80's and 00's Sub
  178. Rolex Technical Specifications and Dimensions
  179. SD16600 vs New Sub Date from AD
  180. Realistic wait time ...
  181. Rolex 722 or Valjoux 72 balance???
  182. Buy my bossís Submariner?
  183. Rolex screw-down crown logo facing up?
  184. Should I add this watch to my collection?
  185. Why does Rolex make their insides as beautiful as the outside ?
  186. What's with the two different dial prints on the 114300 OP 39 white?
  187. Getting the Daughter into the Hobby
  188. Has Rolex successfully killed off all of the local "mom and pop" dealers in your area?
  189. Your best Rolex photos
  190. Rubber B or Everest for Tudor 79230B
  191. Tudor Black Bay ETA (79220N) crown direction when setting time
  192. Rolex - Kick Backs - "Bribing a Rolex AD"
  193. Reliable vintage tudor dealers?
  194. Did Churchill actually receive a rose gold datejust?
  195. Tudor 9411/0 snowflake: Missing crown gasket
  196. Black Daytona or Sub?
  197. Am I done after my fabulous five SS??
  198. Rolex Explorer II "Polar" Edition
  199. OP White dial Comparison Request
  200. Rootbeer or Pepsi
  201. My Rolex have issue with date window
  202. Explorer I 214270 (Mk 1) vs Explorer II 16570 Polar
  203. Give me validation II
  204. 6694 Black Gilt Dial
  205. The Official "Two-Tone Rolex" Thread
  206. Oyster Perpetual 39mm vs Explorer, which wears bigger???
  207. 2nd Rolex inbound . . . from an eBay seller
  208. New 114060 from AD. Is there any reason not to buy?
  209. Tudor submariner buy newer or older or refurbished?
  210. Is Tudor a good watch to add to my collection??
  211. Does Anyone Else Want Their Rolex to Look Like a Rolex?
  212. New Deep Sea 126660
  213. Incoming Tudor
  214. Black Bay Bracelet Question -Old to new?
  215. Is there anything Different between 16610LN and 16610LV ?
  216. Rolex 116234
  217. OP 36 mm 2018 white dial or submariner 14060
  218. Datejust 41 running slow
  219. Rolex Reliability
  220. How to adjust Tudor NATO strap?
  221. Should I trade up from a GS Snowflake to a SubC 114060?
  222. Explorer II Polar
  223. New 36mm Explorer?
  224. Thoughts on 116234?
  225. Keep my BB's or sell & rebuy later?
  226. GMT world problems - 16710 vs 116710
  227. Buying My First Submariner from AD
  228. Rolex submariner 14060
  229. So how many of you have actually used the Rolex 5 year warranty?
  230. Whatís your most impulsive watch buy?
  231. Polish Tudor Black Bay Center Links
  232. His & Her Oysters
  233. Looking for help with valuation - father in law's Rolexes
  234. Tudor Jumbo Date Day 7017/0 Service?
  235. Rolex Crowns
  236. My first Rolex
  237. Tudor Pelagos Bracelet Link Screw Size?
  238. New Everest nylon strap on GMT II BLNR
  239. Bluesy Batman - What Do You Thing?
  240. 1970 Oyster Precision 6426-does it look legit to you?
  241. Black Bay crown issues?
  242. Rolex or a Tudor - Geeze, why is this so hard? a lady collector
  243. Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race - whatís the purpose of the sponsorship?
  244. Help Talk Me Into or Out of a Sub
  245. 1969 7020/0 Tudor Turn O Graph
  246. SOTC 2019
  247. Explorer or Oyster
  248. Coke or Pepsi
  249. Trio collection
  250. Why Can't Ya Just Buy Stuff For No Good Reason?