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  23. Can this be called a “real” Tudor Watch or a “Frakenwatch”?
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  25. SubC or Hulk
  26. I’m getting old, I want a gold watch now
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  28. Manually Obtaining "Superlative"
  29. Is this edition sanctioned by Rolex/OEM?
  30. GMT Master 16700 - T<25 dial - Luminova?
  31. Tudor Pelagos LHD Box
  32. Trade value of Rolex ND sub and Tudor ETA BBB
  33. Yachtmaster II Dial New vs Old- which would you choose
  34. What is the Black Bay 36 microadjustment holes to bracelet link equivalence?
  35. Barcelona
  36. Rolex WR Rating
  37. Scavenger hunt or fools errand?
  38. a Touch of Red
  39. Authentic Rolex Bracelet?
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  41. UK price increase or just adjustment?
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  45. Is a Rubber B for a Tudor supposed to look like this?
  46. Wanting to buy Tudor BB Dark
  47. How are those Black Bay Bronze aging
  48. G-Shock Mudmaster, not Explorer II polar...
  49. trying to post photo from Ipad
  50. Rolex Birth Year Watches for Mom and Dad (1946, 1940) - Suggestions?
  51. Milgauss Movement
  52. When using lighter to adjust link on Tudor, should I remove the watch case first from the bracelet?
  53. Black bay finally came in
  54. 7021/0 Tudor Submariner
  55. Ladies Yacht-Master - Authenticity check
  56. Why have your Rolex appraised?
  57. Feedback Request: Rolex Explorer vs Rolex Explorer II vs IWC 3717 - Father's Retirement Gift
  58. TUDOR warranty registration
  59. Warranty card date format
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  62. Does wearing a Rolex changes people perception around you
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  65. Happy BatmanDay 09/15/18
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  70. Pulled trigger on Tudor
  71. Question about the difference between tudor BB Dark m79230dk-0005 and m79230dk-0008.
  72. Never thought 36 was for me
  73. Happy Bday to Me... My second Rolex
  74. Anyone purchase from Heathrow Terminal 5
  75. Hulk vs Blusey
  76. I won't need any words to describe this beauty
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  78. Incoming DJ41 Slate Roman
  79. Hong Kong lovelies
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  82. Inquiry about a possible early Explorer.
  83. My Explorer II out Exploring!
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  85. Pepsi Gmt Master II!!!!!!!!
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  94. Your Rolex Icon
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  97. Rolex 1500, help
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  100. Tudor Black Bay 41
  101. Question re: gray market and Rolex/Tudor service centers
  102. Is it okay to let an ETA Black Bay stop running and keep it not running?
  103. Tudor Prince Oysterdate - Ref.7966 - Help with authentication
  104. Back from RSC
  105. Everest straps for Explorer 1
  106. Another Tudor Black Bay 58 thread!
  107. Rolex manipulation of prices and availability
  108. Sourcing a flutes bezel for datejust
  109. Anyone else with a Love/Hate relationship with Mercedes Hands on Rolex
  110. First Rolex: 116610LN or 216570
  111. Need Information about this vintage rolex cellini
  112. Will my engraved caseback be safe at Rolex USA?
  113. New DJ41...
  114. Poor dial job on my Datejust...
  115. BLNR without box/papers
  116. My modified Rolex !
  117. Rolex and Tudor Ownership
  118. Protecting Crown Threads
  119. Love Hate Relationship with Skydweller
  120. Is it safe to swim with a 7 year old GMT II....
  121. Safest way to ship a Rolex you sold?
  122. Hi all! Here is my 116600. New to the forum. Figured I would say hi.
  123. First Rolex and only watch
  124. Rolex Day-Date coroded/discolored crown
  125. Tudor - when to buy?
  126. Rolex daytona 116500 - whats the deal?
  127. Strapco Rubber Strap for Deep Sea...
  128. What do you think of this dial combination on YG Daytona on Oysterflex? (116518LN)
  129. Fall Atlanta GTG
  130. Help with Rolex 1601 and 1603
  131. Wall Clocks Around the World
  132. SDDS failed me
  133. Does the watch I want exist?
  134. Does the easy-link extension ever wear out?
  135. Selling Explorer I for Batman
  136. Switched my insert
  137. Rolex Serial Number History - 1925 to 2017
  138. Tudor AD
  139. Tudor North Flag?
  140. Inherited 2x Rolex...please help identify
  141. Grail on the way!
  142. Rolex 34MM versus 36MM 'selfie'
  143. Jubilee quarter links?
  144. Got a chance to take the Hulk on a late summer dive today. Pics
  145. Going Vintage
  146. For Those Lucky Enough to Have a Tudor GMT on Bracelet...
  147. Tudor with in-house movement - which will hold its value the best?
  148. Yachet master on everest strap thoughts ??
  149. Watch Winder for Rolex
  150. Yachtmaster 40mm TT 116621 Strap options
  151. New 2018 OP39 in Black next to a 116600 SD4K
  152. Dilemma: Just got the call from my Local Rolex AD "Rolesor!"
  153. Help identifying Rolex
  154. Is Rolex lying to us about the limited availability of the Sub and other dive watches?
  155. 1976 Tudor Prince Oysterdate bracelet or strap
  156. Explorer 1 Rolex Leather Strap Images anyone?
  157. Blnr v Submariner
  158. Did anyone try oysterflex alike band on tudor bb58?
  159. Do You Guys Like Blue Dials? (Datejust-41)
  160. A good place to service a Rolex in New York City?
  161. Left sub or Right sub
  162. Rolex Oyster Bracelet Pin Falling Out - Help
  163. Which Rolex? TT Bluesy(non ceramic) or Vintage Datejust White Dial-
  164. My favourite Rolex Share
  165. What is the history of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual?
  166. Your Thoughts... Will Ceramic Sub Lose Value cause of wide lugs?
  167. Best 5th Anniversary Present Ever!
  168. Omega did this, Rolex needs to do it, it will be the greatest seller of all time!
  169. Rolex Submariner - history/model differences for a newbie
  170. Trading a Panerai for a Rolex. Do you think this is a fair trade?
  171. Your opinions on this new strap.
  172. Tudor Fastrider Silver Dial Chronograph in stainless steel 42000-SVSSS
  173. Whoops, bang
  174. Would you get the new 2018 OP39 in Black or White?
  175. About to buy a new watch... which one in your opinion.
  176. [PICS]The Rolex President | YG Oyster Day Date 40 Black Face Baquette Diamonds 228238
  177. Are you more attached to Rolex's you purchased new at an AD more so than buying used?
  178. Purchasing used - Rolex DateJust suggestions
  179. How much is this watch worth?
  180. Trade ceramic for pre ceramic?
  181. How important are box and papers to you
  182. Rolex GMT Availability in Munich
  183. Rolex Explorer II 216570 Leather Beauty
  184. Modern vs. older and vintage Rolexes
  185. Why is the Rolex Air King 116900 selling above MSRP?
  186. Which GMT !
  187. Tudor Blackbay Fifty-Eight
  188. How much does it cost to get a Rolex serviced in London
  189. Tudor Black Bay size comparison 41mm/43mm case
  190. Is the Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 a good watch? Tell me more about the 16600...
  191. Do you wear your watch all day or take it off when you get home? Anyone leave it on 24/7?
  192. Good time for a submariner?
  193. First Rolex.. and the end of a long quest - OP36 Blue 116000
  194. The 116613 and TT Rolex in general
  195. What is a good Rolex I can get my wife, but something I can wear too?
  196. Rolex Fans and the Cyclops
  197. Has anyone filed a claim with Jewlers Mutual?
  198. 1964 Datejust 1601 Underline Dial, Radium or Tritium?
  199. Anybody Want a Gold Daytona?
  200. My explorer 1
  201. I sold this once. I’ll never sell it again! What’s the one Rolex you’ll never sell?
  202. Need advice for this Tudor Submariner
  203. Thick black leather strap for Black Bay Chronograph (or anything else)
  204. I cried watching this: ”What’s inside FAKE vs REAL Rolex?”
  205. Wife birthday present
  206. Tudor Fast Rider Chrono - Panda Dial
  207. Which movement is this?
  208. Rolex gift and international warranty requirements?
  209. So I had to get a shot in my foot today
  210. Osho - Watch Collector
  211. Which Rolex model/models do you see appreciating the most over the next few years?
  212. Just picked up my BLNR!!!!
  213. A gift for wifey... Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary :)
  214. Would you trade? Tudor Tiger 79270p vs Zenith El Primero 42mm Tri Color?
  215. St Regis paper company Rolex-Tudor watches
  216. What Rolex would you need to see in the wild to know that person was a true WIS and not a wanna be?
  217. 1675 Bezel Insert
  218. What technologies do you expect or want Rolex to add to watches over the next 5, 10 years?
  219. Rolex choice Dillema | Your help needed : Sub - Sea Dweller - GMT....
  220. Rolex 19mm Bracelet
  221. "NEXT-WATCH" - (Update) Arrived! - Date-Just-41
  222. Fake or Real? Help Needed
  223. Sold a SD4K 116600 for $9,600 a few months ago and just bought it back for $11,000. Oh well.
  224. Is DavidSW reliable and trustworthy?
  225. GMT Master ii or Sub
  226. New shoes for the '58
  228. Tudor Prince tiger
  229. Took my Tudor LHD for its first swim
  230. Need repair advice for my Double Red Sea-Dweller
  231. Difficult to pull out crown
  232. Surprise from my fiancé!
  233. 1978 Datejust dial question
  234. Tudor BBN with the BBB dial
  235. Replacement hands for my rolex datejust 1601
  236. Replacement hands
  237. Is $11,300 a good price for a MINT 2017 Rolex SD4K 116600?
  238. How much abuse can a Tudor Pelagos take?
  239. Can I use Tudor Deployant with Everest Strap?
  240. Thoughts on this Tudor Submariner ref. 76100
  241. A new Datejust 41 for the Baselworld 2019 ?
  242. authentic rolex explorer 1016?
  243. Rolex Sea Dweller 16660 from 1982
  244. Yet another sub date vs no date question...
  245. Rolex Chocolate dial, Yes? No?
  246. Gshock more desirable than Rolex?
  247. From DJ2 to DJ36
  248. Buckley (Roman Numeral) Dials
  249. Long shot: Anyone buy a Rolex SD4K 116600 from Timepiece Perfection in Philadelphia recently?
  250. Complicating the Uncomplicated Explorer I