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  5. I honestly wasn't even looking for another watch.....
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  8. Properly Sizing the Oyster Bracelet
  9. Took your advice. Bought the Pelagos LHD for the $3,300. I love it! SMOKIN' DEAL!
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  11. My first crown, the 1601 DJ
  12. Seconds Hand - Datejust beats out even the sports models?
  13. Conflicted - Keep President or trade for DJ or Sub...
  14. Spring bar for datejust II
  15. Would you pay $1600 premium for a serial number you want on a Tudor Pelagos?
  16. Need help determining whether I should buy a Rolex or not?
  17. Datejust 41mm dial diameter?
  18. Simple request (I think). Explorer 214270.
  19. Please help me pick.....Tudor 75090 vs. Rolex 14270
  20. Submariner Crooked Dials
  21. Rolex dealers cutting Hang Tags
  22. My first Peel
  23. Rhodium Yachtmaster Picture Request
  24. If Rolex wanted to mess with us, they would...
  25. Sub v. SD
  26. Is this Rolex 15000 Date caliber 3035 quick set 1980's real
  27. Places to buy Tudor black bay in Switzerland
  28. Chrono24/EBay advice
  29. Please help me choose - 2003 2-line Submariner 14060M or 1991 GMT Master II Coke 16710
  30. Worth buying a new Submariner 114060 or Sea-Dweller for more than the retail?
  31. Looking for Tudor Black Bay 41 Braclet
  32. Thoughts opinions on this 16610 Submariner ?
  33. Hans Wilsdorf and Val Kilmer are the same person!
  34. Need help with Rolex 6284 brevet
  35. BBN eta polished in wrong direction!?
  36. BLNR as an investment for the future?
  37. Who has a left hand Tudor and wears it on their left hand?
  38. All senses overwhelmed by 116610LV
  39. What Are Your (Luxury) Watch Buying Motives?
  40. Interesting AD Experience
  41. Need help identifying this Datejust...thanks
  42. Is a Tudor for someone who can't afford a Rolex? Is it a Rolex Poser?
  43. Managing Expectations Question: Rolex GMT II Pepsi 126710BLRO
  44. Rolex extra band links
  45. What are vintage dials made out of?
  46. If you didn't see this on the other Rolex forum, I figured you guys could appreciate this...
  47. BB 58 first impressions
  48. Documenting my First Rolex Service Experience - Part 1
  49. Explorer spotted at boutique. Well I guess I have to buy it then
  50. With all of the talk of limited availability have you now started looking at other brands?
  51. All cyclops date wearers - your opinion on this design? Like it, annoyed by it, grew to love it?
  52. Is this legit?
  53. Yet another should I trade this watch for that watch thread.
  54. Got the BLNR but what’s next?
  55. Are prices on some current models starting to drop? Not the red-hot models, but the 'normal' stuff?
  56. I tried on my first rubber (strap!) and also fell in love with gold.
  57. Best Rolex for 6.6 in wrist
  58. OP 39, fitting the bracelet
  59. Explorer 1 vs Submariner?
  60. Poll: Rolex Explorer or Milgauss or Oyster Perpetual 39 ?
  61. Incoming! My first Tutor... I mean Tudor
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  63. New-to-me 1959 Tudor Oyster Prince
  64. Change in the Jubilee bracelet
  65. Polar Explorer II san cyclops
  66. GMT BLNR or LN ( I have daytona SS116520, patek Aquanaut)
  67. Datejust 41 white dial
  68. 1st Rolex - Making the decision
  69. One Watch: GMT II 116710LN or Explorer 214270 Mk1?
  70. Some vintage rolex .... for you from a GTG
  71. Paperwork with Rolex purchase
  72. 'Submariner' but not 'Rolex' .... Why
  73. New (to me) GMT Master II and 1st Rolex
  74. Winder for Rolex
  75. Rolex COSC
  76. Vintage Prices
  77. Rolex OP 39 vs Tudor BBy 41
  78. 316L / 904L Question
  79. I found a LNIB Exp1
  80. Tudor 90520 Oyster Bracelet Needed Badly!
  81. Rolex EXP 1 "M" series new purchase
  82. Power Reserve on Tudor Submariner 7928
  83. Buying a new Rolex
  84. My first Rolex
  85. Bring a caliper - Tudor GMT, BB Red ETA, Pelagos, and Tudor sub..
  86. what is so special about rolex?
  87. Very positive Tudor GMT review on Hodinkee
  88. ONLY ONE!
  89. Thinning the herd...
  90. How much does a service replacement case bother you?
  91. Looking for MY first Rolex
  92. 1990 Submariner 5513...?
  93. Surprised! My first Rolex...I think...
  94. Funny business with my 16710 servicing?
  95. OP39 Straps - Lets see em
  96. 10 Years Ago Today
  97. RSC San Francisco Tudor Service Cost
  98. Stainless Steel Smurf on jubilee with new movement
  99. Tudor vs Rolex Movements
  100. Help choosing next Rolex!
  101. Is an Explorer a good fit for (helicopter) aviation?
  102. Grey Market vs. Scalping?
  103. Submariner white dial
  104. Rolex OP or Speedmaster
  105. Family Heirloom Rolex - Need input.
  106. Would Rolex Datejust 116234 Be a good additional on my watch collection?
  107. Torn: Black Bay 58 or Black Bay S&G?
  108. First Tudor - BB 36
  109. Is there anything truly comparable to the Submariner?
  110. The unspoken "rogue" deal
  111. Datejust 41 - pictures and a question
  112. Tudor HBB 79230R discontinued?
  113. Sub 116610LN
  114. Oyster Case Profile!
  115. Rolex 6035 vintage chronograph help
  116. Picking up my sub date today!
  117. What causes the spotting on old 1950/60's dials?
  118. Thoughts on this Dress Watch from my Rolex Brethren?
  119. We're selling the new GMT Pepsi for retail
  120. This datejust on a nato? Yay or nah?
  121. Buying a used Rolex - what to look for
  122. Fun fact of the day
  123. One Watch vs Collection
  124. Replacement Rolex OEM Leather Straps from AD
  125. Looking to buy Explorer 114270(first Rolex) - have a few questions
  126. My wife’s Rolex datejust movement rusted! What should I do?? Is it repairable. (Warning - shocki
  127. Tudor Black Bay Bronze Fabric Strap Alternatives
  128. Tudor GMT - Supply Constraint
  129. That small Rolex Collection. Post them.
  130. Watch strap preference.
  131. New GMT & Sub no- date spotted at dealer.
  132. Tudor Oyster Bristol from the 40's?
  133. Cost to replace handset
  134. Show me your G-Shock!
  135. Thoughts on this gilt 5513?
  136. Tudor GMT Pepsi on Joma
  137. What do fellow rolex owners do or suggest?
  138. Another Sad Story
  139. Sub 14060 at 1085 metres!
  140. Any DJ BLSO Owners?
  141. GMT Cyclops AR Scratch - remove external coating?
  142. Just love this thing!!
  143. Tudor 76200 Bracelet Options
  144. Rolex Clocks at The Open Championship
  145. What's your Rolex alternative?
  146. Public Service Announcement - Sending your Tudor for service
  147. Rolex Submariner Date value?
  148. One of the Joys of Rolex
  149. Aftermarket Bracelet, anyone have one? Thoughts?
  150. Rarity of SS sport models and no discount in AD anymore?
  151. My first Rolex Chronograph watch
  152. Hacking issue?
  153. Tudor (Rolex) Prince OysterDate — real???
  154. Tudor Party at Shreve & Co. San Francisco (Pics Heavy)
  155. Uncanny Accuracy
  156. Tudor GMT Pepsi issues
  157. Tudor Gearing Up to Replace More ETA Movements(?)
  158. First Rolex - Cash, Check, ATM Debit Card? What payment method?
  159. Brand new Rolex Datejust 31mm from AD +11 s/day?
  160. Ceramic Sub No Date or regular Ceramic Sub to complement new Explorer I
  162. ROLE & NIKON Hand in Hand..!
  163. Please help me value/identify this Tudor 38mm
  164. The Official "Your Rolex/Tudor And Your Car" Thread
  165. While everyone is running for Tool/Sport models
  166. Next Watch?
  167. Will the GMT "Pepsi Jubilee" be less produced than the Daytona?
  168. Rolex Impossible to find at an AD
  169. Authentic Rolex
  170. Tudor AD Discounts
  171. In depth review of the 126710BLRO
  172. Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Screw Down Pushers. Any Waterproofness When NOT Screwed Down?
  173. OG Pelagos inbound!
  174. Tudor Pepsi GMT- No Bragging, Just Fact
  175. Is it only me that thinks all the nicknames are stupid?
  176. Rolex Explorer II 16570, Rolex Datejust 36 or Tudor Black bay 58
  177. Rolex brush wheel.
  178. got The Call today for an LN, but should I hold out for the BLNR?
  179. Watch winder setting for Cellini Moonphase
  180. New vs Old doesn’t always mean better, 5/4 digit VS 6 digit
  181. Buying SD43 in USA or Europe (AD VS grey dealer)
  182. Vintage Rolex Accuracy
  183. Got The Call!
  184. explorer 14270 question
  185. Rolex Explorer Purchase and First Impressions (long post)
  186. Genuinely unimpressed
  187. Final decision: 114300 vs 214270
  188. Dings, scratches and "character"
  189. Is this the norm from AD's?
  190. Tudor Black Bay GMT Case Thickness
  191. Datejust lume question - how much difference does size make?
  192. Tudor BB 58 vs Tudor BB 41mm
  193. Rolex 126333 shots taken by phone
  194. Jump on a Waiting List Now, or Wait Until Basel 2019?
  195. Searching for my first Rolex - how does the Yachtmaster fit me? Opinion wanted
  196. Rolex 116203 in my collection
  197. Magnificent watch that is useless to me
  198. Quick question re: 16610 case back
  199. To complete SOTC: SubC ND / Black GMT / Black Exp2
  200. Favorite leather stap color for 42mm Polar?
  201. I feel like I am getting strong armed, and there is nothing I can do about it....
  202. Beadblasting a Tudor (or Rolex)
  203. New addition! 126711CHNR GMT
  204. Anyone get a discount from an AD on a 39mm Explorer 214270 (lume model) recently?
  206. Tudor Ranger rubber strap
  207. SD43 public service announcement! 18 dial has changed. True SD50 Surfaces.
  208. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 size comparison
  209. Tudor Black Bay with CrafterBlue Rubber Strap
  210. Vintage Rolex Precision not winding correctly - when do I know how to take to AD?
  212. Tudor Black Bay 36 NATO question
  213. Poll: Hulk vs Batman
  214. avoid showering with rolex watch?
  215. 3 generations of GMT
  216. Tudor Black Bay 36 vs Explorer 36 vs Explorer 39?
  217. Will I ever own one of my grails?
  218. Need help in identifying my vintage Precision
  219. Rolex ADs vs Grey/pre-owned market
  220. Tudor - Would you sell your BB for the BB58?
  221. Rolex Clock
  222. Explorer vs OP39
  223. Rolex submariner model # explanation
  224. My first Rolex
  225. Rolex default display date
  226. Will a Deep Sea Bracelet Fit My Datejust 41?
  227. Pick 3 - you can only own 3 current production Rolex models, which ones?
  228. Versatile modern piece...
  229. Happy 4th! What are you wearing?
  230. Review - My Tudor Rubber Strap [Brand: Vanguard]
  231. Explorer II dilemma. 5 or 6 digit
  232. Divot in Rolex Case
  233. Bluesy vs Smurf
  234. Which Rolex Should be the First?
  235. 14270 or 114270 Explorer 1 in Philly?
  236. If Tudor comes out with a NEW manual wind?
  237. Quick disconnect spring bars.
  238. Submariner Movement
  239. What was buying a Daytona like before the "shortage" of SS sports models?
  240. My first Rolex- departing from Omega. Any thoughts welcome
  241. Has anyone gotten their new GMT Pepsi 126710 BLRO yet?
  242. Aftermarket jubilee
  243. Which rolex looks better on my wrist please?
  244. Totally unexpected
  245. what are your 2 favorite rolexes that u can buy in 2018
  246. Tudor Black Bay Strap/Clasp question
  247. Why is the cyclops on the outside.
  248. Looking to add the right tutor?
  249. What’s the best way to clean and what products to use?
  250. A tale of two Tudors