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  19. Thoughts on this 16750 matte with high serial # please
  20. Pelagos date wheel misalignment issue
  21. SubC oyster clasp question
  22. What watch today would you trade your Rolex for or consider trading? Has to be 6k or less.....?
  23. 91 Explorer II 16570 - bracelet has four links each side, what size wrist will it fit?
  24. date change!
  25. GOLD subs, whats the difference?
  26. Does RSC charge to remove a permeant link from 5 digit Sub?
  27. I feel I've painted myself into a corner.
  28. Submariner or GMT Master II: Which Did You Pick (First) and Why?
  29. New Macro shots of Rolex
  30. Bezel insert fading
  31. Florentine finish
  32. Cosmography on the Antiques Roadshow last night
  33. my grail finally came in!
  34. Sub ND in the wild
  35. My new Tudor DD 76200 is here ...
  36. Leaving the Chronograph running. What do you do?
  37. Question on number of links on Milgauss Bracelet
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  41. On that no-date path
  42. When did this become a hobby?
  43. Spare clasp for RubberB strap
  44. I need help from any Pelagos owners
  45. RSC Service Damage - Need Opinions
  46. Hey folks. Are the dials for the darejust ii and datejust 41 interchangeable?
  47. I saw one! Explorer I in the wild! Share your 'in the wild' stories'
  48. Datejust 41 with fluted bezel easily gets dings?
  49. Lume fell out of my Pelagos Bezel
  50. Opinions please
  51. Hand winding an MT5621?
  52. Hands On Basel 2018 - Rolex Boutique NYC
  54. I am a reasonable man, all I want is...
  55. Tudor Submariner 790900
  56. Looking for my First Rolex - Green Sub
  57. Rolex Trade Advice
  58. How many people have actually noticed you wearing a Rolex and said something?
  59. More collectible, Batman or hulk?
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  61. Tudor Geneve Monarch Battery
  62. PIC: Funniest Frankenstein Rolex Ever
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  67. What do you guys think about the Rolex Cellini Prince???
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  77. Watch winders
  78. Rubber strap for 114270 ?
  79. Gold/Stainless GMT Master II - When Did the Bezel Insert Color Change?
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  84. Your opinion on wristshot... before purchase of Tudor Ranger
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  89. Can I buy with confidence?
  90. Anyone have a more precise release date for the Tudor GMT?
  91. GMT master II bracelet fit
  92. Rolex Movement Serial Number Question
  93. Did the Sea Dweller 116600 (discontinued) bracelet come with a divers extension?
  94. Tudor Big Block 79180
  95. What Was Your Go-To Watch BEFORE You Got Your First Rolex?
  96. Need help identifying Vintage Rolex.
  97. Is this a fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Superlative Chronometer
  98. Bought a pre owned Rolex Explorer 2 216570
  99. Based on past updates, how long until the 3285 (and similar) filter to the rest of the line?
  100. Vintage Tudor Authentication Needed
  101. Tips for buying a new Datejust 41
  102. Some interesting (or perhaps uninteresting!) differences between the Black Bay Bronze brown/blue
  103. Help with valuation of 5512 meters first.
  104. Datejust 16220 Porcelain Dial
  105. Is this Rolex fake or original? Come with cert but no box.
  106. Rolex Explorer 2 White vs Black
  107. Questions about the Tudor Black Bay Pepsi GMT before I buy
  108. Need Assistance in Identifying this Vintage Tudor! Thank you!
  109. Other watch brands you hold in high esteem?
  110. 1940s Rolex OPC worth restoring?
  111. First Rolex SD43!
  112. Yatchmaster 116622 Platinum or Datejust 41 Black
  113. Rolex Yatchmaster Platinum 116622 116622PLSO
  114. Tudor Vintage info please
  115. First Rolex! Milgauss Z-Blue
  116. Opinions please for 1st <$3k "beater" watch
  117. Rolex Supply Issues?
  118. Am i wearing it wrongly?
  119. Bracelet removal tool for Tudor Black Bay Red?
  120. You can have any new Day-Date for free - which one would you pick?
  121. Any good videos or reads about the 3132 (or a close derivative) movement?
  122. The Official Tudor PRINCE OYSTER Club
  123. Rolex Explorer II 216570 for slim wrists?
  124. NASA choice for the space mission.
  125. Rolex GMT Master II Deal?
  126. HULK in Beijing
  127. buying rolex from AD
  128. Decision time, sub date or BLNR
  129. First week as a Rolex owner - Explorer I initial thoughts:
  130. Rolex Luminova U Serial - will it glow through the night?
  131. Wearing your Rolex (or other, even higher end watch) at the Gym??
  132. My first Rolex
  133. Some changes to the new Datejust
  134. SD4K
  135. I sold my Rolex SD4K 116600 for a Panerai 328
  136. I cloned my Rolex
  137. When your watch is too old to be serviced
  138. Tudor Bracelet Advice
  139. Tudor BB 36 from AD or Gray Market?
  140. Jubilee Bracelet on OP39
  141. Shortage in the green sub (Hulk)?
  143. Sawdust under rotating bezels?
  144. Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight is what the current Submariner should be!
  145. Are These People Crazy?
  146. Exporer? Sub? BBB? Other?
  147. Rolex submariner price evolution
  148. Tudor 76200 end links
  149. Tudor BBC, coverwatch on Watchtime
  150. Would you sell one of your Rolex watches for one of these Beauties ? Or no?
  151. Black bay too big on my wrist?
  152. Should I buy it??
  153. Tudor Big Rose and Rolex 6426 Precision - same case?
  154. Trading skydweller (blue face) for what?
  155. Tudor / ROlex newb question
  156. Datejust Dial ?
  157. which 36mm OP?
  158. Need help identifying a rough estimation of value of a Rolex Prince Observatory inherited thank you
  159. Engraved Sub video
  160. Rolex Bracelet guide
  161. What watch do you wish Rolex would make?
  162. New To Tudor
  163. [HELP] Changing Daytona Bracelet to Leather Strap
  164. 14060M vs 114060
  165. First Rolex - Explorer 214270 mkii
  166. Tudor Black Bay lug to lug width?
  167. Just bought my first new Tudor!
  168. When the light hit your watch juuust right [emoji108]
  169. Official Tudor Pepsi 58 / Coke 58 Petition Thread
  170. This is bad. Not even 12 hours after getting the Explorer, I am looking at the bronze Tudor.
  171. DJ 41 new dial - anyone have a photo
  172. Fake GMT?
  173. Thanks for the help - new Explorer I purchased at lunch today!
  174. 3235 in Datejust 36
  175. i like small watches and i cannot lie
  176. Which Rolex to Buy? 116710BLRN Batman or Explorer II 16570?
  177. Rolex Owners: What High-End Watch(es) Do You Own/Want?
  178. New Explorer I In the House
  179. Opinions on wearing a (rather thick) leather nato on a 14060M
  180. As a tourist, am I tax free in the US?
  181. Daytona 116500LN Vs. Sea-Dweller Lettering Model 126600
  182. Any AD that provides discount in greater New York Area?
  183. Validating old Rolex Oysterdate Precission
  184. considering a rolex datejust 116200 fr 2013 blue dial oyster bracelet
  185. Antiques Roadshow - Original Rolex GMT
  186. Hand Winding Rolex Explorer 16570
  187. Rolex "MASTERS" colored AIR KING - show me yours
  188. To buy or not -- Tudor rose dial BB
  189. Back on the oyster side of things.
  190. SS Pepsi jubilee stretch?
  191. Buying Rolex in Europe
  192. Can you buy an Oysterflex?
  193. One of the main reason why I'm now eyeing Tudor Pelagos Blue is because.......
  194. Few questions regarding Tudor Pelagos
  195. Use MyWatches to understand if a Rolex was manipulated
  196. Vintage sub price difference?
  197. I used to hate Rolex.
  198. Tudor because Rolex makes me self-conscious?
  199. Shanghai sports
  200. Rolex noob: 114270 vs 116000
  201. When do you think the rest of Rolex will have 70 hours power reserver?
  202. Unpleasant experience at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers(Greater LA) with my Tudor/bezel misalignment question
  203. Show your patina on the 116622 or 216570 bezel! Scratches bumps bruises nicks and scuffs
  204. Tudor Pepsi GMT - Blue/Red Bezel Combination
  205. Skydweller?
  206. New Rolex model from Basel world no one is talking about
  207. ...
  208. Pre-owned Rolex in Frankfurt
  209. Help with Dressing Down a Rolex Sub Bluesy
  210. Reginald Brand - is it same as Tudor or closer to Rolex?
  211. Which aftermarket bracelet for a Tudor Prince Oysterdate Jumbo 7025?
  212. Tudor Black Bay 58 color options guesstimate
  213. Is a 40mm Pelagos in the works?
  214. 3285 movement in Rolex GMT 2 vs MT5652 movement in Tudor Black Bay GMT...Non Identical Twins?
  215. Two More Releases from Tudor
  216. Used vs New and Tax Free: Choosing between the 16570 and the 116710LN
  217. Problem With RSC
  218. 1926 Milagus
  219. Strategy for AD's refusing to talk about the purchase process or wait time for Rolex GMT
  220. Submariner 16610 Opinions Sought
  221. Explorer I - Lume and pricing
  222. Our Tudor Photos from Baselworld 2018
  223. ADs employee pricing
  224. Layman questions on watches
  225. Gmt master 2 updated???
  226. Black Bay Bronze Has Landed
  227. BLack Bay GMT (Pepsi) or Polar Explorer II?
  228. UK Discount Black Bay 36???
  229. My RSC Dallas service experience
  230. Any love for the Tudor 1926?
  231. Tudor Black Bay Blue ETA + GMT pre orders!!!!
  232. My New (Old) 36mm TT Datejust!
  233. Potential incoming DJ41
  234. Experience at Rolex AD?
  235. Tudor GMT preorder
  236. Sizing the Seadweller 126600 versus Prospex Turtle and Seamaster 2531.80
  237. Wait times...
  238. Which reference is this?
  239. Which reference is this?
  240. Please have a look before I commit to buy
  241. OP 36 v DJ 41? Help me choose!
  242. 1934 OP
  243. My New Tudor 76214
  244. Is this a fake BLNR i'm about to purchase then
  245. Is this dial original to this refurbished Explorer II?
  246. Splotches/Marks on inner rim of steel under crystal
  247. 2018 Catalog : Missing BLNR and LN?
  248. Sea Dweller or Sub?
  249. basel 2019 steel smurf
  250. Color of the Rolex GMT bezel?