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  1. Rolex logo in clasp black or not
  2. INCOMING - an old lady joins my little family
  3. franken subby??
  4. Anyone ever managed one of these?
  5. My new battery powered Rolex
  6. Do you guys think Rolex will update the sub next year?
  7. Tudor Heritage Ranger - is it time for a refresh?
  8. Pepsi OR Pepsi
  9. GMT 2019+
  10. GMT-Master II Pepsi Ref. 126710 BLRO Wait lists? Release date?
  11. Rolex Explorer 1016 Bezel and Crystal Help
  12. Pepsi/Jubliee GMT - Not the same thoughts as initially....?
  13. Swapping my Pelagos - for what?
  14. WRUW Monday March 26, 2018
  15. Team Coke
  16. So thereís a theory about the Rolex and Tudor Pepsis...
  17. Sea Dweller 4000 (116600) prices
  18. GMT-Master II Oystersteel & Everose Gold
  19. Another passed down Rolex
  20. Rolex 116600 Sea-Dweller on an Oysterflex bracelet
  21. Why Do You Buy Rolex, and Are You a Collector?
  22. Considering the Black Bay Blue...
  23. Basel 2018 - Rolex - video news and comment
  24. Vintage vs.slightly used
  25. 5+% off a new Explorer I reasonable from a quiet dealer that always has one on display?
  26. Should I get the blnr or wait for the Pepsi?
  27. Sell or not to sell black bay 41
  28. Can anyone share an actual side by side live photo of an Explorer 114270 and a Black Bay 36?
  29. Re-Thinking the new GMT-Red/Blue with Jubilee
  30. Weight and dimensions of the new Rolex GMT Pepsi (126710 BLRO) ?
  32. I’m smitten over the new gmt master 2 Pepsi on jubilee!!!!
  33. Finally Incoming Hulk
  34. Would you wear the Tudor Pepsi GMT with a suit?
  35. When were the DJ indices upgraded?
  36. pocket watch question
  37. Do you think Rolex will discontinue the BLNR???
  38. Why do 80's Tudor Subs sell for more than Rolex Subs of the same period?
  39. Rolex 114060 or Tudor BB58?
  40. Incoming
  41. Datejust new updates for 2018
  42. Question About Rolex Explorer II
  43. OP39 black dial and DeepSea releases
  44. Will the BLNR be discontinued?
  45. Black Bay Fifty Eight fabric strap?
  46. Rolex Cellini 3805 - how does the square cushion case size up?
  48. New OP 39 vs Explorer 1
  49. Datejust II
  50. White Gold GMT versus SS GMT
  51. Atlanta Spring 2018 GTG
  52. New Submariner - Damage?
  53. My First Rolex - Datejust 116200 BKAO Black Arabic Dial 36mm
  54. Was there ANYTHING new/different with Sub in Baselworld 2018???????
  55. Oyster Perpetual - Black dial and White dial
  56. Tudor re-excites me...
  57. Classic sub or Modern Explorer II
  58. Vintage Submariner 1680 opinions needed
  59. Champagne dial Black Bay S&G
  60. All of Tudor's New Baselworld 2018 Releases
  61. Can someone direct me to this?
  62. No love for the milgauss?
  63. Anyone else wish Tudor would announce a Black Bay case in original dimensions?
  64. THEY DID IT! Rolex releases new GMT Pepsi on Jubilee steel!
  65. 1966 OP bought on 'Vacation' in Saigon
  66. 2018 Rolex GMT and Tudor Black Bay GMT
  67. 2018 Daytona 116595RBOW
  69. Rolex Service question for Tritium dials
  70. Black Bay 32/36/41 now has blue dial option
  71. Blue Dial Pepsi?
  72. New OP 39mm Basel 2018
  73. Deep Sea Not Dead
  74. Black bay GMT! And BB 39mm!!! Basel 2018
  75. Tudor Black Bay Pepsi GMT
  76. Rolex GMT II Basel 2018
  77. Baselworld unveilings: 10 mins to go!
  78. Rolex Oyster box candy
  79. Need Help to identify Rolex Datejust Oyster Perpetual 1958 Ref. 1601
  80. Redial bubble back?
  81. Old Black bay ETA model
  82. Bracelet end link?
  83. Should I pull the trigger on this Explorer?
  84. How lazy are some people?
  85. Suggestions Welcome!
  86. Explorer 214720 clasp
  87. Which explorer II 16570
  88. Why is the 1016 so well liked?
  89. Magnetized Submariner
  90. I sold my sub ND and looking for the replacement
  91. 14060 K serial incoming
  92. Picked up a Black Bay 41 today
  93. Tudor Black Bay Bronze coming soon
  94. Rolex and St Patrick's day
  95. Pelagos and small wrist?
  96. Help identifying rolex
  97. Help identifying a rolex
  98. State of the Collection
  99. Introduction and valuation opinions
  100. Tudor accessories
  101. Restored Tudor Oyster Prince 34 (c. mid-50s)
  102. You heard it here first ....Rolex Submariner on Jubilee bracelet release for Baselworld 2018!!!!!!!!
  103. Baselworld Jubilee with Flip-Lock! Maybe Black & Red GMT?
  104. Sell my BLNR for New Ceramic Daytona??
  105. TUDOR - Is this Day Date authentic?
  106. Tried on two Subs today
  107. Rolex Sub ND vs Pepsi GMT
  108. 1601 Crown unscrewing
  109. Rolex says service needed every ten years
  110. Polar explorer II 16570
  111. 2018 Service Report - Submariner 14060m F-serial
  112. Where to buy a half link?
  113. GMT Master !! 16710 correct bracelet number?
  114. Black listed from Rolex/Rolex AD
  115. Does this Rolex have oil damage? And is it overpriced?
  116. Rolex Hour Marker Alignment
  117. Crooked cyclops?
  118. ETA Black Bay Blue in stock
  119. Tudor authentication
  120. Thoughts on Rolex Yachtmaster 116621?
  121. Question about patina on vintage submariner
  122. Black Bay Blue, Red or Black
  123. Problem on Datejust dial
  124. SubC bezel - is play normal?
  125. Rolex 114200
  126. New Tudor arrived today
  127. New Rolex for me and I am loving it
  128. Tudor
  129. Hairline scratch on my BLNR BEZEL. I thought this was impossible
  130. Submariner Bezel Replacement - Dallas
  131. Strap size - black bat
  132. A blast from the past - vintage bubble back
  133. What to get next?
  134. Tudor Heritage Black Bay accuracy?
  135. What would you say this 1997 Rolex Submariner 16613 is worth?
  136. It's 5 o'clock somewhere [Cocktail and a watch]
  137. Need advice buying a Tudor Date-Day reference 76200 from overseas.
  138. Vintage inspired strap on ceramic?
  139. Why Can't I Decide
  140. Chipped my sapphire
  141. Non-Explorer models with the Explorer dial.
  142. My first rolex and i'm going Vintage
  143. Silly me, what was I thinking? Of course you canít just walk in and buy a Sub at an AD.
  145. Small Dent in side of case rolex sub
  146. Tudor Oyster Elegant 7960
  147. Tudor North Flag rediscovering
  148. Conformist ALERT: I traded my Air-King for an Explorer
  149. Best place to source an authentic Pepsi bezel for 16710?
  150. Tudor: i tried
  151. Calling all Vintage rolex experts
  152. Help Identifying 1942 Rolex
  153. Cyclops defect stll happening?
  154. Second Rolex - Submariner vs. Explorer 2
  155. Finally I got myself a Rolex
  156. Tudor North Flag - What is wrong?
  157. My AD encounter.
  158. Blue Pelagos with Work Attire
  159. Clasp Not Closing Properly
  160. Cost of replacement caseback?
  161. Tudor Pelagos "wheel" replacement?
  162. Help with age/info/value 4515
  163. Submariner date called yesterday.
  164. 16570 Bracelet question - how many links on the factory bracelet
  165. Does Rolex make a rubber strap that would fit in the gmt master 2???
  166. Blue Snowflake value
  167. Drunk Rolex Buying (a guide?)
  168. Why no discussion on new Sky-Dweller?
  169. Strap Change Difficulty and Scratches
  170. Thinking about getting my first Rolex
  171. Black Bay on OEM NATO
  172. Ceramic GMT II LN (116710) vs Pre-Ceramic GMT II TT (16713)
  173. Boston Explorer ii (40mm)
  174. Calling all Sea-Dweller Aficionados! Red SD43 worth the plunge?
  175. OP39 v SBGH201
  176. Adventures in BlackBay
  177. The state of polish of this Explorer II 16570
  178. Replacement/Additional link for an Explorerll
  179. Advice greatly appreciated for first rolex purchase
  180. GMTII Pepsi Back from RSC...they definitely went to town on the lugs
  181. HM Smooth Bezel DJ41?
  182. My Rolex Collection
  183. Whatís so special about the Daytona???
  184. Datejust 36 vs 41 Classic v Modern
  185. The Watch Buyers Group
  186. New Black Bay bracelet from strapcode
  187. Thoughts on the Explorer 1?
  188. Decided on my first watches! Rolex sub and gmt!!!
  189. 114060 Bracelet link / pin repair DIY ?
  190. SD refreshed
  191. Went to get Pelagos left with Black Bay
  192. Letís see your scratches!
  193. Warranty Card Question - Tudor
  194. Tudor Black Bay Blue ETA 79220B
  195. Pelagos fitted rubber?
  196. Is This Right?
  197. need some advice on choosing my first Rolex
  198. Rolex GMT Master II 116710LN pusher difficult to pull to GMT position
  199. Was on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich today....
  200. Frustrated by lack of inventory on Sports models (specifically Sub)
  201. Tudor Additions
  202. Help ID this new to me Rolex please
  203. Are the bracelets of the pre-ceramic and ceramic GMT Master IIs interchangeable?
  204. Rehaut Alignment (If you're OCD: DO NOT Click on this Thread)
  205. Is it possible that Rolex sapphire glass can have a small split-off at the edge
  206. Searching for a Sea-Dweller 126600 in CH, AUT or D
  207. New Additions To The Stable
  208. New at the Forum
  209. Daytona market -- getting flooded?
  210. GMT II LN with BLNR insert?
  211. Looking to buy Heritage Black Bay 36. Any suggestions where to buy?
  212. Rolex V. Omega... Customer Service Edition
  213. Tudor Oyster Prince authenticity - help please!
  214. GMT Pespi's Red v. GMT Coke's red
  215. My feedback deception from Tudor /Rolex SAV
  216. What are your grail Rolexís and other watches???
  217. Request for advice: AD, sales corner, reputable online dealer, ?.......
  219. Help with valuing a Rolex?
  220. Any OP 39mm owners here with 7.25 wrists?
  221. Where are all the Cellini watches in this forum?
  222. Need Help sourcing 502T end links
  223. GMT 116710LN or Explorer II 16570?
  224. Rolex dj41 smooth bezel oystrr msrp?
  225. Sub on a Bulang JPM
  226. What year was the 116000 released?
  227. Going new vs used for first Rolex
  228. Meyhofer "Redding" Curved End Rubber Straps for Rolex? Look like RubberB
  229. Is dumb to buy a sub and a gmt?
  230. Rolex Sub 5513 First Meter legit check..
  231. Stupid question/thought about some popular Rolex lines
  232. 1st Tudor
  233. Pictures of Oyster Perpetual 39mm 114300 in dim light
  234. Worn Serial Numbers
  235. INCOMING! - Grail Acquired - Rolex Submariner 5513 - No Date
  236. Update:Rolex Millgauss GV has landed
  237. Why am I getting +5-6 seconds a day (AirKing)
  238. Tudor Pelagos in Person
  239. Just got this Beaut back from Rolex -
  240. What does Precision actually mean for Rolex watches?
  241. Help identifying this model.
  242. Finally joined the club!
  243. First Rolex - Explorer II or Milgauss
  244. When a watch shipment is delayed....
  245. Incoming TeaZer
  246. Yesterday's Fed Ex Delivery
  248. Perlon Problem
  249. Air King 116900 or Milgauss Z-Blue
  250. Tudor NF with bracelet or Seiko Tuna Spring Drive (SBDB013)