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  71. 80 Thousand
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  89. I think Iím gonna be sick!!
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  118. Double Post.
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  132. Question re: Mercedes hands
  133. What's your favorite Datejust model?
  134. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona Sell For US$17,752,500
  135. New member, new watch gentle; I don't know what I don't know
  136. Significant price difference in Japan vs International Prices for Rolex Datejust 41
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  138. Rolex Baselworld 2018? what will happen? Any prediction?
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  141. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean calibre 8500 Rolex Submariner Date 3135 movement
  142. What is the Quintessential Black Bay?
  143. Some said BB-steel would be better without date, is it?
  144. I have Consolidated my Collection down to 3
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  148. Look to find out more about this watch
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  151. My Custom Phenomenato Strap
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  161. Sea Dweller 16600 Polished or not? what is the real lug width?
  162. Could not resist any longer...
  163. Black Bay Bezel Swap
  164. Why are there so many Tudors for sale in the forum? Especially Blackbays... What don't buyers like a
  165. Rolex OP 39
  166. please help with Submariner
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  205. Douchiest thing I've ever done.... =)
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  207. Tudor bund on Pelagos
  208. Can someone help me learn more about my inherited Rolex
  209. 'White grape'
  210. State of the Collection
  211. New 2017 Rolex SeaDweller question
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  213. How good is Pelagos lume?
  214. This Man in a Brown Uniform Left This at my Door.
  215. Help Identifying
  216. I have had red, blue and black Black Bay, but this Black Bay Steel is my favourite..
  217. Added another and the last 1601 piece to the Rollex collection
  218. What was the last production year of the Rolex Turn-O-Graph ?
  219. Scored The Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary
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  221. Looking for watches !
  222. The Sub bug bit.
  223. What does this look like to you?
  224. Rolex Cellini VIIII
  225. 114060 vs 216570 go for epic battle, only one can be victorious...
  226. RubberB/Everest Alternative... ABP ďR StrapsĒ... Anybody tried them?
  227. New member for the herd, and what a BEAST!
  228. Titanium/Brushed Stainless Handset for Pelagos?
  229. I cannot get my submariner dial to move.
  230. Dilemma About Watch Purchase
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  232. Tudor Pelagos PROBLEM : luminova absent ???
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  237. Rolex Daytona
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  242. Bought this tonight, 70's Blue 1601
  243. Just bought 60's Precision 9ct
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