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  86. And here it is...thanks for your help
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  104. 16610
  105. Its took 10 yrs....
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  108. Rolex Submariner 114060 vs. Rolex Explorer II 216570
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  133. Geunine Or Fake? - Rolex Rolex President 18238 Day Date Watch 18K
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  147. Explorer for 50th
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  177. Platona
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  180. Sea Dweller 43
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  183. Tudor Black Bay Chrono or Hamilton Intra-matic 68 LE?
  184. AAA vs Jewelers Mutual
  185. Happy Anniversary...
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  193. Beach watch wear?
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  201. Show Us Your Summer Beater
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  205. Rolex anonymous
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  207. What was you 1st Rolex and have you been "unfaithful" to it with another?
  208. Which RDC
  209. Black Bay Bronze Winding
  210. A perfect watch: 14060 with clasp from 214270
  211. Cheap strap on a good watch ?
  212. Rolex Milgauss 116400GV - incoming
  213. I don't want to toss around accusations, so what am I missing here?
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  217. Waterproofness and the crown
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  219. Share my Rolex 1601 fullset by Video
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  221. The Batman doing the job it was made for
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  224. 7.5" Wrist- Goodbye 39mm Hello 36mm
  225. Just picked up one of my "grail" watches, sort of.
  226. Tudor - Information???
  227. What is the process for making the numerals white on the ceramic Pepsi bezel of the GMT master II
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  231. Yachtmaster Reference Code
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  238. Sub 114060 availability at AD
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  242. CHOOSE one favor: 2017 red text Sea Dweller OR Ceramic White Daytona???
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