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  18. Has anybody modified their Black Bay to add straight hands?
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  23. Which reference SubC bracelet for the modern GMT
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  25. And green makes eight...
  26. Offer to buy my Rolex received from - are they OK?
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  28. Cyclops on Tudor Heritage Chrono
  29. Need recommendation: Rolex Sea Dweller 2017 or Rolex Submariner (steel and yellow gold)
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  33. Dealing with Rolex envy in your kids
  34. Black Bay Bronze One Special
  35. My Tudor watch.. please help verify it.
  36. Rolex 1675 info
  37. Please Help! I can't find a replacement crown for my Tudor watch
  38. Please Help! I can't find a replacement crown for my Tudor watch
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  40. Trade opportunity
  41. Pelagos -East Coast Strap Question
  42. Which Sub is this?
  43. Advice needed explorer vs DJ36
  44. Advice on sub size needed
  45. Ok guys talk me out of yet another Black Bay...
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  47. Cali Dial
  48. Strapcode v Ranger Bracelet for ETA Tudor Black Bay Blue
  49. 2 Tudors for 1 Rolex?
  50. Small review of my 27 month old tudor blackbay after non stop daily wearing
  51. My First (New) Rolex - Explorer II 216570
  52. Questions about Tudor Black Bay Heritage ETA winding and power reserve
  53. How does a 1959 Rolex Sub 5513 compare with later ones?
  54. Which oyster perpetual?
  55. Picked up my Grail yesterday
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  59. New hosting site...
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  61. Explorer, 2012. 39mm, feels 'gritty' when adjusting
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  66. Submariner TT for a Saturday
  67. Explorer and collection stolen
  68. Caliber 4130
  69. [PICS] My New Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold Black Face Diamond 116518 Unboxing
  70. 14060M vs 214270 (WG)
  71. Do you think Tudor will release another version of the Black Bay next Basal?
  72. Swapping leather to gold bracelet for Coloured Day Date?
  73. Incoming! Tudor!
  74. Replacement strap for Fastrider Blackshield
  75. What's the likelihood of Rolex making the Explorer 36mm again?
  76. Is Monta?s Oceanking now a threat to Tudor?s Black Bay?
  77. double incoming and un-boxing. First rolex
  78. Suitable surrogate for Datejust 36?
  79. New DDJ41 (2017) for everyday (please, help to choose)
  80. Need help - Got my first mark on my new Rolex sub
  81. Tudor Tiger 79280 12 Hour Counter Not Aligned
  82. .
  83. Buying Pre-Owned watch in Dealers or Auction House
  84. Opinions on Omega
  85. Lets make ROLEX Better
  86. Daytona SS/Gold spotted at Costco
  87. Where to get bracelet resized if not purchased through an AD?
  88. Tudor Warranty Service Experience
  89. Finally i found a mint blue OP 36mm " Explorer dial"
  90. New purchase: Explorer 214270 (2016 onwards version)
  91. Is it possible to overwind
  92. Rolex Datejust 1601
  93. Tudor Submariner stopped running
  94. What are the accuracy specs for the Tudor Ranger?
  95. <<<The Oyster Perpetual Photo Thread>>>
  96. My Oyster Perpetual Datejust Hulk photo...
  97. Should I buy my son's 50's Oyster Precision?
  98. 16610 & 116610: Crystal size
  99. Questions regarding Tudor Prince chrono date
  100. Hulk is not scared of flying or diving.
  101. New Acquisition-Submariner TT Blue
  102. Advice appreciated: two Tudors Date-Day 7020/0
  103. Looking for everyday watch (have an idea already)
  104. Datejust41 Super Jubilee 62610 fit the Datejust2?
  105. Black Bay vs Seamaster 300
  106. Rolex 5513 is this a fake dial. No T 25
  107. Tudor Black Bay Black mod
  108. Collection-4 Watches
  109. Tudor Black Bay spring bar mix up!
  111. Rolex Oyster Perpetual - Incoming
  112. Looking For Opinion On Tudor Prince Oysterdate Jumbo
  113. Collection Update
  114. Rolex 16570 (Explorer ii) or 116610LV (Hulk)?
  115. Unboxing of the LVc Sub. "The hulk" is a stunner.
  116. 1960's-1990's Rolex Datejusts - Future Values
  117. Would you buy a green crystal Milgauss to wear with suits? More elegant choice?
  118. Finally Commited to my first ROLEX!
  119. Black Bay Red Movement Question.
  120. Black Bay 36 Owners Must Be Happy!
  121. About Rolex's Value
  122. Long lost Rolex, a search party and a new Rolex.
  123. Red sea dweller or Batman collectable
  124. 16600 no divers extension?
  125. Rubber B for my Black Bay
  126. Rubber B for my Black Bay
  127. Sub glidelock question
  128. Milestone Birthday Explorer vs Submariner
  129. Help Identifying Older Rolex
  130. BB and Explorer For a ceramic Sub?
  131. Black Bay classic bracelet on in-house head?
  132. super Bubbleback vs new style OP34mm
  133. Help: Explorer II 16570
  134. Do Bracelet Screws Have to be Glued?
  135. Which one would you pick?
  136. So I've had my SubC for 6 months now, still unsure- anybody else?
  137. The Rubber B Strap Just Plain Sucks.
  138. Rolex Magazine N. 6
  139. Planning to get this Rolex
  140. Planning to get this Rolex
  141. What are your thoughts on gold Rolexes?
  142. Tudor Prince OysterDate help
  143. Heritage Black Bay 41
  144. Incoming!!
  145. The most beautiful DJ2, no?
  146. On The Fence: Air King or Explorer 1
  147. Rolex Date 15223 Steel & Gold
  148. my Pelagos on Tudor fabric
  149. Will the Bronze Black Bay turn turquoise?
  150. did rolex release a 16233 with mop dial with or without diam hour markers
  151. Finally joined the club
  152. Question About First Tudor Purchase
  153. I am ready... but which one?
  154. Buying first Rolex from an AD
  155. Tudor Ladies Glamour Date 31mm Help Please
  156. Rolex Datejust value?
  157. What makes the Exp 1 a sports watch
  158. Rolex Datejust 11624 vs 16234 - thoughts?
  159. Is the black bay 36 too small for a 7" wrist?
  161. Best Looking Current Model Rolex Professional Series Watch
  162. Tudor Hats or other type of swag
  163. Rolex 114200 - new hands dilemma
  164. How far is the quality of a Tudor compared to Rolex?
  165. New Tudor Baselworld Models Availability?
  166. Tudor parts directory / list
  167. Nearly purchased a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm in Red Grape today
  168. 14060M dilemma
  169. What Are The Different Types Of Hands?
  170. New watch day! Tudor Black Bay Black ETA. Impulse purchase while in Montreal during Grand Prix
  171. WTH is this Rolex?!
  172. Pulled the trigger on the Bat Man
  173. Too Redundant?
  174. Tudor North Flag - 3 week owner
  175. Black bay in the ocean?
  176. Thoughts ? Rolex GMT II Pepsi with NATO strap
  177. Florida - where to buy pre-owned Rolex?
  178. Scratch Off PCL's - How Do You Do It?
  179. Thoughts on this Tudor Sub?
  180. Just a guy thing or woman also
  181. Friends Dad's WWII PX Rolex
  182. Advice needed: what to do with 1625 "Thunderbird" Turn-O-Graph with missing bezel insert
  184. HELP...Vintage Tudor Prince Oysterdate
  185. My first Rolex came in today
  186. Help me find this leather band ?
  187. HELP!!!....before I sell my Pelagos
  188. Added Sea Dweller To Collection-4 Watches
  189. Most comfortable wear and for how long
  190. Invicta Speedway 23121 "Rolex Paul Newman Daytona" Review
  191. Black Bay black on a Ranger brown strap
  192. How do you keep your Rolex at night?
  193. Black Bay Bronze... new OEM green nato strap?
  194. Rolex Explorer 36mm vs 39mm photo reference
  195. Does anyone own both a Tudor Black Bay and Rolex Sub?
  196. Got A Phone Call From My Rolex AD
  197. How does your Rolex sound?
  198. why i love my new explorer 2 polar 216570
  199. Any long-life examples?
  200. Tudor heritage Chrono blue, thoughts?
  201. Tudor: A stiff PERMANENT link?!
  202. Watch setting and crown wobble
  203. Please help identify this vintage Rolex
  204. New Milgauss
  205. Need some advice
  206. Reference Needed
  207. Rolex Blue - Slight Differences Between Dials?
  208. Rolex Submariner vs. Sub Date
  209. Having trouble with supercase, is it just not for some people?
  210. Vintage Tudor
  211. What is it and what is it worth
  212. Colored black bay bezel on new black bay steel
  213. Band ideas for vintage sub
  214. Chipped Tooth on a Rolex 3035 Calendar Disk
  215. Vintage 1603 Datejust accuracy
  216. New Datejust 2017
  217. First Rolex
  218. Rolex Spotting - Baywatch Film
  219. Lets see your Rolex on vacation
  220. What do you think about this vintage auction find Tudor Monte Carlo 7032?
  221. DateJust 41 owners - please share your wrist shots
  222. Day date glass
  223. Tudor Pelagos V2 rusty clasp
  224. Submariner owner for a year now
  225. Classic? Modern? ...or Digital?
  226. Love for the Oyster Perpetual 34 114200
  227. Rolex Ref. 5510 "James Bond" big crown, 1958
  228. Which watch should my wife keep?
  229. 2017 Basel Tudor releases
  230. Bracelet fit?
  231. GMT Master 2 on strap?
  232. My Tudor serial No. is 97x,xxx, what is the year of its production?
  233. The original Paul Newman Daytona
  234. Tudor Pelagos or BB Bronze ?
  235. Impresssd with 3130 accuracy
  236. A New Explorer I Owner Here!
  237. Tudor Heritage model range - why so few models featuring date display?
  238. Question about the Hulk Submariner
  239. Anyone confirm that the 214270 Explorer I Mk.2 is thicker than the Mk.1?
  240. NATO strap for 2006 Rolex GMT II Pepsi -
  241. How to clean a vintage Submariner?
  242. What's your "Red Line" when wearing a Rolex?
  243. David Beckham announced as new Tudor brand ambassador
  244. New Rolex - Daaaytonaa
  245. Forever Sub: 16610 vs. 114060?
  246. Question: half links
  247. Sea-Dweller dilemma: comparing the old vs. new
  248. Recommendations for an Authorized Dealer
  249. Yacht-Master 116622
  250. Simple and Satisfied.