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  27. I just took my Sea-Dweller 116600 down to 4,000 feet! Check out the attached pic!
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  40. Cape Cod cloths are rags soaked in pure evil... Aka any fun refinishing tips?
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  42. Acronyms?
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  48. I am so excited about Tudor in-houses that now i have two of them :)
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  65. Great read!
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  69. Thunderbird fans
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  71. Tudor Ghost.....
  72. Dress down time for Easter holidays. Time for more casual straps. Let's see yours
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  78. 116200 Datejust 3135 movement positional variance
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  81. What are the negatives of the Rolex Submariner (current version)?
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  89. Fake Vintage Tudors? Need Advice on Purchasing Vintage Tudor
  90. New Watch Day!
  91. What is the timing gear Rolex uses for the F1 Racing season?
  92. Would people feel better about the new Seadweller if...
  93. Talk me out of/in to flipping my....
  94. Oyster Precision Model Numbers?
  95. Tudor NATO strap issue.
  96. Should I sell my 214270 for a 114270 or am I crazy?
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  108. tudor bb 2016
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  110. Rolex steel >>>
  111. Countdown starts for my first Rolex watch.
  112. Help decide between Tudor 74033 or Rolex 1550
  113. Strange Love: Thirty Years with a Rolex Turn-O-Graph. An Appreciation.
  114. Sea Dweller 2017 vs SD4K hands
  115. Local Repair locations?
  116. Sub 116610LV or Datejust 41 SS/WG as only watch?
  117. Tudor - Bronze or plain? - Can't decide
  118. You are the CEO of Rolex what would you do?
  119. Should I add the GMT Master II Batman to my collection?
  120. Just admit it - Quit lying to yourself. The new Sea Dweller is just plain dumb. It really is.
  121. Caught Another Rolex DRSD
  122. 3 Rolex Submariner 116610LN, which one?
  123. Help me to enable the purchase of BB Heritage 41mm
  124. Have to say, I'm excited about the Tudor Blackbay Steel
  125. Sub with 3235
  126. Tudor Black Bay Chrono Cermic Baytona photoshop
  127. Rolex OP owners thread
  128. Heritage Chronograph Sapphire Caseback?
  129. Rolex free light polish?
  130. Black Bay 41 - Why No In-House Movement?
  131. Recommendations for expanding my collection
  132. Buying a Rolex Sub in USA vs Europe?
  133. Help identify my sisters watch please
  134. Sizing Tudor Black Bay In House Bracelet
  135. Links to WUS BaselWorld 2017 Tudor Articles and Live Reports
  136. New Sea-Dweller ref 126600, Submariner 116610's nemesis?
  137. Trade opportunity opinions
  138. Committing Rolex & Tudor Blasphemy
  139. After a lot of debate, I got a Polar Explorer II 216570.
  140. SD 116600 vs. 126600
  141. 1961 Tudor Prince Oysterdate seems too good to be true...
  142. Baselworld 2017 Tudor Live Report: All About the Tudor Black Bay
  143. Black Bay 41 & 36 side by side - Product pics by Tudor
  144. Help me with this watch
  145. who writes these articles, talk about an eyeroll.."Ultimate Status Symbols Only the Rich Can Afford"
  146. Thinking about drilling a new hole on BB bracelet clasp
  147. Two nice Tudors
  148. First Watch Story: From Beirut to Pontiac: A Rolex Story
  149. Why should Rolex attend Basel EVERY year?
  150. New Black Bay 41 VS. Ranger
  151. Vintage Rolex SUB / GMT y1989
  152. Bezel Click Spring for GMT Master, Can I still fasten the bezel back on without it?
  153. Is the Datejust II discontinued?
  154. Purchasing 116610, but some questions
  155. New Sea Dweller from Basel 2017, stunning with new caliber.
  156. Black Bay Bronze with ISOfrane brown - Anyone?
  157. Rolex 3235 vs 3135?
  158. Is the Black Bay too large for me?
  159. Could someone explain the new Cellini &quot;moonphase&quot;?
  160. Tudor BB Bracelet Question
  161. We Need To Talk About The Gem-Set RG Yacht-Master withOysterflex Bracelet
  162. Tudor epic fail.
  163. Any indication that the regular Black bay will be made in 43MM?
  164. New SD
  165. Lost my Rolex Virginity to this beauty
  166. Purchasing a 10 year old mint preowned Rolex, service or not to service?
  167. Another shot of the new Black Bay Chronograph
  168. New Tudor Black Bay Chronograph & More!
  169. SD 16600 vs Pelagos from a bracelet/ lume perspective..
  170. North Flag owner looking for watch to wear while dirt biking.
  171. To green or not to green
  172. Trade Daytona 116500 for Patek 5167?
  173. Tudor Black Bay Springbar tool question
  174. Tudor Pelagos Bracelet Fit
  175. 74000N Production Data?
  176. My very first Rolex and first true luxury watch
  177. Rolex 16800 hour markers
  178. Need help with a potential 2012 tudor pelagos deal I'm looking at
  179. Tudor Gransport Date
  180. Glamour Daydate Strap
  181. Easylink Fit on 11613 and 16750
  182. Sea-Dweller on vacation
  183. If Rolex releases a 40mm datejust do you think they will continue with the 36mm?
  184. A bit urgent! Please tell me if this is a good deal for a Pepsi GMT Master 16700?
  185. My First Tudor - Prince Oysterdate. Input please!
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  188. Did I make a faux pas at the jewelry store?
  189. 50th anniversary Rolex Green Sub
  190. Question about Tudor oysterdate 9050/0 Thanks!
  191. your opinion on a future piece
  192. Would you trade a BBN for a GMT Fat Lady?
  193. &amp;quot;The Wrists of Rolex&amp;quot;
  194. Rolex Explorer 1 2016 vs Rolex Datejust 41 Everose (Fluted bezel with Jubilee bracelet)
  195. Will the BLNR be discontinued?
  196. Black Bay Crown Logo Wear
  197. Vintage Datejust Expert Opinion Needed!
  198. Help someone find their father's SD 16600 Y serial
  199. What is Superlative Chronometer?
  200. Looking Fof Understated Rolex For Wife
  201. Tudor Prince Oysterdate 74300 Blue Linen Dial
  202. This or That?
  203. Ethical Wartime lifestyle watch a la J. Piper
  204. Rolex Submariner 114060, 16610, 16800 or Explorer
  205. Please help me with the lug size of Air King 2016
  207. How "solid" is your bracelet (Tudor Black Bay)?
  208. Question - Rolex 78360 Bracelet Feels Light
  209. Pelagos LHD/New Sea Dweller
  210. So what can't I do with my rolex?
  211. Missing serial?
  212. Daytona back from RSC
  213. Watches you have that are as durable as a rolex
  214. 30 years old and wearing gold Datejust
  215. Rolex 1680 Bracelet Links
  216. Six Week Service For Nw Strap
  217. (Smart) casual, which does it better?
  218. Service/repair recommendations for an Oyster Perpetual Date.
  219. Crown on Hulk makes 'clicking' noise when unscrewing - But crown on No-Date Sub does not - why???
  220. Black Bay dial color
  221. 43MM Sea Dweller at BW2017?
  222. Opinions on Black Bay Bronze
  223. Sub 16610 Dial Curiosity (The Wide 'M')
  224. Why does my Rolex OP come with a Datejust Booklet?
  225. Can the new Tudor in-house movement beat the most current Rolex movements?
  226. Save for SubC or buy Oyster Perpetual now
  227. Need help to identify Rolex!!
  228. Explorer II 216570, too big on my wrist?
  229. Rolex Submariner 5513 posssible re-dial?
  230. Where do you see the value of a SubC heading?
  231. Need Pelagos Owners to Confirm One Detail
  232. Ceramic No Date - Value of Papers?
  233. Rolex Datejust 36 (Steel & Yellow Gold) - Bracelet or Brown Leather Strap?
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  237. Tudor Pelegos Condensation
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  240. And it's a Hello from my new guest...
  241. Rolex Oyster Veriflat Precision - Help, real??
  242. Submariner 116610LN and TT Oyster Date 15203
  243. How to go about servicing my father's Rolex Explorer II 1655?
  244. Trading my Submariner Date for a Submariner
  245. Underside bracelet marks
  246. What constitutes "vintage"?
  247. Another newbie post - Rolex "Pro-Hunter" Sub real or fake?
  248. Waiting for it...
  249. Tudor military group purchase?
  250. Meaning of numbers factory engraved inside Rolex 15203 case