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  45. which one popular?
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  68. First Tudor
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  107. Date or no date
  108. Best quality nato for my 1601?
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  110. Tudor tiger prince 79263 NOS.
  111. Need some advice re: 474b jubilee removal
  112. Finally... It has arrived!
  113. Banned from TRF again
  114. Perlon straps on your Rolex
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  116. Sub no date winding
  117. Changing Crystal Saphire in Toronto!! (Wife's Datejust)
  118. Happy Presidents' Day Everyone!
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  122. Bracelet Repair
  123. Watch moments: what sticks in your mind:
  124. Can't play outside today, so I regulated my watch
  125. Can anyone share Info on the 3135 and 3186 movement
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  127. What are your views?
  128. Rolex Explorer 14270 Stiff Winding
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  130. any love for the vintage Turn-O-Graph?
  131. 1967' datejust 1601 box?
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  134. Maintenance
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  143. Got my baby back from the spa.
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  146. Second Rolex
  147. Rolex Daytona Everose Gold with leather strap (116515)
  148. Am I Nuts?...Trade my Sea-Dweller 116600 for the new Yacht-Master Rhodium
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  150. Valentine's day blues
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  153. I went to the mall Saturday night to purchase a silk pocket square for my new suit
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  200. Would you exchange an Airk King for Explorer I?
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  207. DLC guys ?
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  211. Pulled the trigger
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  224. Fedex collect on delivery reliable?
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  240. New to the Club
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