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  17. want to know more about this Tudor sub
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  44. Do you think I'll be able to buy a black SS sub from an AD for 5k or possibly slightly less?
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  47. Dum Poll Question, but I have to ask
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  49. OP
  50. New Memember
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  101. Plexiglass
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  107. Am I Crazy!!?
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  109. Review: Rolex Yachtmaster rhodium dial 116622 (includes comparison with Submariner 116610LN)
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  111. easylink clasp on a 114270?
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  113. Reputable online or eBay sellers in Canada?
  114. Sydney AD has Pelagos Lefty and a Bronze
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  118. Would this bother you ? Or am I being OCD?
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  120. Why do some Rolex models share the characteristics of other models, that "should" be exclusive?
  121. Has anybody had their Rolex dial / face replaced?
  122. What to get: Black Bay Black ETA or Pelagos LHD?
  123. Well, I did it ! Just got this Beaut today from David over in Orlando....LOVE IT !
  124. Is the Yachtmaster a dressy diver?
  125. Olive green OP 34 or blue DJ 36?
  126. Tudor black bay problems
  127. Tudor Pelagos: Non-smooth screwing/Unscrewing crown operation
  128. How do you feel about users that question why the Rolex brand, receives such hate?
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  130. Rolex From
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  136. HODINKEE Mobile App Rocks
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  138. Went to a Rolex AD Store today. Wanted to describe how it went and your opinions on pricing :).
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  140. Need help deciding - Pepsi GMT-Master II 16710 or Hulk Submariner - HELP!
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  142. Merry Christmas to me!
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  148. Got my Rolex Grail
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  150. I guess this is it. My one and only watch for the year 2017.
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  153. Bought myself the most hated Rolex (new Air-King) for Christmas
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  163. Vintage expert!!Please help for Rolex 5513,
  164. Incoming Impulse
  165. Are Rolex oyster bracelet links between different models interchangeable?
  166. Buying SS Sub in Tokyo from AD
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  169. TUDOR HERITAGE ADVISOR – an inexpensive folly
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  171. DavidSW
  172. Straps or Bracelets - which do you prefer on your Tudor or Rolex ?
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  174. Black Bay Black 79220N availability?
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  180. Back in the Game
  181. 99 sub? Or bremont?
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  188. Milgauss Picture - Thoughts on new/fake?
  189. No WRUW today thread in this section??!!??
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  191. Blancpain 6885 for rolex djii
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  198. Opinion on Tudor sub snowflake 9411/0
  199. Brand new Rolex Explorer II sent in for warranty service.
  200. How Rolex got to +/- 2 seconds a day
  201. To the vintage experts, have you ever seen this Submainer no date?
  202. Essentials Thread
  203. Does this look like a good buy? (16570)
  204. INCOMING! First Rolex!
  205. Tudor they exist? Want to get strap changed.
  206. first Rolex: new (to me) Datejust 16200!
  207. What was the first Rolex model with the Cyclops window?
  208. Considering selling my blue OP 39mm and getting the Datejust II
  209. Bezel: Smooth or Fluted?
  210. What ETA grade was used in vintage Tudor Oysterdates with 2824-1?
  211. Gorgeous in-house Black Bay blue
  212. Rolex Sub not in stock with ADs for past 2 year in Sydney
  213. Rolex 6423 oyster precision
  214. Collection Killer?
  215. How do you feel wearing a 500$ Rolex ?
  216. Are caliber 3186 and 3187 the same?
  217. John Mayer review of Tudor Black Bay Black?
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  219. Grain Appearance on Polished Side of Rolex Case?
  220. Pelagos 2 line vs 5 line height specifically for NATO
  221. Daytona arrival
  222. Leather straps for Tudor Black Bay deployant clasp
  223. The gaudy-er the better?
  224. 2016 Explorer 1 or 2016 Airking ?
  225. Wrist shots of the Tudor Black Bay Heritage 36 mm?
  226. Just got an Oyster Perpetua day-date, have some questions.
  227. Bracelet question
  228. First Tudor
  229. Interesting on eBay, gold and blue Sub
  230. A few newbie Oyster Perpetual questions
  231. Rolex's Longest-Standing Repairman - Interesting Article on Luxury Watches in Cuba
  232. Rolex Submariner Cash Value
  233. Intriguing Questions on Rolex Turn-O-Graph history
  234. Intriguing Questions on Rolex Turn-O-Graph history
  235. 1 month with the Submariner
  236. Ideas for black bay...
  237. I can not see much love for the DJ2 here, but i absolutely love mine...
  238. Rolex Submariner No Date
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  240. Things got out of hand.. and I ended up with:
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  244. Air King 116900
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  246. Tudor Basel 2017
  247. finally surrendered to a submariner
  248. Ruminations on Ceramic Bezels, using Delran, and a Titanium Ring
  249. President Day Date 18038 bracelet
  250. Anyone can help with this movement?