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  32. Where did you buy your Submariner?
  33. Explorer Basel 2016 vs Milgauss Black
  34. Tudor Ranger End Links, yay or nay?
  35. Traded my no-date Submariner 114060 for the Sea-Dweller 4000 116600 and here's my thoughts...
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  37. Tudor warranty transferable?
  38. The many looks of the Rolex OP39 Rhodium
  39. Tudor Black Bay Blue on distressed leather from the Black Bay Burgundy?
  40. Help ID 1957 Rolex 6532 Dial
  41. 2 liner black Pelagos for a blue pelagos?
  42. Tudor 75190 Submariner lumination
  43. My Tudor Black Bay Bronze has arrived and it is awesome!
  45. Sub vs. GMT Master II 'Batman'
  46. Looking For Opinions On The 16600 And The 16570
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  50. Seeking an opinion about a recent Rolex-buying experience
  51. Is there a break-in period for a Rolex? If so, does it speed up or slow down?
  52. New Daytona on Swiss market
  53. Black Bay MT5602 vs Rolex Submariner quality?
  54. WAYW Thanksgiving Edition November 24, 2016
  55. Daytona Steel waiting times.
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  58. A Tale of Two Tudors..
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  67. Well, the new "new" explorer is pretty cool.
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  69. What color black bay to get.
  70. When is a homage acceptable?
  71. Tudor 15830 Monarch
  72. New Watch Alert (Kinda)! 1979 Tudor Big Block Chronograph 94300
  73. Family pic - the new kid, his big brother, their crazy uncle and the astronaut next door...
  74. If you could have a Rolex Daytona or a Sea Dweller 4000, which would you pick and why?
  75. Rolex 5504 albino honeycomb red explorer
  76. Somehow stumbled into being a first time Rolex owner
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  79. WRUW - Sunday, November 20, 2016
  80. What next?
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  82. Anyone have a vintage Datejust and a 36mm Nomos Club?
  83. Should I trade my No-Date Sub for a Sea-Dweller 4000? Advice Please.
  84. GTG in Delhi
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  86. Correct screwdriver for Tudor Black Bay (Gen 1) Bracelet?
  87. Finding out original date of purchase
  88. North Flag type of steel used?
  89. Pelagos destro
  90. Depreciation of YG Day-Date
  91. Aftermarket Rolex dials (are they even legal)?
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  103. Two month old North Flag running -7 per day...
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  107. WatchTime Letter
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  110. Non lume dials
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  113. New watch box - now to fill it
  114. Explorer II 16570 and New Everest Band
  115. Rolex Yatchmaster 16628
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  117. BLNR question
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  119. Can anyone help price this Rolex that a seller tells me is super, super, super rare?
  120. Buying advice - A Rolex for my 40th
  121. 114060 SubC - Clicking noise when moved.
  122. >>> WRUW Wednesday, November 9, 2016 <<<
  123. Tudor Pelagos Bezel Zero Detent
  124. What's the right price for this Rolex 2919 cca.1930
  125. Losing time - Rolex GMT II (approx 2005)
  126. Tudor Black Bay 36 commercial
  127. rolex gold bracelet link
  128. GMTii long term thoughts
  129. Dropped my Tudor Ranger
  130. LEC not at 6:00?
  131. Yachtmaster strap: Yay or Nay?
  132. Tudor at UDT-SEAL Museum
  133. I've finally joined the '10K Club'!!!
  134. No Love for the Milgauss?
  135. Torn between two possible first Rolex watches
  136. DATEJUST 116238 Good Price?? How many links?
  137. ***WRUW 11/06/2016***
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  139. My very first Rolex
  140. BLNR pricing future
  141. Who knew the Dark side could be so Bright...
  142. Black Bay Bronze too big for my wrist?
  143. Anyone able to get a discount from AD on the new Tudor Black Bay Bronze?
  144. NEW WATCH ALERT! Rolex Explorer 214270 Basel 2016
  145. Rolex Yachtmaster Ref 116622 any love?
  146. Is this one of the less wanted modern Rolexes? No, if you ask from me :)
  147. On a United Airlines 777...
  148. Need Help with The Bracelet on my Rolex
  149. Great customer Service!
  150. 5513 outdoor
  151. Tudor submariner vs milsub
  152. Went and looked at 'vintage' sports Rolexes. A bit sorry I did...
  153. Two tone gold/steel Rolex - Just a colour combination or a gold watch?
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  155. What is the opposite to the Submariner ceramic?
  156. What is a quintessential Rolex watch?
  157. Air King Precision - advice/thoughts
  158. Mid 90s Daytona
  159. Explorer 2 216570
  160. Real? I think.
  161. Grail has landed - I'm in love! Pepsi content...
  162. YG Rolex (no date) Small Diameter: How to make it look bigger/more wearable?
  163. Rolex Help, SubC
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  169. Tudor customer service
  170. What generation of Submariner should I look for?
  171. Things you do in your Rolex
  172. Recent eBay purchase. Would like some reassurance.
  173. Pics needed: OP grey or blue on leather strap
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  176. Rolex Submariner from year 1978 wanted
  177. MY ROLEX SUB 1680
  178. Rolex Daytona TT panda 116523 strap options
  179. Explorer or Datejust
  180. Got this Rolex. Is this a good one?
  181. Pepsi advice ?
  182. Vintage questions
  183. The 'not quite so big' 4K and no I'm NOT talking about my new TV!
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  185. Question about the datejust models.
  186. Rolex UK price rise from Tuesday
  187. Tudor Black Bay Black 2.0 Review
  188. Tudor Black Bay Red
  189. Which one gets your vote ?
  190. Ludgatewatches on ebay
  191. For those with a Tudor BB, did you buy through AD or grey market?
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  194. Crown & Caliber Rolexes... Umm...
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  196. Thought on the new bimetal yachtmaster
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  202. (Slightly) Disappointed
  204. Cambodian "Bubbleback"
  205. Got a text the other night! Incoming!
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  209. Gardening watch
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  214. Inbound!!!!
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  216. My New acquisition!
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  219. Explorer??? Are you for real?
  220. Rolex Middle Sea Race starts
  221. Who in the forum can remove a permanent link from my Rolex 93150 bracelet?
  222. new here can anyone help with info on my watch
  223. altering your Rolex.
  224. Grail acquired!
  225. Tudor Heritage Advisor Review
  226. A Wrist Full of Subs.
  227. Arrrghghghghh! Grail ordered, paid for, and shipped!
  228. Ever bought your wife a Rolex?
  229. Tudor Question
  230. Some shots of my GMT Master
  231. Tudor 78400 series Bracelet link question
  232. Did Rolex just service my Tudor Black Bay for free?
  233. A bit Of a crossroads! ?
  234. North Flag owners - Does your NF pick up scratches easily?
  235. advice needed on rolex sub polish
  236. Hi Guys! Any thoughts about this early Rolex Unicorn?
  237. Anyone ever buy from "loving-lifes-watches"? Is this a bad idea?
  238. Watch for Mexican vacation
  239. Tudor Black Bay Dark
  240. Want a Pepsi, why not a Coke?
  241. Tudor Hydronaut II 20040 - real?
  242. Work Rotation. Which one?
  243. North Flaggers with the bracelet, did you also buy the leather strap?
  244. Got confused with Mod #s wanted Big block but is this version worth keeping?
  245. Polar Exp2 or Batman?!
  246. Datejust - Which configuration did you get?
  247. Tudor Prince Day Date 94613 case size?
  248. Datejust Fluted Bezel or Rounded
  249. First Rolex.
  250. Which pt DD40 romans dial?