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  19. Historically classic, and elegant…..not a tool watch....
  20. Real or Fake Marconi Special
  21. Cyclops or no cyclops
  22. Grey market watch
  23. Can a DJ be casual enough?
  24. What do you guys think of this "vintage tudor" watch?
  25. Who are you using to insure your watches?
  26. Datejust 41 / Blue dial
  27. What other upgrades will the Sub get?
  28. Requesting ownership experience- Ceramic Submariner no date 114060
  29. Just for fun- Peek at the past prices (pic)
  30. 114270 Help
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  32. Incredible valuation of ultra-rare Paul Newman Daytona on Antiques Roadshow January 2020
  33. Unworn Rolex Oyster Cosmograph 6263 from 1961 on Antiques Roadshow
  34. His & Hers discussion
  35. Tudor Heritage Ranger straps....favorite
  36. Explorer II 216570 power reserve question. Owner feedback please.
  37. Begin again at the Beginning
  38. Seadweller
  39. Cellini date blue face
  40. Rolex - The shopping experience is joke.
  41. Two weeks for a Sub 116610LN?
  42. How is everyone's Tudor BB 79220's crown paint holding up?
  43. Rolex Oyster Perpetual vs Tudor 1926
  44. Rolex or Tudor with perpetual calender
  45. Tudor mid sub question
  46. Anyone here watch antiques roadshow?
  47. OP 39 Blue - Thoughts on the Green Markers
  48. Does anyone remember the story about the Sub left in a ship engine room?
  49. Power Trio
  50. Warranty Card withhold policy ended?
  51. Watches stolen - house was burgled last night
  52. So, I took a few of my "friends" too Starbucks...
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  54. Rolex Sky Dweller Price?
  55. Overheard: Rolex is the Most Inaccurate Watch
  56. What "Watch Guy(s)" Do You Follow On YouTube?
  58. Is this 2020 Hulk??
  59. What's your ROLEX EDC?
  60. Once upon a time I thought I wanted a Rolex
  61. Tudor BB S&G
  62. Bracelet swap on new GMT Master
  63. Fabric Black Bay straps
  64. Mainspring broke on 1 month old BB58?
  65. Black Bay 58 rubber strap
  66. Black Bay 58 bracelet screws
  67. Sharing my Tudor Prince Date w Silver Linen Dial
  68. Trade thoughts EXP2—>LB?
  69. Is the Rolex OP for poor people?
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  71. Curious : who has the longest signature on Rolex forum?
  72. I Love You To The Lume & Back
  73. Tudor Black Bay ETA Winding
  74. friend's Tudor Submariner
  75. Tudor Black Bay 36mm ordered
  76. Hopefully Rolex comes thru on a non-warranty problem
  77. Why are Rolex cases so thick?
  78. Got the Text
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  80. Comparison DSSD v SD43 by owner
  81. Traded in my Milgauss 116400GV for a Datejust 36 today
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  89. Buy second had tudor pelagos private seller.
  90. Glidelock slippage on new Submariner bracelet?
  91. New Member
  92. Banned in TRF due to account suspected to be misused or hacked?
  93. Some advice please re: broken rotor
  94. Fake? Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight
  95. Anyone with both a blue and a black pelagos tried a bezel swap?
  96. Watches of Switzerland procedure
  97. New watch damaged at AD; am I actually the bad guy here?
  98. Need help from the Datejust experts
  99. Quick Dumb Question.
  100. Anybody else hoping that Tudor releases something sporty with a white dial (a la Explorer II)?
  101. Hoping Rolex may introduce a Larger Submariner ?
  102. What's on your agenda for 2020
  103. Steel Daytona on Oysterflex
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  105. GMT LN on Jubilee? Pics Please
  106. The Modern Rolex Air King, the most underrated reference and the potential discontinuation
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  108. UK - Kingston upon Thames: Black Bay 58 on strap AND Black Bay GMT on Strap available at an AD
  109. 2020 Submariner
  110. Got the call!
  111. Rolex prices went up
  112. RSC dial color change and betting on the future
  113. Do you get worried wearing your Rolex Submariner?
  114. PO1 arrived
  115. What if 2020 brings a slimmer sub?
  116. Advice on new to me Sea Dweller 43mm
  117. Tudor tiger prince chronograph...worth it?
  118. Rolex Increases Prices 3-6% For Top Watch Models In 2020
  119. I highly recommend this Rolex book...
  120. Aftermarket steel bracelet for Rolex Explorer II 16570
  121. 2.5 year waiting time for an Explorer 214270 in the UK?????
  122. Competitive Handgun Shooting and Shock
  123. Your thoughts on Rolex's current business strategy?
  124. Opinions please - does this BB58 look ok?
  125. What GMT/Diver Combo Do You Prefer?
  126. Changing the hour hand for the correct time zone on a Tudor Black Bay GMT
  127. Tudor BB58 vs Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 - Because why not?
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  129. Rolex Submariner bracelet - link removal
  130. My Watch Stories/Ownership OP 39 and Black Bay Black
  131. Is this a new Tudor model? BB58 with date
  132. Questions on ladies Datejust, AD/Grey purchase?
  133. Selling the bracelet separately from the watch? Is it a good idea.
  134. 1990 RSC service dial on 5513 , lume life?
  135. Rolex Explorer I
  136. Just another size comparison pic ... Datejust 41, Exp 42, Omega 42...eye of the beholder
  137. Tudor Pelagos accuracy
  138. How bad did this kill the value of my father's 1980's GMT-II?
  139. OP dial color
  140. Submariner vs. Explorer II 42mm Polar
  141. Anyone know a great Rolex AD in orange county CA?
  142. Explorer ii availability/wait times
  143. My 1665 Double Red Sea Dweller Video
  144. Rolex… embarrassing?
  145. Rolex Explorer after 6 months and my youtube channel :)
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  148. Singapore watch forum
  149. Introducing STYX Watch Protection Film
  150. Is modification the answer to my quest for the perfect sub?
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  153. I just bought a 114060...again!
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  155. Grandads Rolex
  156. 58 Bezel warranty repair
  157. Tudor BB Users: how to remove original leather strap?
  159. My Rolex Journey
  160. Two Weeks in Review: Rolex GMT Batman on Jubilee - BLNR126710 (Batgirl)
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  162. What is the process for first time Sub purchase?
  163. UK: Tudor GMT on strap spotted - Kingston upon Thames, Ernest Jones
  164. Tudor BB GMT durability
  165. Which is the BB36 better on: strap or bracelet?
  166. is my chrono hand misaligned? (Black Bay Chronograph)
  167. The Crown (heh) of my Collection
  168. Next Watch Pelagos Blue or Seiko MM300 SLA023
  169. No price increase on Oyster Perpetual line
  170. Tudor Price Increase
  171. The list with my AD is a work of fiction
  172. Torneau Experiences
  173. An issue I'm having with winding my new 3285 movement
  174. Accuracy and servicing
  175. Solved :) - best addition / replacement to my small collection? Advice highly appreciated...
  176. f23 — Most Worn Watch in 2019?
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  181. Any info on the price increase?
  182. To restore or not
  183. Tudor aiming too high?
  184. Can botique not sell a watch
  185. New Pick Up!
  186. Is the SeaDweller 116600 the closest thing to a perfect modern reference?
  187. Anybody close to giving up on Rolex
  188. MT5612 accuracy
  189. Does the Batman & the Batgirl have an identical case?
  190. Did you pay retail for your Tudor?
  191. Tudor Black Bay GMT Issue
  192. Tudor 1926 sizing problem - no micro-adjust!
  193. does anyone have a good source for Rolex Jubilee bracelet links?
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  197. Rolex Redundancy?
  198. 15210 with Numerals - Rhodium?
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  200. Can a 114060 and a BB58 coexist in a watch collection?
  201. Engraving: Who should be performing this for me?
  202. My Daytona story...
  203. Happy Holidays WIS
  204. Ref number for Black Bay Chrono's brown leather strap?
  205. 58 days to get ... Daytona
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  209. Tried on a Daytona for the first time
  210. Rolex 3235 vs 3136
  211. Favorite Datejust Configuration?
  212. A watch amateur goes back to 1926 and finds himself in the future ....
  213. Rolex Prices Increase January 01, 2020
  214. Omega Yachtmaster
  215. Well, I put myself on the waitlist ...
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  217. Still a wait for the BB58?
  218. Next Rollie opinions
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  220. Tudor Warranty Increases to 5 Years in 2020
  221. Another piece to my collection
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  223. Will a 5500 bracelet fit a 14000?
  224. Recommendation for adjusting DJ41 jubilee?
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  226. Tudor End Link Question
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  228. My Rolex photography
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  230. Help Choose a Tudor
  231. Service dial 5513
  232. A Year with Pepsi
  233. When did the Rolex Datejust fluted bezels switch from 14k to 18k?
  234. Custom Strap Oyster Perpetual 36mm
  235. UK: Watches of Switzerland buying out 4 Fraser Hart Stores and Smurf available now
  236. DeepSea water picss
  237. The Oysterdate Precision Owners Club
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  240. Stolen ROLEX GMT Master II D708616 2006 Pepsi
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  242. Photo request: Omega Railmaster 2503.52 vs Rolex Explorer 39mm
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  248. History and details
  249. Latest acquisition
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