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  14. Want a Pepsi, why not a Coke?
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  16. Work Rotation. Which one?
  17. North Flaggers with the bracelet, did you also buy the leather strap?
  18. Got confused with Mod #s wanted Big block but is this version worth keeping?
  19. Polar Exp2 or Batman?!
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  22. Datejust Fluted Bezel or Rounded
  23. First Rolex.
  24. Which pt DD40 romans dial?
  25. 28 year old sub accuracy is amazing
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  32. New (to me) GMT Master II 16710
  33. Suggestion on a vintage Rolex, worth it?
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  38. Rubber Strap for Datejust
  39. Picked up first rolex. Explorer II
  40. Patina or something else?
  41. Tudor Fastrider Black Shield - first Tudor experience
  42. Would you flip the Drive De Cartier for the Rolex Explorer 1 2016?
  43. Black Bay Bronze or Zenith Pilot Type 20 Bronze?
  44. Anyone own a silver dial datejust with sticks and find it hard to read?
  45. Explorer braclet on Datejust?
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  53. Rolex 1977 1803 - tell me something I missed
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  56. Datejust II, 39mm Explorer, and 39mm Oyster Perpetual Owners
  57. At odds with permanent links, need one more removable 93150 link!
  58. Worst case scenario
  59. New Tudor owner.....finally.
  60. A Rubber B (or similar) strap for the BB?
  61. Movements?
  62. Tudor 76214 help. Thanks
  63. Removing hard water spot stains
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  65. Dubai Airport Terminal 3
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  67. RSC Hong Kong - Bad experience, but now resolved
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  70. Negotiating
  71. Incoming Speedy Pro to go with Rolexes
  72. My daughter made me a rubber band bracelet
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  74. What would you give up for your grail watch?
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  77. Refinished/restored older Rolex versus new -- practical considerations?
  78. Tudor North Flag or Pelagos?
  79. Rolex Oyster Date Precision 6694 - SHOULD I BUY?
  80. Any updates from North Flag owners?
  81. Is this Tudor real?
  82. Oops I did it again... i need help
  83. Advice request
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  86. Rolex second hand dealer in NYC
  87. Date change
  88. Rolex recovered from Flight 93 crash site
  89. How long you wear the same watch in a stretch?
  90. Cheers, boys. Hope you are well.
  91. Canadian Rolex AD discount expectations
  92. NC Rolex owners GTG
  93. The newest member of the family
  94. Fair trade?
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  96. Appreciation of innovation
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  100. Customer Service guy
  101. Receiving Watch Compliments
  102. My first Swiss watch, a Tudor Prince with Ranger Style dial, I am in love!
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  105. Does anyone know what bracelet this is?
  106. BB36 is listed on Joma
  107. interesting rolex article
  108. Cyclops on the inside!
  109. Well, I'm now a "One Watch" man
  110. Would you wear a two-tone Rolex for a week?
  111. Choice has come down to these 2
  112. Thinking I'd like to buy a used Tudor North Flag. How often does it need servicing?
  113. Things That Make You Drink
  114. What Just Came In: Tudor Black Bay Dark On Bracelet
  115. Bezel problem on Tudor Black Bay
  116. New arrival!!! Happy boy
  117. Rolex Lugs
  118. Black Bay 36 vs Nomos Club Timeless II
  119. Rolex Submariner = Space Watch
  120. Can someone clarify the general perception and relationship of Tudor to Rolex?
  121. Incoming: Tudor Black Bay (2016)
  122. Swapping 16610 for 16660
  123. Perhaps a silly question
  124. Has Anyone Here Owned Both Explorer I and Railmaster?
  125. Very clean Rolex very worn serial number?
  126. Question regarding Tudor in-house movement with Black bay 36/Ranger
  127. Bronze For A Saturday
  128. Rolex sub 5513 or 14060
  129. Thoughts on the yacht master 40
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  131. Tudor Black Bay 36 Review
  132. A tale of two watches...
  133. new to me datejust 1601 -- Great value
  134. New Explorer!!
  135. Vintage BondŽ-stripe ? some impressions
  136. Size Comparison- New Datejust 41 vs Sub 116610
  137. Tritium Pearl 5513
  138. Quintessential Tudor, quintessential Rolex?
  139. Tudor Black Bay choices
  140. Bronze on a Bund
  141. Tudor Oyster ... folded bracelet
  142. Hmm, looks an awful lot like...
  143. 116610 Bracelet Links
  144. Super-rare Rolex model?
  145. Help identifying and valuing vintage Submariner?
  146. Talk me out of an Explorer I
  147. Singapore GP TV fun......
  148. The ETA Movement vs. In House- One Man's Journey On How He Justifies (To Himself) a $4k Watch
  149. Help with what to replace on Tudor
  150. 116610 Honeymoon Phase
  151. ROLEX GMT 16710 - Appraisal needed!
  152. Anyone here own both an Explorer II 216570 and Pelagos?
  153. rolex 16750 GMT advice and opinions
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  155. Rolex SeaDweller 16600
  156. My last Rolex buy
  157. I just saw that AKA Takuya has an inhouse Black Bay Black
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  162. Do you like Rolex watches?
  163. Testing New App
  164. Rolex submariner vs sea dweller
  165. For those who put the Hadley Roma bracelet on their vintage Datejust
  166. Rolex arrival 16233
  167. Rolex arrival 16233
  168. Aged Submariner Club
  169. New Submariner Dial
  170. Heritage Chrono or Black Bay..... A possible "one watch"?
  171. LANDED - New Explorer I PICS
  172. Help! My first white dial Rolex... Milgauss vs Explorer II vs Datejust II
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  174. Rolex Sub ruined or is this fixable?
  175. Tudor North Flag 91210N
  176. My Pelagos is getting uncomfortable, I need to change it up, suggestions...
  177. Is It Safe To Take a Rolex Diving While on Vacation??
  178. Thoughts on Tudor Style line?
  179. Rolex Submariner 114060 VS 116610ln
  180. Share Pics of Wear on the Yacht-Master Bezel
  181. Rolex AD recommendations?
  182. Rolex prices after 2001 and 2008 recession
  183. New GMT honeymoon present
  184. Rolex Deepsea warranty card not the same
  185. Would you prefer a matte dial, matte-bezel no-date Submariner (114060)?
  186. Is the ENTIRE bezel on the yachtmaster made of platinum?
  187. Explorer 14270 (too small?) vs. new 214270 (available?)
  188. Rolex regulation cost
  189. recommendations and pricing for new Sub
  190. GMT 116710 BLNR Strap Options
  191. Service Advice in Los Angeles
  192. GMT BLNR Not Happy
  193. My brand new Rolex is so simply, so elegant.. :)
  194. Why dont we see more pics of new steel daytonas?
  195. Rolex Timepieces Past & Present
  196. some advice!
  197. help a worthy cause...
  198. Rolex President II
  199. Rolex Explorer Spring Bars?
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  202. Anyone got 200k spare
  203. Oyster bracelet link question - OP 39mm
  204. Rolex bracelet
  205. Happy 3rd Birthday to my DSSD
  206. Explorer 39mm bracelet on a 41mm DJII
  207. My next purchase will be?
  208. Is this normal, Datejust hidden clasp scratches
  209. 38mm/39mm DateJust
  210. Tudor Nato... Wow.
  211. Tudor: Dust under the Crystal!!
  212. Hi guys. To some, over from the dark side.
  213. my grail...
  214. Submariner movement history
  215. Tudor Black Bay, Dust, and Authenticity Questions
  216. My Rolex gmt 16700
  217. Accuracy of a brand new Rolex: To regulate or not?
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  219. 3 months in- Sub no Date- it's in the rotation
  220. good site for Rolex parts?
  221. Rolex/Tudor Forum Pet Peeves
  222. New 2016 Rolex serial number - Starting with W?
  223. Rolex - Tag/mark loosen on dial
  224. Where to find original small bevel 25-144 crystal? (looking to buy one)
  225. Rolex DSD.... some questions...
  226. First Tudor - Heritage Black Bay Bronze
  227. Red Ranger Tudor Vintage: real or franken?
  228. Dying for a Datejust 41
  229. New Tudor BBR and love it! - I have a couple questions if you don't mind....
  230. Rolex Lost in the Mail
  231. Submariner bezel misalignment
  232. Buying Daytona Yellow Gold but can't decide on the dial
  233. Ebay Milsub Sighting
  234. Made a YouTube video. Picking apart a fake 16610.
  235. Older Rolex Dive Watches Versus Newer Ceramic
  236. Remorse parting with 16570 and "upgrading" to 216570
  237. Why such Rolex hate here on WUS
  238. Incoming! Hulk!!
  239. Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue vs Big Block
  240. Thoughts on this strap with black bay
  241. decisions.... decisions
  242. Put the 79220N bezel on the 79220R?
  243. Saphire crystal case backs?
  244. Next frontier for Tudor?
  245. How to Improve on the Rolex Collection
  246. I have a confession to make.....
  247. Tried on some pieces, now I'm complicating things
  248. Tudor BB dark is here
  249. Leather Strap for Rolex 1600/1601/1603
  250. AD discounts on ETA based Black Bay?