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  17. My greatest regret thus far
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  20. 5513 on jubilee
  21. Until these days my thoughs was 60 click bezel belongs to the cheaper watches..
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  23. Recommended a UK dealer?
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  25. Rolex Oyster Peretual Submariner stolen-cash reward $2,000 AUD
  26. Tudor 76100, serial question
  27. How soon do I send off my newly purchased pre-owned for service?
  28. First Tudor in my collection - Black Bay Bronze
  29. It is here, my most beatutiful and wonderful watch ever. A lot of pictures...
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  31. Tudor Black Bay Bronze Four Weeks Old
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  39. cellini cestello 5330
  40. Revue Thommen ain't a Rolex but hey, I am desperate
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  42. Which watch to give my son?
  43. Submariner clasp logo
  44. Does anyone know about this sub?
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  46. UK Rolex Brexit price rise on the way?
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  60. 1655 Steve McQueen case same as Subs?
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  62. I love my fastrider ...
  63. Thinking of upgrading from Submariner to Deepsea Sea Dweller
  64. What is a normal expected discount on Rolex from AD and boutique?
  65. My local AD isn't moving on price (MSRP) on a new sub, what are my options?
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  68. Rubber B or Everest bsnd for large wrist.
  69. Tudor BB questions
  70. My first Rolex! Questions about crystal replacement.
  71. Not "Gilty" (One man's Black Bay wish)
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  73. Opinions on this Tudor: Dress, Sports, Both, Neither?
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  75. if you can only have one rolex, which one?
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  77. Who also owns a g-shock? If so, why?
  78. My decision making process on buying a Sub and why I did not buy PAM000
  79. The Dark Knight RISES!
  80. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm Dark Rhodium on Leather Nato Pictures
  81. is the meteorite daytona worth getting?
  82. case thickness of datejust 11 and no date sub
  83. Tudor end link question
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  85. Looking for Discount on New Rolex
  86. First Rolex advice
  87. Having a really hard time removing the spring bar from Rolex and Tudor
  88. Sold my as new S/S Rolex Daytona....Just got a Blue Pelagos instead. Have I gone off the deep end?
  89. Just bought a new Sub @DavidSW
  90. Tudor Black Bay Bronze Three Weeks Old
  91. Case Reference Question
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  97. Rolex anchor.
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  99. day date
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  101. What is this.....
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  103. Crown and Caliber sale
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  105. Advise please. DSSD or 114060 Submariner?
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  108. First world conundrum
  109. Help! WIS issue: From Reverso & 14060M to 114060M or 116610?
  110. Odd request: Show me your 1987 Rolexes!
  111. Looking for a secondhand dealer (HK or would ship to HK)
  112. A few questions for long time Pelagos owners
  113. First Rolex: Sub ND
  114. Introduction....
  115. Rolex Service and vintage watches
  116. SOS opinions needed - AD called to pick new Daytona tomorrow
  117. Buying First New Rolex
  118. Anyone know the weight of the Sub C 114060 watch head (without bracelet)?
  119. Starting to safe money for the next Rolex, which on should it be?
  120. Grandfather's Rolex Watches Query
  121. Can someone date this Rolex Datejust? Late-1970s or early-1980s
  122. Tudor Query
  123. East Bay Contra Costa Cty. (SFO, Ca. Bay Area) GTG
  124. Rolex Binoculars - where can I get a set
  125. White Dial Milgauss Deal Advice
  126. I wish Rolex would make an at least 200M water resistant Rolex Datejust..
  127. Joined the club...
  128. Tudor Prince Oysterdate: Correct Dial?
  129. Update on Tudor Black Bay Bronze-2 Weeks Today
  130. Tudor Target Marketing
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  133. Tudor first impression
  134. Vintage Tudor movements and their modern counterparts
  135. Explorer2 vs submariner
  136. 1675 advice please
  137. What box and papers, and advice
  139. Are SS Daytonas and GMT IIs gone forever? AD in Dallas said so
  140. Black Bay time keeping
  141. Tudor Bronze-A Few More Shots
  142. The Five Stages of Rolex Ownership
  143. Best rubber straps for black bay
  145. Jomashop for a Pelagos or North Flag?
  146. Opinions on What watch!?
  147. ROSE GOLD DAY-DATE: Diamond or Roman Numeral Dial?
  148. Need a little help with the ID of this vintage Rolex
  149. Submariner hands aging questions....
  150. Should I buy a used or new Daytona 116520?
  151. 36mm Rolex Explorer: Do any ADs still carry NOS of these, or used market is only option
  152. Rolex Perpetually Yours perfume bottle
  153. Your opinion please
  154. Pelagos stopping
  155. Tudor submariner 79090 Hands
  156. Hello, Some question about here.
  157. For those who have only bought preowned :
  158. Formal introduction!
  159. Rolex Datona Ceramic
  160. My father's Rolex
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  164. how much is it worth
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  166. Black Bay Dark Bracelet
  167. Rolex Explorer 114270 runs fast daily
  168. Daytona or Explorer 1 and Cash?
  169. Quick authenticity check?
  170. GMT II at Costco. I bet Rolex is not happy.
  171. question about my rolex sub
  172. Does 16570 circa 2002 have Tritium dial?
  173. Help me choose (No Date Sub v Batman v Milgauss)
  174. Possibly moving the D-Blue on...
  175. Tudor experts please
  176. Tudor Black Bay Bronze One Week
  177. Newbie servicing question
  178. Service Shop Recommendation for a vintage Air King in Orange County, CA
  179. Bronze in the House!
  180. When is the new 2016 Air King coming to the ADs
  181. Joined the sub club
  182. 6694 Dial text question??
  183. 40mm Vintage Rolexes (Non Divers)
  184. A 6144 as a project
  185. Unbalance SD bracelet
  186. Dial Relumed or Not? MK1 1675 GMT
  187. New Pelagos
  188. Advice with eBay purchase...
  189. Date Changes Half Way at Midnight
  190. Pepsi GMT question
  191. Glowing snowflakes
  192. Help with 1675 Bezel
  193. Does This Look Legit?
  194. My 6-day old BB Bronze
  195. Anyone else pre-order the 2016 explorer 1
  196. Yacht-Master bezel scratches?
  197. Tudor Black Bay Dark finally contains end-links!
  198. Trying to decide. HELP!
  199. Sub next to SD4K?
  200. Tudor Pely 25600TB
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  202. GMT hand covered
  203. Tudor Black Bay Generation 1 availability
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  205. Tudor BBB On The Wrist
  206. Fair deal?
  207. Oyster Perpetual with white/black dial?
  208. Which strap should i go with?
  209. Submariner Bracelet questions
  210. Rolex Submariner Serial
  211. GMT IIc on a leather band
  212. In house movement
  213. New Tudors at JCK 2016! Shots of the new Black Bays and the new riveted bracelet
  214. Tudor expected to sell at auction for $4,000 goes for $375,000...
  215. Need help finding crown for my Tudor Prince Oysterdate
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  220. Bronze Tudor is here
  221. New to the Rolex / Tudor fam
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  223. Just another new guy
  224. Tudor 76100 crystal
  225. SD4K bezel issue?!
  226. A Rolex Date ref 1500
  227. New Datejust 41m Tried it on. Pics!
  228. Rolex quality control no better than other brands apparently
  229. Black Bay Bronze Preview
  230. No Date Rolex with Silver Dial
  231. Tudor Pelagos questions
  232. Silver-dialed No Date Watch Missing in the Rolex Line-up
  233. East Bay Contra Costa Cty. (SFO, Ca. Bay Area) GTG
  234. Waiting lists for the new Daytona
  235. Ceramic Daytona available in UK.
  236. Question regarding the Sea-Dweller 16600
  237. When will new Air King be available?
  238. Any experience with Rolex service in UAE
  239. How you see the hulk / batman references aging in few decades?
  240. How much of Rolex is not Swiss made.
  241. Will owners of old series Polar pls advice?
  242. Watch strap for GMT MasterII?
  243. Can't Decide... Explorer, Sub, GMT, OP. DJ, DJII
  244. Fake? Frank muller
  245. Black Bay Models with new In House Calibres
  246. Rolex Datejust
  247. Rolex Datejust
  248. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 1501
  249. Explorer II 16570 - Different bezel paint used?
  250. Graduation watch Explorer I - what to engrave? - Proud parents need your help!