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  82. Having your rolex tested for water resistance: Go to RSC? Elsewhere? How much does it cost?
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  91. "Dying 'Sopranos' Star Rolex Stolen by Paramedic: Officials"
  92. I bought my first Rolex yesterday. Here are some photos along with a small account of my experience.
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  112. I'm not comparing, I just love both......
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  145. Hi guys, can I join the club?
  146. Received my new LVc Hulk this morning
  147. Have you seen something like this before?
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  149. Eli Apple and Rolex
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  153. Question: How many hour reserve does a Rolex 6694 have? I just bought a freshly serviced 1967.
  154. Vintage GMT 1675 Pepsi question: is old time relume a big distraction value wise?
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  158. New or used????
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  184. 55th BIRTHDAY TODAY... SO....
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  186. Ranger VS North Flag. Opinions are expected.
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  189. East Bay Contra Costa Cty. (SFO, Ca. Bay Area) GTG
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  196. blue dial yachtmaster on Everest blue leather strap, anyone tried it?
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  203. Tudor Hands
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  206. What is the difference between the new AirKing and Explorer?
  207. Hello. Intro and question.
  208. INCOMING! DSSD D-Blue - Joining the Rolex Club!
  209. What's your favourite beater?
  210. How does the 116520 Daytona perform as a "one watch"
  211. Luxury Watch (impotantly-Rolex) Pricing
  212. Rolex Bubbleback
  213. Pictures of Tudor Pelagos with work attire?
  214. Any skydweller experiences?
  215. Setting time zones on the GMT Master II
  216. Tudor Submariner Bracelet
  217. Everest leather band for sub C
  218. Tritium = toast; Rolex recommends replacing dial & hands
  219. what modern sub looks best on brown leather nato?
  220. Black Bay bomber/distressed aftermarket strap?
  221. Just purchased my first Rolex!
  222. Vintage 1940s Rolex Oyster Centregraph
  223. the prices on 61710 have been a bit erratic, thoughts?
  224. Waiting list for the "Hulk", 116610LV ?
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  226. Which one would you choose? 16710 or 16700 or 116710?
  227. Rolex Crown with "+" Symbol?
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  229. A modest collection
  230. In search of an Explorer I
  231. East Bay Contra Costa Cty. (SFO, Ca. Bay Area) GTG
  232. Help for a First Timer Pre-Owned Rolex - GMT Master II Pepsi
  233. Sanity check
  234. Do you guys use the easy link extension on the bracelet for optimal fit?
  235. What is the difference between Tudor 76100 and 79090
  236. Anything tougher than Rolex?
  237. New piece
  238. Submariner Cyclops Artifact?
  239. Cycling vs Automatic Watches
  240. New band for my GMT Master II Root Beer 16713
  241. Recommend me a rubber wrist strap
  242. What's it worth?
  243. Hairline/Micro/Swirl like scratches on sapphire of 1 yr old 114060 SubC
  244. Adjusting a Sub 114060 bracelet
  245. Anyone Else Find Rolex Bracelet Harder to Remove/Put Back Than Other Brands?
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  247. Strap-unfriendly springbar holes on GMTc and Subc, did we ever figure out why?
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  250. Is the 36mm Datejust a timeless classic or a dated relic?