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  85. Am I correct? Gray is the orginial Nato color the British Military used on their Rolex and Omegas?
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  90. Is legit?
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  120. I'd like to see that...
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  128. Thought this might make some of you chuckle.
  129. How much overlap is there with the Black Bay and the Pelagos?
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  146. Where to buy original Rolex bracelet?
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  154. Rolex Service Center
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  163. The tapered oyster band is truly the reason why Rolex watches look different than most homages.
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  168. Heh, snubbed at an AD because they thought my modded watch was fake
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  203. After 5 years and thousands of posts can't believe I"m posting a "is this real" thread but....
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  220. I'm hoping to buy this 5513 tomorrow, but is it genuine?
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