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  1. Jubilee bracelet options for the Rolex BLNR?
  3. Finally made it to the AD - eliminated the Submariner, Explorer, and North Flag...
  4. Which one?
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  13. 116000 OP 36mm wrist shots please!!!
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  16. Explorer II Question
  18. Need advice... purchasing gift for a milestone event
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  20. Wheel of Tudor
  21. My new Tudor...
  22. Back In The Fold
  23. Double Red find
  24. GMT Master II advice sought
  25. Looking to purchase first Rolex.
  26. What's a good price for a Yacht-Master (16622) F serial?
  27. Second thoughts on new datejust
  28. Tudor Black Bay Mod
  29. Strap ideas for vintage Tudor Oyster Prince (circa mid 80s)?
  30. Sub-C date Vs. no date
  31. Great video about true Rolex watch nuts (but watch collecting in general too)!
  32. question removed (figured it out by myself)
  33. Rolex are for old guys?
  34. Wearing a Rolex diver again
  35. Tudor snowflake submariner questions
  36. OMG It's so small !!!!!
  37. Servicing a Rolex that has been dormant for years
  38. What next?
  39. Rolex Explorer 2 42mm (Black) a Good Fit?
  40. Thoughts on North Flag vs. Pelagos
  41. New Tudor release on Monday?
  42. Did I make a mistake or was it the smartest move I could make???
  43. Ease of achieving full power reserve on Tudor North Flag?
  44. What Just Came In: Black Bay Black on Strap
  45. Rolex 16233 Losing MORE time... Concern?
  46. 16570 Explorer II with Oyster-Lock Clasp?!?
  47. Question about Rolexes with leather straps
  48. Which should be my next Rolex?
  50. Thinking about a 3rd Rolex
  51. Rolex Warranty Question
  52. 5513 Meters First with Serif
  54. Where's the best place to buy a 2015 Tudor Pelagos in Australia?
  55. Aftermarket sapphire crystal back for Rolex?
  56. Starting week (Well Tuesday thought) with new 116600!
  57. GOT it this morning, FIRST wrist shot right out of the store!
  58. Tudor Black Bay?: Bracelet vs Other
  59. Worth Fixing?
  60. Tudor AD Question - Heritage Ranger
  61. Submariner or Datejust
  62. Okay, ya'll, it's been a few months now; so tell me: How are YOU enjoying the 114300 on the wrist??
  63. Is this a good example of a 5513
  64. Last hoot for 2015
  65. Squeaking noise from Tudor Black Bay clasp
  66. Bergeon tool advice
  68. Incoming-Explorer 1
  69. What is wrong with the print on this bezel?
  70. Help me understand the fascination in the Explorer I (39mm)
  71. Nervous Excitement: purchase of 116719BLRO (GMT II Pepsi)
  72. Black Bay Black Bezel
  73. Crystal question.
  74. I'm again an owner...
  75. Tudor Black Bay One SOLD!
  76. Question About Rolex Service...
  77. I have $5,000 to spend. Do you think...
  78. Gift ideas for the wife (I need Rolex Expert advice on 26mm choices)
  79. 1956 TUDOR 7923 or TUDOR 7923/001 watch? If you had the means?.
  80. My First Vintage Watch!!!
  81. Black Bay Blue Vs Marathon GSAR
  82. My newest addition
  83. Pics of my new Tudor
  84. So. Cal GTG, Saturday Nov. 21
  85. 1983 5513 Sub Help!
  86. Some pictures of my new Submariner 114060
  87. My second mechanical watch and it is the Tudor North Flag - surprised by my wife :)
  88. Calling Daytona Experts
  89. Rolex Daytona with Glidelock Glasp?
  90. Time to regulate tudor blackbay
  91. Explorer 214270 Dimensions
  92. A few pics of the Submariner
  93. Okay, What do I have here?
  94. Tudor Bracelet
  95. How to buy a used Rolex for the best price?
  96. Poll: Which Rolex to buy?
  97. Already dent on my Sub
  98. A treat for the forum
  99. First Rolex Incoming!
  100. Thinking about getting this Dayjust 1603
  101. Can anybody help identify this watch?
  102. Comparison - Rolex Submariner and Rolex Explorer
  103. Why I finally chose the 114270 over the very awesome 214270
  104. WUS family, here it is: my BLNR!!!
  105. Original replacement plexi Tudor big block
  106. MY ROLEX 1675 GMT
  107. Is the Burgundy Black Bay the only Black Bay?
  108. Which One?
  109. Rolex strap
  110. How do you set your minute hand
  111. Tudor Black Bay Blue bezel swap to black?
  112. maker of tudor camo strap
  113. New Rolec Cellini Time
  114. My Rolex Explorer II after 10 months!
  115. Tudor steel grade
  116. How much for a Rolex Submariner in Canada from authorized dealer
  117. Spotted on eBay: "Transitional Rolex: Piece Unique"-- Legit?
  119. Bezel & Crystal fell off my Sumariner 5513 - Ever happened to you?
  120. Bond fans.... Where is the Dr No Submariner?
  121. The "American Psycho" Rolex Two Tone 16013 Datejust
  122. Tudor North Flag - My first Tudor.
  123. tips about buying vintage rolex datejust
  124. Milgauss GV black dial - tinted glass too dark?
  125. Glass back for my Milgauss?
  128. Photos: GMT Master II 116710 BLNR and Submariner 16610LV (Batman and Kermit)
  129. Where do I go next?
  130. Which Watch as First Rolex
  131. what model ?
  132. Any reason I should not buy this?
  133. IS the Sea-DwellerC 4000 the NEW BLACK?
  134. Need some help consolidating watches to get Rolex GMT II BLNR
  135. Help? More Information on my Vintage Tudor?
  136. If you gave up your job today and went to work for an intelligence service...
  138. What's the accuracy of your Rolex/Tudor?
  139. My first Rolex, SubC Date
  140. Tudor Question
  141. Rolex Submariner with Japanese Dishes? I'll start.
  142. Bought My First Rolex--Datejust SS
  143. Just bought my first Rolex
  144. Tudor Black Bay Black crystal
  145. Is the SDc too high??
  146. Opinions on Cellini Danos 4233/8 Yellow Gold
  147. Tudor Black Bay Holding its value?
  148. Proudly Post Pictures of your SeaDwellers!
  149. Imcoming, but not my usual!
  150. Any post purchase regrets from buying a Rolex Submariner?
  151. Reissue Rolex Explorer I 36mm. Yay or Nay?
  152. Looking for an heirloom watch - couple questions
  153. tudor pelagos 2.0 power reserve
  154. Does Anyone Realy Use the GMT Function
  155. eBay- Rolex boxes and Extras
  156. It was a struggle to get hold of this one... Tudor Black Bay "Black" 7922n
  158. Pelagos on blue isofrane
  159. Tudor Ranger on Mesh?
  160. Rolex BLNR backorder time?
  161. Will Rolex start making quartz watches?
  162. HULK vs SUB C
  163. Sub C Date or GMT Pepsi or SeaDweller 4000
  164. Confused at the choices...
  165. Rolex on original bracelet
  166. Polished Center Links to Brushed, back to Polished
  167. Tudor Black Bay Black Review
  168. Help identifying old Rolex
  169. Robbery at Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers 10//21/2015
  170. Black Bay Owners Question
  171. Dodgy pricing for Tudor Sub service from Rolex
  172. Surrendering to the Dark Side
  173. First Rolex - Submariner 114060
  174. Tudor: Pelagos in steel or Black Bay manufacture
  175. Question for Tudor Black Bay owners
  176. Tudor North Flag
  177. Black Bay Blue or New Black???
  178. John Mayer's review of the Tudor BBB
  179. Did Rolex make a Deepsea dweller in green?
  180. Show us your Oyster Perpetual 36 on leather or rubber or NATO strap
  181. Selleck
  182. Oysterquartz Hacking Mechanism
  183. Tudor 7928 HELP !!!!
  184. Identification of Ladies' Rolex Watch
  185. Vintage hunt: 5513 or 16800
  186. Identify 1930's Rolex pocket watch
  187. Gold Submariner dial color
  188. How to tell if a VINTAGE rolex is real or fake
  189. Tough choice but today it will be...
  190. Jewelers on Time
  191. 2 Questions: Wiggle room on endlink 16710 & Sizing SubC bracelet
  192. Need help on if this is fake.
  193. Flip Explorer 21470 for Black Bay black
  194. CDN MSRP Tudor Black Bay Black?
  195. Question for Black Bay owners and former owners
  196. ?A Week On The Wrist: The New Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black Reference 79220N...
  197. Tudor Heritage BB bracelet issue
  198. My New Rolex.....Hopefully!
  199. Rolex Explorer 39mm - my second ever Rolex
  200. Introducing the new Tudor Black Bay
  201. What Rolex is this?
  202. My favorite Rolex
  203. Rolex
  204. First Rolex today -- Datejust II Blue Roman
  205. Got my first Rolex!
  206. I Wanna Get Me Some Rolex
  207. Can a Rolex from Grey Market, still be brought to RSC for repair? don't intend to use manuf.warranty
  208. My first Rolex!
  209. Rolex 5513 1969 Metres First
  210. My First Rolex??
  211. Tudor railroad watch
  212. Rolex Milgauss - nice!
  213. Looking for photos of blue Tudor Black bay on leather
  214. Everest band - exp 1
  215. 5513 Maxi 3
  216. Will Tudor ever release this watch?
  217. Can the bracelet and leather strap of the North Flag be interchanged?
  218. My friend inherited a GRAIL
  219. Real or Fake my first rolex?
  220. Physics undergrads beware
  221. October Surprise?
  222. Explorers and paraflex
  223. New DJii
  224. Pelagos
  225. Black Bay or Chrono?
  226. They just raised prices for Tudor in Singapore ...
  227. Bought My First Rolex (Vintage) - Advice and Opinions Please
  228. canadian hockey fans Rolex daytona SS
  229. New handmade strap for my Tudor
  230. restarting Rolex movement after a few days
  231. Rolex with kew a cerificate 1948
  232. Should I consolidate three watches to get a Rolex GMT Master II BLNR??
  233. Dedicated to all you vintage lovers out there.
  234. need a new strap for mid 80's day date
  235. Pelagos!
  236. Pre-owned Rolex sub pricing question (black TT 16613)
  237. *** Would You Rather Wear? ***
  238. Green Rolex tag
  239. is it just me?
  240. Freshly finished engraved bezel for the Datejust
  241. Everose Daytona - Strap Snafu
  242. Evaluating Authenticity
  243. Rolex Submariner 16613 black TT question
  244. Sure I have asked this before ..buying a new Rolex do you 1. use a loupe to inspect and 2. insist on
  245. What to do with an old Tudor?
  246. Excited and relieved.
  247. Best Everything watch for under $5000?
  248. 40 MM just seams too small, any rumors of additional 44 mm models?
  249. Tudor Black Bay question
  250. Blue tudor black bay