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  13. Finally!
  14. Anyone have a Bas and Lokes leather NATOs? I ordered Deep Burgundy for Tudor GMT
  15. Black Bay Blue or Steel?
  16. Half link for GV Milgauss?
  17. Picked up my latest today
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  21. Got the call!! Yeah!!!
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  30. Has The Bubble Burst?
  31. To keep or to trim?
  32. Can you ID this Sub?
  33. Help, first Rolex
  34. HELP! To watch winder or not to watch winder
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  36. Black Bay 58 at an AD in Fl I just left
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  38. Date just 41
  39. Rolex 116710
  40. Is green the new blue for 2019??
  41. Am I crazy?
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  45. Is it a good idea to buy a Hulk right now ?
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  52. Got the call during the OSU / Michigan game
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  56. Prince Date Day leather Strap Ideas?
  57. In Singapore
  58. Where should I buy my first Rolex from? (Los Angeles)
  59. Explorer II 216570 out of production?
  60. DeepSea diving....
  61. Sea-Dweller 43mm: TT vs SS, which one is your favorite?
  62. The AD emailed this morning :)
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  67. What Rolex did I see?
  68. A short video I made on the OP39 Red
  69. Which one would you keep?
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  71. Tool watch or transition to boutique
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  74. Vintage Beauty
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  81. Really itching to get a yellow gold Day Date...
  82. Sold My Submariner, Bad move
  83. Why are pre ceramic gmt's
  84. Watch collection - How is your collection?
  85. DJ41 Blue smooth oyster available @ AD PM me for details
  86. Stoopid Question About The Cyclops Window
  87. Does modifying a watch make it a counterfeit watch?
  88. Tudor Black Bay Pepsi GMT-Fabric Strap
  89. Selling house for a Rolex
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  91. My Collection plus all the others now
  92. Wilsdorf & Davis, or Hans Wilsdorf, watch.
  93. Help!! I'm banned from Rolex forum
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  96. Who can tell more about the TUDOR State of Qatar
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  101. Can I get some suggestions?
  102. My Red Sub Video Review
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  104. AD called me today
  105. 9 months wait but it's finally here
  106. Does Anyone make Rubber Rolex Strap that can use Rolex deployment clasp?
  107. BB58 strap broke - guarantee?
  108. Why do we call Rolex professional models stainless steel sports. They don't fit the definition.
  109. Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight in the flesh I can take a look at?
  110. Anyone familiar with the Vulcain brand?
  111. Rolex 14060M YouTube Review
  113. Different personalities of the Blue Dial Sky-Dweller
  114. Can you Post Your 6 Digit 36mm DJ on 7.5" (+-) Wrist Picts? Pretty Please
  115. Great accuracy with a new DJ41
  116. 16220 or 16234?
  117. Interesting take from Rolex on counterfeits
  118. Tudor ETA grades and grey market purchase
  119. Disappointed with Rolex
  120. Rolex Sky Dweller bezel take off?
  121. Which modern Rolex Submariner is your favorite?
  122. Three year wait but finally got one..
  123. Que: is the dial on the white polar explorer glossy or Matt?
  124. Just one DJ41
  125. Manually Winding A Black Bay 58
  126. DJ36 Saphhire Crystal Shattered
  127. First Tudor!!
  128. New watch day
  129. Pinky!
  130. Bespoke Alligator and Ostrich Leg straps paired with a fantastic vintage Rolex - Genteel Handmade
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  132. Vintage tudor 7919
  133. What is the model number for the Tudor GMT bracelet?
  134. Spots on an 80s sub
  135. Please advise me on a Tudor black bay red buy
  136. Question on Polishing During a Service
  137. Purchasing a Tudor Black Bay 36.. What price should I be looking at?
  138. Looking For A Diamond Bezel Rolex For Wife
  139. Would You Consider A Tudor Black Bay Gold?
  140. Tudor Black Bay 58 where to buy? NY
  141. Have you gone to prison
  142. My Rolex time loss is strange to me in how it occurs
  143. Interesting Explorer II mod
  144. I Have a SD and GMT, Should I Get the 14060M Too???
  145. Been hunting down a polar explorer for a while now, ended up with....
  146. Daytona is hard to get?? Not for Jay-Z’s foundation
  147. Overhaul Rolex Oyster Quartz 17000 Worth it?
  148. DJ41 over a BLNR or SubND??????
  149. My BLNR is close to being stolen
  150. My Review of the Tudor Black Bay 58
  151. Tudor BB58 on large wrist?
  152. Rolex Daytona - wrong chrono scale?
  153. The Vintage Rolex Field Guide - review
  154. best combination for Datejust 41mm
  155. Rolex 6564 CAL 1030 RESTORATION PROCESS
  156. Is there any tudor watch sharing rolex 1500 case or bezel?
  157. I'm fed up of trolls on here
  158. Black bay 36 advice please
  159. DJ 41 YG vs RG?
  160. Entry level??
  161. Bund strap for Explorer 1 214270
  162. High Quality Leather Strap - Everose GMT II
  163. Rolex drought will ease within two years
  164. Sub with date - cyclops or not?
  165. Rolex Bracelet help
  166. Explorer 114270 is noisy on the wrist?
  167. '91-92 Tudor 79090 - tritium lume & handset?
  168. The Glorious Rolex-Branded Rehaut
  169. "Can I interest you in something else?" - AD salesperson
  170. Strap for Tudor submariner
  171. Watch Stand! This is awesome!
  172. Buying a vintage Rolex box on eBay
  173. Explorer MK II or Omega AT
  174. Ode to the Tudor GMT
  175. Why do my name and password and name,,,
  176. Too small or just right?
  177. Black-Gold Rolex 116618
  178. Spring bars for BB bracelet
  179. Rolex Submariner 168000 (triple zero) - Thoughts?
  180. 1980's Submariner Question
  181. Yachtmaster or Submariner 16610LV (Kermit)?
  182. Tudor Pelagos titanium. noticeably lighter?
  183. Help with Sub Value?
  184. Thought this was funny...
  185. Batman vs Pepsi
  186. Rolex Explorer II ref 16550 - Help
  187. Tudor Black Bay 58 on Nato
  188. Rolex Datejust 36mm Ref: 126200 and Ref: 126234 from the veterans
  189. rolex 5015
  190. Hulk Update Part VI
  191. Tudor date wheel.
  192. BB58 leather strap suggestions
  193. Do you think the Rolex ND Sub and Tudor BB58 are too similar for a collection ?
  194. Has the Rolex bubble finally burst?
  195. Datejust II on leather band
  196. Anybody own the 39mm explorer mk2 with a skinny wrist? Photos will be appreciated
  197. Ode to the Datejust, 23 year review of the greatest little watch ever.
  198. Tudor Harrods
  199. Trade Rolex for Orient Star
  200. To Sell Or Not To Sell?
  201. Advice - daytona buy??
  202. Don't you just hate it when..
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  204. Rolex Daytona Blue Arabic Dial
  205. I have £4,000
  206. Dropped some cabbage today
  207. Too much ?
  208. Rolex A.D.s are frustrating
  209. Submariner: Date vs. No Date
  210. Ref 6536 tritium redial price expectations?
  211. Anyone with a newer movement like 3255 or 3285 hear the rotor?
  212. Polar Explorer 216570 - MK1 vs MK2 dial
  213. Why do people keep saying that the jubilee Pepsi is a reissue of the original?
  214. I am not a scammer
  215. Show Me Your Turn-O-Graph
  216. Bloodhound Airking
  217. first time rolex buyer question (wait times)
  218. Share That Red Text On Your Rolex Dials!
  219. OP Red Grape Owners - How often do you wear it?
  220. Engraving question
  221. EXPLORING (Trout) in Montana
  222. Magnetized or Service needed?
  223. WRUW Trick or Treat?
  224. 550 End links
  225. Best GMT Master II competitors?
  226. Is the white dial on Polar explorer II different than that seen on datejust or milgauss?
  227. New Tudor GMT owner
  228. Tudor uses Sellita!
  229. IS it true that the Tudor North Flag is being discontinued?
  230. Needed - TUDOR Pelagos EXPERTS..........A couple questions........
  231. Old threads being dug up?
  232. Custom Strap for Tudor BB Bronze - pls recommend colour
  233. Back to metal!
  234. DJ41 Stick Dial vs Diamond Dial
  235. There must be something wrong with me - I have a problem
  236. Explorer I AND II in a collection?
  237. Sell a 16570 for a new 214270?
  238. Explorer II 16550 or 165570?
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  240. Thinking about a two tone Black Bay.
  242. Tudor GMT Owners - It’s D-Day
  243. What do Rolex fans think of the new Saxonia Odissey?
  244. Thoughts on 116000 OP 36mm
  245. First trip to Rolex AD.
  246. New Datejust 36...very excited but one question
  247. Tudor 1926 Owners Club
  248. Has anyone used The Watch Doctor (Kane, PA) ?
  249. Would a 2tone Sub hold value over time?
  250. Digital camo strap on tudor BB