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  13. Where did the nickname "Batman" for Black and Blue GMT2C come from?
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  18. Why I Wear a R O L E X
  19. I have finally found the perfect watch
  20. Decision was made and it had LANDED!!!
  21. What is the best "letter" designation for the Sea Dweller 16600?
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  24. Pelagos strap versatility
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  31. Need your input!
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  33. First Rolex - 1680
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  35. Black bay. Owners experience so far please.
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  39. Rolex AD able to spot a fake without opening the case?
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  42. One-watch person
  43. Help we with this Tudor ref.9121
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  47. Help me find a sub w/date from 1986
  48. my first rolex <3
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  51. Which one would you pick?
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  53. 8 Years On, and I'm still Lovin' it ...
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  55. Frankenwatch
  56. Black and white.
  57. My trio of subs
  58. Old and new
  59. Datejust II movement "moving"?
  60. Vintage Tudor help
  61. Your help on this one
  62. Relumed or not? Can you weigh in?
  63. Rolex Explorer
  64. Black Bay Heresy?
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  67. I just received a Rolex GMT 116710LN and I have a question
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  76. BB accuracy
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  78. Any experience with Austin's Watches in Los Angeles?
  79. Hearing the tick...
  80. the way...
  81. How to tell if a dial has been replaced
  82. Seeking info on this Tudor Oyster
  83. Finally joined the club with a 14060
  84. New to the Forum
  85. First Purchase: Vintage Rolex Tudor Oysterdate - Thoughts?
  86. Date changeover issue
  87. Explorer Clasp / Bracelet Question
  88. Dust under plexi on vintage AK
  89. Nations 'hottest ice'....riff raff - would you?
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  95. queston on GMT 3185 movement pics for 2005 watch.
  96. My favorite Diver
  97. Question about the paul newman daytona
  98. Noob: My Gran's watch- 1988(?) Ladies Oyster Perpetual Datejust (I think I got that right?)
  99. Potential Trade for Sub-C with AD- Is this a good deal?
  100. Imminent purchase. Typical concerns.
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  102. are most rolex sport model cases interchangeable?
  103. The sound of a ROLEX...
  104. Do I need to worry?
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  107. why does my 6-9-12 outshine the rest?
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  109. GMT Master II incoming! Woohoo!
  110. To trade up or not...that is the question
  111. Daytona Advice Please
  112. Well I pulled the trigger.....Sort of..
  113. Tudor 9411/0 Purchase Advice
  114. Warranty cards questions?
  115. Please post pics of Tudor Black Bay (BB) or Ranger on rubber strap or Gas Gas Bones nylon
  116. Question about Rolex in jomashop.
  117. My new yellow gold Rolex Submariner-Date 116618LN
  118. Bringing my Rolex out of the US to London, what do I do?
  119. Black Bay rocks
  120. Replacement Tudor Big Block parts
  121. Shoud I or shouldn't I?
  122. advise: Rolex 16610lv Y series and Rolex datona 116509 with white gold and black dial
  123. Rolex and NASCAR
  124. 5513 Dial Identity.
  125. which Rolex GMT 1998 or newer 2005 ??
  126. Oyster Bracelets With Stretch - Unwearable?
  127. GMT Pepsi values?
  128. Help on 1601 Datejust year 1960
  129. First Purchase in 2015
  130. Tudor Oyster Regent Model: 7903 S.N.: 121XX
  131. Tudor Black Bay Blue Barcode sticker
  132. Almost a Rolex OEM Rubber Strap
  133. Rolex/Tudor 2015 Price Hike
  134. Vintage Rolex? Any input welcome.
  135. Grail arrived
  136. Show your Pelagos and strap combos
  137. The more eye catching model
  138. Tudor Pelagos vs Rolex Submariner ND vs Explorer II
  139. patek philippe 5052
  140. Rolex model case sizes - q for Kawika?
  141. vintage Tudor snowflake
  142. Help - Noob with no taste - match my Grandfather's watch to a better band
  143. Buying Rolex from E-bay?
  144. Tudor Black Bay Blue Bracelet Sizing Question
  145. Is it a faux-pas for a 19 year old to wear a Rolex?
  146. GMT II 116713 Bracelet question
  147. My first Rolex - Datejust 116200 (Domed bezel + Oyster bracelet)
  148. eBay Rolex, shipping continental US?
  149. Sea Dweller on Nato - pics please
  150. Is this watch a real Tudor???!!!
  151. Rolex Explorer 2 and the Rolex Submariner Signs of Fake
  152. Pepsi for Lunch !!
  153. DateJust removable links?
  154. Anyone want a 'Thunderbird'?
  155. 2015 Submariner lume green?
  156. Will I be sorry??? Selling a Favorite to buy a Tudor?
  157. Ball Stormchaser Pro, or Magneto S or Tudor Heritage Chrono (THC)?
  158. Vintage Tudor Oyster Prince?
  159. Prospects for my first Rolex? Or Tudor?
  160. Vintage Tudor Ranger
  161. Seiko sbdx012 vs rolex 114060
  162. Independent Watchmaker Suggestions
  163. When did bracelets change over to 904L?
  164. Rolex submariner case
  166. I need suggestions for my first Rolex
  167. New Addition....
  168. Purchasing rolex from a store who is not AD
  169. A Little Less Formal, and a Little More Sporty......Rally Strap and Daytona
  170. Tudor Submariner 79090 - Diving Extension
  171. Explorer 1 - Well Ahead of Schedule!
  172. Tudor Heritage Chronograph (blue) - No love?
  173. Accident happened
  174. Have the chance to buy a Rolex Tru-Beat. But 1 big catch
  175. New shoes for my Explorer II 16570
  176. [Video] My Recent Rolex Service - Process & Thoughts
  177. Everest Leather Strap System for Rolex: First Impressions
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  179. Where to get a vintage Rolex Serviced - Toronto, Canada
  180. Rolex Explorer II 16570 on a Timegrapher
  181. Pelagos on a Timegrapher
  182. 904L vs 316L steel?
  183. Just joined the club! Need help sourcing bracelet/endlinks for my Tudor 7966
  184. No-Date Watches. Show 'em
  185. Rolex Air-King 5500 VS 14000? Which would you buy.
  186. I think my DJ is jealous of my new Exp 1;
  187. Will the Tudor Black Bay be issued with a date complication?
  188. Dear Pros! Need help in some Rolex clarifications!
  189. Is the Pelagos too large for my wrist?
  190. Joined the club today with a 114060
  191. Help with Tudor Prince Quartz
  193. trading the Tudor BB for Rolex?
  194. Thoughts on a sales price for this vintage Sub?
  195. Decision
  196. New Pelagos... Am I being too picky
  197. Rolex Service Cost
  198. Bracelet fit question
  199. What does a new Rolex come with in terms of papers, box etc?
  200. I'm no Milsub expert but this doesnt look pukka to me!
  201. Random thoughts for the Forum
  202. Is Charlie Rose wearing a DSSD?
  203. Timepiece storage box recommendation
  204. Question about servicing my Rolex Explorer I
  205. This dial look original?
  206. Switching clasp on 16750
  207. While in Singapore, Rolex snapped up dry like it cost nothing
  208. Advice wanted: Refinishing or replacing the bezel of a 16570
  209. Fire Sale for Just one Watch.......
  210. My brand new Rolex Datejust II but is it?
  211. Help identify ROLEX!
  212. Swiss franc and rolex price
  213. Submariner 5513....At last.
  214. Picking up my Pelagos tonight!
  215. Help Identify This DJ
  216. Oysterquartz
  217. Pelagos is a new Classic
  218. Is this 116610 SubC Real??
  219. Question for Rolex Daytona owners/wearers
  220. Sticker on Rolex box what do these numbers mean?
  221. Should I have this 5513 Submariner serviced?
  222. NOS 14060m?
  223. My first vintage Tudor
  224. First post! New Black Bay owner
  225. How important is the bracelet?
  226. Submariner 16610LV advice
  227. Experience with HQ Milton...?
  228. Five-digit serial 1-2
  229. Could I get a better Pre Owned Watch In Place Of Buying A New Tudor Pelagos?
  230. More affordable pre-owned Rolex? Sub, Explorer 1 or 2?
  231. Holes case springbar question
  232. Tudor 75090 Submariner addition bracelet link?
  233. An AD who will authenticate a used Sub in the San Francisco Bay Area?
  234. Tudor or Breitling?
  235. Inquiry: Rolex loss/theft claims
  236. Possible to change out Bezel & Crown on Rolex R69160?
  237. You should run to your AD and buy your rolex now
  238. How does this Rolex look to you?
  239. Why is Rolex so cheap when it comes to links??
  240. My Dad's watch turned 10 years old today
  241. Going from a Speedy to a Sub
  242. Tudor Ranger - real, redialed, etc?
  243. Best place to purchase a pelagos
  244. Rolex and fine liquor
  245. Anyone know which international airports usually have the best prices on Rolex?
  246. Calling Vintage Rolex Experts!! Help!
  247. Rolex Super Balance Question
  248. Explorer 2 vs Pelagos and Speedy
  249. Genuine Oyster 18238 gold ?
  250. Tudor Jumbo Oysterdate thoughts