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  34. Shattered DSSD pearl.
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  61. 10 Things to know about Rolex
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  63. Please talk to me about Air King
  64. please help me identify my grandfather's Rolex!
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  66. Explorer 1 214270 BNIB $5k USD grey market, go?
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  77. My wife's Christmas present don't work!
  78. Questions about the accuracy of my Black Bay and also about finding a reliable watchmaker.
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  80. Explorer 1 Club
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  82. An incredibly special Engagement gift
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  84. Tudor Pelagos--anything I need to know from the instruction manual??
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  103. 1991 15200 Date Dial Replacement
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  105. first rolex post from a not so noobie, and some advice requested..
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  107. Found this old Rolex's just better
  108. My barely over a year old Rolex detached and fell off my wrist tonight.
  109. Tudor BB question
  110. The humble, quiet Rolex: the 116000 -- review and commentary
  111. Curious about value ideas.. 1968 Airking with Tiffany logo
  112. Any Cellini lurking around here???
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  121. 5513...thoughts.
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  126. Mens TT Datejust - new or used?
  127. Band for the Air King
  128. Would like some info on Rolex Perpetual Oyster Date - 115200
  129. Which is Stronger....Drilled-Through Lugs vs Non Drilled-Through Lug Holes
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  131. At Least My Daughter Has Style
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  134. Vintage Daytona at Boston Ballet
  135. Submariner reserve time
  136. Moving from a Pelagos to a 114060
  137. Blnr
  138. Looking for some information about this Polar 16570 from 1990 I iust picked up.
  139. What are the chances for a new SS Rolex Skydweller or a SS Pepsi GMT II?
  140. Added a stable mate for my no date sub c... The
  141. 1601 DateJust
  142. Recent Trade--Is this sacrilege? PICS
  143. Good Deal on Explorer 2? Green Light or Red Light
  144. Rolex DJ 1601 - Need advice please
  145. Which one will you choose .. Submariner "Smurf" WG vs GMT MasterII "Pepsi" WG
  146. Rolex User Manual PDF
  147. Polished or unpolished Submariners
  148. SubC No Date (Ref: 114060) lume confusion
  149. should i just sell the watch too buy the sub 114060
  150. Tudor heritage chronograph blue - outfit pairing?
  151. I'm calling BS on this thread...
  152. 1665 Acquired. I am SO ELATED!!!!!
  153. rolex deepsea crown tube?f
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  155. Rolex Advice
  156. Need help finding info on a Rolex
  157. which is better, Rolex deepsea vs Uts 4000m?
  158. Daniel Craig watch at SPECTRE launch
  159. Are Box & Papers a must for you? (opinions wanted)
  160. Help! Auto winding, which direction?
  161. "The Horophile" gets it wrong> Re: Tudor BB strap > it certainly IS distressed and not fake printed
  162. Told him he's dreamin'!!!
  163. When to stop trading up?
  164. New Black Bay Blue just arrived like this...
  165. Rolex original historic prices
  166. Rolex 6424 Oyster Precision - can it be overwound with the hand wind?
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  170. What to do with this old bubble-back?
  171. UK DSSD Service.
  172. Thinking of buying this Tudor Monte Carlo 7031. Need your guidance.
  173. 16610 question
  174. New Hirsch Robby strap for my Explorer II
  175. Free Rolex Sub ND back!
  176. Black and gold bi metal sub, options
  177. NATO Straps on a ref 6542?
  178. Datejust31 178344
  179. I could use some Help...
  180. Tudor Experts, Need your help!
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  183. My Humble Tudor Heritage Collection
  184. TUDOR Heritage Ranger
  185. A used 114270 Explorer or 214270 Explorer ?
  186. SubC Date!
  187. What is a realistic discount at an AD in the states for a Rolex Explorer (or any Professionals)?
  188. Can't find serial number on Rolex case between lugs
  189. Love My New Toy. 1980 GMT Master Root Beer
  190. ROLEX Sea-Dweller 4000 - Swiss Store ADVISE HELP ASAP PLEASE!
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  194. Much help needed with Tudor Advisor
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  202. GMT Pepsi 16710
  203. GMT2 questions
  204. Tudor Pelagos as everyday watch?
  205. Considering this purchase, any input from Tudor fans would be appreciated.
  206. Recommendations for a Good US Authorized Rolex Dealer
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  210. Enough with the Pelagos/Black Bay already....
  211. Rolex precision
  212. Simple Steps - How To Look After Your Rolex
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  216. 5513 matte dial arrived this weekend
  217. Experience with Japanese Retailer Apex Co Ltd. (
  218. My 1503
  219. Anyone have both a blue bay and a sub and prefer the blue bay?
  220. DSSD D-Blue on a strap..a lot of pics..lume shots too!
  221. 16610 strap recommendations
  222. Spring bar question - 114060 or 116610
  223. No fakes discussion here...
  224. Rolex/Tudor circa 1975
  225. Seiko SUN019. Great watch! Makes me enjoy my Rolex even more.
  226. Has the Rolex Sub non date become more popular post refresh
  227. Vintage rolex
  228. First Post & Hello
  229. First Rolex!
  230. 1993 Rolex oyster
  231. Took my Sub C date for it's first swim in the Caribbean!
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  233. Finally, my first Rolex !
  234. Question regarding the effect replacement hands have on value
  235. Which Bracelet For Date Just II ?
  236. Could you guys help me take a look at these vintage Tudors before I make a purchase?
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  238. old for new ?
  239. Help needed on this Rolex 1680 please...
  240. I recommend Precision Watch, Singapore
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  243. Is it Worth Servicing and Repair at RSC?
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  245. my first TUDOR
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