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  56. Made the movement of the minute hand visible
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  61. ROLEX Accessories & Freebies - Keychains, Pens, Cardholder, etc... What's Out There?
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  104. my dad gave this to me today
  105. Need Tudor Parts 7016/0 7995/0 Movement 2483
  106. Good condition later 16750 or unknown condition 1675
  107. Anyone know anything about Tudor prince oysterdates?
  108. Question about Redial's
  109. Please Delete
  110. Next Watch - Rolex GMT Master II
  111. Tried the new Ranger – no love :-(
  112. Daytona # 2
  113. RE: Used Yachtmaster Advice
  114. Tudor Repair, certified Rolex repair or not?
  115. The day has finally arrived! New Submariner unboxed
  116. Will a New SS Daytona Keep Its Value
  117. Finally landed on Rolex DJII بعد تفكير طويل والحمدلله
  118. Just came back, six months later
  119. How To Set 16750 GMT Master I
  120. New 116610!
  121. DJ vs Sub
  122. Tudor 24 hr dial
  123. Rolex 10 watch box
  124. NATO strap in UK
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  129. Whats this? (Quiz)
  130. Not AGAIN. Patina.
  131. Which vintage Rolex Submariner 5513 should i take
  132. bought my first rolex today tell me what you think
  133. Will a 6538 bezel insert fit a 16610 bezel?
  134. MY little ROLEX Collection
  135. New to me Submariner (16610)
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  137. Ugh.
  138. Just joined the Rolex ranks!
  139. New 16750 GMT Arrived!!!
  140. What's Considered a "Full Kit"?
  141. 216570 Explorer II Crystal Replacement?
  142. Show your own creations about Rolex
  143. My first Rolex..
  144. Please help me decide on my first rolex
  145. UK readers, visited the new Watches of Switzerland store yet?
  146. Help identifying OhDark30's vintage Tudor Oyster Prince ;-)
  147. Red triangle bezel insert for a Rolex Submariner 16610
  148. Looking for Advice on Selling or Returning a Rolex Watch
  149. Saltwater gasket degradation.
  150. Suggestions for a dress watch that would be a good trade for a Tudor Pelagos to diversify my collect
  151. Need to find a case for a women's Rolex movement
  152. IMO, every Submariner should come with bracelet and nylon or rubber strap.
  153. Proper Jubilee Bracelet for '83 16750
  154. interview with James Cameron on the Deepsea Challenge and the only two watches he’s ever worn.
  155. Date and Datejust
  156. Tudor Submariner advertisements
  157. Tudor coming to UK in September
  158. Sub 114060 or GMT Master II BLNR
  159. Chipping a crystal is it really that easy to do?
  160. 1st Post - TUDOR OYSTER - 1960s
  161. Meniscus effect on lacquered dials?
  162. Daytona
  163. An interview with James Cameron where he shows off his new DSSD
  164. Is the Ceramic bezel more prone to damage?
  165. Sub 114060
  166. Just back from AD
  167. Changing a bezel on a GMT
  168. Explorer 1 Pics
  169. First Rolex needing some help
  170. Who has both 42mm Explorer 2 and Sub/GMT C
  171. Listen... the sound of a Rolex
  172. Tudor Pelagos Thoughts and Comparisons
  173. White gold Daytona which dial?
  174. I'm finally arrived... Datejust II, Ref. 116333, arabic dial
  175. New Submariner Mallorca Edition
  176. Update on the "Pelagos as a single watch"
  177. Independent service nightmare
  178. buying from non authorized AD
  179. Rolex resale value. Is it really that good or only for near mint examples? Yes, another one...
  180. Tudor prince chrono leather band
  181. Sea-Dweller 4000 buyers remorse
  182. Rough Evaluation of 2x Ladies' Datejust Watches
  183. Should I expect to get a discount at a Tudor AD?
  184. Rolex Sub C Excitement!
  185. MARATAC ZULU on the Sea Dweller Zebra
  186. New: Rolex Oyster Submariner RA135
  187. Tudor Black Bay meets and greets a Tiger !!
  188. URGENT, ROLEX 18k authentic or not?
  189. 1980-83 -16750 Matte Dial - Rare ?
  190. am i the only one? just wondering
  191. Rolex Authorized Servcie vs Rolex Certified Service
  192. What did your sub come with brand new?
  193. Incoming.. feeling thirsty
  194. Lady Datejust 36 mm diamond bezel
  195. Rolex at Costco?
  196. GMT-C BLNR vs Explorer II 216570
  197. Tudor watch service advice
  198. My small stable. Maybe I need to diversify
  199. Yachtmaster platinum to blue dial.
  200. My classic first Rolex - Explorer I
  201. A dilemma
  202. What will be launched on August 4th?
  203. First Rolex Purchase
  204. Going to Purchase a Rolex DSSD!!!
  205. Vintage Rolex 6518 dial identification
  206. New rolex dssd blue on Monday?!?!
  207. Submariner on a NATO
  208. Affordables Guy Dipping Toes in Tudor Waters?
  209. Rolex Datejust 31mm 18kGold for men
  210. GMT BLNR & Everest Leather = Cool!
  211. Just picked up a Tudor Ranger!
  212. The Value of Papers and Official Service in a Second-Hand Purchase?
  213. Tudor Pelagos and Certina Ds Action Diver Titanium
  214. Buying preowned in London - advice requested if possible please?
  215. GMT Master II Winding Issue
  216. Difference between a 'matte' and 'gilt' dial?
  217. Judge A Man By His Watch?
  218. rolex 16620 datejust
  219. From the TOP OF THE WORLD to the BOTTOM OF THE SEA...
  220. Guess what I am working on today .....?
  221. Bond car AND a bond watch! eye candy
  222. SS Daytona 116520 on Mesh - what would you use?
  223. New member - GMT Question
  224. The Most Dressy Rolex Sport Watch.
  225. What kind of man wears a Rolex?
  226. my milestone watch...just the beginning
  227. Buying through the grey market - What should I look out for
  228. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s historic Rolex, valued at $1m, up for auction
  229. Picking my first Rolex. A never worn vintage one or serviced used one from recent years?
  230. Rolex 16570 Explorer
  231. Cany anyone identify this 1930's rolex?
  232. 1016 Explorer - dates?
  233. Price of Tudor Pelagos
  234. Replacing Rolex Air King plexiglass with sapphire crystal
  235. Possible Issue Buying a Rolex Online?
  236. Is the 16610LV the only Rolex with Maxi Dial without Maxi Case?
  237. When is a Rolex considered vintage and should not be polished/redialed etc
  238. Ex 2 16570 quick set for date?
  239. So the story begins..
  240. **Incoming / But a Very Special Outgoing**
  241. Prefect pair for SubC ND
  242. Boutique Won't Authenticate
  243. Why Rolex Watch Prices are Increasing
  244. A proud day for me
  245. Anyone bought from 'jomashop' on ebay? They are having a Rolex sale
  246. Rolex Price in HK and USA, Which one is cheaper
  247. Submariner 1680/be merciless
  248. Vintage Rolex 6538
  249. New to WUS, looking for first Rolex
  250. Need to get some end links and new strap