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  68. If you had to choose ONE, which would it be?
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  116. Finally!
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  119. Oysterquartz battery
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  121. Rolex DateJust 116234 - Opinions please
  122. Bummer
  123. GMT 16710 Homage?
  124. Is there a better diver than the SeaDweller/DSSD?
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  128. Rolex speedometer
  129. Birthday gift
  130. Everytime I visit an AD I like a different Rolex
  131. Kevin Gausman trades uniform number for Rolex, gets sent down hours later
  132. Good feedback for AD in North Jersey, US
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  134. Modding a BLNR in the UK
  135. how to date the watch by the designation at 6 o'clock
  136. Everyone Always Says to Ask First! 1601 DateJust
  137. anybody know when the new Oyster Perpetual models will be released?
  138. Serial Numbers!
  139. What do you think of this?
  140. Need some help IDing this, very old (Rolex) Unicorn or Talis watch?
  141. Does Anyone Here Have a Tudor Grantour or Black Shield?
  142. Daytona Lume ****QUESTION****
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  147. Why are box & papers never included with used Rolex watches?
  148. please post some pix of the 2014 Rolex Explorer? Thank you!
  149. Has anyone purchased from this Rolex seller?
  150. Tudor Prince Wobbling Rotor
  151. rubber B strap for 14060m question for you Rolex guys
  152. 16750 GMT: Red GMT Triangle ?
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  154. To fix or not to fix?
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  157. Explorer 1
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  159. Does this look legit?
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  161. Oyster Perpetual?
  162. SEL
  163. Did they ever make an Oysterdate SS/Gold with roman numerals and applied markers?
  164. My humble collection..........(warning- Breitling content)
  165. 16750 GMT movement ???
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  168. WARNING: Be Especially Careful
  169. 1675 clear caseback is there!
  170. Just picked this up at the airport
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  173. Warranty card for Rolex watches different information USA compared to Europe?
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  175. What happened with the prices of used Rolex sports watches during the financial crisis first months?
  176. HELP - Looking for a Black Dial/Gold Marking Vintage Air King/Oyster Perpetual to replace stolen one
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  179. First post here
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  181. Thoughts on this Sub
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  185. The new Tudor Style Line
  186. Rolex Ref. 1003 ID confirmation request
  187. Finally joined the club with a brand new Rolex!
  188. Rolex geneve quartz
  189. Offered a Submariner Dial without SWISS MADE/SWISS
  190. Help with Explorer Choice Please
  191. Guidance on vintage sub references under US$ 10K
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  193. Old Vs New
  194. YES!!! My first 2 scratches... 1 week anniversary
  195. Rolex 1022 Rivet Bracelet links repair needed
  196. My first Rolex with other watches in the household
  197. can someone help my friend choose a tudor black bay? or give me a run down of the differences.
  198. looking to purchase first rolex
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  200. FOUND: Sorry...another ID help needed question.
  201. Quick question regarding my BLNR..
  202. 16750 Patina Dial / New Hands
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  204. What movements in a 6426 (or what ever this is)?
  205. Does country of origin matter?
  206. Ban on Rolex sub no date pictures
  207. Milgauss stays accurate most of the day, then gains few seconds within an hour or two...normal?
  208. question about tudor price
  209. Old Rolex advertisement
  210. Rolex Bracelet Sizing Kit & Rolex Bracelet Fitting Directions
  211. HELP!
  212. Why does Rolex not use AR coating on underside of crystal?
  213. My first Rolex.
  214. Explorer I 39mm or Oyster Perpetual No Date 36mm
  215. Brand new Tudor Pelagos
  216. Milgauss, good watch for small wrist?
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  219. Sub ND with plastic crystal in the wild.
  220. Back to square one
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  222. Advice Needed: Rolex in Houston, TX
  223. How to buy a pelagos
  224. The one that got away? or BS?
  225. Rolex GMT II vs Daytona Cosmograph white dial
  226. There is no ' R ' here*
  227. Canvas Strap for Vintage Tudor Prince Day Date
  228. My 1st Tudor led me to my 1st Rolex
  229. What do places charge for ultrasonic bath?
  230. Long Range Plan -- Buying a Rolex for the boss
  231. Datejust 6605 versus Datejust 1601
  232. Anyone bought a milgauss GV recently? Lume question...
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  234. AG Watches
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  243. Sea Dweller 4000
  244. Rolex Boxes
  245. Explore pics please.
  246. Rolex: how long will it take before we stop to accept their raising prices?
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  248. Sub in Mexico
  249. Help buying Rolex 6694 pricing and frankenstien watches.
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