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  18. Posted these elsewhere here and figured why not here as well!
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  30. Merry Merry Everybody !
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  41. Need help identifying this Bubbleback black dial
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  46. Happy Open-9 Day Everyone!
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  48. Horween Shell Cordovan bund pad $104.99 sale, jcrew
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  58. Can anyone help me with this?
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  63. Ahoy there!
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  72. Explorer II
  73. bezel give?
  74. ATL GTG!!!!!
  75. Rare sunny day so thought Id take advantage with pics
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  77. My 'new' 114270.
  78. budget for watch
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  84. ROLEX gets the Hirsch Medici treatment.
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  94. looking for a shop for used rolex in paris
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  97. Switched prince oysterdate strap.
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  99. Air King losing seconds.
  100. Tudor Incabloc - Info Needed
  101. Anyone done business with A and E Watches in San Francisco?
  102. Misrepresented 6150/6350 on eBay -- do I report this to eBay?
  103. heres a far better movement pic, really need to know!!thanks!
  104. COSC and expected accuracy
  105. What does GWSD mean?
  106. Name this watch?! Rolex or .......
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  109. I don't get homages
  110. what type of stainless steel do vintage Tudor have..
  111. Lume Patina on early Explorer I 14270?
  112. Will this be a smart deal?
  113. 93150 bracelet lifespan
  114. If I buy second-hand Rolex in Japan, how do I declare customs when I return to US?
  115. New Snowflake!
  116. My first Tudor Sub i think im in love jaja
  117. Time for a vintage Submariner - which watches to sell?
  118. Please help ID this Rolex (my father's)
  119. Tudor Lollipop Sub
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  121. who know the price of this watch?
  122. My Second GMT II - A Coke
  123. Confused: Which modern Rolex models come with a domed sapphire crystal?
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  127. "Rollie?"
  128. Plugging a watch calendar for a good friend
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  130. Gold datejust circa '77 ?
  131. Found Submariner in Japan - but no papers. Worth it?
  132. Gift idea for my girlfriend
  133. My first Rolex, a gift From my Father, would like some information
  134. 116610LN in Argo
  135. President market value
  136. 5 most iconic Rolex models
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  138. Thoughts on Project X?
  139. I'm hooked. What now?!
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  141. Suit, Tux?Rolex Datejust II?NOW I'm Ready!!
  142. 16570 or 16710 replacement case
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  145. bigblock tudor club on the facebook
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  147. Tudor Pelagos - Good place to buy and price?
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  149. Have I broken my explorer by playing Nintendo Wii?
  150. Vintage GMT serial # check
  151. Watch Winder !
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  157. Another Diver Landed Today (Thursday)
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  160. Explorer II 16550 Need Middle Case and Case Back
  161. Overhaul needed? True or False
  162. 12mm Gen Shoulderless Spring Bars. Do They Exist?
  163. Ebay Grey market dealers Sant Blanc
  164. 5 rubies movement ? need help with this
  165. A little snowstorm...
  166. 1970's Tudor Day Date Bracelet Size?
  167. Was 90% ready to buy a GMT Master II and backed out last minute.
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  169. Submariner Ceramic - 11661X with new Rubber watch strap
  170. Everest Watch Band for ROLEX ships November 19th!
  171. Restoring The Threads Of A Vintage Rolex Case/Caseback For Not Change it.
  172. DSSD face colour - Is it meant to be a greyish black or is mine fading from UV? What colour is yours
  173. 16600 SeaDweller Diving in Cozumel
  174. DJ1 1601 before and after facelift with identification of replaced parts
  175. Anybody here familiar with the watch district in downtown Los Angeles?
  176. 116610 vs. 114060 case dimensions
  177. Help IDing and dating Sub
  178. Not sure where to begin the journey
  179. Not sure where to begin the journey
  180. Wes Lang x Bamford
  181. W.H.Wilmot UK case manufacturer
  182. Help Identify this Vintage Tudor
  183. My Sub C pics
  184. Rolex Comex
  185. oyster perpetual datejust---authenticity
  186. Hypothetical question about buying a vintage 5513
  187. Tudor submariner 9411/0 fake or not... $$$
  188. finally acquired a rolex sub... but still lingering doubts...
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  191. Real Oyster Perpetual DateJust or Fake?
  192. Sub verification
  193. Advice on my first Rolex
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  195. Can someone please suggest what model number is this Rolex?
  196. Real or Fake?
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  199. New to the forum. (14060m nato strap pics)
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  204. It's Back !!!!!!!!!!
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  206. GMT on leather Nato
  207. ROLEX SERVICE, To polish or not?
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  210. sub vs milgauss which one to buy ?
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  212. Insurance question
  213. Where to buy?
  214. advice please xx
  215. on the way to get this explorer ll - Authenticity check
  216. Tudor's Crown and Tube -- Rolex parts?
  217. Grey dealer
  218. Does anyone have an Explorer I on a leather strap?
  219. Is it normal?
  220. My Vintage Tudor
  221. Trade well done
  222. Aftermarket Bezel Insert?
  223. rolex daytona worth for $17k?
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  225. Explorer 2 real or fake
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  229. In low light...
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  240. Is it worth fixing?
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  247. When did the Rolex Anchor start?
  248. How Much to Repair?
  249. Hmm...smells like scam:
  250. Old Rolex Anchor tag