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  13. Technical Question for the experts... Tudor MT5612 vs Rolex 3235
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  15. Sub experts: Newer and unpolished or older and polished
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  17. How to haggle?
  18. Something wrong with this Rolex ref 1601
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  20. Anyone wear their New 2019 Datejust on Leather bands?
  21. Got this 16030 today!
  22. Unicorns in the UniK
  23. Well, that was fun while it lasted...
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  27. Rolex SS Availability in Oslo
  28. My wife gave me my own Datejust for my birthday!
  29. Will we see a Tudor GMT Batman?
  30. milestone watch suggestions
  31. Claiming VAT tax on Pre Owned watch
  32. Entering the Rolex's world, my first Rolex, the vintage turnograph 1625
  33. Will there be a new Explorer in 2020?
  34. New Sub 114060 - what have others experienced regarding rate of 3130 movement? Fast? Slow?
  35. Tudor Black Bay Pepsi GMT
  36. Tudor Black Bay Pepsi GMT-Fabric Strap
  37. Family Photo - Steel Sport Rolex
  38. Date Wheel Issues on Tudor In House Movements
  39. Help with purchase decision!!
  40. Popeye's chicken shortage leads to a lucky pickup!
  41. My first rolex
  42. Sea Dweller 126600 Questions! Bezel "wiggle" and SWISS MADE at 6 o'clock position
  43. Getting AR coating for Rolex crystals
  44. Do you think they will be BB58 sized Tudor GMT?
  45. My new 16610
  46. Tried the MN strap, the MN seatbelt, but this looks IMO the best. Snowflake diver
  47. Latest acquisition [emoji4]…
  48. [Tudor Black Bay (in-house movement)] Need advice on repairs (cost, etc)
  49. 16710 Finally.
  50. New Strap for Sea Dweller
  51. I did a thing!! New BBGMT
  52. Rolex minutiae
  53. Grey Market
  54. 16610 ”swiss only”
  55. New Tudor Chrono Black Steel & Gold
  56. When they were the best...
  57. Vintage Rolex
  58. Tudor BB Pepsi GMT, let’s see some strap options
  59. How much is this Women's two-tone Tudor worth?
  60. New Strap for the 16710
  61. Blue or Black SS Sky Dweller
  62. 214270 Oyster Bracelet
  63. Thread Closure and Deletion
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  69. Salmon Dial Rolex Datejust
  70. Tudor Black Bay leather strap suggestions. One that looks like non-aged OEM Tudor strap
  71. Pelagos springbars
  72. A thread asking about the origins of automatic watch movements
  73. Tudor Sub (75090) - I thought I'd hate it...
  74. Show your Rolex Modifications!
  75. Gold watch sales climbing in US.
  76. Bezel on my sub seems to move too easily
  77. Tudor Black Bay 58 2020
  78. Tudor All Blacks release?
  79. Tudor black bay 36 and 32 mm
  80. Rate this Datejust 16220's quality
  81. Is the 6 digit Rolex Submariner bigger than the 5 digit submariner or is it all an illusion?
  82. Beautiful new Rolex
  83. How long does it take for a new Rolex/Tudor watch to settle in?
  84. Bezel action when wet
  85. Preowned Dealers in Italy Recommendations
  86. Rolex Customer Service
  87. YM on the jobsite
  88. If you find an error on Rolex's website, they will give you the watch with the error.
  89. Sea-Dweller Owners Club
  90. His and Hers!
  91. Where to get Tudor spring bars (or good substitutes?)?
  92. Which one do I keep?
  93. Enamored with a Explorer II 16570 Black Dial
  94. 5513 Submariner Purchase Help
  95. Pool & Billiards Folks, anyone know of any Pros are rocking Rolex at the table?
  96. So close to purchasing a Rolex Explorer 14270 Tritium Dial
  97. 116200/126200 vs 114300
  98. Coincidence? Or more at play
  99. Which came first Rolex or Eterna???
  100. Lady Date-Just anyone?
  101. A white dial Explorer I???
  102. Question about 3035 axle rotor
  103. 1986 Submariner 5513
  104. Redial or nor?
  105. Black Bay Case Height and Lug Hole Location
  106. Need help to check if my Rolex 6694 is authentic and original (With close up pics)
  107. Sick of Rolex
  108. Three watch collection advice
  109. Rolex AD Discounting
  110. Way back when.....
  111. Rolex Oysterdate
  112. Datejust w/ fully brushed oyster bracelet?
  113. Yellow fleck on inside of glass on my North Flag
  114. Question about Singapore's availability and prices
  115. Have an opportunity to get a 7928, need some advice...
  116. Tudor Black Bay GMT - how do I adjust the GMT hand by 30mins?
  117. Submariner and your boat shot
  118. My First Rolex
  119. 6542 Dial
  120. Help - Rolex 57 6635 bracket
  121. 1979 Day Date - to service (with Rolex) or not?
  122. Black Bay 58 it is then
  123. Rolex/Tudor Bezel identification
  124. GMT Master II Batman vs Batgirl
  125. Those beautiful blues - the Black Bay 36 is a “budget” dream
  126. How to Autheticate on trades
  127. Rolex Experts! Please teach me about my Great Grandpa's Explorer & Bracelet (Early 1950's)
  128. Too late for Tudor Thursday - new Nato
  129. Got lucky with a Subc from an AD
  130. Is it worth it?
  131. Rolex owners, which watch would you downgrade to?
  132. Does this look like rust to you? Tudor BB58
  133. Tudor Prince Date Tiger Chrono
  134. Thoughts on oysterquartz?
  135. Rolex Datejust 16233 Two Two Blue Diamond (in need of advice)
  136. Real choices at AD
  137. Help a guy out - 72990r or 70330b?
  138. BB58 Bezel Disassembly pictures
  139. Review of Rolex Explorer II 16570 "Polar" (my new purchase)
  140. How hard is it to find this piece?
  141. Good news from AD
  142. Wait List - Follow up
  143. Tudor black bay GMT: minute and hour hand misalignment
  144. Pressure Test After Servicing
  145. What can you swap before...
  146. Explorer II Polar (16570) VS Yacht Master Platinum (16622)
  147. Cocktail hour chat
  148. Black Bay vs Black Bay 58
  149. History of Submariner 14060 to 14060M
  150. Way Too Early Rolex Predictions For Baselworld 2020
  151. The Hulk Grail Debacle
  152. Found a rolex in idaho - looking for owner
  153. Anything I need to know
  154. If you could only keep one
  155. Finally, my BB58 is here!
  156. Steel-Sport-Stunners versus “Luxury-Watches”?
  157. Tudor North Flag Bracelet & Strap Cost?
  158. What is the current lead time on a Tudor BB58?
  159. Random Tudor GMT purchase from AD while in Europe!
  160. Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual - Looking for Info
  161. Is this a real Rolex?
  162. Tudor BB58 Accuracy
  163. Do You Guys Like Both the Black & White Ceramic Daytona?
  164. I need your advice
  165. Service Tudor Day Date
  166. A day to celebrate...
  167. Tudor Black Bay Bronze - removing scratches
  168. Ideas on a 3rd watch
  169. Tudor PO1 - dead?
  170. Rare watches in the Rolex family.
  171. Rolex SeaDweller Question
  172. Rubber B interchangibility
  173. Help with dating Submariner
  174. Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
  175. I’ve held out on the Submariner but pulled the trigger
  176. Rolex for my wife
  177. Question on vintage Rolex Buckle stamp
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  180. Underrated Rolex watches that later became popular
  181. Opinions - GMT
  182. Red Tudor - which one would you choose POLL
  183. just realized I’m never getting the Daytona I want so...
  184. A new Rolex F1 ambassador in the works?
  185. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm vs 39mm, what color?
  186. Trade my BB58 for OP36 blue dial
  187. Has common sense finally stopped it?
  188. Tudor Black Bay - Pelagos - Heritage Chrono Bracelet questions
  189. Please Tell Me The Differences (Explorer II)
  190. Submariner date or explorer 2
  191. What to Do!!!!!
  192. The Official Rolex "Do You Have A Dog & If So, What Kind?" THREAD
  193. GMT Master II Bezel Question - Help!
  194. [Identify] Tudor Prince Date
  195. Rolex Explorer II Polar Hour Markers and Hands
  196. Which new Datejust has the best resale value?
  197. So...with regards to the Chrono Watches
  198. The end of a mid life crisis
  199. New “Old” Addition
  200. New Startup to Produce Tudor Watches
  201. Order BB58: Bracelet or Strap/ Nato
  202. Where in the WORLD are you wearing Rolex?
  203. I'm a happy boy today!!!
  204. Review: Reference Guide to 5-digit ROLEX models. Which one to buy?
  205. Every watch worn by James Bond
  206. black bay again!
  207. Tudor Black Bay 41 - false date position ?
  208. My 3rd Rolex, exceeded my expectations
  209. Tudor Pelagos for a Polar?
  210. Rolex Canada Service
  211. Rolex Ref 70200 vs 70400
  212. BB58 on small wrist
  213. When do Rolex ADs get new inventory from Rolex? Random? First of the month? Quarterly?
  214. Has Tudor fixed the date change issue on the newer GMTs?
  215. Why didn't Tudor do the same Pelagos LHD color-scheme in the RHD reference as well?
  216. Yacht Master II
  217. Tudor movement 70 hours with rolex movement 70 hours
  218. Will the Tudor move into rolex position ??? And Rolex move into Patek class ???
  219. What is the premium on a Rolex for being made in Geneva?
  220. My AD List Theory and Experiences
  221. Travel pouch
  222. First Rolex? Submariner (no-date) or Explorer or Explorer II? White or Polar?
  223. Is this a Tudor Movement?
  224. UK waiting for a Submariner
  225. Is the Tudor BB58 supply catching up
  226. Full Body-/ Mirror-Pics of your Rolex Datejust 36
  227. Do I really even a chance at getting an Oystersteel Daytona 116500LN
  228. Is the Black Bay 58 more formal/dress than Submariner? Opinion request
  229. Tudor Style 41mm w/ Fluted Bezel
  230. New Submariner 14060M 1 week
  231. Owners of > 2 years for Tudor witin house movements, how has your watch performed since then?
  232. Tested on the move: Tudor Black Bay Black
  233. So, I finally got my hands on a Black Bay 58...
  234. Tried the Cape Cod cloth on my Bluesy TT..
  235. Advice for first purchase at AD
  236. Why is Tissot priced so much lower than Rolex?
  237. How Far Do You Go To Clean Your Rolex?
  238. Anyone Have/Use a Timegrapher For Their Watches?
  239. Modern Tudor Serial Number for Black Bay
  240. Rolex OP White - Dressy or Sporty
  241. Any Tudor BB S&G love out there?
  242. Tudor BB58
  243. Where do you keep your warranty cards?
  244. BLNR or ...
  245. “Pre-Explorer” History/Archive/Information?
  246. The difference between Rolex AD in Europe VS the US.
  247. Rubber b strap clone on sub
  248. Question about the Blackshield
  249. Differences between 1978 Submariners
  250. The 116600 aka SD4K