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  73. hmm,,this seems a lil odd.
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  120. San Francisco, Ca. Rolex/Tudor/Cellini GTG-2/26/2012
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  133. 16234 manual winding problems
  134. I think but......not sure Sub no date HELP!
  135. Preflight
  136. Submariner perpetual?
  137. What Rolex will keep its value best long term?
  138. Fair resell value for Submariner
  139. A San Francisco, Ca. USA, Rolex/Tudor/Cellini afficionado get-together.
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  142. Proof in the pudding
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  145. First Rolex post, Milgauss query, first Rolex purchase
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  149. "" a legit website???
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  160. Clone Movement
  161. Rolex oyster datejust(help with confirmation and buying please)
  162. What type of safe do you have?
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  166. Green Sub 116610 LV - Lovin' it!
  167. SS or TT DJ 31mm?
  168. Any Tudo Mini-Sub owners here? Wrist shots please...
  169. Bokeh>>>>>>>
  170. is this real?
  171. Nato on a seadweller? my one wont?
  172. Help me pick my first Rolex.
  173. Just for kicks, GMT Pics, Show the clicks.
  174. Opinions welcome!
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  184. can anyone tell me what this is?
  185. Help ! I'm new and would like to find out who the "FAD" is.
  186. which would you pick
  187. I Dinged My GMT 2's Bezel and Insert Badly Last Week...
  188. My first Rolex.. Also the first time on this Rolex forum
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  207. Help me manage my jealousy...I mean help a friend!
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  214. I gave my Rolex to my little girl yesterday...
  215. the last non ceramic bezel Rolex case was not fully 904L?
  216. Scratched DSSD ceramic bezel.
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  226. Going rate for Tudor Prince Oysterdate?
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  228. Help for a first-time buyer.
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  234. Submariner 14060M
  235. Rolex 1016 Explorer on eBay, all good?
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  240. is this a real Tudor Ranger?
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  242. Three week old Explorer II scratched over the holidays... I need some friendly WISdom
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  244. Help! Anyone have Rolex Imperial history?
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  249. Does Tudor Provide A Good Value?
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