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  4. i don't see the SS GMT shown on the Rolex website.. Why not??
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  6. Datejust considered entry level?
  7. GMTII-C Stainless or 2 Tone?
  8. used 14060M: what's a decent price
  9. zenith or rolex movement?
  10. I had a will from my grandpa.
  11. Hey guys good morning again LOL >>>
  12. My wife took my Rolex and she won't give it back.
  13. Any prediction on the life expectancy of the Kermit??
  14. site improvements
  15. Submariner service
  16. Help with Datejust Black or Blue?
  17. This is horrific!!
  18. Daytona Bi-metal
  19. New GMT IIC
  20. Tudor Oysters Grow on Trees!
  21. This $$$11K BlaincpaiN is nice...
  22. Sub Dates what to do?
  23. do you remember this?
  24. Rolex confirms they sold "Paul Newman" Daytonas
  25. Anyone seen this 18K White Gold SUBMARINER in their AD yet?
  26. 1969 Rolex Datejust prices...
  27. Help with these two Relex watches, Real or Fake?
  28. Tudor Ranger Does it look right to you?
  29. Milgauss?
  30. Has anyone here got the new >>
  31. Replace plexi glass
  32. sub horror story come good
  33. Rolex-inspired "ToyWatch" for the young-at-heart.
  34. Price Increase
  35. GMT II C questions...?
  36. A Curiousity POLL >>>>
  37. Rolex Oyster Quartz Jubilee band
  38. Current Prices...
  39. Pepsi GMT-II, still around at AD's?
  40. Do AD's give free bracelet adjustments?
  41. Date Just or TOG?
  42. To buy or hold out?
  43. 2 tone and SS daytona
  44. Elvis Presley Rolex-Exclusive Photos From Graceland...
  45. Near perfect double red Sea Dweller on that popular auction site
  46. My First Rolex
  47. rolex service center
  48. Rustex - I'm shocked... help!
  49. Rolex sellers in Japan
  50. Accuracy info on new Rolex's with the new Mainspring?
  51. As a newbie to Rolex >>>
  52. Complete History of Explorer II
  53. What Daytona is this ?
  54. Two New Additions: Daytona and Snoopy!
  55. Is this true?!
  56. Seadweller-DEEPSEA clasp:
  57. Diver Forum Thread on SD & Deep Sea
  58. Black or White SS Daytona
  59. Two vintage Rolexes for me yesterday.........
  60. Help me with Daytona?
  61. winding question
  62. Letter series sequence
  63. Sub no-date without COSC or RRR on rehaut?
  64. My new acquisition: GMT II Ceramic
  65. My Rolex >>>
  66. LV Photo Lovestory in Geneva
  67. I am with you guys >>> A present from my father >>>
  68. A quick question on the Rolex Jubilee Bracelet
  69. Need bezel, insert, spring, etc 14060 Sub.
  70. Need bezel, insert, spring, etc 14060 Sub.
  71. ROLEX question...
  72. Anyone in Utah (or just visiting), send me a PM if you want any great AD deals-
  73. Just saw the new GMT in Stainless at my AD's.. WOW!
  74. Rolex Sub!
  75. cant view rolex site....
  76. Such detailed info?
  77. When you can't wear the 'White' Explorer II?
  78. Home cookin
  79. Date or no date...that is the question
  80. RSC NY won't take my 1680!
  81. My first Rolex
  82. With a Rolex Submariner #16613 what is the difference between F and M series?
  83. Rolex bracelet size?
  84. Trade 16610 for 14060M?
  85. Refurbing vintage Red 1680
  86. Advise On My Next Rolex
  87. Rolex Deep Sea on "Good Eats"
  88. IWC Aquatimer Chrono vs Rolex Submariner date
  89. rolex 2135 callibre
  90. Green or black Sub?
  91. fitting a new band assistance....
  92. how about an 16610LV?
  93. Daytona Davise for a newbe in the UK
  94. Something different- for a change.
  95. Sell my Explorer II for a Sub?
  96. black mark on sub markers...
  97. 2004 Rolex Sea Dweller
  98. sub horror story help!!!!
  99. Explorer II with new 3186 not on Official site or shown in Black face
  100. Rolex air king
  101. 24hr hand workings - Explorer-II v's GMT-II
  102. lucky watch??
  103. 16600 Series "" ?
  104. Need a little help
  105. I went to the AD to see their new line of Doxa's and .......
  106. This years watch
  107. Any source for Tudor if you live in the US?
  108. What do you think about this Rolex?
  109. Rolex on rubber Band?
  110. What is the MSRP of the new GMT MasterII
  111. is this a fake?
  112. A question for current Daytona owners
  113. Buying on-line?
  114. 2nd Rolex.............
  115. After a long wait
  116. what language should my guarantee be in?
  117. Looking for an Out-of-State AD
  118. Submariner accuracy
  119. Sea Dweller Deepsea - Is it out?
  120. This Rolex is HOT!?!
  121. Will the Submariner crown fit the GMT?
  122. help with model ID
  123. $3100 Submariner Too Cheap?
  124. Can we start a campaign/petition.....
  125. sub hour and minute hand.... ?
  126. Insurance Question
  127. Need help identifying a Submariner
  128. The world in the palm of my hand
  129. Any one tried this?
  130. Internet Rolex Sites?
  131. Mt first Rolex
  132. Cool pic from my travels
  133. just been to my local AD
  134. Rolex in vending machines?
  135. new face datejust
  136. Original Or Re-done dial ?. Rolex Oyster Flatback
  137. Why do vintage watches cost more?
  138. Shining through!
  139. OK guys, had a long chat with my AD, here's the deal-
  140. Air King and Explorer 1
  141. Authenticity check and opinion wanted
  142. Differences between DateJust models?!?
  143. Crystal materials on 08's?
  144. TRAGIC come back, we miss ya over here!
  145. what year would a...
  146. Tudor Oyster Prince - broken
  147. Old Rolex Perpetual Datejust value?
  148. OK, donít shoot me but . . .
  149. You want a Forum AD? I think mine is as close as you can get-
  150. are you sure...
  151. Date-just for under $3,000
  152. buying a watch
  153. Who's got the best
  154. Advice Needed, buying used Submariner
  155. Tudor Sub 7928 - need help
  156. What is it ?
  157. If you are in, or will be anywhere around, Atlanta tomorrow evening, June 20th
  158. Another Local Ad
  159. New addition to my Rolex family
  160. Datejust
  161. What's the last series of SUB with drill through lugs?
  162. Rolex cal 1161
  163. Here's a photo of the 3186 movement in my new Explorer II:
  164. Any do it yourself easy home tips on removing scratches from Rolex crystal
  165. Do I have Franken watch or a fake?
  166. Sd Packaging
  167. My Vintage Submariner Box & Card...
  168. Rolex is sooooo sweet
  169. I may do something really offensive....
  170. Put Down A Hefty Deposit Today
  171. Rolex boxes
  172. Anyone buy from ..
  173. Has Anyone Ever Ordered From...
  174. can I get info on explorer 2's that I have.
  175. Bought my daughter her first ''Coronet''
  176. Chicago AD?
  177. Happy Birthday Ernie!
  178. Oysterdate Precision
  179. where to get the rolex 07/08 catalogue?
  180. Fake Rolex?
  181. Help
  182. Important Reminder!
  183. lost all sense of taste, President!
  184. Good information about the SDDS Ringlock-System
  185. Jubilee Bracelet
  186. Seadweller or GMT II VOTE
  187. I have the new Rolex GMT for Engineers and Scientists ......
  188. Dials
  189. Cooling down my LV (Pics !!!)
  190. Will the new bracelet fit either a 14060M or 16610?
  191. upgrade or not....
  192. Tudor Sub with Straight hands
  193. Bye Bye Rolex, buying a Panerai
  194. Is it just me? 14060M & 16610 comfortness
  195. Gmt
  196. Rolex runs just for a few hours
  197. Gmt
  198. TT Jubilee clasp detail.....
  199. Dive Strap on Submariner?
  200. 5513 Bezel Question
  201. Tudor Experts: 7928 sapphire crystal??
  202. Its been a GOOD Thursday (long story ahead)
  203. how do you know is fat lady?
  204. Explorer II losing 3 seconds aday .Is it normal ???
  205. Who's been looking for a Milgauss
  206. limited editions
  207. Question on Dealer
  208. Ceramic bezel on Submariner
  209. Father's Day, Birthday, Christmas, etc Present!
  210. My first post.... couple of questions
  211. My current "Love"...and it's not a Rolex!
  212. Which Rolex is this???
  213. Pic request
  214. An early Father's Day Gift, newbie to the Forum.
  215. Oyster Royal?
  216. Eric, dude, let's see the latest!!
  217. Rolex factory bracelets
  218. Another Article...
  219. History of Watches
  220. Help!!
  221. where to relume a sub.?
  222. Quote of the day
  223. Leather strap for Date?
  224. Qs re. new Deep Sea
  225. Used Rolex Shopping
  226. Best aftermarket bracelet
  227. Amazing Collection!
  228. Need help on pricing for Lady Datejust 179159
  229. Bezel for Submariner
  230. buying submariner with date from ad
  231. "M" series, cal. 3186, black dial, Explorer II incoming!
  232. Is it worth repairing?
  233. DJ 16014 SS or WG
  234. Totally Off Topic
  235. WUS Anniversary!!!
  236. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in SS
  237. Help Figuring Out If Fake
  238. New WUS Sponsor!
  239. Cellini
  240. Sub and GMT II classic bezel protectors
  241. New Prices?!?!?!?!
  242. Would you put a Nato strap on a Yachtmaster?
  243. help authenticating a 1970's Explorer II
  244. Explorer 1016, Cal 1560
  245. Explorer II
  246. Determining Date of a Rolex Tudor
  247. Will the current model of the sea-dweller be more or less sought after when...
  248. Submariner Pricing
  249. Rolex bracelets and the bracelet on the new Sub
  250. My new (used) Sub ND