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  6. Please delete incorrect area to post.
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  14. Another newbie question
  15. Traverse Alpha
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  17. Spartan Sport Baro - set target distance and predict finish time
  18. Suunto: Suunto app is the future of our digital services
  19. Spartan Training Plans
  20. How to change battery Suunto Spartan sport Hr
  21. Ambit 3 Peak HR issues, considering alternatives
  22. Suunto Alpha Traverse Foliage, anyone got pic's with different straps?
  23. Suunto Alpha Traverse Foliage, anyone got pic's with different straps?
  24. Anyway to pull a single waypoint off of a Traverse?
  25. Suunto 9 - Suunto App vs. Movescount App
  26. Storm Alarm every 30 minutes
  27. Suunto Dive Computer Lawsuit
  28. What HR value is logged when HR strap band is taken off???
  29. Off Topic but Need Running Advice
  30. Suunto Core no altimeter
  31. Web Movescount and Android Movescounnt - VS - Web Sports Tracker and Android Suunto
  32. Suunto should Make a Core 2 to compete against the Garmin Instinct
  33. Suunto 9 battery life
  34. I just got a Core All black quick botton
  35. Kudos to Suunto customer service.
  36. Run activity automatically starting, once GPS connects? Weird!
  37. New Pair of x9ís
  38. Suunto S9 question
  39. Ambit3 Question
  40. Spartan Update Version 2.5.18
  41. Ambit3 Peak vs Garmin Instinct
  42. SPARTAN SPORT WHR - completely nonsensical heart rate (much too low)
  43. How do I maximise battery life - Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR
  44. Suunto 9 VS Ambit 3 Peak ... GPS fight!
  45. Need help in exporting data from Training Manager to Movescount
  46. Suunto 9 - Black Friday price?
  47. Suunto 9 Baro Copper Black
  48. Spartan Sport Baro and the movescount app issues.
  49. Downlod 2n time an activity from Ambit3
  50. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR vs S9
  51. Product request: Trainer Baro
  52. Core straps : Which is most durable?
  53. Suunto Ambit3 Peak and Wahoo TICKR FIT HR strap
  54. Ambit3 Run Recovery/ PTE etc.
  55. Max speed in Logbook (Spartan Sport Baro)
  56. Movescount App not Downloading Moves from Ambit3 Peak
  57. Turning off activity monitor on Suunto 9
  58. Turning off activity monitor on Suunto 9
  59. Suunto 9 Wishlist
  60. Anyone else buy a Suunto due to bad eyes?
  61. Ambite3 Peak or Garmin Fenix 3
  62. Why do the Traverse series have strap pins instead of screws?
  63. Suunto Traverse Alpha-Help please!
  64. Suunto Core Reliability
  65. Moveslink2 script error in WIN XP
  66. Moveslink2 does not install...
  67. Got A Stryd
  68. Ambit 3 peak and footpod
  69. Suunto vs. Garmin
  70. Movescount privacy changes
  71. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR and Smart HR Belt
  72. Altitude differences
  73. Suunto SSWHR Baro vs. Garmin Fenix 5x
  74. HR issue on my Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR
  75. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Cumulative Ascent?
  76. Any Way To Off Load Way Points FROM a Suunto?
  77. traverse alpha in direct sunlight
  78. I think it may be time for a Core.
  79. Is there a trick to removing the buckle to replace band stays?
  80. Dual Time on Suunto Ambit 3 Run Watch - how to reset
  81. Output charging voltage for Spartans?
  82. Suunto Smart Sensor Belt issue - not accurate data reading !
  83. Sleep tracking not working since 2.0.40 on Spartan Sport
  84. Different Running performance level in Ambit3 vs Movescount
  85. Ambit 3 peak dual time bug
  86. SUUNTO 9
  87. Spartan Series - Workout planner
  88. Custom Spartan Sport HR Baro - anyone?
  89. Bought a Sunnto traverse
  90. Stay tuned!
  91. New update is available for Spartans v2.0.40
  92. Ambit3: Problem with recording interval with GPS accuracy 'Good'
  93. FW v2.0.34 is out for Spartans
  94. Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist Blue HR
  95. Yet, another Suunto Spartan/Ambit watch !?
  96. Ambit Peak 3 - Battery
  97. Help identify
  98. Suunto core ultimate black: thoughts?
  99. Suunto Core Brushed Steel - White band?
  100. Distance to waypoint on-track
  101. Recomendations for a cheap bluetooth HR chest strap for my Ambit 3 Peak?
  102. Suunto core All Black - sound stopped working.
  103. Movescount route planning on iPads
  104. Suunto Ambit won't pair with Foot pod Mini
  105. Suunto Traverse Alpha
  106. New Suunto Mobile Apps are Launching
  107. Suunto Spartan - issue with pause function
  108. Suunto Spartan Sport Baro
  109. Suunto Sailing Watch
  110. Help ID'ing watch: Watch worn by Claes Bang in the film The Square
  111. Storm alert
  112. Innacurate step counter
  113. Strap for Suuno Core all Black
  114. Suunto Traverse Aloha Fused-alti
  115. Suunto Spartan Altimeter alert?
  116. How reliable is Spartan Trainer?
  117. Suunto Fitness 3
  118. Spartan Ultra pairing heart rate monitor
  119. ****WRUW Saturday 31 March 2018****
  120. Decisions, decisions...
  121. Suunto Smart Belt vs. Polar H10
  122. Suunto Ambit Peak 3 Question
  123. Export Settings
  124. Suunto Spartan Ultra Wrist HR - My request to Suunto
  125. Movescount app cannot find my Spartan Sport although it's paired with the Galaxy S9+
  126. Ebay scams!?
  127. Suunto Traverse Alpha-How Accurate is GPS?
  128. Same Activity Level but significantly higher PTE from Spartan vs. Ambit
  129. Off Topic But...
  131. Why does Spartan revert exercise options (like backlight) back to default after every exercise?
  132. Why does Spartan Sport sometimes replace/hide the watch face when entering standby?
  133. Traverse Alpha Notification Help
  134. Any chance of Suunto adding Training Effect 2.0 at some point via SW update?
  135. Is Spartan Sport identical in HW/FW to Spartan Sport Wrist HR, apart from optical sensor?
  136. Core Depth Meter Strange Behavior
  137. Suunto Traverse Alpha + Polar OH1
  138. Suunto Spartan HR: Daylight Savings Time Adjustment 1 Day Early
  139. Ambit3 Vertical: Distance and Elevation to next Aid Station?
  140. Is anyone running Moveslink2 with XP?
  141. GPS time on Suunto Spartan Sport WHR All Black
  142. Traverse - checking software version
  143. New battery for my Ambit 2S
  144. Can't see the forest for the trees...
  145. Barometer Issue (Core). Does this make sense?
  146. Okay, convince me
  147. Display issue on my Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR
  148. Just Got A Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro. And...
  149. New Problem Today: Movelink2 works, downloads to computer, doesn't upload to Movescount
  150. GPS Strength Indicator
  151. Activities Profiles
  152. Ambit3 Life Cycle
  153. Eeny Meany Miny Mo!
  154. Ambit 3 Peak in 2018?
  155. Suunto Spartan Trainer Display Readability
  156. Movescount Batch Export
  157. Core Storm Alert???
  158. Alternative quick release watch straps??
  159. Suunto Spartan Ultra - Treadmill Calibration
  160. Suunto Spartan Ultra
  161. Taverse Alpha display question
  162. Spartan Update 1.12.36
  163. Suunto Traverse Alpha waypoint limit
  164. Starting an activity on my Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR
  165. Spartan trainer - set distance/target run?! Help
  166. System won't allow me to post photos
  167. Which one to buy?
  168. Ambit3 and bike cadence (without speed) sensor
  169. Suunto 3 Fitness
  170. W' balance apps for Ambit3
  171. Spartan and sleep tracking mode
  172. Sensor problem Suunto Core
  173. Movescount android app - folder where logs are saved
  174. Help needed with Kailash sync
  175. Traverse display
  176. Stryd Questions
  177. Can't Add Graphs to Customized Sport Modes for Spartan HR Baro in Movescount?
  178. What's next for the SSU
  179. Ambit3 Peak - View Sunset/Sunrise While In A Sport Mode?
  180. Suunto Ambit3 Peak Elevation Gain Problem
  181. Single Data Field Screen1 of Run Activity on Suunto?
  182. New to Suunto, Ambit3 Sport v. Core
  183. Wrong time in Suunto watches
  184. Traverse Alpha compared to Core Alu?
  185. Suunto Core O-Ring replacement specs
  186. Suunto Lets Me Down
  187. Spartan trainer notifications
  188. Spartan Trainer interval duration during swimming - help?
  189. suunto ambiet 3 peak boot problem
  190. Comparison: Ambit 3 Peak & Fenix 5
  191. Why does my altitude curve look like this?
  192. S7 edge and Ambit 3 Problem
  193. Spartan Trainer Wrist HR - Activity not synched, no way to sync it anymore
  194. suunto spartan sport wrist hr baro
  195. Movescount
  196. Suunto Essential Ceramic bezel
  197. disable bluetooth ambit3 Peak?
  198. Moveslink2 Stopped working after Windows Fall Creator's Update
  199. Suunto Spartan Firmware 1.11.56
  200. Pairing Smart Sensor with new version of Android App
  201. How are most active members selected in Movescount???
  202. How much data can the Logbook hold?
  203. Core question
  204. New "Improved Spartan" PR video
  205. Problems syncing with ios 11
  206. Suunto traverse parts
  207. New model -- Spartan Wrist HR with Barometer?
  208. Spartan Trainer: Changing to a positive face in activity mode.
  209. Looking for a Suunto Core Dusk Grey
  210. Suunto's Newbie
  211. Suunto Spartan Trainer
  212. Pictures not loading to Suunto Movie in the Movescount app...
  213. Altimeter and barometer misbehave
  214. Ambit 3 Peak on NATO
  215. Spartan Sport BMR issue
  216. Help with loading routes & trails on the Ambit3 Peak...
  217. Suunto Core - All Black
  218. Movescount App/Site
  219. Workout planner for Ambit 3 and movescount
  220. sync issue with ambit 3 vertical
  221. Satellite image in Movescount
  222. My New Suunto Trainer
  223. Spartan Sport VS Trainer?
  224. Just picked up a Suunto Ambit3 Peak...
  225. Alti-baro reference daily (Traverse Alpha)
  226. Spartan Sport died after firmware update
  227. Vertical or Peak
  228. Spartan, Stryd and a second footpod
  229. SSU and PowerCal HRM/Power belt
  230. Issue with Traverse and Movescount
  231. Data Upload Speed
  232. Suunto Traverse recording interval won't change from 1 second
  233. Traverse Alpha strap issue
  234. Can I plan a workout with different phases in Movescount (web or app)?
  235. Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR
  236. Suunto Summer Update (about Updates)
  237. Need Core All Black Military Bezel
  238. Next Spartan Model - What and when?
  239. Serial number question
  240. SUUNTO Core Crush settings for maximum battery life?
  241. Need help with SSWHR updating watch..
  242. Suunto Spartan Nato or Nylon Strap
  243. Custom Traverse
  244. Ambit 3 BT problem with S7 Edge
  245. Suunto Core on non Suunto straps
  246. SSU/SSWHR Footpods What do you use?
  247. Possible to pair Traverse to both Android and iOS?
  248. Connecting Spartan WHR and Ultra to Movescount mobile app?
  249. STOLEN! - Traverse Alpha Stealth :-(
  250. Testement to the owner here