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  37. A pleasant little surprise.
  38. "Counterrotation" and that means...?
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  40. hello - new to fortis, need help to spot a fake/real
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  48. unusual operation
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  55. Fortis (Unknown)
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  57. Looking for more information about the 2018 Spacematic Steel White
  58. Merry Christmas Fortis Friends!!
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  60. Fortis B-42 case back substitution
  61. Beware the ebay posting for Fortis 1971 Vintage Marinemaster 8001 Chronograph
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  64. What is the value of this watch?
  65. 24 Hour hour hand 1/2 hour off.
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  73. Service: USA or send back to Switzerland
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  78. Press Release From Fortis
  79. Press Release From Fortis
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  97. Does the bezel "click" on your B-42 cosmonaut (or any Fortis with a bezel for that matter)?
  98. Removal of "diver extension" on B-42 cosmonaut bracelet
  99. ***Anyone Know Why Fortis Doesn't Use Screw Down Crowns***
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  101. Marinemaster Bezel Swap
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  112. New Fortises on the way (2018)
  113. Redoing AR Coating
  114. what is a satinized finish?
  115. what is the difference between 647.10.11 M and 647.10.11 Mg ?
  116. B-42 Cosmonaut GMT lug to lug?
  117. Fortis GMT with glue residue inside
  118. fortis cocktail watch with clear back to see movement 1940s
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  121. AMADEE-18
  122. Fortis Diver Black 647.18.158.1
  124. Diver Black
  125. Thoughts and opinions on the Cosmonaut Chronograph AM silver dial model.
  126. Fortis Cosmonauts Chronograph Lemania
  127. Help Identify
  128. Flieger hands, case finishing and other questions
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  132. Would appreaciate your expertise on this one... Genuine Spacematic?
  133. Should SWATCH acquire Fortis
  134. I've been told the Ti Official Cosmonaut model has been discontinued..
  135. First Fortis
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  137. Chronograph B42 questions.
  138. Is really Fortis worth it?
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  149. Took the plunge
  150. My new arrival
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  153. Does anyone have an extra B 42 bracelet link for sale?
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  156. Fortis flieger Chrono
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  159. Screwdriver for B-42 lug bars?
  160. Yellowish dial on B42 Diver White?
  161. Happy Shopper
  162. The subtle differences between B-42 Marinemasters...
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  165. QUESTION: B-42 series bracelet link screws
  166. Fun with the Fortis
  167. Automatic Fortis watch placed under a halogen bulb resulted in blueish tint under the crystal
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  171. Fortis or Sinn
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  174. Just ordered a Cosmonaut from JomaShop, and looking into swapping straps while I wait...input wanted
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  189. ceramic or not? and where does one get a bracelet that fits
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  193. What happend to F2001
  194. I'm in love with this Stratoliner
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  197. Solid end links for 597. 20. 141
  198. Lets see your Chrono's
  199. FORTIS Spacematic Pilot Professional
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  208. Baselworld 2017 - Fortis Rolf Sachs 2.4 ml Spacematic
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  210. Any definitive list of Fortis models that have been worn in space?
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  213. My Fortis Cosmonauts Chronograph Lemania 5100 back from RGM
  214. Question about the newer inner/outer boxes for B42 Cosmonaut
  215. Anyone know where I can get a FORTIS box?
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  218. Dassari Leather NATO Strap
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  225. Fleiger Pics
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  243. Does Fortis do anything special to their watches? Resistance to shock, magnetism?
  244. Merry Christmas
  245. After much research and thought...
  246. Is this Fortis Flieger Cockpit a fake?
  247. Santa has arrived early!
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