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  1. Goodbye my lovely El Primero Sub-sea (1975)
  2. Suisse-on-Swiss Cal 133
  3. Zenith type 20 gmt lume faint on 9,10,11 numbers,Send back under warranty !
  4. Discussion of pricing for the US market: please read
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  6. ZENITH auto DEFY 28800 18ct gold version
  7. Zenith Heritage Star in praise of slenderness
  8. Vintage Zenith authentication help
  9. Hi all! New to Zenith... is this a good price for a chronomaster open reserve? 03.2080.4021/01.C494
  10. Tried the new Montre d'Aéronef Type 20 pilots at AD
  11. Silver Zenith ladies watch ca. 1921
  12. Defy Gauss
  13. Zenith El Primero cal. 400 and Rolex Daytona cal. 4030 detailed comparison (link)
  14. Early Respirator update
  16. New Zenith Doublematic - Chronograph Not Working - Is this Normal?
  17. Montre d'Aéronef Type 20 GMT release date?
  18. Need Info about old Zenith watch
  19. Can a Zenith El Primero on leather strap accept a Zenith El Primero steel bracelet?
  20. El Primero (Chronomaster, Espada) and Pilot Press kit (HQ picures, PDF, HQ videos)
  21. My mystery El Primero - a puzzle solved ?
  22. Help needed!
  23. Zenith Rainbow el Primero Fly-Back 01/02.0470.405
  24. El Primero Rainbow on strap
  25. Please help: is this a real genuine Zenith Grande Port Royal Reserve de Marche Watch (03.0550.685)
  26. Confused on how to set the time on a Zenith El Primero
  27. Zenith Opens, Winsors and some advice
  28. Advice again please: older vs newer Zenith
  29. Zenith Pilot, suggestions
  30. for those who know
  31. zenith factroy bracelet for 42mm on 6.5" wrist,
  32. been offered a good deal means a change of choice, advice please
  33. A question about Universal Geneve Cal. 291
  34. Stock seems to be hitting town steadily. Saw these earlier in the year...
  35. Need your advice to print a Zenith dial
  36. Zenith El Primero Caseback
  37. Two Zenith Pilot watches
  38. Zenith Victorious
  39. Need help identifying this zenith
  40. Captain seconds, elite dual time or ultra thin, all black, which would you choose
  41. Dating vintage Zenith's with a serial on the movement?
  42. Promo video from a few years back
  43. Advice on zenith medico compax
  44. My First Zenith Elite HW, I love the style, your thoughts on accuracy, though
  46. BaselWorld 2013: pics of Zenith novelties and retail prices
  47. Zenith's Red-Headed Stepchild from the 70s
  48. Zenith El Primero 36'000 Questions
  49. Older Zenith Sub Sea question
  50. Just had to capture the light on my new aquasition, please enjoy
  51. Zenith cal 2542
  52. Zenith Pilot Montre d'Aéronef Type 20
  53. Zenith cal 135 incoming impulse buy
  54. Zenith Cairelli.
  55. Vintage Zenith El Primero: the seven cases
  56. Difference Between a ZENITH EL Primero Rainbow and a Zenith El Primero De Luca
  57. A blue Dail De Luca on ebay
  58. anyone know what model is this one?
  59. New Arrival: Pilot Big Date Special
  60. El Primero movement, 9 months??
  61. ZENITH El Primero Question
  62. A sweet surprise
  63. Chronomaster1969 vs 36,000 VPH
  64. Can anyone recommend a Zenith Heritage Ultra Thin?
  65. Zenith Class Elite NOS advice please
  66. location of serial number on Zenith Rainbow Elite 3-hander?
  67. Zenith / Movado A788 questions...
  68. 1939 Zenith 14K just purchased
  69. Looking for information about this old Zenith Watch
  70. Cal 400 rotor spinning like a Valjoux - normal?
  71. Zenith chronometre caliber 135 first series + Zenith caliber 135 overview
  72. Help needed, will anyone provide more info regarding this watch?
  73. Linz interview with Dufour at Baselworld '13
  74. Bracelet for Zenith Pilot Doublematic
  75. Zenith prices in Switzerland
  76. El primero bracelet
  77. Need Parts for Movado Zenith El Primero Cal 3019PHC 31J
  78. New to Zenith Help
  79. Price Zenith vintage approx. 1970
  80. Espada-palooza
  81. My first Zenith
  82. Met a watchfriend>>>>
  83. Captain Chronograph in Black, RIP
  84. Question about model blue el primero
  85. a used zenith with photo, orignial or copy please?
  86. Improvement desperately needed by the El Primero
  87. Zenith Pilot question
  88. I Was Set To Buy a Stratos Flyback Until I Made a Mistake...
  89. first post, can someone help me identify this Zenith?
  90. Notice anything special tonight? It's that time of the month again... Zenith tri-compax.
  91. Zenith celebrates its 90th Baselworld participation at Supersonic Speed (LIVE pictures!!) WIN !
  92. Zenith Baselworld Photos
  93. EP Chronomaster Open Date vs. Striking 10th - Which to get?
  94. Information needed: Zenith Defy 28800 red dial vintage watch
  95. Chronograph Trouble? (El primero)
  96. Basel 2013: new chronomaster moon phases 42 mm
  97. Question on Zenith El Primero Open Reserve power indicator
  98. Zenith 2572PC
  99. Captain Central seconds and Elite 670 Movement accuracy
  100. Zenith Defy Classic Aero - info
  101. Zenith cal. 2542
  102. Ready to go airborne? Zenith Pilot Montre d?Aéronef Type 20
  103. Need a schematic for a Zenith Movado El Primero
  104. Espada 01 0040 418
  105. seeking advice on authenticity of Zenith straps on eBay
  106. Problem with my new Zenith Pilot Big Date Special
  107. El Primero 4000 day setting question/help
  108. RYAN SEACREST hosts AMERICAN IDOL wearing ZENITH watches
  109. The website also gets a new look
  110. New Advertising Campaign Launch
  111. Recently bought a Zenith El Primero Defy Classic "Open Sea?"
  112. Captain Chronograph 03.2110.400
  113. My first step into the world of Zenith! (albeit a small one)
  114. Is Thaís a real Zenith Pocket watch
  115. Incoming.....Rattrapante
  116. Additonal Warning on Spammers -- Please read
  117. Class Elite Dual Time vs GO senator panorama date
  118. A MOUNTAIN OF JOY : Zenith Espada chronograph (second series)
  119. Zenith with cal.2542 Dial information is needed!
  120. How to obtain missing manual?
  121. Help with vintage Defy...
  122. Name this watch
  123. Information Required
  124. Zenith XL-Tronic 18k
  125. PLEASE HELP.. ZENITH EL PRIMERO 01.0210.415
  126. Sporto "revision 2012"
  127. Post them if you have them!!!
  128. After market strap for a 42mm El Primero
  129. Authenticity question - Zenith stainless steel bracelet
  130. Zenith 2542
  131. El Primero movement question(s)
  132. Best Zenith Caliber
  134. Zenith TimeCommand Quartz Gold - some photos
  135. Love them 135s!
  136. Zenith bloody Defy ref. A7682 technical advice and opinions requested
  137. Maundy Thursday & the last vintage Zenith El Primero for the collection
  138. vintage Zenith lobster bracelet forum's advice and technical opinions requested
  139. Original red dial from 50's
  140. new to me vintage zenith
  141. Zenith 1724 and 1724C
  142. Zenith Vasić
  143. Hear that Sound! - Listen to the 36'000 VpH ...
  144. Original Zenith Crown sought
  145. Potential New Watch Owner - Concerns
  146. Some Pics of my Zenith Pilot on a SS Bracelet
  147. Zenith Finlandia
  148. Not all Zeniths are watches
  149. Zenith Elite Class Dual
  150. My New Captain Chrono
  151. How do I authenticate this watch quickly?
  152. zenith warranty card stamp authenticity
  153. What is the difference between these two Elite HW Watches?
  154. zenith elite hand winding?
  155. Vintage Zenith help...please
  156. Low End Zeniths?
  157. please, help me identify my Zenith
  158. Zenith Compressor
  159. Info Needed on a Zenith DEFY
  160. Does zenith make a bracelet deployant with micro-adjust?
  161. Help to identify my Zenith
  162. Check out the new Zenith App !
  163. Zenith online watch registration
  164. El Primero 36'000 + Nato
  165. Co-axial Zenith "El Primero"
  166. An A3817 Joins the Stable
  167. Zenith El Primero Grande Port Royal Help.
  168. vintage 1971 Zenith El Primero ...
  169. Zenith 2562P and 2572P
  170. Zenith bracelet
  171. new to this forum
  172. Zenith El Primero 38mm
  173. The Pink Panther - Zenith Version
  174. Pilot Doublematic in London AD ?
  175. Price estimation of a 1955ish gold Zenith?
  176. Oh captain, oh captain
  177. $15,000 Zenith ?
  178. Ancient ZENITH model - pocket model converted to a wristwatch
  179. Can anyone help me to identify this watch?
  180. Zenith Pilot Big Date Specs
  181. El Primero Chronograph Second Hand
  182. Zenith Sextant Chronograph Vintage
  183. Deployant Buckles old and new, a small comparison
  184. Zenith wriswatch serial numbers
  185. Just received "The Call" from Rob at Topper, Zenith Doublematic is in (and he has an extra one)!
  186. AF/P: to be or not to be? A Respirator, that is.
  187. Zenith or not ?
  188. AD recommendations
  189. Striking Tenth El Primero Owners Please Help ASAP!!!
  190. my second vintage Zenith-Sporto
  191. ZENITH authenticity question. please reply ASAP!!
  192. Vintage "El Primero" service recommendations? Please....
  193. El Primero 36'000 vph 38mm - a mens watch??
  194. Confirmation: Zenith prices to increase on March 1st 2013 (Europe)
  195. Help: Chronomaster Open Moon Phase or Captain Winsor + wrist pics of Academy Christopher Colub
  196. AD getting some Espada delivery next week.
  197. zenith watch identification
  198. Aftermarket straps
  199. Zenith rainbow flyback - anybody has tried diving with it?
  200. Vintege Zenith: Real or Fake?
  201. Franken "C" Espada chronograph on eBay: opinions?
  202. Aftermarket SS bracelets: Would this work for my Zenith?
  203. First Time Zenith Owner: Pilot Big Date Special
  204. Zenith Prime with wrong hands
  205. When should the date change?
  206. pre-Basel preview a few weeks ago..
  207. Question..is this an El Primero...or ??
  208. El Primero Striking tenth LE Clutch Wheel Color
  209. Pre-Baselworld 2013: Captain Winsor Annual Calendar Boutique Edition (live pictures)
  210. Got a Zenith Sporto
  211. Qu'elle est cette Zénith vintage
  212. Zenith Espada chronograph overview 1972-75 (ref. A7817 and 01.0040.418)
  213. Newbie Here! Zenith Pilot Big Date Special: Thoughts? Comments?
  214. The Hollywood Reporter's Nominees Night 2013 - Sponsored by Zenith Timepieces
  215. Yo dawg, I heard you like chronographs
  216. Am I in the right place?
  217. My calendar is skipping a day!!
  218. The spirit of travel: Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane
  219. Can anyone make sense of this number?
  220. Just like to share a youtube video of the classic 410z ...link inside :)
  221. Class 4 El Primero production numbers?
  222. Ancient pocket watch found "Billodes"
  223. Nataf era Zenith short videos
  224. Pilot Big Date Special -- quick question...
  225. Zenith Striking 10th
  226. Anyone home?! check out this combo!
  227. Restoration of a Movado/Zenith 2552PC
  228. 1950s Vintage Zenith on the Bay - Bauhaus Influence
  229. *****Important announcement from the forum owner Ernie Romers - please read!!!!!*****
  230. Zenith El primero, stiff pusher
  231. This is a Zenith 655, right?
  232. Incoming...
  233. Zenith price increase Feb 1st?
  234. zenith el primero 38mm strap size
  235. Help identify old zenith
  236. Do people mistake your Zenith Chornomaster Open for a turbillon watch?
  237. New movement quirks???
  238. my 1st Post
  239. New entry: Zenith Chronomaster El Primero
  240. Extra Links - Zenith Defy Classic
  241. ZENITH PORT ROYAL Cal 135 18K Pink
  242. Any way of dating modern Zenith watches?
  243. el primero
  244. Zenith Retrotimer Flyback - how does it work?
  245. Zenith Defy - Some help and advice needed
  246. Zenith watches in the family?
  247. The Latest Manufacture Tour...
  248. Zenith AD in Europe?
  249. El Primero Striking 10th
  250. 17 Ligne Zenith PW Movement CA 15 MN