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  2. Bracelet for the Original 1969
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  15. Harvard Business article: re-emergence of mechanical watches
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  28. The El Primero brothers
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  30. El Primero 400z
  31. Anything to see at the factory in Le Locle?
  32. Happy New Year!
  33. Help - A3817 case impressions
  34. Can you help me learn more about this watch I inherited from my grandfather?
  35. need help with a vintage Zenith
  36. My two wind ups
  37. Zenith Pilot Cal 40 or 120
  38. Zenith Chronomaster Moonphase
  39. Merry Christmas!
  40. zenith heritage port royal winding
  41. Ruminating over the Type 20 40mm
  42. Zenith Pilot with 143-6
  43. New Zenith Ultra Thin on Camille Fournet auburn alligator strap
  44. Vintage Zenith El Primero A788 (1971) review
  45. My entrance to the zenith world
  46. Incoming. Trade an EP for another..... EP
  47. New Zenith, and I'm overjoyed
  48. Just arrived
  49. Zenith Class Elite Reserve DeMarche
  50. Chronomaster T Open after full service
  51. "For Ladies"
  52. Recent use of the 2562?
  53. Just received this beauty...
  54. Fake (Replica) or real?
  55. Can the Elite 681 movement hack?
  56. Zenith Defy 'TV' ref. A7650 first and second series 1970
  57. Zenith El Primero "C" ref. 20.0220.416
  58. Sell Omega PO to fund a Captain Chrono or Captain Central Seconds?
  59. Fraudulent listing Primero A384
  60. Help needed to identify Zenith model
  61. Stallone and Arnold....RM and Zenith Aeronef
  62. Askmen UK picked Zenith Captain Central Seconds Coolest watch of 2013 ...link inside
  63. Clunky noise when rotor moves on Zenith Elite - any suggestions what it might be ?
  64. How to choose a watch
  65. Need more info on this Zenith pocket watch
  66. El Primero 38mm Original '69 NEED ADVICE FAST
  67. Happy Thanksgving!
  68. vintage Zenith El Primero A386 for sale
  69. price help?
  70. El primero 36?000vph 42mm, bracelet cost?
  71. Zenith Warranty Card Question....
  72. Sturdyness of Zenith Elite 681- 40mm - 03.2010.681/01.C493
  73. Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Alchron-my experience-
  74. moggy_ktf have not a clue
  75. Zenith Special - experts opinion
  76. Zenith Pilot Big Date Special - Purchase decision
  77. Zenith Men's Heritage Ultra Thin Watch from Ashford.com (Authenticity and how to verify)
  78. My First Zenith (Original 1969)
  79. Help verifying a De Luca II blue dial with serial # 01.0300.400
  80. Omega AT 8500 vs. Zenith Captain Central Second vs. Breitling Superocean Heritage 42
  81. I want vintage Defy. What now?
  82. GPHG Sports Category winner: Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th Chronograph
  83. Advice On First Zenith
  84. El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th wins a GPHG Award !
  85. Tips for identifying fake
  86. Zenith El Primero YG
  87. Watchmaking at its Zenith: Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage
  88. “EL PRIMERO LIGHTWEIGHT EXPERIENCE”: Balloons are now launched!
  89. Spring bar diameter
  90. Any 38mm vs 42mm El Primero comparison pictures?
  91. Zenith's visit to Amsterdam - many pictures
  92. Brothers in arms and cal 135
  93. Stratos 36000 or Seiko SBGA029 Spring Drive
  94. Little help needed please with my vintage Zenith
  95. Zenith Port Royal V Elite Dual Time
  96. Which El Primero Striking 10th (or 36,000)
  97. Zenith Port Royal Open El Primero - some pics
  98. Hands-On with the Zenith El Primero Lightweight Striking 10th Chronograph (Live Pics)
  99. Zenith Defy watch
  100. Zenith 106 - 6 and spacers
  101. New Espada
  102. What is the value of the cal. 3019 PHC (Zenith El Primero) parts?
  103. Alchron or steel ??
  104. Zenith Pilot flea market find
  105. Can Anyone Give me More info on this Watch?
  106. Does anyone own this El Primero?
  107. Problem in selecting Zenith
  108. A Questionable Zenith on ∑Bay
  109. MY Elite HW is back from Service from Zenith New Jersey USA Service Center
  110. Hello Guys.....good to be back, cal 71 queries
  112. Question regardin Zenith Rainbow
  113. Identifying this Zenith
  114. Zenith A384 Question.
  115. Zenith Datejust?
  116. Zenith El Primero Captain, black dial question
  117. Nice visit to AD in Dubai
  118. First Zenith - Defy Classic 03.0516.680 - Date advance issue
  119. zenith?
  120. Zenith Heritage Elite 681 40mm vs JLC Master Control 40mm
  121. Zenith Shanghai boutique in Red Obsession
  122. Help in identifying a pocket watch
  123. Zenith Striking 10th Models Question
  124. Finally, my grail Zenith A386!
  125. Please Help Me Verify This Chronomaster
  126. Cal. 410Z... Annual Calendar or Day/Date/Month?
  127. The 'Lightweight'... and my 410
  128. Zenith Pacific Lady art. Z29
  129. My new Zenith El Primero 36000 VPH
  130. Zenith Heritage Elite Ultra Thin vs JLC Master Grande Ultra Thin - why I chose Zenith
  131. Zenith Defy Automatic Surf - Idenfication please
  132. De Luca El Primero Diameter
  133. About to take the plunge
  134. The Zenith Chronomaster Bullit: Evolution of the "Black Watch"
  135. Omega Aqua Terra or Zenith Heritage Ulta thin in 2 styles
  136. el Primero 36'000 38mm is here!
  137. Zenith Grand Prix Paris 1900
  138. Info about Zenith watch
  139. Zenith Favre Leuba Movement
  140. Differences between the Captain (chronograph) and El Primero cases?
  141. Poker anyone?
  142. Zenith Trench Watch (or not)
  143. My new 38mm Tri Colour 1969 El Primero arrives tomorrow!
  144. Gambled on an A386
  145. Need help on strap for annual calendar
  146. Check out the video about the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage!
  147. Zenith uses silicon parts for EP
  148. NOS A3817 on YJ
  149. Light is right: Limited Edition EL Primero Lightweight
  150. My 4th Zenith
  151. Can you recognize this Zenith Chronometre?
  152. Other manufacturers using El Primero
  153. Movement doesn't stop when setting time
  154. Zenith Elite Port Royal V stops
  155. El Primero Model Advice
  156. When in Venice...
  157. More 'borrowed' pictures and wrist shots of New Zenith Lightweight :)
  158. NEW Zenith El Primero Lightweight
  159. New to Zenith [UPDATE: Ordered!]
  160. Zenith Defy Xtreme watch
  161. Zenith Pilot Big Date Special - some pics
  162. Q: Defy's leather strap to Stratos. Any experiences does it fit?
  163. Any pictures of Heritage Ultra Thin (roman dial) on brown strap?
  164. Zenith El Primero Chronomaster - Advice
  165. Where to find Type 20 in NYC
  166. Sydney Zenith Service Centre
  167. Durability and reliabilty of the EP movements
  168. brand new zenith - performance concerns - please advise!
  169. antique zenith stopwatch telephone timer ?
  170. Date my El Primero
  171. an A385 joins its brother A386, and some Sunday afternoon photography...
  172. The endangered species of the Zenith El Primero A385
  174. My first Zenith - De Luca
  175. Happy First time Zenith Railroad pocket watch owner
  176. Pilot Big Date... on a NATO strap?
  177. What brand made this bracelet for Zenith?
  178. New Model? Captain Moon Phase Greater China Edition
  179. Found my lost Zenith wrist watch but don't know the model
  180. Nice lighting
  181. Pocket Zenith from 60's: dial original or not original
  182. Zenith 3400
  183. Burglary on the Rue du Rhône in Geneva
  184. My visit to the Zenith factory
  185. Please identify this Zenith
  186. Zenith Class El Primero HW Chronograph
  187. A Grail Arrives
  188. Issues with my Pilot Big Date
  189. Anyone here post pics from Google+?
  190. Elite movement, relative of Cal 135?
  191. Help needed to find a part
  192. Ultra thin prices
  193. Curious
  194. El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow - Limited edition channelling a legendary spirit
  195. Need advice to find a new winding crown for my 1960ies Zenith Sub Sea
  196. Zenith Automatic 670 Chonometre (1994- 2000)
  197. Hello! Need help to identify this Zenith
  198. Pilot Montre d?Aéronef Type 20 GMT
  199. I need help to identify this zenith pocket watch.
  200. Anyone have trouble finding one of these?
  201. Sporto just acquired -- please advise
  202. Gray Zenith
  203. "Please just note that it is a limited edition for South America / Mexico / the Carribeans"
  204. how would you save up for an el primero
  205. is it just me?? I seem to be getting attracted to the once vilified Defy Xtreme Chronos?
  206. Help needed Zenith cal 135 case
  207. My Zenith Sporto
  208. First-time Zenith owner with his new pride and joy
  209. Test drive: Zenith Pilot Montre D'Aeronef Type 20, ref. 87.2430.4054/21.C721
  210. Ultra-rare, previously unknown El Primero 3019 or Franken?
  211. The 48mm Zenith Pilot Watches Montre D Aeronef GMT & Annual Calendar Photos
  212. Zenith Type 20 GMT
  213. Hong Kong Boutique 2nd Anniversary
  214. Zenith Service Question
  215. List your favorite Zenith. Degree of Difficulty? You don't own it
  216. My first Zenith
  217. New arrival - Zenith Captain Chronograph
  218. Trying to identify an old Zenith with no serial number
  219. El Primero 42mm 36'000 VPH Strap Dimensions???
  220. Zenith El Primero Automatic on sale at Ashford
  221. I just bought this used Zenith Surf
  222. Topper Jewelers Watch Show & GTG 9th & 10th
  223. Franken Primero
  224. A New Exclusive Limited Edition Zenith El Primero Chronomaster From The Watch Gallery
  225. El primero possible vph change?
  226. Help needed to recognize a watch.
  227. Vintage Zenith ladies wristlewatch - information needed?
  228. my zenith cal 135
  229. Zenith 03 0520 687 - Is this real?
  230. Zenith pocket watch - information needed
  231. New Photos Of My Trio
  232. Information on Vintage Zenith Calibre 156
  233. Zenith Captain Windsor Annual Calendar - review?
  234. Is this fake?
  235. My first Zenith, A384 - images added
  236. On the runway: Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 40 mm Lady
  237. Review of the Zenith Class 4 Square
  238. Pilot Big Date Chronograph Second Hand not Zeroed
  239. Sightings during a private preview in Singapore & later at a HK boutique service pickup...
  240. Goodbye my lovely El Primero Sub-sea (1975)
  241. Suisse-on-Swiss Cal 133
  242. Zenith type 20 gmt lume faint on 9,10,11 numbers,Send back under warranty !
  243. Discussion of pricing for the US market: please read
  244. Vintage Zenith - Help
  245. ZENITH auto DEFY 28800 18ct gold version
  246. Zenith Heritage Star in praise of slenderness
  247. Vintage Zenith authentication help
  248. Hi all! New to Zenith... is this a good price for a chronomaster open reserve? 03.2080.4021/01.C494
  249. Tried the new Montre d'Aéronef Type 20 pilots at AD
  250. Silver Zenith ladies watch ca. 1921