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  1. SKX007 Orange dial mod?
  2. Seiko Turtle SRP77X SRP775 Lug holes too close to edge?
  3. I cannot find any data anywhere on my Seiko 5, help please.
  4. SNKK29J1
  6. SKX (013/015/017) Bezel Inserts
  7. SEIKO ARNIE - Detailed Specifications and Historical Data
  8. SEIKO TUNA - Detailed Specifications and Historical Data
  9. SEIKO TUNA CHRONOLOGY - Timeline: 1975-2019
  10. Ask for a reference of this Seiko
  11. Bracelets for vintage Seikos
  12. SKX007 grey writing
  13. Can someone identify this SEIKO watch
  14. Where to buy OEM Parts?
  15. Seiko service uk
  16. Battery-powered Seiko 9020-6030 w/alligator band
  17. 6139 6002 pushers sticking and losing 8 minutes a day...
  18. Seiko 6139-6005 won't run without active chronograph
  19. Srq023j1
  20. Seiko SNE439 bracelet
  21. seiko solar limited edition watch. What's model (Code) Number?
  22. Can't find model
  23. Disassemble Seiko
  24. Hand replacement for 6138-8020
  25. Citizen Aqualand CO23 repair...
  26. Help identifying vintage Seiko Titanium Solar
  27. Seiko snk809
  28. Seiko 5t52-6a39 World Timer needs a new movement, will any 5t52 movement work?
  29. Help identifying a Citizen quartz watch
  30. Legit Pogue or Franken-Monster
  31. Vintage Seiko Newbie
  32. Can any So Cal locals help me out?
  33. Seiko 6159-7010 grandfather tuna. Article from fratello
  34. Emperor Tuna article from Monochrome watches
  35. Sarw019
  36. Looking for Recommended Seiko Repair in Orlando Area
  37. Seiko Arnie Bezal
  38. SNE107 with Murphy Bezel
  39. Citizen help?
  40. Help with Seiko 6119C
  41. Help Needed: Parts Number for Seiko 7002-7039 Stem/Crown
  42. **NEED HELP** Promaster Sky BY0084-56E! Where to purchase?
  43. Citizen Promaster model 3740 production date?
  44. Is this SKX007J real or fake?
  45. Is this Seiko 5 Real or fake?
  46. Anyone know anything about this Seiko 7431-0020 pocket watch?
  47. Help resizing the band in a Citizen AQ1040-53E
  48. Help ID'ing this model
  49. 300m Tuna crystal replacement?
  50. Removing the 007 bezel. Any suggestions?
  51. Best place to buy an SKX007 Jubilee? Amazon?
  52. Baby Tuna on corocs
  53. Need help ID'ing this Seiko 5 Sports
  54. need suggestions on finding a seiko
  55. Information requested about 5Y66 - OABO Maybe DABO?
  56. Information required
  57. I need help with the model of this watch...
  58. Any reasoning behind Seiko's Lettering or Numbers on there watch models?
  59. Watch identification and information
  60. Seiko skx007 bezel is a little wobbly. Normal???
  61. info on seiko quartz SWY010
  62. Seiko Bullhead GREEN batons
  63. I Need Help Identifying This Seiko
  64. I will buy a new SEIKO SSC361P1 watch, but can't find any reviews for it. Can anyone offer advice?
  65. What model is it?
  66. Problems finding manufacturing date on Seiko SARB035
  67. Looking for Seiko cal. 7T36-7A10 Owner's manual
  68. Japanese wristwatch books
  70. deleted
  71. How to install a capacitor in a Seiko solar watch
  72. Help me identify this watch please!!
  73. Help a Newbie ID this Citizen?
  74. Seiko 6309-7149
  75. Help identifying Seiko before I buy it...
  76. Help!! need info on seiko quartz watch 9320-5000
  77. Does anyone own a Seiko SNAC31
  78. Can any of you help me identify this Citizen Model ?
  79. Really need someones help, please!?
  80. Seiko SARB 033 Metal Band Adjustment
  81. Does anyone have a Seiko dial 6309-704 NT.......Yes "N" T
  82. Citizen Eco-drive
  83. Seiko 6138 Chronograph Reference Guide
  84. Seiko 8m25-6040: Do they exist, or is mine a fake?
  85. Seiko Quartz Beauty
  86. did anybody buy a watch from e-watch stock amazon?
  87. Citizen C023-088069 stem size or part number
  88. SKX781 - Orange Monster Queries
  89. Any infos regarding ELGIN SOLAR RADIO CONTROLLED watches ???
  90. Seiko Epson JPN-YT58 movement question
  91. SKX007K strap replacment.
  92. Help Finding Seiko S Wave (SKX317) Parts and information
  93. Model List - Seiko Brightz Ananta Chronograph - SAEH & SAEK
  94. Model List - Seiko Brightz Ananta Mechanical - SAEC
  95. Model List - Seiko Brightz Phoenix Chronograph - SAGH & SAGK
  96. Model List - Seiko Brightz Phoenix Mechanical - SAGQ
  97. Model List - Seiko Brightz Chronograph - SDGZ
  98. Model List - Seiko Brightz Mechanical - SDGC
  99. Model List - Seiko Prospex [mechanical] - SBDC, SBDX & SBDS
  100. Model List - Seiko Presage - SARW & SARX
  101. Model List - Seiko Mechanical Retrograde & Retrograde GMT - SARD, SARN & SAEN
  102. Model List - Seiko Mechanical Multi Hand - SARC
  103. Model List - Seiko Mechanical Five Sports - SARG
  104. Model List - Seiko Mechanical Standard, Alpinist & Elegant - SARB
  105. Model List - Seiko Spirit Mechanical - SCVS
  106. HELP ! HELP ! Seiko SNZG15J1
  107. Seiko 5, trouble in Africa
  108. Orange Monster (SRP309) Chapter Ring replacement
  109. Seiko SSC197 question: Sapphire crystal or Hardlex??
  110. Atomic Clock Info from NIST
  111. Need help identifying old SEIKO women watch
  112. Did I buy a fake Citizen?
  113. Seiko perpetual calender setting up
  114. Help identifying seiko pocket watch model
  115. New vs old kinetic
  116. Best accuracy seiko?
  117. Seiko 9923-8010
  118. I think I know why Seiko watches sold at Amazon are less expensive.
  119. Use of watch winder
  120. Black cased Citizen, my favourite watch...needs dating.
  121. Can't identify watch model
  122. Seiko A259-5050 instruction manual needed
  123. Help with ID and Price Please
  124. Original or aftermarket 6309 7049 dial?
  125. Help Me Identify This Citizen Watch, Please!
  126. New collector, old fan, 6105 lust. Help.
  127. Help identify old seiko
  128. Help dating sekio please. Newbie and confused.
  129. first automatic - seiko snk607 - 7s26 - questions?
  130. Comparable Seiko to the OM?
  131. citizen Automatic (7?)21 jewels Crystal
  132. How do I replace my seiko 6139-6002 tachymeter?
  133. Seiko LCD Case and Crystal part numbers ?
  134. Identify my Dad's old Seiko
  135. Replaing a Seiko - lost mine
  136. How do I date my Citizen NY0040-09EE and what does the model number tell me?
  137. Newly purchased 6309 - 7040 details
  138. Flat crystal to suit SBBN015
  139. Looking to buy a Seiko Diver's Junior or woman's for my wife
  140. Model Number Guides and Many Other Questions
  141. Best way to store an Eco Drive
  142. Citizen Power Reserve?
  143. Seiko 6139 - 6002 rebuild
  144. Can someone tell me what I have here?
  145. Weight of SS vs Titanium
  147. How I can tell automatic watches either citizen and seiko is genuine? (Ebay)
  148. Seiko 6139-6001
  149. Seiko 7002 diver problem
  150. Seiko Vintage LCD. Which battery?
  151. Tsunami is Alive and Well
  152. Strap size for a Seiko 6309-7049?
  153. Citizen Skyhawk -Collectors Guide- Everything you wanted and more!
  154. Question about Eco-Drive movements
  155. Links To Watch Service, Modifications, Restoration, Dealers, Forums, Blogs, Etc.
  156. Looking for 2004-2006 model diver
  157. Seiko 7T32 / 7T42 owners manual scan
  158. "Arnie" tech advice needed
  159. Orient Photo Archive
  160. Review Of William Jeans' Super Oyster Type II Bracelet...
  161. How A Kinetic Watch Works
  162. The Seiko Tsunami Logo & the Great Wave Off Kanagawa - A Watch Collecting Myth...
  163. What is Lumibrite Exactly...
  164. Vintage Catalogs PDF's...
  165. The Seiko (Tuna & Shrouded Divers) Crystal Guide:
  166. THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY - Insights Into Crystal Variances and Construction
  167. SEIKO 2009 Watch Collection Catalog (Jpn Ver.)
  168. Seiko Quartz Caliber Power Consumption & Battery Technical Guide
  169. Review of Yobokies' Anvil Bracelet....
  170. U.S. Navy Decompression Tables & Procedures
  171. Seiko 6139 Chrographs Catalog Scans...
  172. Seiko 6138 Chrographs Catalog Scans...
  173. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 7002 DIVER - A Collector's Buying Guide
  174. The History of Grand Seiko - By Seiya Kobayashi
  175. A Look into Seiko Kinetic watch Technology
  176. Collector's Guide To All the Different Citizen Nighthawk Variants...
  177. A Journey in Time : The Remarkable Story of Seiko (Seiko's official History Book)
  178. Collector's Guide To All The Different Alba Manta Ray Diver Variants...
  179. Collector's Guide To All The Seiko Italian Chronograph Variants...
  180. TIPS: How Tell Original Seiko Parts VS. Reproduction Parts
  181. Collector's Guide To All The Seiko's Shrouded ("Tuna") Divers...
  182. Water Resistance - Myth VS Reality...
  183. What Does Seiko 5 Stand For?
  184. Collector's Guide To All the Seiko Monster Variants (Incl. Night & Trek Monsters)...
  185. Collector's Guide To All the Different Seiko Marine Masters Diver Models & Variants...
  186. Difference Between "Water Proof" & "Water Resist"...
  187. Seiko Branding Dictionary
  188. Seiko LCD watches information sites...
  189. Seiko In the Movies...
  190. Comparing the 6309-704X to the 6306-700x Divers
  191. Collector's Guide To Seiko "Rally" Sport Divers...
  192. Side By side Comparo's of Some Popular Divers...
  193. Collector's Guide To All the seiko 7S26-0020/9 Diver Variants (SKX007 & it's siblings)...
  194. A Brief History Of The Citizen Watch Company...
  195. Comprehensive list of specifications for Seiko Dive watches
  196. Text of ISO 6425/1996 Minimum Standards For Dive Watches...
  197. A concise history of Seiko Professional dive watches
  198. Links To Recommended Watch Repair Experts, Mod Gurus and Parts Sources...
  199. Collector's Guide To All the Seiko "Knight" Diver Variants...
  200. Seiko Analog Quartz Table with Pictures
  201. Volunteers Need for the Remaining Research Projects...
  202. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 6217-800x "62MAS" DIVER - A Collector's Buying Guide
  203. Nicknames of Popular Seiko's
  204. The 20 Official US Seiko Company Stores...
  205. Seiko Sumo vs. Marine Master vs. SD 600 Picture Comparo...
  206. A little info on 6106 Sport Divers...
  207. Difference Between Zillas on Bracelet and Rubber
  208. Collector's Guide To All The Seiko "Atlas" Variants...
  209. Settling The Great Crystal Debate. Sapphire Vs. Hardlex...
  210. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 6139-600x CHRONOGRAPH - A Collector's Buying Guide
  211. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 6138-0040/0049 "BULLHEAD" CHRONOGRAPH - A Collector's Buying Guide
  212. HOW TO BUY A SEIKO 6309 DIVER - A Collector's Buying Guide
  213. Sources for Stock Seiko Bracelets
  214. Differences Between SKX007K and SKX007J Explained...