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  10. Anyone have experience with the Coros Apex?
  11. Nixon Regulus (Leave your preconcieved notions at the door)
  12. F-91 W Japan U 1989 & F-91 W China DH 2019 30 Years between a clock and another
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  15. Casio PRW-3510 ..standard lugs/straps?
  16. Garmin Instinct Software Upgrade Request List
  17. Anyone know what year this Ironman is from?
  18. Ebay questioning authenticity on Casio
  19. Questions for Garmin Instinct owners
  20. F105 module into F91w?
  21. CASIO AL-180 (3262): jumpers?
  22. Casio Accelerometer (Step Tracker) Models
  23. Found, Casio F-91 W Japan U 1990
  24. Suunto Core...Any Positive Experiences?
  25. Weather Observations
  26. polar m32 broken - opinions on repair?
  27. Casio CMD-40 button problems
  28. Amazfit Stratos, After 4.5 Months
  29. Bulova Computron N7 229 “Driver’s” digital
  30. Pathfinder or Pathfinder with a Metallic Bezel
  31. Help - Do You Know This Watch?
  32. Calvin Klein Future Watches
  34. Casio F-91W in Timex Case
  35. Watchuseek Project Elektronika
  36. Rare Casio AW-20 Skyline Racing
  37. My PRO TREK watch has a pixel issue. Can solve or repair?
  38. Help Identify Mystery Casio World Time
  39. upgrading my Garmin Fenix 3
  40. Interesting logo on a Pulsar V041 ani-digi.
  41. Casio Pathfinder water resistance issues
  42. Vestal DDDS04 Digital Doppler
  44. Small ABC watch for a 6.75" wrist
  45. the YES World Watch V7 prototype review:
  46. Grail Digital Watch?
  47. PRG 300 and PRW 3000 series band strap off balance looking for suggestions
  48. Help me ID this watch please?
  49. Bluetooth watch longevity
  50. How many people are waiting for Casio to release some steel case vintage models ?
  51. Best night watch
  52. bulova anonced computron watches
  53. How accurate is the barometer in my Tissot?
  54. Suunto 9 - Real world battery life?
  55. The Edifice Conspiracy?
  56. Digital watch display adjusts
  57. Seiko Mt. Fuji: would you consider this a software bug or a feature?
  58. Casio Pro Trek (PRG 600/650) Factory Reset?
  59. digital watches with regular lugs
  60. Introducing: The Garmin MARQ
  61. Garmin Foretrex 601?... anyone?
  62. Pro Trek 3500-Y display issue
  63. Seiko S800a alarm repair
  64. 3 Lucky NOS Casio Jewelry Store Finds
  65. Calibrate the pressure sensor on my Pathfinder
  66. Remove lettering from digital watch crystal
  67. Existential Dilemma: Dare I wear these 1980s NOS with tags Casios?
  68. Seeking a VERY simple digital watch for my aged father
  69. Curious: does F91W have hidden mode?
  70. Digital, Hardened Titanium and Sapphire Crystal!
  71. PAW 2000 temp function not working
  72. What is the difference between PRW6600 and PRW60??
  73. WUS project 2019 - digital watch
  74. Looking for a new digital watch with compass
  75. a watch with 5 alarms, countdown, and thermometer?
  76. Casio SGW-100 calibration error
  77. Buying from Rakuten to UK. Taxes and charges?
  78. Vintage digital watches
  79. Suggestions for lightweight digital watch with 24hr stopwatch?
  80. Where to buy Vintage Digital in Los Angeles?
  81. The WAYBACK machine
  82. Anything new coming? A smaller PRW7000 perhaps?
  83. A smaller ABC that fits on a 22mm Nato/Zulu?
  84. A modern, classic Digital Watch
  85. A Durable, Low Profile ABC Watch - Does it Exist?
  86. All SS + world time + digital?
  87. Making the jump from traditional ABC to Casios WSD smart watch
  88. How to set time and date on Casio AW-21u?
  89. < 8mm thick digital watches?
  90. Second thinnest digital watch ever?
  91. Casio C80 - How to set the time?
  92. Watch with flashing alarm
  93. Help my eyes (Protrek swap - PAT-70 for PRT-30/20)
  94. LCD Watch Module Manufacturers
  95. Resin band replacement question.
  96. #1 did not show up in digital display (PRW7000)
  97. Help with altimeter data??
  98. Time for an Upgrade?
  99. LAD Weather... anyone?
  100. New Seiko this time.
  101. What's with the stopwatch on the Casio AE1300WH?
  102. Show us the watch that served you longest
  103. Super legible, rugged, nato compatible?
  104. Garmin/Nike Run Club
  105. Ultimate Adventure Travel Watch?ly
  106. Pro Trek Advice
  107. Is Casio DB-37 Discontinued?
  108. VULCAN Nixie Tube Watches
  109. Nerdiest watch of all times
  110. Matrix Powerwatch 2
  111. Pwr-6600 vs GWN-1000? Which one?
  112. Casio digital with display like on W800H?
  113. Question regarding a possible watch repair
  114. Incoming: Casio DB-520-1ADF - what a cool watch!
  115. My digital Casio watch running faster after new battery replacement.
  116. Help fixing Casio Easy Rec strap
  117. Looking for Casio edifice EQB 900d-1a
  118. Does this model have any water resistance >>>
  119. One of my favourite Digital watches >>
  120. Personal review of my Suunto Core
  121. Are all “Wave Ceptor” watches solar?
  122. Can the crystal on a Casio F217H be removed?
  123. MTM | Special Ops - STATUS (ABC - minus the AB :) SMARTWATCH)
  124. Any help possible? casio F-15, new battery but blank screen
  125. Casio TS-100, can you calibrate the thermometer?
  126. Casio AE 1000W went complete blank after 6 months
  127. Arrived today Casio Marlin W-36 Yellow dots
  128. I have been done!
  129. Looking for a solar atomic
  130. Garmin Tactix Charlie
  131. Ronstan Starting timers
  132. WVM120J-1 available anywhere?
  133. Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire
  134. PRG-600Y-1CR On Sale
  135. Casio Pro Trek PRG 130 newbie questions
  136. choose Pro Trek, whats the diffrence?
  137. Ultramarathon GPS watch needed - Garmin 935 vs. Suunto 9
  138. Where can I buy the PRW-3100 (negative display) in Europe?
  139. 1961 digital
  140. Question about Casio F-91W-1JF
  141. Is the JF model worth the price?
  142. I need some advise on where to send a 1974 BULOVA BIG BLOCK for a battery
  143. CASIO AQW-100 Lume & Hands Mod
  144. Why do most solar atomic digital watches look like child watches besides the Seiko SBPG001?
  145. Analog watches with hidden digital displays
  146. Casio 248 module help needed
  147. Suunto Core crippled, trying Chinese ABC
  148. There is a Casio watch that says "RUN"
  149. Recommendations?
  150. Watch LCD faded
  151. Where can I buy this Weather Master Watch? Thank You!
  152. Where can I buy this Weather Master Watch? Thank You!
  153. My starting point
  154. Garmin Instinct - light and powerful
  155. Some question regarding the Casio CA-53W
  156. Accutron Telluride Digi-Ana Chronograph Battery type
  157. Junghans Mega 1 - Help Needed
  158. Modding my beloved Casio F91W strap
  159. Momentum Format 4 instructions?
  160. Should I avoid the PRW-3000? Alternatives?
  161. Are there any square Casio digital Tough Solar watches being made?
  162. Casio PRW-3000 vs Garmin Instinct, screen comparison
  163. Nothing says “convenient high technology” quite like...
  164. Casio W800H hidden countdown timer function?
  165. Digital Watch Search: Silicone/natural rubber, Small wrist
  166. Garmin instinct
  167. Digital square watch w/ big numbers?
  168. Strange Casio C-80 problem
  169. New Rangeman
  170. Withings HR Sport -- A French Techy Military Watch.
  171. Purchasing a PAG240 in 2018
  172. Solar atomic recommendations
  173. GW-7900 1ER Alarm Spring
  174. Help me decide on my next digital watch - easy-reader, great backlight, comfy to wear
  175. What is your single favorite digital Casio watch and why ?
  176. Casio CFX-200
  177. PRW3500 vs PRW3510
  178. Wrangler Melody alarm!
  179. Help getting my Seiko A239 repaired
  180. Does anyone make a "dumb" LCD analog watch?
  181. Casio World Time (E1200WHD-1A) Bracelet
  182. Garmin Fenix5
  183. Amusement with clones - I visited the SKMEI website
  184. Casio PRW-3100 Discontinued?
  185. Rangeman clone
  186. Eblaze VIBE3 >>
  187. Casio re-using model numbers?
  188. Casio JC-20
  189. New watch >>>
  190. Spring rod for Casio PRG-270D
  191. Cleaning PRW 2500
  192. Game Watch
  193. PRW-3500 Replacement Band
  194. PRW-3510-1JF
  195. Interesting news!
  196. GW-7900-1 Deep State
  197. New ABC Watch
  198. Casio ProTek PRG-600 Static Reset
  199. Casio W-800H mods
  200. Need help please fitness trackers
  201. Dubrovnik's Digital Clock
  202. Digital pocket watch
  203. PAW-100T calibration question...
  204. Question for Casio Protrek PRW-3500 Owners
  205. A cheap Casio worn by the Flowbee presenter.
  206. Narrow Wrists and Excess Strap (On bigger Casio's)
  207. My three
  208. W-800H frustration
  209. Am I the only one who appreciates an ordinary calendar?
  210. Casio PRG270 question
  211. CASIO DW-290 - Mentioned in media recently
  212. Are there any people who would pay a fortune...
  213. Casio Pathfinder help replacing bezel
  214. Nike WC0038 rescue.
  215. Does anyone know about a watch with multiple timer that are not. realted (not interval timers)
  216. Integrated strap emergency fix
  217. Retro Red LED digital watches
  218. Help me decide
  219. Help to fix a Elektronika
  220. I bought my first Pro Trek ! and it's charging forever !
  221. Help me find an Ana digi
  222. Vintage MRG Protrek hybrid
  223. My current Casio ABC watch collection...
  224. Protrek Model Identification
  225. New Casio Vintage models — Made in Japan with Authentic Diamonds
  226. Any Casio watch with these features?
  227. Help with a watch ID
  228. What turns you off about Timex digital watches?
  229. Help with ETA E20.321
  230. Analogue Protrek with sunset AND tide?
  231. Input on an ABC watch for hunting?
  232. Looking to add brand variety to my digital watch collection. Need suggestions.
  233. The amazing (simple) new Casio W-218H
  234. Wrong Forum-Mods Please Delete
  235. Protrek with Quick Timer/Countdown Feature
  236. Casio PAG-80 time adjustment screw?
  237. Non GShock/Protrek Casio watches with solar and auto light
  238. First post, got my childhood watches out
  239. Casio PRG110 found
  240. looking for small watch with countdown timer
  241. First new watch in a long time. Casio f108
  242. Skmei 1206 - My Thoughts (pic heavy)
  243. Casio edifice 5122
  244. Post your newest Digital arrivals...
  245. Timex Command Shock - If Aliens (part 2) was made today......
  246. The Quarza Digital Watch
  247. Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Ti Battery Life
  248. Forum.PocketCalculatorShow -- GONE
  249. Protrek 3100FC with Carbon Strap
  250. Yet another F-91W thread: the genuine fake one...