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  1. Where to get leather strap for SUB750T??
  2. 24 hours away from my first Doxa!!!
  3. Just in Time for St. Patrick's Day
  4. The BIG T-Graph question - orange or blacki dial?
  5. Emotional Consecuences and Therapy when dealing with Fedex Duties and Taxes...see it.
  6. Saw Sahara the other day
  7. Rick,please post a pic for Searambler750T
  8. 750t Divingstar
  9. A New Advertising Opportunity for Doxa!
  10. doxa future models
  11. Acuanautic King Cuda vs T-Sharkgraph 600t
  12. Anyone willing to swap delivery date on Doxa SH T-Graph with me?
  13. 250T Sharkhunter question
  14. possible Doxa Regatta Timer and Underwater Alarm??
  15. Dumb question I know: does the current Rubber strap for sale at
  16. Helium Release Valves
  17. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ii
  18. Rick, will you be at Baselworld?
  19. 300T "US Divers Aqualung"
  20. Time for a make over
  21. How many Sharkhunter PVDs
  22. Want to see a Doxaholic ??
  23. Anyone Own A Flieger II re-edition?
  24. Another weird Coralline sale...
  25. Setting time question
  26. Doxa Antimagnetique
  27. Sub 750t wrist shots
  28. Congrats to our new moderator
  29. Searambler
  30. T-Graph date font direction change
  31. The new guy
  32. I Am So Down
  33. Ever Gonna be a Doxa..
  34. Doxa History Movie
  35. One Of The Few?
  36. First images of the new Sharkhunter PVD
  37. Is DOXA in new movie
  38. Bracelet adjusting tool for the DOXA SUB600/750T
  39. My Wife is Gonna Kill Me...
  40. EBay description lifted from Dr Pete's web site
  41. Vintage gold DOXA question :)
  42. Coppa on the bay
  43. Sharkhunter T-Graph: By The Numbers?
  44. Doxa - how many of the 600 T Graph Sharkhunter.....
  45. Coppa or T-Graph?
  46. 600 T Graph Sharkhunter 1st pics
  47. new member & a pic of my watch
  48. Beauty and the Beast
  49. A relapse back into Doxaholism...
  50. Sharkhunter T-Graph Pics
  51. Unusual Doxa on eBay !!!
  52. Nothing but net..........
  53. Specifications on Doxa website
  54. Doxa Caribbean Added to the Family
  55. Doxa SUB on leather
  56. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. 750T Pro or Sharky
  58. The First Ten Sharkhunter T Graphs: Where are they going?
  59. question on sharkhunter Tgraph
  60. Rick - how many Sharkhunter T-Graph will be made? and what movt?
  61. What Bracelet would you use with this old Doxa Dive watch
  62. paint colours???
  63. Wear & tear, how does your Doxa stand up?
  64. Pre-order link? Rick??
  65. Baselworld - where to find Doxa booth ?
  66. Rick, will DOXA still make a PVD Sharkhunter? Thanks. (NT)
  67. What's the difference between Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt 750T?
  68. doxa orange divers coralline watch on ebay
  69. Sharkhunter T-Graph: Please read this carefully
  70. Does T-Graph Sharkhunter will include the Orange Minute Hand????
  71. someone please explain or attach photo of what 'pvd' is!
  72. Used Doxa - warranty question.
  73. jeweler missed the tiny collars!
  74. New DOXA products for 2006
  75. how about a sub 750 t-graph searambler / 300t searambler !?!
  76. Here's some pics of my new Doxa Sharkhunter......
  77. Which SUB600 T-Graph would you buy: orange (Professional) or black (Sharkhunter)?
  78. Not sure I understand...
  79. Thank You
  80. Its good to talk!
  81. Accuracy?
  82. There is no Searambler PVD
  83. Very pleased with what's inside.....
  84. Any news on the Redford strap????
  85. ....Searambler with a HRV?
  86. Who's selling Dr.Pete's book on eBay??
  87. question for owner of 1 and only 300t searambler
  88. Vin Fiz, anyone?
  89. a quick question...
  90. A Bright Doxa !!!!
  91. Sharkhunter T-Graph
  92. You know what would look cool: a PVD, orange dial Professional.
  93. Found this on e-bay
  94. another great article about DOXA
  95. SO what my next doxa should be
  96. Thoughts on a rubber strap from Doxa for the 750...
  97. A thank you to DOXA
  98. My dream DOXA. . . the NUMA SUB
  99. Le or non LE, that is the question.....
  100. Got to get me a coffee table.....
  101. Poll: if Doxa offered just ONE new watch this year
  102. Deco Chrono
  103. Doxa merchandise
  104. New addition today!
  105. Doxa Book gonna' a be a BIG hit ...
  106. Question about the Sub
  107. The Sharkhunter T-Graph
  108. Help! I was about to order the Sharkhunter.......
  109. vote with pre-orders for a yellow sub 750t
  110. New Doxa models
  111. Louis Lombardi's -24 Actor - Sharkhunter no show
  112. There was a thread before the crash......
  113. I still love my Divingstar 600T
  114. Margarita time in Guadeloupe...................
  115. DOXAholic stickers, before and after (pic)
  116. Please repost the Doxa USA phone number
  117. The Ultimate Doxa
  118. Not much diving around here
  119. The Doxa Watch Book....Ever?
  120. The 4 reissues photo
  121. Any chance of an orange baseball cap??
  122. questions for Mr. Marei
  123. 300T Re-Issue
  124. Doxa Pocketwatch
  125. Doxa in Canada?
  126. Couple of brothers separated at birth
  127. Photos of an early Doxa Dive Watch (Pre-Sub 300)
  128. 600T endlinks
  129. 300T Sharkhunter questions
  130. Wouldn't it be cool if the new James Bond wore a.....
  131. Sub 600 T run?
  132. Conquistador
  133. SUB 300T Caribbean reissue?
  134. Please help a Newbie: SUB750T vs. T-Graph
  135. My new Doxa carribean...
  136. Sharkie T-Graph (reissue) ???
  137. i want new doxa watches
  138. Cousteau Odyssey -Watches
  139. Pre ub 300T Doxa Dive Watch is it the real deal
  140. Is Dr. Pete's DOXA book already for sale, and if so, where can I purchase it? Thanks.
  141. i need your opion on shipping overseas
  142. DOXAholic sticker installed!
  143. What about this??
  144. Rick: Brushed finish vs. Bead-blasted finish
  145. OK, let's go over the rules again.....
  146. watch box replacing usual doxa tube?
  147. Deja Vu
  148. PVD Sharky - Beadblasted or brush finish?
  149. help again
  150. help!
  151. suggestions choosing a doxa model
  152. Just playing with the camera
  153. Prefered form of shipping for Doxa Service?
  154. How realistic is the 48 - 72 hrs shipping time?
  155. A couple more shots of my new 750T Professional
  156. DOXAs in action on TV!!!
  157. DOXA SUB600 T-GRAPH review now online
  158. Cape Cod Cloth questions ...
  159. Underwater light wavelengths
  160. 3 T.Graphs together at last.
  161. Please welcome Peter (aka Pete26) as our new co-moderator for
  162. New Doxa SUB750T Chronometer Owner
  163. New band on an old Searambler....
  164. Here's 4 SUBs you rarely see together
  165. What do you think of these...
  166. another vintage t graph spotted....
  167. Pvd Sharkhunter and one small correction
  168. Original 300T YELLOW on Echo Bay
  169. First post and a couple of pics....
  170. Divingstar in it's element
  171. Proud Owner of New 750T Professional - pictures
  172. A reminder, the Cafe is open for business!
  173. How come they do not sell DOXA in stores
  174. How to order Doxa Book? Did I miss it ?
  175. Internet source for historical info on DOXA models?
  176. U know, the more I look at them, the more I like the Sharkhunter. (NT)
  177. Black leather strap with ORANGE stitching
  178. Divingstar Video
  179. Just an idea!
  180. Its Here And I Love It I Have To Say My Panerais
  181. The Book Doxa Has Arrived
  182. An Hour And A Half And Counting Till By New Doxahit Ground
  183. Hey, Doc! Any Update On Your Book?
  184. Pvd 750 Sub
  185. 750T Chrono: change in size of edition?
  186. The Doxa Chrono boys
  187. New Review coming - here are a few pics
  188. Which is your favorite Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt book?
  189. Doxa T-graph compared to Tag Aquagraph
  190. How long do you think I have
  191. new member questions for Rick
  192. New Support Products on the way.
  193. Any Pics Of The Sub 750t On The Wrist
  194. Divingstar Reissue Production Run
  195. Ot
  196. dirk pitt or Clive Cussler
  197. Another bracelet question
  198. DOXAholic Stickers are in!
  199. T-Graph questions and other questions from a newbie
  200. Someone mock up the antimag Sub
  201. What led you to your first DOXA?
  202. New member
  203. Tuesday roll call! What's on yer wirst today?
  204. Celebrity Sharky? Fox's 24 tech whiz...
  205. Is there anything I love more than the T-graph?
  206. Doxa at work:on fire!
  207. Doxa at work:frozen Doxa
  208. Show your Doxas. What else. LOL
  209. Sales question
  210. A question for Rick about Sub 750T Chronometer.
  211. Vintage Bezels etc...
  212. Would any of the scuba divers on this forum
  213. New Doxa
  214. Doxa at work:frozen doxa
  215. Doxa 600T DivingStar
  216. Vintage Sub 300T Bezel comparisons
  217. Sub 600 Reissue BAND Price?
  218. Depth rating......
  219. Working on Converting Another Doxaholic Today
  220. T-Graph beater, not for the timid.
  221. If you could only have one DOXA, which one would it be?
  222. Watch design
  223. Good to have you guys back
  224. The Deco - An Update
  225. A Funny Thing Happened Today at Royal de Versailles
  226. post your best vintage SUB picture please
  227. Well, there were never enough T-Graph pics here.....
  228. Rick, will either watch be a certified chronometer or a limited edition? Also, do....
  229. let's start a new chapter with some good news