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  1. First Doxa Question/Recommendation
  2. And this is why I need THAT photo of an orange DOXA SUB
  3. 1500T vs 5000T vs 4000T
  4. What's with these vintage refurb watches from Ukraine?
  5. Service question.
  7. Doxa vintage 14 karat solid gold chronograph
  8. DOXA Quadro
  9. Dirk Pitt Professional
  10. Picked up this vintage DOXA, and would love to learn more about it.
  11. Why settle with a homage??
  12. Place to buy heavy plastic crystal gasket for vintage Doxa Sub 300t's?
  13. What's Going On With DOXA? Help
  14. New Arrival - 1200T Searambler
  15. About to get a new Doxa, need help pls
  16. DOXA SUB1200T Caribbean pre-orders
  17. New Ricebead Bracelet
  18. Fabien Cousteau by Evan Kafka
  19. Guess I'm getting soft...
  20. 5 SUB5000T Sharkhunters are available, first come first serve!
  21. Just arrived - New BOR bracelet
  22. New shoes for my 750T Caribbean
  23. A blast from the past, 600T Dirk Pitt
  24. Info requested about this vintage Doxa sub 300 sharkhunter
  25. Boy , what I wouldn't give for...
  26. Clive Cussler's contribution to the historical artifacts of my home state
  27. Looking for a crown for my vintage 300t Searambler
  28. DOXA synchron bracelet BOR
  29. Found some NOS parts - need help identifying
  30. DOXA SUB300T Reissue Caribbean Prototype
  31. New Bead Band
  32. There's just nothing like a Doxa...
  33. Doxa 750T GMT Pro market...
  34. Doxa Project Aware blue / turquoise dial WITHOUT additional logos on the face?
  35. Sub 750T Divingstar
  36. DOXA Caribbean's!
  37. Clear Coat Bezel Protection???
  38. Help with finding a 750T Professional
  39. Vintage gold
  40. Who remembers the DOXA BUND style strap?
  41. Stainess Steel??
  42. Different strap on the T Graph -- yea or nay?
  43. Help authenticating Doxa Sub 600t
  44. Matching Up Some Vintage US Divers Equipment
  45. SUB 300T Professional Doxa refurbishment
  46. The RARE Doxa 750T Searambler HOT in Cali!
  47. Can't decide on a model and with the sale, I'm on the clock.
  49. Will there be a Doxa 1500t Sharkhunter (orange minute hand) model available eventually?
  50. My new Sub1200t MKII
  51. Huge old black DOXA
  52. Jean-Michel Cousteau's "Secret Ocean" Film
  53. Refurbishing?
  54. Jenny vs Doxa
  55. Will a Doxa 1200T Bracelet fit a Vintage Sub 300T Sharkie?
  56. A nice read about JENNY watches
  57. Doxa sales page
  58. doxa 600t professiona "clive cussler"l
  59. 15% strong USD sale ends July 31st.
  60. New SUB1200T Pre-orders are ready to ship
  61. Very pleased with Doxa 1500T and Customer Service
  62. Doxa diver (Asian model)
  63. Blacklung Quartet
  64. Rubber strap options for sub 1500
  65. Help! Difference between the 750T pro Clive Cussler and the the "normal" 750T pro..?
  66. Forgot about this
  67. New Searambler 1500t - Two days from Switzerland to MN!
  68. Searambler 1500t - lug size conformation and bracelet options?
  69. question on Mission 31 watch
  70. Doxa 1200t Caribbean (pre-order) vs 1500t Searambler
  71. NEED expert advice! Vintage DOXA Sharkhunter just arrived would love some input and information
  72. 1200t Caribbean
  73. Just ordered 1500T Pro - Show me yours while I wait!
  74. Doxa Service Suggestions
  75. Today it's Swedens national celebration day.
  76. That was Fast !!!!!! Delivery of 1500T Pro
  77. Doxa 1200T pro vs Doxa 300 Black Lung comparison
  78. New 1500T Pro!
  79. DOXA Aquaman Strap
  80. A question from Hong Kong watch collector
  81. Doxa at work!
  82. Adjusting a Mission 31 bracelet?
  83. Vintage Sub 300T Sharkhunter repairs in the UK
  84. Request for Doxa S.A.
  85. First DOXA
  86. SUB 300T searambler questions
  87. Repair or Replace
  88. 300t aqualung pro by synchron
  89. Doxa servicing in the UK
  90. Soprod A-10 Servicing?
  91. Does Laurence Fishburne wear a Doxa Sub?
  92. Vintage Doxa Perpetual
  93. Good watch repair service on my old 600 T
  94. 2 vintages. Thoughts?
  95. Doxa 1500T
  96. vintage Doxa aquired help with yr/ acrylic crystal orange face
  97. Mission 31 surfaces!
  98. Searambler
  99. 1500t Sharkhunter?
  100. Urs Eschle
  101. New SUB1200T MKII
  102. doxa Sharkhunter Question
  103. 3 questions: stupid me !
  104. Imported from Germany...Doxa Sub 1200T Project Aware II
  105. Sub Orange Face Question
  106. question about 750t on eBay
  107. By request...
  108. Request / Suggestion
  109. DOXA and Fabien Coustaeu in New York Times article
  110. Doxa screwdriver replacement blades.
  111. Caribbeans
  112. Struggling which DOXA Sub to purchase...............
  113. The Doxa Books by Dr. Millar
  114. New DOXA Project - New Light Through Old Windows......
  115. 750gmt
  116. (poll) 1200T MkII Sharkie - Hand Color
  117. Identification of a vintage DOXA model (2 photos attached)
  118. SUB750T Bezel Repair
  119. 6.75" wrist -- 1200T or 1500T ?
  120. Doxa 1500T question?
  121. Doxa Orange Between Models
  122. At DOXA we listen.... Basel 2015 SUB1200T MKII with seprate BOR bracelet
  123. Vintage Doxa Ebay Purchase? Any Advice?
  124. Three members of SEARAIDER Dive Team completed the Green Shorts Challenge
  125. Spring Atlanta GTG April 25th
  126. What would be the appropriate bracelet for Cussler's 300T?
  127. Doxa sizing question(s)
  128. On case thickness...
  129. SUB1500T on Isofrane...Has anyone tried it out???
  130. How to tighten or loosen up Doxa Sub 1000T clasp
  131. Official Doxaholism Anonymous Support Group
  132. Doxa Limited edition Shark Ceramica XL
  133. Doxa SUB - A Five Alive collection - do join in showing your collection to help new Doxa SUB readers
  134. A new friend for my Doxa Sub 1200T Sharkhunter
  135. Returning to Doxa - with TWO in the hand!
  136. Doxa 4000T What A Beauty
  137. Another Doxa Sub 42mm coming soon?
  138. Etched J under crystal 5000T COSC
  139. SUB 1200T on leather?
  140. Honest Opinion from Doxa Fans - Ceramica Model
  141. New forum memberwith some questions
  142. The Perfect Way To Fix Your Doxa Bezel
  143. Would this DOXA 750T be the coolest desktop clock/screensaver or phone App?
  144. Anybody seen this bezel before? is it correct?
  145. The 15% off sale may end at any moment due to the Euro climbing!
  146. Vintage SUB 300T Advice needed please
  147. Coming back to DOXA!
  148. Vintage 300t serial number
  149. Doxa SUB 300T sharkhunter #quetions!
  150. Achat d'une DOXA 1200T Professional pour la FRANCE .... SNIFF je dois attendre
  151. Sub 4000 THV - New release, prototype, or bad fake?
  152. Vintage Black SeaRambler
  153. Very confused!!!
  154. A question about the 750t Beads of Rice bracelet
  155. DOXA 750T GMT takes a long time to wind up, is this normal?
  156. New shots of the Project Aware!
  157. Doxa 600T Spirotechnique
  158. Doxa 1500T Searambler LUME
  159. Doxa 125 Year Collection
  160. The 3 Amigos
  161. Doxa ever thought of doing a modern looking sub?
  162. Caribbean GMT arrival
  163. DOXA dives with Manta Rays in YAP
  164. Old school Doxa, War years
  165. The perfect Sharkhunter strap? ..... I think so!
  166. Need WRIST shots of the 1200T and 1500T - Help me decide...........
  167. My Doxa Project Aware has landed!!
  168. Happy 2015 from your friends at WatchUSeek!
  169. Is the Doxa (15% Discount) still available? To US customers?
  170. Doxas work in the snow too!
  171. I need some advice and photos of SUB 1500T MKII
  172. Hunting for Doxa Sub 1200T Sharkhunter
  173. Ghost of Christmas Past
  174. Finally,.....750T GMT
  176. Info on unknown '60 doxa sub?
  177. any repair refs for SF Bay Area?
  178. Replacing Bezel Insert on a Doxa Ceramica Shark?
  179. Turquoise?
  180. DOXA's on rubber
  181. doxa 800 vs citizen BN0000-04H.
  182. Doxa Day Today!
  183. New Doxa Fan
  184. DOXA Sub 1000T COSC Sharkhunter With Orage Minute Hand Pics?
  185. ROLL CALL: Your opinion as to the best Doxa SUB models and please give reasons
  186. Thoughts on this unique vintage piece
  187. Pin Size on 1000T Sharkhunter
  188. More photos of my beautiful Doxa pair
  189. Doxa 1500T Project Aware 2- Post your photos!
  190. Doxa 1200 vs Jenny Caribbean side by side.
  191. My new arrival!
  192. Complaine all you want about Doxa - or customer service but here's my experience
  193. Is this Doxa real
  194. 1200T Sharky
  195. Project Aware II watches are ready to ship!!! Link for final payment.
  196. 1200T pair photos
  198. Night Shark
  199. My Doxa 600T Professional after 11 years.
  200. Really wanted the correct hands -
  201. My 600 T Graph (2005)
  202. Doxa 1200T Sharkhunter arrived yesterday
  203. Doxa watches
  204. Doxa movements
  205. Can I use springbars on my 5000t?
  206. new 1200T in the house
  207. 1200T lug width
  208. How many jumped on the great offer from Doxa?
  209. Orange is NOT Orange unless it's DOXA Orange!
  210. In a Caribbean State of Mind...5000T!
  211. Update for the 1500 Project Aware?
  212. Havana Storm: The Newest Dirk Pitt
  213. A fun GTG in Atlanta today!
  214. I'm very new to the Doxa brand and I have a question.
  215. A few vintage 300Ts and a hello!
  216. Autumn Orange
  217. What should I do with these 2?
  218. Has Clive Cussler abandoned the orange-faced DOXA flock?
  219. three months with the 1500T MkII - my review
  220. New release: Second Edition JENNY Caribbean on stainless steel bracelet
  221. Think I'll keep this one......
  222. I Need Some Servicing Help Lads
  223. Received my 2nd Doxa sub in the mail today
  224. Nato straps on 800/1500/5000T series cases?
  225. DOXA on Instagram?
  226. New Project - Need your photos
  227. Beads of Rice Bracelet
  228. The perfect combination?
  229. Mission 31 owners, check this out !
  230. help my Doxa sub 300t sharkhunter "silver shark"
  231. My 600T is running slow in LA
  232. This is my Grail Doxa sub 300t sharkhunter with searambler face !
  233. Antique DOXA 14K 3-hander--Information Sought
  234. Mission31 owners please post pics
  235. 2005 600 T-graph question
  236. Divingstar 750T non-GMT - are they real? :)
  237. Comparison and specifications of (almost) all Doxa SUB's
  238. When will we see a 1500T Sharkhunter?
  239. DOXA 10 Year and Adverts books
  240. Unknown DOXA - II. WW?
  241. First Doxa? PAII
  242. Just playing with the camera
  243. My First Doxa...
  244. Smaller Models?
  245. 750T Pro and COSC question
  246. 1200t Professional Final Fifty Waiting Room...
  247. Sticky Time
  248. Thinking of pulling the trigger on another Doxa!
  249. First dives for my Mission 31
  250. Been around the block a few times...