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  44. Vintage Five Star
  45. Need Advice
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  58. What model is this?
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  61. Why did almost 60 Conquest/ Hydroconquest Owners lost their papers and boxes?
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  66. What is this?
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  70. Need help identifying this automatic Longines
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  72. Heritage Military
  73. Need help with this Longines Avigation 47mm....
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  77. Fake?
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  80. Hydroconquest accuracy
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  85. New LLD OEM strap or black Brady Sailcloth?
  86. Ok, so it's not a Calatrava - so what is it?!
  87. Longines Catalogs
  88. Longines Catalogs
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  122. Help!
  123. Hydroconquest on different straps (mesh, leather etc)??
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  125. Identify
  126. Info on Longines L961 (identification)
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  128. Longines Admiral HF
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  133. Looking for more info on this piece
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  135. Longines mouthful
  136. L619/888 movement
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  146. Not sure what I have here.. vintage
  147. is this a good watch?
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  150. 1899 Longines pocket watch movement
  151. please help.
  152. Chronometre de Marine - 24-99 ??
  153. Which Hydroconquest do you Like the Best?
  154. Any recommendations for a NATO blue rubber strap for my Longines Conquest GMT? I know the new Hydro
  155. need help
  156. Is this a genuine case for a Ultra Chron, and what movement would it contain?
  157. Identify Fake Longines Watch
  158. L3.841.4.96.6 2017 hydroconquest movement
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  160. Help needed!
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  171. Thoughts
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  175. balance for a longings a22 movement
  176. [IDENTIFY/HELP] Longines La Grande Classique Watch (HQ PICTURES/RESEARCH ETC)
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  197. First Swiss watches purchased! EXCITED!
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  204. openign the lyre
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  206. Real or Fake (most probably fake but gotta ask)
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  212. Hydro conquest
  213. Opinion on everyday watch
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