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  1. Orient watch Crystal imperfection
  2. Help a new guy find an orange bezel and blue dial watch. What's possible?
  3. Celebrating Orient's 70th Anniversary: New Releases King Diver and Retro-Future
  4. Love my gen 1
  5. Can't seem to find this answer
  6. New Weekly Auto King Diver and Retro-Future re-issues for Orient's 70th anniversary
  7. Difference between the RA-AA0008B19B and the RA-AA0008B19A (the Kanno)?
  8. Orient Solar Quality?
  9. What are you supposed to feel when manually winding a Orient Kamasu?
  10. What to do with my original Gen I broken Ray??
  11. Mako ii/Ray ii Bezels
  12. Kamasu plastic adapter ring
  13. My new Orient Star Classic SAF02004W0
  14. Orient mako 2 or ray 2 for under 200$
  15. Why is Orient USA so slow?
  16. Makes me want to leave it in the box.
  17. New Orient Sun and Moon Version 3 - question about winding
  18. Question on Triton Spring Bars . . .
  19. orient star vs. grand seiko thoughts
  20. Does (or did) Orient make a quartz diver other than the UNE3001B?
  21. Diver <$400 with quartz and hopefully sapphire?
  22. Leather Strap for a Bambino V3
  23. New Bracelets for Kamasu!!
  24. Orient Kamasu Blue - Initial impressions
  25. I may have broke my Orient komasu, how to find parts? Advice needed.
  26. Two new models on bracelet: ORIENT STAR Classic Automatic Moon Phase Collection
  27. Looking for a par! Ray day pusher
  28. Thoughts on this Orient Star?
  29. Should I try again?
  30. New 2019 Orient si, nobody ?
  31. Early Orient Calendar
  32. Orient Tri-star Crystal... project watch
  33. Orient Star Triangle?
  34. Bleaching Orient Ray II Bezel Insert
  35. Can’t believe how good
  36. Kano mods
  37. bambino 40mm crystal replacement?
  38. Ceramic bezel insert mod?
  39. Issue with Bambino SS (Small Seconds)
  40. Strap Backwards on new Watch?
  41. Is this an original Aviator dial?
  42. wrist shot/video and dimensions of Orient STTAE002B0
  43. Bambino Version 5S ... "S" = SMALL (36.4mm)
  44. Help the beginner repair Orient 46943
  45. Diver bracelet pin size?
  46. Orient A235 "tv"
  47. So what replaces the Orient Saturation Diver ?
  48. Mako USA II v.s. Kamasu
  49. Dilemma, input?
  50. Flashback Orient CEY0400xx World Timer "Executive"
  51. It's 10:10, perfect time to take a picture of a watch.
  52. Orient got me into watches you?
  53. Orient Kano is now Kanno... why??
  54. Orient Supplier
  55. Mako 2 dial equivalent in seiko parts?
  56. orient ray II blue with rubber strap lug width model FAA02008D9
  57. RAAK0003S10B vs RAAK0003S10a
  58. Crown on new Neptune
  59. Orient announces third new Tri-Star model the Vega
  60. 40N50 vs 40N5A
  61. Thoughts on the Orient FUG1X005W/FUG1X004B Sport Watch?
  62. Orient releases second TRI-STAR model the "Deneb"
  63. Request Mako II/Ray II bezel insert dimension
  64. My hideously-amazing, gaudishly-yellow Orient Star Somes edition
  65. Orient Star WZ0021AE
  66. New Orient models in 2020 ?? Mako USA III maybe ?
  67. Orient Multiyear Calendar/World Time - opinions/alternatives?
  68. Matching a strap to your watch
  69. Mako/Ray bracelet options ?
  70. Bought a Triton, love it, but whoops...
  71. Orient Mako USA II bracelet from LIW...same as Orient Ray II?
  72. Orient Triton becomes the Neptune, what do you think?
  73. Strap Recommendations to Dress Up Orient Ray
  74. New Orient 'Altair' Tri-Star released
  75. Explain Orient Model Numbers - RN-AC0H01L vs RA-AC0H01L
  76. Could someone help identify this Orient?
  78. Mako USA II crown issues - resolved?
  79. So...Long Island Watch, Mako USA II for $199
  80. WV0071SE: Switching Orient RR700 movement for Seiko 7b24?
  81. Saturation diver
  82. First Automatic Watch Seeker
  83. Kamasu or Triton?
  84. Orient Solar Panda Chronograph
  85. ORIENT Crystal OS469CO74B. What year of release?
  86. Bracelet for a sport chronograph
  87. Request for photos of Kano & Triton together (to find watch with largest dial area & 60-minute ring)
  88. First Orient Ray!
  89. Orient 46xx movement
  90. Silver sunray symphony II
  91. Orient Triton Accuracy
  92. Please help me ID this watch
  93. Orient Curator II: An Orient Star by another name
  94. Orient Em4xCO CA details needed
  95. Orient Kamasu - very hard to screw crown back in
  96. Buying a Mako II, do I have to get the right language?
  97. Let's see your Pepsi Mako on different straps!
  98. Replacement spring bars for original Mako
  99. Once and for all - can the SKX bezel fit a Ray/Mako II?
  100. Some help please?
  101. Orient Outdoor RK-AU0201E
  102. Oreint Ray bezel o-ring replacement
  103. Hand winding an automatic Bambino
  104. Strapcode bracelet on Kamasu
  105. M Force Bravo
  106. Orient Star Outdoor - Orient's New Field Watch
  107. Decoding the Orient Mako ref.
  108. What is the model name of this Orient?
  109. From Black to Blue....
  110. Weird Mako XL day wheel
  111. Orient Mid-sized Diver
  112. My new Ray II
  113. Orient Ray: How NOT to mod a rubber strap
  114. Orient 469 Accuracy Problem
  115. Kamasu has RUINED me
  116. Dials ( aftermarket mod ) for Mako / Ray ?
  117. Hello Orient.........
  118. Orient Star Elegant Classic
  119. Here Goes Nothing!
  120. Can anyone tell me about this Orient?
  121. Orient Watch Box
  122. I have totaled my Orient Mako
  123. Orient and Back Again
  124. Black/Bronze Kamasu with metal bracelet. Does this exist?
  125. Put a NATO on my Kamasu
  126. Will a Seiko dial fit?
  127. Orient's Automatic Pilot Watches Are Back!
  128. Help a Fellow Watch Brother Out, finding an Orient 3-Star!
  129. Vintage Orient
  130. M-Force Delta Extra Bracelet Link
  131. Orient Star AU0303B 200m Arrival
  132. Ceramic bezel incert for a Kamasu
  133. Which Orient Kamasu?
  134. New "Explorient" Field watch model (Kamasu derivative?)
  135. Orient Kamasu Straps
  136. Saturation Diver Bezel Spring Help
  137. UPS rang at the door: ORIENT STAR SPORTS OUTDOOR RK-AU0202N
  138. Orient selling Mako II USA for $252....better jump while you can!!!!
  139. Why is the Triton more expensive than M-Force ?
  140. Looking for model number for brown (or similar color) Orient Perpetual Calendar
  141. Orient Triton or Phoibos
  142. Unless one opens a Triton to confirm or refute the doubt of its shock resistance ...
  143. Orient 3-Star Loud When Moving Wrist
  144. Sun And Moon 3
  145. Hand sizes for movement 46e40
  146. Orient Model Information Please !!!
  147. Orient Defender Black: Dial Color.. Seems Off (Possible OCD Case)
  148. Kamasu on a Strapcode Bracelet?
  149. Custom Orient Ray From Long Island Watch
  150. New Interesting Orient -SK Diver Retro Automatic
  151. Bigger visible dial & hands: Kano vs Mako USA II, others?
  152. Which would you keep?
  153. Orient Watch Dealers/Seller in GTA? 2019 Update?
  154. What movement is Orient Calibre 4953 HELP!!!
  155. A Happy Happy Mod Ending 😊😎
  156. Seiko Aftermarket Bezels and Insert on Orient with DD Crystal?
  157. Orient Bambino Version 5 36mm vs 40.5mm
  158. PSD Bezel Question
  159. Which Orient between these two?
  160. Orient Dive-Style Watch - Mako vs Ray
  161. New (sort of) Orient sport watches
  162. Orient 3-Star Watches
  163. New Defender
  164. Red Dial Tristar
  165. Question about Orient Japan customer service
  166. Kano Crown Dimensions - Help Needed
  167. Help with strap!!!
  168. Red Kamasu
  169. New Orient Star diver models announced !
  170. Fake Orient?
  171. Which one?
  172. Orient WV0051TX aka The Christmas Chrono
  173. Bracelet options or recommendations for red Orient Kano?
  174. New (?) Orient Star GOthic Heritage Any thoughts on this watch?
  175. My unusual Orient ana-digit
  176. What are your favorite things about the Orient Ray II and Mako II line?
  177. Orient Triton
  178. Orient AAA?
  179. Any info on this model?
  180. Modding Mako XL
  181. Does the Mako II look "tooly" to you?
  182. Sun and Moon Version 3 new purchase.
  183. Best place to buy Orient crystal gaskets
  184. Finally, a Royal Orient!
  185. Bambino...white or black face
  186. Old Orient watch
  187. New Sun&Moon and Defender announced!
  188. How far to press a new crystal into a Mako II?
  189. Replacement movement for Bambino Version 2 (F6922) ?
  190. Sun and Moon Beyond the Stars
  191. Anyone haz Mod Bug Repellent?
  192. My first Orient (Triton)
  193. Orient OEM replacement bezel inserts available
  194. Fake or Original Orients?
  195. Mako XL on olive Vulture Premium
  196. New to the hobby - started with a Ray II
  197. Mako II gasket dimensions
  198. Mako USA II Jubilee
  199. Need Help with Orient Sun & Moon 3
  200. Color question
  201. Spare Bracelet Links
  202. Orient mod questions
  203. Is this the same watch?
  204. Mako II gaining time while riding motorcycle
  205. Orient Sports Chronograph
  206. New in da house >>>>>>
  207. Triton
  208. Any new hand wound models from Orient??
  209. New movement for my old Mako XL?
  210. Orient Chrono Ace and the 429 family
  211. Beyond frustrated with my Ray II right now.
  212. Better bracelet for the Mako II?
  213. Defective Ray 2?
  214. Ray II and summer wrists - swelling, sticking
  215. Aftermarket "glide-lock" type clasp on Ray/Mako bracelet?
  216. "Strange" Orient Watch.
  217. Movement question/help.
  218. Orient Arena cftab002b steel bracelet
  219. New Orient SK re-issue announced !
  220. Orient Star Retrograde DE00002W Bracelet
  221. FFM03004B Power Reserve
  222. My first new purchase
  223. Ray 2 purchase.
  224. Kamaso. Great watch with crown wobble.
  225. Wow! Great bracelet for the money
  226. Double domed crystal with Yobokies bezel/inserts?
  227. Orient FTW05003F chronograph
  228. Strapcode 3D Oyster for Triton
  229. Dear Orient, you disappoint me... What is the damage?
  230. Orient re-stock of popular models
  231. Orient announces new 'Maestro' model
  232. Mako II running 6 min fast a day!
  233. Are these bezels interchangeable?
  234. Orient Watch Dial Color Codes
  235. Did Orient make a World Time watch with a time zone mistake?
  236. Finding this red watch
  237. Orient Star, best watch $300 can get you + first post in watchuseek
  238. Orient Saturation diver and Sea Dweller 126600 on wrist comparison
  239. Sun and Moon on woman's wrist?
  240. Has anyone checked if coin edge bezels are compatible with the Kamasu?
  241. Orient Star World Time question
  242. My Saturation Diver is Made in China?
  243. Need help choosing a new watch
  244. Orient Sun and Moon Version 1
  245. Orient railroad watch ?
  246. Mako XL
  247. Some hints of new, upcoming Orients...
  248. Red Kamasu question
  249. Question: What does Orient do better than its competitor at the affordable price range?
  250. Crafter Blue curved strap on Orient Mako II