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  1. The Eliana Timekeeper: Ladies Automatic Watches (Kickstarter Launch on 8 Jan 2020)
  2. Super Compressor Launching on Kickstarter (MARNAUT)
  3. Introducing Time Locker - Modern dive watches with a vintage flair
  4. Our Debut Watch: The Attra Classic Sport, Launching October 8th!
  5. New Model - The 'JCB' by MAS
  6. Presenting The Axios Ironclad – Great Specs, Killer Value
  7. ALCADUS - The debut OPUS Collection
  8. Barracuda Chronograph by Zug Watch Co. NOW LIVE on Kickstarter
  9. Dificiano - The first model "The Marlin"
  10. Unity PHANTOM Titanium GMT - ETA 2893-2
  11. Collins Watch is back! Hyperion now on Kickstarter.
  13. Introducing MAS Watches 'Irukandji' Diver - Launched June 7th
  14. Vario | Empire Art Deco Dress Watch - Vintage Inspired
  15. ARCADIA | Introduction to the World's First Graphene Coated Field Watch
  16. Introducing the Sentinel by Pharos - Lume Watches with Swiss Automatic Movements
  17. Introducing Vublon - Designed in Italy exclusive Venice watches
  18. Atelier Wen - The New Chinese Chic
  19. Diver Watch Designed in CROATIA
  20. Introducing Jump Over The Moon by MAALS - a unique moonphase timepiece
  21. Introducing the Iron Wolf Watch from Pramzius. Feedback welcome
  22. Introducing HOFFMAN
  23. Virtus - Pursuing Excellence in Watchmaking, Now live on Kickstarter!
  24. LIV Watches Presents ‘The Breakthrough’ Campaign On Kickstarter
  25. Roebuck Watch Company debuts with the Alpha series
  26. Introducing The Constellar Epoch Series | Live on Kickstarter!
  27. Introducing - The Metropolitan, by Ayers Watches (Now on KS)
  28. Fall of the Berlin Wall Watch by Pramzius now up on Kickstarter
  29. Introducing - Reef Diver 300m Watch on Kickstarter !
  30. Introducing TRIDENT - Automatic Adventure Watch by Gallio Tempo
  31. Introducing HORAE - Customizable Vintage-Inspired Watches
  32. Clockwork Synergy Creates a Minimalist Watch: Jaxon Edwin
  33. ToW – Time of Watches Gibralfaro - Live on Kickstarter 1st December
  34. Introducing MAEN Watches - OFFICIAL thread
  35. VARIANT Watch Co. Live on Kickstarter!
  36. Introducing DIRENZO Watches DRZ_Type_250f on KickStarter!
  37. Rebel AquaFin - Swiss Made Automatic Diver
  38. JSK Series on Kickstarter | The mechanical watch with the custom motorcycle soul
  39. AstroHelm Watches by Advisor - Tribute to History
  40. Toc19 Hand Wound Watch By TOC Watch
  41. Magnier "Le Chronographe" - A unique looking dress watch inpired by belgian modern art
  42. Introducing Freeda Watches, inspired by the heritage of the Italian Dolce Vita!
  43. Introducing Spire by Fin Watches live on Kickstarter as of TODAY!
  44. Introducing the Revolution "Diver", designed with input from our forum friends at WUS!
  45. Introducing EMG Watches
  46. The Lomond Chronoscope on Kickstarter
  47. Introducing Hawthorn Watch Co. - Heritage Timepieces Inspired by a Watchmaking Grandfather
  48. Introducing the Draken Tugela - now LIVE on Kickstarter
  49. Henry Blake - OFFICIAL Launch and GIVEAWAY!
  50. Now Live on Kickstarter: Undone Urban Collection - Customizable Retro Watch
  51. Kickstarter: VIRATA unleashes the VRT 1.7 and VRT 1.8
  52. Kickstarter: X-Frame Seer Chronograph
  53. Kickstarter: FreakishWATCH
  54. Montfort Strata - Swiss made Automatic watches featuring 3D printed dials and Super Stainless Steel
  55. Kickstarter: Bovarro Automatic Swiss Watch Inspired By Apollo 11
  56. Willis Judd Watches - Carbon Fiber Watch Made Affordable
  58. The H1 on Kickstarter. Funded in 20 minutes.
  59. Meshable goes Automatic
  60. Introdcing "The Hourglass" by Pheidippides Watches
  61. Introducing the watch designed for the photographer in you - Automatic Vintage Lens
  62. Introducing SASTEK Watches - TIME SPEED INDICATOR
  63. Arcane the only 100% American made watch available. Every last component.
  64. Introducing ART MÉCANIQUE - Designed & Engineered in Switzerland - Swiss Movement
  65. Introducing the Rebel Watch Co & the Classic and Aviator Models
  66. SUPERELLIPSE - Swiss Made automatic watch, designed in Singapore
  68. Alvieri Firenze: Elegant Watch with A Really Lively Dial
  69. Have You Backed a Kickstarter? I Want to Hear About Your Experiences
  70. Introducing the First Curved Regulator Watch on Kickstarter - AIRSPEED
  71. Introdcing "The Porthole" by Pheidippides Watches
  72. Introducing Finn Watches - Irish Design, Swiss Movement
  73. Introduction to HIKARO - A Modern Industrial Take on Wooden Watches [Available on Kickstarter]
  74. Mansfield Automatica One - Funded in 2 hours
  75. VAPAUS | Introducing Veli - Swiss Made 1950s vintage-inspired luxury
  76. Introducing Vescari Watch Co.
  77. The Power Reserve by Leyden Watches
  78. Quest for the perfect Pilot Watch. A headache project.
  79. X-Frame Mechanical Watch
  80. Introducing the Endurance by RVA watch company James Caird
  81. Bathys Hawaii Completes First of 10 Atomic Watches from It's Successful Kickstarter Campaign
  82. New Brass and Titanium Pilots Watch with Seagull Movement from TC-9 Watches
  83. the 'Constantine' by Vorque - An ETA 2824 powered timepiece
  84. Introducing Huckleberry & Co. Watches
  85. Introducing the Streetmatic Collection by Blacklist - Powered by the ETA 2824
  86. Introducing .. the Mazarin One
  87. Mini-Click: Precision Machined Pen and Advancing Mechanism on KS
  88. New Andrei Wois Watches - Swiss Precision (LIVE on INDIGOGO) + 2 Watch to Giveaway
  89. New French brand ;) - meet AKRONE "K-01" - Ceramic case - limited edition - Automatic Watches
  90. meshable chrono - pre-order and giveaway thread
  91. Itero Modern Pocket Watches
  92. First Kickstarter Campaign - CJR Watches VELOCITA Collection
  93. Air Blue Pilot Watches
  94. Stuckx The Bull - Kickstarter
  95. River Watch Co. Tiber Diver Giveaway and Kickstarter!
  97. Introducing Mavrik Watch Company and Reference Model 2S - Limited Edition Personalized Watches
  98. Introducing Brew Watch Co. - Special Blend Collection
  99. Kickstarter tips and advice - what I learned running a campaign
  100. help
  101. Boston & Stewill Tourer II concept to become a reality via Kickstarter
  102. "Make" or "Not to Make" - that is the question - Mavrik Watch Company
  103. Eureka Watch Co - Minimalist design, high quality one-handed watches
  104. Introducing: The Golden Age from European Diving Instruments
  105. The first Tibetan Automatic Watch. 2 weeks left on Kickstarter and less than 150 available.
  106. Permission for posting
  107. Plug & Feather Stone Watches to launch Kickstarter campaign
  108. The American Artisan Series by Vortic Watches
  109. Introducing White & Lobster Minimalistic Watch with Unique Cork Strap
  110. Debuting The Model A Collection by Seals Watch Company
  111. Legends Racer, by Lew & Huey - Inspired by Legends
  112. The Official Minator Presentation thread
  113. Azula Watches Introduction
  114. The Official TESORO KickStarter Pre-Order and GIVEAWAY Thread
  115. De Bortoli Watches Swiss Made automatic watches less than 500CHF
  116. New Wood Watch Design - November Kickstarter Planned
  117. The 39α: A Tangramatic Watch Project (Pic heavy)
  118. Athaya Vintage 2nd Watch Project : LAMAFA Diver Watch
  119. Giveaway Ferro watch for my Kickstarter campaign
  120. NEW DIAL DESIGN Adelino Luxury Timepieces / Bernhardt Will Be the Manufacturer
  121. Introducing PEREN - The Swiss Quality Bargain Kickstarter Project
  122. Introducing PEREN - The Swiss Quality Bargain Kickstarter Campaign
  123. Miami Watch Company. Cape Cobra: Intelligence & Desirability
  124. Ferro Single hand Swiss Movement Watch
  125. Aurora - Limited Edition by Hvitsten Timepieces (Norway)
  126. ManchesterWatchWorks launches the TatoskoQ Dive Watch
  127. Launch of Division Furtive Type 50 Watch
  128. Miami Watch Company: Viperidae Series [Available on IndieGoGO]
  129. SURI Timepieces - Introducing the Mito
  130. New Swiss Watch Surpasses Kickstarter Goal in 11 Hours
  131. Tribellion Watch Co. : The Worlds New Favorite Triangle Watch
  132. VIDI Watches, a New watch brand from Europe
  133. HHDWatches, the geek watch from a Microdrive
  134. ++ Domeni Co Watches Kickstarter Preorder and Feedback ++
  135. Introducing touchwood for life premium wooden watches - "where luck meets style"
  136. Introducing Visitor Watch Co. and the Calligraph Duneshore
  137. NEW from Norway: Hvitsten Timepieces
  138. What do you think
  139. Rhynofit Watches presents the Rubicon AI (Kickstarter Sept 2014)
  140. Winners of Giveaway Orbital watch
  141. La Londe Watch Co. working on our first watch model, le Professionnel
  142. Introducing the Brigadier, from Mercer Watch Co.
  143. TRIARROWS - Fashion Watch Integrating Lifestyle and Design in Kickstarter!
  144. Flâneur Louis - Preview of our first series of watches
  145. Orthos diving watch - by Lew & Huey - Kickstarter Project launched today
  146. A first from Estonia: Aegaon Watches
  147. Update on the Giveaway Watches - Orbital
  148. When you know the score: Hotblack Watch Kickstarter campaign
  149. The Impi Automatic by Uhuru Watches
  150. Two Giveaway Watches - Orbital by element for Kickstarter project (Thread approved by Ernie Romers)
  151. Introducing the Scope by Brigade 7 Watch Company.
  152. 50 piece Limited Edition BWB Bronze watch ready for pre order.
  153. Preview of Meanuere's first collection. Feedback is welcome.
  154. Modillian - A smart strap for wristwatches - now on Indiegogo
  155. See through in optima forma - meet the Project O1 - Concept Watch
  156. Vroom at the top: Blacklist Watches
  157. The 720 watch - the dumbest smart watch and the smartest dumb watch?
  158. Sunken Treasure Co. uses sunken treasure from a 1622 Spanish ship
  159. New classic automatic timepeice from turbine watches, support us on
  160. Affordable & stylist watch at Kickstarter- thread approved by Ernie Romers
  161. American Designed x German made watch the gives time fore education
  163. Introducing the Flagship LE Automatic Timepiece by ManchesterWatchWorks
  164. The Pi Watch. Designed by Ben McCarthy for Workshopped
  165. Element24 Unique Wooden Watch
  166. Melbourne Watch Company - "Hawthorn" Kickstarter project launched
  167. Traditionel swiss hand made tourbillon selfmade 1 of 1
  168. Rebel watch start up on Kickstarter
  169. Rubicon 50mm by Rhynofit Watches
  170. Beautiful Game Watches (BGW) Through
  171. Rhynofit's first watch, Launching on Kickstarter in Feb, let me know your thoughts
  172. Carpenter Watches debut
  173. Starting a watch company - Solomon Massey
  175. Melbourne Watch Company - Flinders Automatic Indiegogo Campaign
  176. Attention New Watch Companies - You Need our Admin to Approve Your Commercial Posts
  177. Pre order for the Boston Watch Company's "Charles River" diver
  178. My watch - hand engraved
  179. Field & Crew: Heritage Watch on Kickararter