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  1. Titanium with bright lume
  2. Need help with this trench watch please 🙂
  3. Is this considered a Pilot's Chronograph?
  4. Longines Lindbergh
  5. $1500 "Do Everything" watch - Considering Oris Big Crown, Sinn 556i
  6. Breguet Type XX
  7. Issued Eterna Super Kontiki
  8. CWC Royal Navy Diver Automatic
  9. Mitchell Timepieces Raider
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  17. Why don't we see more of these Pilot Watches?
  18. A Tale of Two Fliegers
  19. Timex Expedition Scout
  20. Pilot's/Military Chronograph....help me find one.
  21. Budget pilot/Field watch - infantry
  22. Timor "Dirty Dozen" reissue
  23. Crap, I think I got a fake GG-W-113
  24. Hand wound pilot watches
  25. Original crown and glass for BENRUS 3061 " Bullitt "
  26. Military-chic pilots bad idea for GADA watch?
  27. Bhanu‘s FliegerFriday on WUS HP is about DEKLA WATCHES>>>>>
  28. Cincinnati Watch Company P-40M Mechanical
  29. Hamilton from "Black Hawk Down"
  30. Counterfeit Hamilton MIL-W-4637B
  31. Wearing a Laco B-Uhr 55mm
  32. Can someone tell me what model marathon this is?
  33. Vintage WW1 military Omega trench wristwatch?
  34. Fake LeCoultre Military watch?
  35. UG Military
  36. Stowa Verus...
  37. Parts for Rolex Sky-Rocket
  38. Bertucci field
  39. Rego/Cimier Chronostop watch crystal.
  40. Search for serial numbers of Zenith Bord watches of the French Air Force
  41. Strategic Air Command (NE)
  42. PM3129X1 Chronograph
  43. Glashutte "discontinued" Senator Chrono! I,m in love ???
  44. My Quest for the Perfect Aviator Watch
  45. An alternative field watch?
  46. Maratac Pilot on the way
  47. Hirsch open ended strap for military watches and my modification
  48. Lum-Tec M84: My most accurate watch
  49. tom cruise's watch in top gun maverick
  50. Into Pilots Watch
  51. What watches complement your Pilot/Military watch[es]?
  52. Glycine airman: DC4 purist or Base 22 GTM
  53. Lum-Tec Bronze M84
  54. Field watch ‘n’ Coffee
  55. the other Moonwatch" 2017 re-issued
  56. What makes a pilot watch?
  57. An interesting article, John Glenn’s watches
  58. AF0210 Faithful Reproduction Strap goes custom
  59. CWC "Sonar"
  60. Military Style Watch With Chronograph
  61. Civilian's ADANAC ?
  62. Seeking this mystery GTLS SM watch
  63. Trench watch
  64. Big eye vs. sinn vs. junghans
  65. Did you know that Erika makes MN straps for fixed bars military watches?
  66. Can you Identify this watch?
  67. FliegerFriday is about the SUF 180 by Stepan Sarpaneva
  68. Watchistry’s Marine Nationale Book
  69. Smiths PRS-29 AM (Air Ministry).
  70. Seagull 1963 - How to remove text on see-through caseback
  71. New Marathon Stainless Steel Mechanical
  72. Watches Spotted at the Udvar-Hazy Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
  73. Help finding an aviation themed GMT watch
  74. Unusual SAS Omega watch advice
  75. Help: Unmarked Benrus Type II
  76. In Its Rightful Place Doing Its Rightful Job
  77. Marathon Watches Pic
  78. Nautische Instrumente Mühle Glashütte: New AOPA Aerosport
  79. New CWC W10 Auto Field Watch 1970's Case
  80. New CWC Sub Hunter Review and Comparison + CWC & Field watch collection
  81. State of the mechanical chronograph
  82. Alpina Startimer Size - Advice
  83. Alternatives for Alpina startimer with 40mm
  84. Military Field Watch US Qualified Products Database
  85. Aviator AVW1267G145 - any good?
  86. Help identifying this stamping
  87. There's a new Official Traser Forum on WUS!
  88. Aviation history but is it a field watch?
  89. Revue thomman anyone?
  90. Smiths/JLC Cockpit clock
  91. Please Help me Pick a Watch
  92. Vic Morrow's watch on Combat
  93. Help Please: Thommen Cockpit Chronograph Spare Part
  95. What to do with my (somewhat broken) Eterna Airforce
  96. Love archimede 39mm fleiger but the price is too high. any alternatives?
  97. Anticipating the end of October...
  98. CWC diver with "SP" caseback markings?
  99. Tactical watch for a woman
  100. Collection of Aircraft Cockpit Clocks
  101. Christopher Ward Military Collection
  102. ID the watch
  103. Best <300$ Flieger type A ?
  104. How to restore a gg-w-113
  105. San Martin 39mm Pilot LUG TO LUG?
  106. AR coating rubbed off?
  107. CWC G10 weight?
  108. Military Israely Gruen? Any idea what this is?
  109. Marathon crown tube
  110. INCOMING "Mil-Time" Brand? (eta 2824?)
  111. Accuracy of WW II era Pilot Watches
  112. Recommendation for a stainless steel military watch with arabic style numbers?
  113. Vietnam era Mil watch ID
  114. Old/Vintage Benrus - What is it?
  115. Favorite $2-$3k Pilot in the 36 - 38mm range?
  116. MTM Black Falcon, Advice?
  117. Best Military Chronographs to pair with a bundstrap
  118. What's this grey Pilot Chronograph Watch?
  119. From that watch high, to that sunken feeling. Thoughts?
  120. Pilot Chronograph recommendation
  121. HMT Indian Air Force issued Pilot's equipment wrist watch circa 1970s
  122. military clock us army
  123. Luftwaffe matching numbers
  124. New to me MTM Black Hawk Ti
  125. Which junghans Meister pilot?
  126. Any swiss brands that refused to supply Germany?
  127. Bangalore Watch Company Mach1A reviewed>>>>>
  128. Bangalore Watch Co. - Mach1
  129. Laco Trier 861915 or ...
  130. Newbie that Likes 1960's era Military Seikos
  131. Vintage cwc 6645-99 genuine?
  132. Review Thommen still around?
  133. IWC (FINALLY) Delivers a Lefty Big Pilot
  134. Graham watches anyone ?
  135. Sapphire crystal reflection-military field watches
  136. Inexpensive (less than $300) 41mm - 42mm Manual Wind Pilot ?
  137. Most reliable watch out of the dirty dozen?
  138. Today‘s FliegerFriday is about the new Archimede Pilot 36
  139. ECM shoehorn crow says "We be jammin'..."
  140. North Eagles Military Specs C107 Titanium
  141. My 1942 Eterna pilot watch with a ""17 jewel 852SU ""
  142. In search of field watch
  143. Weekend Warrior What are you Wearing
  144. Purchase of MIL-W-46374D
  145. Pilot’s tool watch?
  146. Seiko Fieldmaster "Contra"
  147. HELP... ugh wore my Benrus Type II Class A watch on golf course and LOST Bezel..
  148. Marathon GSAR Bezel Paint
  149. Any information on this Lemania UTI?
  150. Which Pilot Watch Should I Pick?
  151. Today‘s FliegerFriday is about our Aristo-Vollmer treasure hunt
  152. Maratac SR35
  153. Vintage Issued Eterna Majetek - Genuine hands & dials ?
  154. Seikosha Pocket Chronograph
  155. Marathon Sapphire Navigators Sold Out
  156. Need some recommendations....Navigator alternatives...
  157. Axiom lXl Montre D'Aviateur, Modele 1
  158. My Aviators
  159. Vaer &quot;Dirty Dozen&quot; Heritage
  160. Help me indentify an "RLM watch"
  161. Need info on this Lemania.
  162. Opinions on the Bulova HACK
  163. Need suggestions for new everyday watch
  164. MWC G10/300
  165. Benrus DTU 2A/P without hacking
  166. I need sugestions for something look a like Alpina Startimer
  167. Problem with crown tube - Fortis Chronograph
  168. What would be today's MilSub based on MoD specs, not resale in 40yrs
  169. Rolex watches - MACVSOG-5th Special Forces Gp-VIETNAM
  170. Looking at a CWC 1982 W10 'Fat Boy' - has the crystal been replaced?
  171. Marathon Adanac WW1940242 odd behavior
  172. Can you identify military watch worn by Dennis Christopher / Dave in the movie Breaking away 1979
  173. Astronaut Mark Kelly, and my Omega X-33
  174. US WWII A-11 a pilot watch?
  175. Rescue w/Wrist Compass
  176. Sell my Stowa 90th Anniversary A dial for a b dial??
  177. Anybody else wearing a watch to day to commemorate Memorial Day?
  178. Is this MAC-V / SOG SEIKO 7005-8030
  179. A small rant
  181. Made a surprising discovery about two WW2 milspec watches
  182. Uneven Bezel Gap on my Tisell 40mm Type A
  183. Christopher Ward's "Battle of Britain" watch
  184. CATCH 22 on Hulu type of military field watch
  185. The Cincinnati Watch Co. P-40M?
  186. Pre-War/Wartime Seiko IJN Wristwatch
  187. Dirty Dozen Style Mechanical Watch
  188. First Field/Pilot Watch Recommendations
  189. Introducing the MAEN Skymaster 38 Automatic Chronograph (ETA 2894-2)
  190. Help me identify this Chronograph and its movement (video demo)
  191. HELP Identify Swiss Army Watch
  192. Oris Big Crown Propilot Date 41mm - thoughts please
  193. Helvetia Pilot Watch - Info Needed
  194. Flieger Friday: Delma Commander
  195. Identify This 70's Military Watch
  196. Pic comparison: Marathon GSAR/TSAR medium 36mm vs 41mm
  197. CWC XL Strap for Fixed Bar Watches
  198. Identify - AS1130 w/ center sec
  199. Traser USA website?
  200. [ID] Austrian armed forces combat diver wearing an unidentified dive watch.
  202. Is a domed crystal a turn off?
  204. Need help finding a new mil watch!
  205. Any Stowa TO1’s out there??
  206. New Precista PRS-10, a quick review, plenty of pics
  207. Boldr Vs. Vaer
  208. Possible Military Etanche 30mm?
  209. Flieger Friday: Nivrel Replique Aviateur II
  210. REVIEW: Stowa vs. Tisell B dial fleiger
  211. I think the rules allow for a second...
  212. Mitchell Timepieces
  213. Rolex Pepsi GMT and Speedmaster Pro
  214. Pilot + Field Watch- distinct enough to keep both? (Stowa/Hamilton)
  215. IWC Big Pilot - Heritage
  216. Big crown or no?
  217. Flieger Friday: Top 5 Pilots Watches of Baselworld 2019
  218. Obsessed w/ watches using olive, khaki and brown colors. What else is out there?
  219. New Acquisition ADANAC - Gallet and Co
  220. 1914/15 Gallet centre seconds watch advertisement Wanted
  221. A-13A Automatic
  222. COMETA watches: possibly a trench watch
  223. Pilot chrono that doesn't sit too proud (tall) on the wrist?
  224. History of the Field Watch ( Video)
  225. Just Acquired Glycine Incursore
  226. Looking for a flieger style pilot chronograph ideas - similar to the IWC Pilot Chrono IW377710
  227. Hamilton Khaki Mechanical white dial vs Smith's PRS 29AM
  228. What chronograph was it?
  229. FliegerFriday: Tutima Flieger Automatic
  230. Canadian Flieger Fans check this out
  231. Not an actor playing his "swan song" but instead...
  232. Pilot/Military Collection - Need Advice
  233. Extra ! Extra! Read all about it ARCHIMEDE Pass Around
  234. How do I remove the winder from this Adanac NSN 6645-01-150-8115 made in Feb 1986?
  235. Helson Squadron landed on Zenith runway!
  236. New Marathon Navigator Sapphire
  237. Bronze Pilot Patina Journal
  238. Customising the Marathon JDD, aka the Diver's Automatic Bilingual
  239. Laco with A dial? Stowa with B dial?
  240. Weird Omega 30t2 on eBay
  241. Benefits of ETA 6497/8 over ETA 2801
  242. Recommendations on a Pilot watch with GMT
  243. March 1st / FliegerFriday: Aristo Unitas 6300
  244. Integrity problem with choosing a watch
  245. Confirming Legit WW2 Pilot Watch?
  246. WW2-style watch
  247. looking for my first pilot watch
  248. A few shots of a CWC - my latest arrival :)
  249. Genuine Tag Heuer NZ SAS Watch
  250. A World War II Watch: Sextant