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  1. I need sugestions for something look a like Alpina Startimer
  2. Problem with crown tube - Fortis Chronograph
  3. What would be today's MilSub based on MoD specs, not resale in 40yrs
  4. Rolex watches - MACVSOG-5th Special Forces Gp-VIETNAM
  5. Looking at a CWC 1982 W10 'Fat Boy' - has the crystal been replaced?
  6. Marathon Adanac WW1940242 odd behavior
  7. Can you identify military watch worn by Dennis Christopher / Dave in the movie Breaking away 1979
  8. Astronaut Mark Kelly, and my Omega X-33
  9. US WWII A-11 a pilot watch?
  10. Rescue w/Wrist Compass
  11. Sell my Stowa 90th Anniversary A dial for a b dial??
  12. Anybody else wearing a watch to day to commemorate Memorial Day?
  13. Is this MAC-V / SOG SEIKO 7005-8030
  14. A small rant
  16. Made a surprising discovery about two WW2 milspec watches
  17. Uneven Bezel Gap on my Tisell 40mm Type A
  18. Christopher Ward's "Battle of Britain" watch
  19. CATCH 22 on Hulu type of military field watch
  20. The Cincinnati Watch Co. P-40M?
  21. Pre-War/Wartime Seiko IJN Wristwatch
  22. Dirty Dozen Style Mechanical Watch
  23. First Field/Pilot Watch Recommendations
  24. Introducing the MAEN Skymaster 38 Automatic Chronograph (ETA 2894-2)
  25. Help me identify this Chronograph and its movement (video demo)
  26. HELP Identify Swiss Army Watch
  27. Oris Big Crown Propilot Date 41mm - thoughts please
  28. Helvetia Pilot Watch - Info Needed
  29. Flieger Friday: Delma Commander
  30. Identify This 70's Military Watch
  31. Pic comparison: Marathon GSAR/TSAR medium 36mm vs 41mm
  32. CWC XL Strap for Fixed Bar Watches
  33. Identify - AS1130 w/ center sec
  34. Traser USA website?
  35. [ID] Austrian armed forces combat diver wearing an unidentified dive watch.
  37. Is a domed crystal a turn off?
  39. Need help finding a new mil watch!
  40. Any Stowa TO1’s out there??
  41. New Precista PRS-10, a quick review, plenty of pics
  42. Boldr Vs. Vaer
  43. Possible Military Etanche 30mm?
  44. Flieger Friday: Nivrel Replique Aviateur II
  45. REVIEW: Stowa vs. Tisell B dial fleiger
  46. I think the rules allow for a second...
  47. Mitchell Timepieces
  48. Rolex Pepsi GMT and Speedmaster Pro
  49. Pilot + Field Watch- distinct enough to keep both? (Stowa/Hamilton)
  50. IWC Big Pilot - Heritage
  51. Big crown or no?
  52. Flieger Friday: Top 5 Pilots Watches of Baselworld 2019
  53. Obsessed w/ watches using olive, khaki and brown colors. What else is out there?
  54. New Acquisition ADANAC - Gallet and Co
  55. 1914/15 Gallet centre seconds watch advertisement Wanted
  56. A-13A Automatic
  57. COMETA watches: possibly a trench watch
  58. Pilot chrono that doesn't sit too proud (tall) on the wrist?
  59. History of the Field Watch ( Video)
  60. Just Acquired Glycine Incursore
  61. Looking for a flieger style pilot chronograph ideas - similar to the IWC Pilot Chrono IW377710
  62. Hamilton Khaki Mechanical white dial vs Smith's PRS 29AM
  63. What chronograph was it?
  64. FliegerFriday: Tutima Flieger Automatic
  65. Canadian Flieger Fans check this out
  66. Not an actor playing his "swan song" but instead...
  67. Pilot/Military Collection - Need Advice
  68. Extra ! Extra! Read all about it ARCHIMEDE Pass Around
  69. How do I remove the winder from this Adanac NSN 6645-01-150-8115 made in Feb 1986?
  70. Helson Squadron landed on Zenith runway!
  71. New Marathon Navigator Sapphire
  72. Bronze Pilot Patina Journal
  73. Customising the Marathon JDD, aka the Diver's Automatic Bilingual
  74. Laco with A dial? Stowa with B dial?
  75. Weird Omega 30t2 on eBay
  76. Benefits of ETA 6497/8 over ETA 2801
  77. Recommendations on a Pilot watch with GMT
  78. March 1st / FliegerFriday: Aristo Unitas 6300
  79. Integrity problem with choosing a watch
  80. Confirming Legit WW2 Pilot Watch?
  81. WW2-style watch
  82. looking for my first pilot watch
  83. A few shots of a CWC - my latest arrival :)
  84. Genuine Tag Heuer NZ SAS Watch
  85. A World War II Watch: Sextant
  86. Regarding Pilot Watches
  87. MWC A-11 movement
  88. Recommendation Request
  89. What is a Fleiger?
  90. Field watches can get dressed up too.
  91. Flyings Tigers
  92. CWC RN DIVER side to side bezel play
  93. FliegerFriday 08 FEB 2019
  94. Oris BCPP Date
  95. Zenith Cairelli "Panda", real or franken?
  96. Where to buy Marathon GSAR compatible caseback?
  97. Were there any WW2 german field watches with a central second?
  98. Flieger Dilemma - Tisell 40mm or Basic Laco 39mm B versions
  99. Help verifying authenticity of Benrus GGW113 Aug 1972 watch
  100. How does it look and feel: the height of the MKii Hawkinge
  101. Steinhart and Smiths
  102. Mig fighter clock.....nearest watch?
  103. WTH do so many “Pilot” watches have a tachometer?
  104. Newmark 6BB RAF/RN pilots Chronograph reborn (as a MecaQuartz)
  105. Hanhart Military wish to share
  106. A pilot watch worn by pilot in WW2
  107. Still have my old personal emergency Tranceiver unit...
  108. Field or Fleiger?
  109. Isobrite mid size
  110. Who made what, and for who, in WWII?
  111. CWC Automatic or Quartz?
  112. Archimede va Stowa
  113. Flieger Friday: Archimede WindUp Edition
  114. shout out to Marc Frankel at Island Watch
  115. Large Pilot Watch Recommendations
  116. Thinnest automatic pilot's watch
  117. Pilot Watch Dilemma-A "Which One" Thread
  118. The Siduna M3440 -the Lemania SwAF re-born, now out in the real world
  119. Timeless' IWC Photos from SIHH 2019!
  120. A Pair of Combat Swimmers
  121. CWC 1983 Royal Navy Dive Wstvh Mk1 Reissue
  122. Elliot Brown Horton
  123. Seiko Snzg13 vs Hamilton Khaki Field
  124. Is this a real Vietnam war watch?
  125. Posed with ??? this morning...
  126. Cool story and some serious flight hours.
  127. Project home made Pilot watch
  128. 129 CHS pinout
  129. Marathon jsar
  130. Black case pilot watches
  131. Waltham WW2 watch? Any info on it please?
  132. Help finding watch with a GMT "wheel"?
  133. Who stared the large arabic numerals at 12, 3,6,9 on pilot watches?
  134. Strap fell apart on my Archimede Pilot 39. What to replace it with?
  135. Apparently they do get issued.
  136. Trying to Identify my New Watch Telemetre
  137. Case size of WWII watches
  138. KM Siegerin
  139. Replacing the Movement in a 1982 Military Issue Hamilton
  140. Mil Watch Collection
  141. Vixa/Hanhart post-war Type 20 chronograph
  142. Early Hanhart Cal.40
  143. Smiths military W10 deluxe info needed!
  144. Hanhart 47ES
  146. 1st Military Watch Purchase Hamilton W10 Help Needed
  147. Differences between Luminox 3000 and 3900 series?
  148. Alpina Startimer Thoughts & Question
  149. What modern day homages are there to WW2 aviation watches?
  150. QUESTIONS Regarding WWII USMC watches
  151. Want to start a WWI TRENCH WATCH General Discussion Thread - Post Pics of yours!
  152. Looking for a specific type of pilot watch
  153. Modern and affordable 6B/159 RAF watches ?
  154. Flieger Friday: Watchuseek Team Picks Their Favorite
  155. WWII RAF watch - W.W.W. Just how W?
  156. A Pretty Good Marathon GSAR Deal
  157. Cold War Watches
  158. Tisell A type today
  159. Pilots watch for a lady?
  160. Tisell Flieger Type A showed up today...not working.
  161. Alternative for Speedbird PRS 22
  162. At last! New Ollech Wajs OW P-101 & P-104 photos & release info
  163. Best grey or white dial pilot watch?
  164. Geckota Watches. how long for new models? k-01 Flieger
  165. Seikosha Chronograph WW2
  166. Any experience with the Traser P59 Aurora GMT?
  167. Your Pilot Watch NOT in the Cockpit
  168. Trying to build a watch collection
  169. FliegerFriday on our Homepage is about Notable LE of Pilot Watches 2018
  170. Pilot/Flieger suggestion like this Wempe, but under $1,000?
  171. Does anybody buy Archimede watches?
  172. Luminox Model Identification Help
  173. Looking for slick and small, but rugged digital fieldwatch
  174. Favorite Field Watch
  175. FliegerFriday: German Brands Black Friday Savings and Giveway
  176. Marathon bracelets on sale
  177. What Hamilton to get? I am torn
  178. Cwc baf? Which airforce these are made for?
  179. SAAF Lemania
  180. New 2018 Ollech Wajs OW P-101 GMT Pilot - thoughts?
  181. Is this watch too big for me?
  182. Reasonable price for Elgin A-11
  183. Maratac Large Pilot -- new limited release
  184. Elgin A-11 hands?
  185. Favorite Bell & Ross?
  186. Pulsar RAF chrono reissue
  187. Does anyone know who the current watch supplier is for the British armed forces?
  188. My newest Ollech & Wajs W10 catch
  189. New MKII Cruxible RTW - A-11 Homage
  190. Looking for a new watch.
  191. Military/sport “Dirty Dozen” modern watch
  192. Speedbird III or Hawkinge No-Date?
  193. Omega Suveran Advice for Newbie
  194. What model Waltham World War II watch is this?
  195. New Bremont Supersonic LEs!
  196. Questions about Marathon Navigator series
  197. Recommendation Please -- Quartz Pilot Chronograph with 12 hour Totalizer
  198. WW2 Hamilton watch 987A - with soldiers name printed on the dial
  199. Smiths
  200. Pilot watch in my sights -- need suggestions!
  201. Longines military?
  202. Bulova Moon Watch
  203. WEISS 38MM standard issue field watch delivery wait time?
  204. Does this Navitimer look re-polished?
  205. What did I buy??? Who can help?
  206. Pilot flieger Senna
  207. Military Watch Please Help! 1965
  208. Hanhart Cal.40
  209. Junghans J88
  210. Is the GI mechanical field watch aesthetic dead?
  211. New Arrival and Mil-Spec Strap Question for Hamilton
  212. Alfred Lugrin (pre-Lemania) chronograph WW1
  213. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms BUND - searching for authentic crown
  214. WW2 Waltham 6/0 '42 help needed
  215. Getting my first pilot watch, help needed
  216. Fortis Flieger cockpit 595.11.16.
  217. Siduna - a new Swedish établissage in the Swiss tradition
  218. Elgin A-11 WWII
  219. Suggestions for dive watches within Army regs
  221. AVI-8 Centenary AV-4061-03 - review
  222. CWC - Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Chronograph, was it ever issued?
  223. Military watches that are realy used in military forces
  224. bracelets/straps which fit the character of aviation styled watches
  225. Hamilton Type 1 RAAF Navigators Watch
  226. Land, Sea and Air trio
  227. What about this?
  228. Flieger Friday: Most Expensive Pilot Watches
  229. Info sought on my J.W.Benson trench watch
  230. Breitling vs. IWC help please.
  231. Dienstuhr military watch case - real or fake?
  232. Poll: Best field watch to buy
  233. Flieger Friday on August 24th, 2018: Full lume dials
  234. Perhaps the best mechanical actual in-flight watch ever made
  235. Boldr Expedition or Aevig Corvid
  236. Specification 94-27834 for A-11 watches
  237. Japanese WW2 Watch
  238. Hanhart Cal.40 conundrum
  239. FliegerFriday on August 17 is about the Damasko DC56
  240. MWC G10 100m GTLS Titanium
  241. O&W Aviation (What's up with these hands? Little worried about purchasing)
  242. Marathon TSAR Medium Quartz landed
  243. New Pilot watch project Siduna
  244. Omega aviation homage
  245. Pre-ordered a Super Combat
  246. Official strap colors for G10 watches ?
  247. Unidentified Maratac
  248. FliegerFriday is about Dekla Watches today
  249. Promaster Skyhawk A-T
  250. Help choosing / finding a rugged military inspired watch