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  2. Just ordered a all black pvd Quartz Bathys-New-I found ONE!
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  9. Funtional dive watch with nice features.
  10. Uts fans?
  11. MCWW modded NITROX
  12. Gold Diver, Go or No Go?
  13. let's see the 1000M (and MORE) Divers floating around the forum...
  14. DEEP BLUE 2K - Let's see them on rubber
  15. "MCWW" Modded 007 Landed
  16. Are there any current designs (possibly smaller in size) around?
  17. >>>>WRUW: Tuesday, February 22, 2011<<<<
  18. Introduction and first purchase advice
  19. Aquadive Caribbean on a Mesh
  20. A more comprehensive LM-3 V2 review
  21. Boschett Ocean Mariner, Oris TT1, Steinhart Ocean 1 or Christopher Ward C60 Trident Auto?
  22. Helson's newest prototype
  23. Zixen Trimix
  24. First Steinhart Ocean 44 makes its appearance (pix added)
  25. Some pictures of my dive watches.
  26. New Arrival: Seiko SBDC003 (Sumo)
  27. Bulova Precisionist? Thoughts and Opinions Wanted ASAP Please!
  28. waterproof once opened?
  29. WRUW Presidents Day 2/21/11
  30. Wrist Shots: Tsunami on Maratac
  31. Invicta 8926--Am I throwing money away?
  32. Christopher Ward C60 Trident?
  33. New arrival!! Sinn U1
  34. Seiko Sumo and a 6.5" wrist
  35. Lumtec 500M3 takes a Skiing Vacation
  36. Does Seiko make a USA available quartz blue dial diver with the following attributes?
  37. The Vintage Bug Has Bitten
  38. >>> WRUW SUNDAY 02/20/2011<<< Dive Watch
  39. LIP Abyssal ???
  40. GSAR strap size and crown question
  41. Looking for bezel insert with specific measures
  42. Glycine S.O.S 500m Super Compressor
  43. Boschett Ocean Mariner?
  44. SM300 on Seiko MM Rubber Strap
  45. Anonimo, Resco, SAS, Omega, Oh My!
  46. Bezel not set to zero - cooler?
  47. Old Seiko Dive Watch
  48. Mini review of LM-3 V2
  49. WRUW Sat 19/2-2011
  50. Oceanic issues?
  51. Need a bit of help making a decision - Helson Sharkmaster or CWC RN auto???
  52. EDOX forum?
  53. Should I buy a black bezel/black dial sub clone?
  54. Seiko starfish ?
  55. Remora on mesh
  56. Benarus Accepting Reservations For The Megalodon 3
  57. Who expects perfect bezel alignment?
  58. >>> WRUW TGIF 02/18/2011<<< Dive Watch
  59. Pre-order blues, bye-bye to MoVas "GMT" Diver...anyone else have any pre-order stories???
  60. Why ... today's my anniversary!
  61. Recommendation on a 22mm Mesh bracelets that can be sized down for 6.5" wrist?
  62. Uhr-441
  63. Corvus still selling the Bradley?
  64. Information on Vintage Tissot
  65. New Seiko "SPORK"
  66. Shrouded in style
  67. Education request:: What is Pseudo Ruhla?
  68. What (I hope) we aren't
  69. Seiko SKX007 With Yobokies Mods
  70. JSAR Diameter
  71. Salt water and stiff NATO straps...
  72. >>>>WRUW: Thursday, February 17, 2011<<<<
  73. ISOfrane on my NEW Breitling Avenger Skyland!
  74. Tritium Alarm Analog?
  75. Your favorite dive watch?
  76. What's up with bathy's?
  77. Love my new ZIXEN
  78. New Tissot Seastar 1000 - What do you think?
  79. WoW! Blown away by latest delivery
  80. Did you use your bezel today?
  81. >>> WRUW<<< Watch Parade 02/16/2011***** DIVE forum
  82. Daniel Dae Kim wears a Resco (or not)
  83. Your opinions are needed & wanted! Purchasing a new diver. . .
  84. Deep Blue Daynight OPS Pro T100
  85. Ceramic Bezel...need suggestions for purchase
  86. Just Landed! Zixen Trimix
  87. Swiss Army Dive Master 500 bezel problem?
  88. Where to buy sterile diver style watch dials??
  89. SOTC: Show off your hardware!
  90. SAS/JSAR comparison pics?
  91. Time Factors Isofrane-style strap
  92. Finally, Watchco SM300
  93. New arrival: modded 7549-7010 vintage Tuna
  94. Monster on Watchadoo... Why Didn't I Do This Earlier!
  95. WRUW Tuesday 2/15/11
  96. H20 Kalmar (NEW BRAND) Thoughts??
  97. Where to find a diver style dial for a ETA 2892-A2 Movement??
  98. Extreme Cave Dweller
  99. Vegas Dive Watch Tour -- Warning Long Winded Posting with No Pics
  100. Helson Redux: My new Sharkmaster (#105)
  101. Will Isofrane Fit My 6.5" Wrist?
  102. Ive really grown to enjoy this forum....
  103. Latest Aquisition
  104. SAS SEA-01 has landed in Oz: an early review added + more pics
  105. Wruw 14-02-2011
  106. Buying watches in the duty free Carribean
  107. Sumo vs Dive Master
  108. Putting my Diving watch in the Ocean
  109. A very special Oceaneer!
  110. I was thinking of selling my Orange Monster but...
  111. SKX007 story
  112. Uh-I'll think I'll pass on this
  113. SURF's Up ! Blast from the Past.
  114. need a diver on bracelet,MKII/Boschette RR/Marathon SAR ?
  115. Alpina Extreme Diver... had one before and loved the fit so ordered a new one... opinions?
  116. My 3 1/2 yr old rocking the stealth Mudman....
  117. Seiko SKX007K on Jubilee!
  118. WRUW Sunday 2/13/11
  119. Sbdb001
  120. What 24mm Velcro Strap Would You Recommend.
  121. Pic request - VSA Divemaster 500 on leather
  122. Longines Legend: Straps, anyone?
  123. James Bond Watch Exhibit at National Watch & Clock Museum--Very Cool
  124. Any Aquastar Atoll fans?
  125. OK..I think I'm officially crazy..
  126. SM300 Homage...How Many Are Out There?
  127. Hirsch Extreme in the USA?
  128. The Vortex is back....
  129. What to do with $800 burning a hole in my paypal?
  130. WRUW Sat 12/02-11
  131. Yobokies Anvil bracelet on Sharkmaster
  132. Please help identify this dive watch
  133. fashion forward dive watch
  134. to the Dive watch fans who push the diving limits
  135. Realy? No, i'm serious...really??
  136. Stienheart Ocean One - Few Questions
  137. Show us your Destro/Lefty Divers!
  138. <<<TGIF Divers 2-11-11>>>
  139. Bremont Supermarine - thoughts?
  140. help me to identify this citizen promaster
  141. Luminox 8152
  142. Zixen redux: My new Nitrox II (Part 1)
  143. After a year of waiting guess what arrived????Beware might kill your computer...
  144. Show me your Zixen wristshot
  145. Photo contest from Topper Jewelers and Ball Watches
  146. 2/10/11 Thursday WRUW
  147. Helson Sharkmaster
  148. Adjusting automatic movements, for real???
  149. Screw Down Crown Question With An ETA 2893-2 GMT . .
  150. Rolex 16610..my first Rolex...
  151. White Dial Divers
  152. Ordering an Isofrane?
  153. Dive computer recommendations?
  154. SBCM029 SEIKO 8F35 caliber Orange with 14 Months / never seen before!!!!
  155. My baddest experience in buying a dive watch here at sales corner
  156. WRUW Wednesday 2/9/11
  157. I think I'm over watches? Has this happened to you? How long was your dry Spell?
  158. Anyone buying the new BaliHai GMT?
  159. Seiko Kinetic on eBay?
  160. Spirotechnique
  161. Pics of Deep Blue Master 2000 on mesh?
  162. TSUNAMI (Pics and Review)
  163. does anyone else make/use the same case as the original benarus moray?
  164. Struggling to like the date anywhere but at 3 or 6...
  165. Vintage Aquadive
  166. "God help, I do love it so..."
  167. My only Invicta: Don't be hatin'! ;-)
  168. Google Homepage cool for Divers today.
  169. Longines HydroConquest 300m Black - some photos
  170. Celebrating my one year anniversary with my JSAR (History, pic heavy including new combo)
  171. The Search Continues : Updated: Is over for Now
  172. 2/8/11 Tuesday's diver
  173. Need Help with my new Darth Tuna! Check out my situation and pics!
  174. Lipstick on a pig: My hot tub diver!
  175. does anyone know this Vulcain diver?
  176. Bathys 100 fathom black pvd bracelet--any news on it?????
  177. British SBS for swimming ?
  178. QUESTION: Noah Fuller's Tsunami
  179. Isofrane 20mm Pre-order
  180. SAS New Photos added!!
  181. Best Value Automatic Dive Watch Under $500
  182. ^Diver for MONDAY 2-7-11^
  183. Need Bezel for Chronosport
  184. Steinhart GMT Ocean 1 Black Mod, going STERILE
  185. Looking for Owners of Helson Shark Diver Orange Full Lume Dial
  186. Helson Buccaneer GMT on mesh (#95/100): Redux!
  187. Eichmuller German Army Dive Watch
  188. I miss my tuna, can I get pics of yours?
  189. Steinhart watches Plexiglass v Saphire
  190. Slow Quick reveal; World Premier
  191. WRUW Super Bowl Sunday 2/6/11
  192. M&M's
  193. New arrival: Brazilian Orient "Poseidon"
  194. Forgot to post pics of my new Artego 300m..
  195. Some wrist shots of my blasted Jsar....
  196. Stingray on mesh
  197. Omega Seamaster Blue Bond Chronograph!
  198. >>>>WRUW Saturday 2/5/11<<<<
  199. SNOWFLAKE OWC w/Soprad A-10 Chronometer Grade
  200. Two in one month.. best girlfriend ever
  201. you might not think much of quartz and mineral crystal, but...
  202. SAS on metal band!!!
  203. Diving-Watches.net
  204. Next diver, Dive Master 500m mecha or Boschett Cave Dweller S
  205. Crystal questions (Dive Watches) >>
  206. Spareparts for my Casio MD-703?
  207. DETOMASO San Remo
  208. Help Please Rolex trade
  209. My Crepas Le Grand
  210. Wruw 2/4/2011
  211. Invicta 9937 bezel replacement
  212. what does BULLETPROOF! mean to you?
  213. Isofrane diver extension, question
  214. Picked up a Linde Werdelin Ti Oktopus!
  215. Zixen, should I buy it or not?
  216. What is your Benarus Moray 2 running +/- per day?
  217. 20mm Isofrane pre-ordered!!!
  218. Incoming from the Land Down Under
  219. Need advice on Seiko pro divers 600
  220. Zeno 300m mod.
  221. New Daily Wearer
  222. Suggest me divers within the price range of the Sub ND
  223. Deep Blue - All Purpose Diver 1K
  224. >>>>WRUW Thursday 02/03/11<<<<
  225. Not the most capable dive watches ever invented!?
  226. Seiko Kinetic in an autowinder?
  227. Boschett
  228. Deep Blue Master 2000 Date/Day Diver...reliable? Durable? Something you'd pass down?
  229. Look what I got today from my favorite Fedex man!
  230. Tawatec Titan Black Diver in Da house.
  231. Where did the Marine Diver come from??
  232. New look to my Jsar......
  233. Debaufre 44 Magnum Mod
  234. Precista PRS-3 on the Wrist?
  235. 2/2/11 Wednesday WRUW
  236. NOW,*****PICTURES of a Blue Bluering w/ blue isofrane*******
  237. Swiss Made, ETA2836, 200M, AR Sapphire, Inner & Outer Bezel, Sapphire Display Back, Ltd Ed
  238. Kemmner Turtle Info
  239. Modern companies using 1970's vintage-style cases & colors?
  240. Lets see your modded Seiko 007s!
  241. Ebel 1911 Discovery COSC chronograph
  242. No love for the America's Cup??
  243. Bronze & Blue..........
  244. Looking to buy a new dive watch
  245. WRUW Tuesday, 2/1/2011
  246. My new dress diver / It's been a few years since I've taken a look at this brand >>
  247. Helson how about this one
  248. New hands for my Bernhardt Corsair
  249. This just in: Helson Buccaneer GMT on mesh (#95/100)
  250. Some Seikos - for no particular reason?