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  1. New hands for my Bernhardt Corsair
  2. This just in: Helson Buccaneer GMT on mesh (#95/100)
  3. Some Seikos - for no particular reason?
  4. Today, i Love Mondays. Crepas Le Grand has just landed!!
  5. The most authentic/genuine "every day" dive watch brand ??
  6. Photos of the upcoming divers from moVas
  7. Bronze watch cases...what's next? What's your most exotic watch case made of?
  8. Wrist check Monday 1-31-2011
  9. Some questions about the Resco Patriot...
  10. The Rouge Warrior Red Cell
  11. SAS Watch Company ..... Update Jan 2011
  12. Helson Shark Diver on a small wrist?
  13. Victorinox Dive Master 500 mod
  14. Stolas Harbormaster Spinnaker Review.
  15. BIG thumbs up for my Cave Dweller's new clasp!
  16. Inicta 9937c crown broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Forgive me for I have Sinn-ed
  18. <<<<WRUW Sunday 1/30/11>>>>
  19. How much more homages are hitting the shores??
  20. Anybody have thoughts on the ZETA Phantom Professional ?
  21. What Dreams are Made of.....
  22. Spork alert
  23. Tag Heuer Aquagraph Pics!
  24. Tag Heuer Super Professional PICS
  25. 20mm Isofrane...
  26. Am I the only one who wears Nato straps this way?
  27. Seiko Black Monster - SKX779K1 - some photos
  28. >>>>Watcha Wearing SAT 29 Jan 2011 ? <<<
  29. cushion case divers
  30. Helson Customer Service
  31. Bond Strap Question
  32. 200m divers
  33. New Rolex 16610 owner soon...
  34. Are crown guards just for Rightys?
  35. Solid link bracelets?
  36. Helson Bronze Shark Diver Arrives
  37. Benarus Moray 2 in Bronze - Quick Photos
  38. >>>>WRUW: Friday, January 28, 2011<<<<
  39. Question for divers: functionality
  40. Swiss Army Dive Master second hand problem - Do they Recalibrate themselves?
  41. Where to buy a Helson?
  42. UTS question....
  43. Eterna Kontiki service question
  44. Recon GMT on a Velcro Strap
  45. Kemmner Octopus lug size?
  46. New Super Oyster II for my SKX007
  47. My First Mod - 6309-7049 Blue Mod
  48. Helson Shark Diver Logo Color
  49. Good News--Non-Limited Edition of Kingston Planned
  50. Wilson Watch Works 47mm Project
  51. Seiko SKA371 Kinetic Question about movement
  52. Steinhart Black Ocean GMT!
  53. Oris TT1 300M Divers 733-7533-84-54-MB - some photos
  54. Does anybody else feel that Ennebi has lost some credibility with the Titanic?
  55. WRUW Thursday 1/27/11
  56. I'll try this on this forum - Timex WS4 in water?
  57. why california?
  58. Helson Buccaneer (non-GMT)
  59. My BaliHelson, Boutique Cross-breeding or Micro Mutation ; )
  60. So why does Tag Heuer have a bad reputation with WIS types?
  61. A book on dive watches - is there such a thing?
  62. The Ultimate Desk Diver Accessory
  63. Question about Valjoux 7750-movement
  64. A Bit of a Rant on Cookiecutter Micro's, and "homages"
  65. Formex DS2000 GMT - some photos
  66. I need help finding a dive watch .
  67. WRUW Wed.
  68. Deep Blue DayNight OPS T100
  69. top 5
  70. Where do you get work done on your divers in California?
  71. d-d-d
  72. I hate these threads but here goes..... Helson Sharkmaster or Zixen DSR500?
  73. Magrette Watches
  74. My first Benarus, from a long time Omega Seamaster owner.
  75. T-100 Tritium tube watches - anyone other than Ball and Deep Blue?
  76. Omega Planet Ocean - Ref. 29005091 - some photos
  77. Halios/Bluering/Jason Lim,A+ Service!
  78. ******1/25/2011 Tues WRUW*****
  79. Brand Recognition - Good or Bad?
  80. Cool iPhone App
  81. Question about VSA Dive Master
  82. new one: Deep Blue M2K
  83. --->>>Bronze Helson Sharkdiver<<---
  84. Nato strap on 2ER00003B?
  85. Vintage Bond-Style Subalike from W3
  86. Yay or Nay to this combo
  87. The Deepest Dive Ever
  88. 2824-2 Accuracy? What should I expect?
  89. Monster fast out of box!
  90. German Chunk of Steel Lindburgh & Benson!
  91. Crepas tests and photos
  92. Prim Sport II - some photos
  93. WRUW Mondau 1/24/11
  94. Pre-loved OE arrival
  95. Techné is putting out a diver in 2011
  96. Loctite Question
  97. Panerai 24 first impressions
  98. Helium Release Valve Failure
  99. I like tapered bracelets. And 20mm bracelets. There, I said it.
  100. Remora Available on Benarus Site
  101. Kemmner OCTOPUS 2000m Ordering
  102. Who to service vintage Seiko diver?
  103. Doxa SUB 1200T DWL L.E. (Diving with legends) - some photos
  104. Where do you get extra lug bars and screws for Benarus Megalodon 2?
  105. Adjust the butterfly clasp on Benarus bracelet?
  106. Rubber Dive Strap recommendations
  107. IWW Military Dvier
  108. Doxa 5000T
  109. 3 Divers of a Different Stripe
  110. Rotary Aquaspeed
  111. ----WRUW? Sunday, 23JAN2011----
  112. My tactical military/divers,
  113. Pictures of my PRS14.
  114. Where to buy a Bathys ?
  115. Monster?
  116. Longines HydroConquest 300M Diver!
  117. New Reactor Poseidon LE 1000M Dive Watch
  118. Why doesn't the Dive Watch Forum have its own banner?
  119. Bluering v Vortex size comparo?
  120. It's here my Resco Patriot
  121. 1/22/11 Saturday's diver
  122. What's Up With Artego's Website?
  123. I need Help!!! Please
  124. Pic Request: Side Profile Comparison of Resco
  125. Helson Sharkmaster Bracelet Options
  126. I'm Keepin' Her - Seiko Marine Master Direct Drive Kinetic
  127. My 2 new Benarus Moray 2s...quick pics!
  128. Question about depth rating after modifications
  129. Rolex Sub and Seadweller pics request...
  130. Snow Divers :)
  131. where is the innovation?
  132. TWINS? Bathys & Nautica
  133. WTK: Chronosport UDT Dive Watch, What manufacturer makes this circa 1980's watch today?
  134. Breitling Avenger Seawolf - some photos
  135. WRUW Friday 1/21/11
  136. Ginault - do they sell watches?
  137. "NITE" brand Nato watch. Anyone have any experience with this brand.
  138. Watch sizes, real and perceived
  139. Ball Hydrocarbon Magnate - Should I buy it?
  140. Orange Dart Remora on Orange Isofrane
  141. Anybody have a CWC?
  142. The time has come for me to buy my first Rolex...
  144. GWF-1000RD burning frogman/standard auto
  145. GMT Diver Quartz, recommend me one
  146. ISOfrane Straps
  147. When does a Micro become too, expensive?
  148. Archimede SportTaucher steel/orange - some photos
  149. 1/20/11 Thursday WRUW
  150. Benarus Moray II and Helson Shark Diver white full lume lost of pics
  151. Dievas VORTEX owners !
  152. Does your dive watch draw attention?
  153. Remora - it's arrived! (NOW WITH PICS!!!)
  154. SCORE!!! Omega Planet Ocean
  155. My wonderful new Ocean 1 Vintage Red!!!!
  156. New Irreantum Magellan
  157. Classic Seiko Sumo?
  158. My Newest "Anti Establishment" Diver...Small and Quartz!
  159. Check out my Sea Devil on "custom" mesh
  160. PAM 359 - some photos
  161. Wruw 1/19 ?
  162. Fun ?! with my new Trimix and Teddy Hanna Strap
  163. Question about Helson watches ...
  164. Pulsar PUA111 Bezel Hard to Turn
  165. Sinn. U1 with elephant strap - now with pics
  166. AR Removal on a Resco Patriot: A Quick Overview
  167. What is the best, brightest Quartz Tritium dive, or Tactical watch
  168. Zixen Nitrox Vintage Black: Lots of pictures
  169. Size does matter
  170. Uh oh! Box of steel was a bad influence Yesterday...
  171. Need some help. Walter from Canada?
  172. Quartz vs. auto DM500 lume
  173. Zixen Nitrox II Vintage Diver - some photos
  174. My Orange Monster has landed and...
  175. >>>> Tuesday's Diver Parade Jan. 18, 2011 <<<<<
  176. Baliha'i Ha'i-Q on RUBBER - Post your photos...
  177. Citizen promater professional diver´s titanium - some photos
  178. What's your Rarest Diver? Here are Mine...
  179. Deep Blue on Shop NBC
  180. Stealthy Toys - 16600 on Rubber and new MTB
  181. Customized Deep Blue GMT returns home
  182. Looking for a dive watch, cant remember name
  183. Prim Orlík - vintage diver's watch 1965' - some photos
  184. Strap options for an Oris Diver?
  185. BaliHa'i GMT Update
  186. You guys want to see some heavy metal or what? (pic heavy) (including my 2 new arrivals)
  187. Help me Decide...Seiko SBBN015 MarineMaster (Tuna) or Citizen 1000m Promaster (AutoZilla)
  188. EcoZilla surprise
  189. Steinhart TRITON 100 ATM stainless steel
  190. >>WRUW - Monday 17th Jan 2011<<
  191. New Helson SharkDiver Bracelet!!
  192. Recommendation needed for watch winder for dive watches
  193. New batch of helson shark divers up!!
  194. Please Help Me Identify This Vintage Diver!
  195. Is it really too much to ask? ? How do you buy your micros?
  196. Looking for 45-47mm dive watch, super lume, great build quality, any recommendations?
  197. Any risk of removing wetsuit extension on Oris Rubber strap?
  198. Seiko 6105B-8110 - some photos
  199. Any reviews on the International Watchman Mil-Spec divers
  200. Seiko SBBN017 Marine Master Professional - "Tuna Can" - some photos
  201. Kemmner Octopus Bracelet pics needed!
  202. Maybe the Summer Diver 2011 ?
  203. WRUW Sunday 1/16/11
  204. YEEEHAAAH! Double Delivery - Octopus and Artego
  205. Korsbek grail arrived!
  206. Korsbek grail is here!
  207. Dive watch(es) similar to Certina DS3?
  208. New Arrival:Remora Dart on saddle strap
  209. Show your Prometheus
  210. Show your Prometheus
  211. Show your Prometheus
  212. Show your Prometheus
  213. Grail found!! Blue Ring!!
  214. WRUW Sat 01/15/11 Wrist Check
  215. Blancpain Vintage Exhibition traveling to NTC
  216. being a WIS
  217. My New Homage Invicta
  218. Helson watches are made in China???
  219. 2011 Invicta Grand Diver....yay or nay?
  220. My IWC Aquatimer Diver Watch..Too Big For Me? Why R Diver Watches So Big??
  221. ZIXEN DSR1000 GMT - Another Microbrand
  222. ocean 7 ploprof
  223. Remora PVD/Orange...here it is!!
  224. Casio MTD-1053 Diver
  225. WUS Dive Watch Terminology; a guide?
  226. Foto-review Crespas vs Helson
  227. Looking for something new... recommendations?
  228. Unique movement Boutique/Microbrew Diver--Is there one out there...?
  229. First (and probably last) for 2011
  230. Rolex Deep SEA First Impressions...
  231. >>>WRUW: Friday, January 14, 2011<<<
  232. Just got Benarus Remora!
  233. Orient Mako replacement bracelet
  234. Benarus Remora I • Help make a modem melter
  235. Azimuth SEE-HUM
  236. COLORED ISOFRANE OWNERS, do you get a colored extension as well??
  237. New 48m Deep Blue T-100 "Daynight Ops Pro"
  238. New 48m Deep Blue T-100 "Daynight Ops Pro"
  239. Newbie with Dive Master
  240. Remora has landed
  241. Casio Dive Watch... Opinions please
  242. 48mm T-100 New from Deep Blue!!
  243. Hilarious Product Reviews for Zenith Defy Xtreme Tourbillon
  244. Omega Planet Ocean: 42mm or 45.5mm? (Epilogue)
  245. What watches can you put a Sinn U1 strap on?
  246. jaeger-lecoultre Tribue to Deep Sea (Limited Edition)
  247. ^^Thursdays Diver 1-13-11^^
  248. Looking for Timex T29781, where can I buy?
  249. The ubiquitous Seiko Monster
  250. New arrival: Seiko MM300