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  1. Need help choosing a dive watch
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  4. Lume .. what is the Obsession ?
  5. Drass watch
  6. Steel/Grey Dial RESCO Patriot -- Modem Burner and First Impressions
  7. Is this the Orig. case design that Laco now calls their Squad?
  8. Zixen: Mesh or Integrated Bracelet?
  9. ><(('< Watcha Wearin? January 11, 2011 or 1.11.11 >'))><
  10. Just pulled the trigger on a Sumo - finally!! UPDATE: Arrival!
  11. Halios Laguna prototype SPECS ADDED!!
  12. Azimuth proves itself with World Record Dive!
  13. Vintage Certina DS-2 super PH 1000m
  14. New Orange Monster mod from MCWW
  15. MotorCity WatchWorks?
  16. 1/10/11 Monday WRUW
  17. Surprised at toughness of BFK PVD
  18. Trying to decide on a new purchase
  19. Any Certina DS Podium (Big Size) wrist shots?
  20. Deep Blue - Helson - Seiko Sumo - TagHeuer 500M Full Black.....
  21. Strange GSAR accuracy fluxuation
  22. Sinn U1 or UTS 1000m?
  23. Longines Legend Diver Crowns Question
  24. Strap help for the Tsunami Kingsnake
  25. Citizen Battery Problem - Help!!
  26. New Prometheus O/D GMT Owner
  27. Marathon(Custom Bezel Marker Lume)??
  28. Eduacate me on Seiko Please ;)
  29. Would you Trade? Please advise ASAP! :)
  30. Tag Heuer for Seiko?
  31. Sunday - 9 January - WRUW??
  32. Does anybody have their Bathys on a bracelet?
  33. DaLuca strap on BaliHai PVD
  34. Dangerous9 Straps for Baliha'i Q
  35. Saturday Jan 8 *WRUW*
  36. B-42 MarineMaster enough? Sinn maybe?
  37. Go green
  38. The JSAR and why I love tritium
  39. Helson Sharkmaster blue destro reporting in
  40. My Newest Edition-The Jake B "Kingsnake" Tsunami
  41. Zodiac SSW 75Atm | Vintage Diver
  42. Need help with consolidation of divers for one tough, usable piece
  43. New Dive Watch...
  44. Question about SEIKO movement 4R15 (22 Jewels)
  45. 2011 Timepiece Goal #1 Accomplished!
  46. Artego Seaking Lemon Pics
  47. Gotta Love Summer
  48. I'm thinking of a BLUE ISOFRANE on a BLUE BLUERING........
  49. >>Friday Jan 7th - WRUW<<
  50. Any Swiss Divers do NOT use ETA 2824 variants, below $1000?
  51. Modified Ceramic Rolex Sub
  52. Difference between Oceaneer and OE
  53. When this one first came out I did not want to buy it but now........
  54. Just rec'd Wilson 2k
  55. Sinn U1 rubber strap...
  56. Helson Sharkmaster springbar to springbar length?
  57. Is Steinhart less lovable?
  58. newbie to Seiko, seeking advice for next purchase.
  59. HELP w leather band for KORSBEK OE
  60. How come perhaps the most useful pro dive watch isn't made by anyone?
  61. [HELP] New divers watch
  62. Gone and bought my first German dive watch...
  63. QUESTION For Bluering BLUE FACED Owners
  64. Hello! My first post, and I'm looking for suggestions for a new watch
  65. <<<**WRUW: Thursday, January 6**>>>>
  66. Just got my Zixen GMT PVD in Orange!
  67. Question about Wolf's Brick winder system
  68. Any Suggestions - problem with my MKll order
  69. New ISO for my Precista :)
  70. My New Zixen Trimix Pepsi
  71. Am I making a mistake here?
  72. I am considering buying a new Aquaracer 300m but I found these others in the $1300 range
  73. Damaged Spork diver from the bay........
  74. help requested Prometheus O.D. & benarus shark mesh
  75. @ mods: Trouble uploading pics...
  76. Vintage arrival: Ermano Lunamar, Super Compressor
  77. What to do with $2,000-2,500
  78. >>>WRUW: Wednesday, January 5, 2011<<<
  79. Damn! What a PloPlof!!!!
  80. MechaMechaMechaMecha
  81. OT: Diver Rick Allen injured in freak accident
  82. Aegir company introduction
  83. Artego Diver Arrives... Seconds hand loose and small ding on case ;-(
  84. Talk me into a Seiko SKX007K1
  85. Miros,Miros on the wall....
  86. Jaeger Le Coultre Master compressor Pro Geographic...
  87. Lady dive watch who makes them???
  88. $3,600 Vintage Citizen
  89. Best Quartz Movement
  90. Controversial Crux ready for the summer heat
  91. best 20mm "seat-belt" type dive strap
  92. Uhren von UHR Dive watches--Look good, good price.
  93. Wruw 01/04/11
  94. Polished Shark Mesh - Where to buy?
  95. Alpina 1000M Diver
  96. Helson Sharkmaster Black on Black 3 o'clock crown on its way!
  97. Back with the Navy ........
  98. Octopus number 152 arrived today
  99. Vdb
  100. Lum-Tec 500M-1 Photos & Review
  101. Bathys Bracelets
  102. Need Help getting started....
  103. New Arrival- Helson Sharkmaster on different bracelet
  104. Custom Deep Blue Master 2000
  105. Baltimore/DC GTG Jan 29th!!!
  106. 2011 Timepiece GOALS?
  107. are non-ETA movements a deal-breaker for you?
  108. >>>WRUW: Monday, January 3, 2011<<<
  109. Breitling Superocean 2 vs. Seiko Marine Master - what would you rather own and why?
  110. DLC pvd coating...
  111. Narrowed down the search for my next diver, Please vote!
  112. What was your best pickup from the WUS For Sale forum in 2010?
  113. 20th Anniversary Aqualand Owners...lug width???
  114. Introducing myself and inquiries
  115. problems with tsar
  116. Prometheus O/D GMT with Formal Attire ?
  117. >>> wruw - 01/02/2011 wrist parade <<<
  118. Ubiquity sticky situation
  119. new year, new watch. suggestions needed!
  120. Knock offs and hommages
  121. Wanted: Automatic GMT < 600$
  122. Fitted rubber for SEIKO Sumo?
  123. Hamilton Seaview 1000 Finally posted pics!!
  124. WRUW - Saturday, Jan 01 2011
  125. Inexpensive dive watch
  126. >>>>> wruw 1/1/11 -- new years day ? <<<<<
  127. Bathy's Benthic on a Isofrane
  128. Dive watch Friends! Advice needed on...
  129. What strap is this?
  130. Proteus Heads up...
  131. ---WRUW? New Years Eve, 31DEC2010---
  132. Mesh on an Orient Revolver???
  133. new diver - DEEP BLUE daynight diver .
  134. Helson Shark Diver vs. Zixen Trimix GMT
  135. dive master on watchadoo?
  136. Oris Titan c or Omega PO (dress watch)
  137. New Zixen Nitrox II with Link Bracelet
  138. What was your best Diver Watch purchase in 2010 ? (new watches only)
  139. In Market for new Diver
  140. WRUW Thursday 12/29/10
  141. Detomaso San Marino
  142. Gentlemen ?.The Benarus Moray II Thread
  143. Looking for a new diver, have some in mind but could use some opinions. Budget - $300-$600
  144. Just got a Prometheus Ocean Diver now what strap?
  145. PVD finish on a dive watch..need your advice
  146. Anybody know what type of strap/bracelet came on the Benrus Ultra-Deep Compressor?
  147. My Resco on bracelet
  148. ZIXEN Nitrox II: my last acquisition for 2010 but need your pictures to chose color:)
  149. One last addition for 2010
  150. what do you guys think of Invicta 9937/diver on bracelet budget time
  151. Flipped my Rolex Sub, thinking of getting a TAG Aquaracer
  153. What happened to the San Antonio Watch Company (SAWC)?
  154. Outstanding Service from Korsbek! (Pics)!
  155. Korsbek Oceaneer in a Combat Zone!
  156. Isofrane colours.
  157. Any Laco squad watch owners?
  158. WRUW? Wednesday, December 29, 2010
  159. T-100 Lume shots!!
  160. San Diego GTG - Vintage Rolex Diver PICS
  161. For those who owned both Benarus Megalodon & Helson Sharkdiver
  162. << Hi..my name is Subaqua Sub Specialty and I am Invicta's flagship ;-) >>
  163. Are Y'all Planning On Wearing Your Diver's To Start The New Year?
  164. Best places to hide you watch fund (Stash) from the wife.
  165. don't look if you hate cyclops - just put one on VDM500
  166. New model Tag Aquaracer 500m CHRONOGRAPH
  167. Muhle Glashutte Rasmus vs Seiko MM300
  168. Where to get Maratac Elite strap?
  169. Another one i just got >>
  170. Blue should be the color so WRUW?
  171. Newbie to ORSA
  172. 007 day ring problem?
  173. Helson Sharkmaster vs Zenton M45
  174. Gift from My Son, The ULTIMATE DIVER?
  175. Eterna Information
  176. OE on isofrane strap....
  177. --- WRUW? Monday, 27DEC2010---
  178. I want a 2000m Diver (catalog case) But which one?? Best value?
  179. Ultimate underdog? (Fossil "Endura" Limited Edition Blue Dial Diver)
  180. You Can Not Beat This For Customer Service****ZIXEN
  181. Helson Shark Diver + Orange Strap on a Christmas Dive Trip
  182. how to spot a fake Swiss Army Dive Master 500
  183. Oris ProDiver Date - Lots of Pictures
  184. Unbelievable Customer Service from ZIXEN...
  185. >>> Watcha Wearing Dec. 26th ? <<<
  186. Meg and Jenny
  187. My new O&W Diver >>
  188. Steinhart Vintage GMT on ISOfrane Orange or Black band?
  189. Triton 2000 meters
  190. My White Christmas Dial Diver
  191. Zixen Watches
  192. In Santa's stocking; Signature 300M (pics and impressions)
  193. Anyone wear a leather NATO??
  194. X-mas is here, Now it's decision time
  195. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - show of your Korsbeks.........
  196. >>>WRUW: Christmas, December 25, 2010<<<
  197. been away for awhile im looking at all black tritium dive watches ???? any new models out
  198. Micro-brews and aesthetic theory...
  199. Help Idenfity this Watch- Please?! (As seen on book cover of book "Adrift")
  200. Review: Prometheus Ocean Diver GMT
  201. New arrival from UTS
  202. CWC Dive watch owners question ?
  203. Irreantum Magellan Owners?
  204. WRUW Friday 12/24/10
  205. Omega Seamaster 120m/400ft "Baby Ploprof"
  206. A Quality Diver... need your help!
  207. Suggestions and Comparison of Size (SKX007 - Tissot and Edifice)
  208. I'm looking to buy my first dive watch.
  209. Just got this Zixen Trimix 1000M GMT!
  210. Anyone else get the Octopus email from Kemmner?
  211. Aftermarket AR on a Benarus Moray?
  212. New Zinex Nitrox II in the house
  213. No threads yet on the NFW ViperFish ???
  214. Thursday DIVERS Dec 23 2010
  215. WUW on the Eve of Xmas Eve?
  216. New Arrival
  217. Moray 2, in HD
  218. Show us your P V D's
  219. UTS in sf bay
  220. Resco Owners Thread
  221. If your in Philly go to Martin Pulli....
  222. Apologies to wus members and resco
  223. Artego Sea King in hand.
  224. Incoming: Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha
  225. Season's Greetings
  226. Season's Greetings from Prometheus Watch Company
  227. A higher quality tool watch suitable for everyday wear?
  228. <<Wednesday Divers 12-22-10>>
  229. Comparative review of the Steinhart and Debaufre Ocean 1 watches
  230. Disappointing experience with Doxa
  231. Bluering or Sumo or....... ?
  232. The Sexiest Vostok Amphibia You Will Ever See
  233. Rolex deepsea...
  234. What's with this Rolex thing?!
  235. Aquatimer 2000 or Planet Ocean
  236. How do you adjust shark mesh bands?
  237. Decided the vibration from my snowblower is too much for my auto....
  238. Seiko on leather...
  239. How do you adjust shark mesh bands?
  240. Seiko Samurai MOD, Finally landed!
  241. Recommend me a new diver?
  242. My new plastic LM-7 button...
  243. 12-21-10: TUESDAY WRUW Desk Divers
  244. Lumtec divers vs Citizen Ecozilla 300 m SS version
  245. Watch of the year for 2010
  246. Really jacked about the new combo I created! LM-7 on created Sinn heavy shark mesh
  247. Smoking BaliHa'i
  248. Minor Halios Laguna Update
  249. Deep Blue 2K .... Lume dial !!!!LUME SHOTS!!!!!!! (Orange and White Dial)
  250. Deep Blue Sun Diver. No to NATO?