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  1. Bluering or Sumo or....... ?
  2. The Sexiest Vostok Amphibia You Will Ever See
  3. Rolex deepsea...
  4. What's with this Rolex thing?!
  5. Aquatimer 2000 or Planet Ocean
  6. How do you adjust shark mesh bands?
  7. Decided the vibration from my snowblower is too much for my auto....
  8. Seiko on leather...
  9. How do you adjust shark mesh bands?
  10. Seiko Samurai MOD, Finally landed!
  11. Recommend me a new diver?
  12. My new plastic LM-7 button...
  13. 12-21-10: TUESDAY WRUW Desk Divers
  14. Lumtec divers vs Citizen Ecozilla 300 m SS version
  15. Watch of the year for 2010
  16. Really jacked about the new combo I created! LM-7 on created Sinn heavy shark mesh
  17. Smoking BaliHa'i
  18. Minor Halios Laguna Update
  19. Deep Blue 2K .... Lume dial !!!!LUME SHOTS!!!!!!! (Orange and White Dial)
  20. Deep Blue Sun Diver. No to NATO?
  21. Mosso Marino Automatic Diver Info?
  22. Lume on the 45mm Blancpain Fifty Fathoms
  23. Wuw 12-20-10
  24. 2010 divers/watches purchased; wat're yours?
  25. Marcel et Cie Diver
  26. what makes seller thnk its a 'military' dive?
  27. Eight Subs Was Apparently Not Enough
  28. Affordable diver for vacation?
  29. Which Diver's watch would you have if...
  30. Deep Blue Gone Wild?
  31. OT: Declaring lower value shipping internationally?
  32. How reliable are Marathon Watches? GSAR, MSAR, SAR owners let me know
  33. Amazing Oceaneer moment
  34. WRUW Sun 12/19/10
  35. Seiko Land Monster + Sinn on New Strap!
  36. Marathon GSAR lost its 12 o'clock triangle, so...
  37. Rubber strap help for divers
  38. Zixen, Zinex or Zenix?
  39. 6 pics of my new GRAIL diver!
  40. Two New and the SOTC
  41. Good week at the Pfund household! New divers in - JSAR vs Daynight OPS, Artego and more!
  42. DLC coated my Dievas Vortex
  43. Temperature & Movement Perfomance
  44. Scored a brand new vintage diver (Citizen JP3020)
  45. Any pics of DB Sea Diver 1k on their Rubber Strap?
  46. Seiko Stargate (some zulu & nato pictures).
  47. The Q has landed! (Bali Ha'i Q, initial thoughts)
  48. Saturday Divers 12-18-10
  49. Zixen: Going Above And Beyond For Their Clients
  50. The Helson 1000M on Isofrane ...
  51. Silver and gold, silver and gold.......
  52. What to do... sigh
  53. I'm feeling blue and lovin it!
  54. Citizen JP2000-08E Aqualand Diver
  55. IWC Aquatimer 2000 Inner Bezel?
  56. Tgif...wruw......
  57. New Nite Aqua 300m Tritium divers
  58. $300-$450 for a boutique dive watch, which to get?
  59. Seiko "Stargate" ALL Black Diver arrived today (SKZ329K1) (with Pics)
  60. Deep Blue M2k shots
  61. I have $650...
  62. Another one arrived today....
  63. My First Dive Watch
  64. Intro and Swatch
  65. WRUW Thursday 12/16/10
  66. a question about accuracy of seiko SKX 007
  67. Deep Blue All Lume Blue Dial just landed!!
  68. >>>POSEIDON<<< Is this *DIVER* worth looking into ??? (((PRICE IS RIGHT)))
  69. Kremmner Octopus or Helson Shark ?
  70. My new to me Blancpain Fifty Fathoms
  71. Lume shots of Helson Buccaneer?
  72. The Sharkmaster is in :) ...
  73. Win a just-released Ball Fireman Racer!
  74. LÜM-TEC 500M-3, Does anyone have a wrist shot?
  75. Boschett cave dweller ii arrived
  76. RESCO Update -- I'm getting 46.5 Hours of run time on my watch.
  77. Can you get a lumed bezel for a Seiko Monster?
  78. any Hard Metal dive watches out there?
  79. >>Wednesday 15th December - WRUW<<
  80. Deep Blue Ocean Diver 500 just arrived...
  81. moVas? Any experience?
  82. Marathon TSAR March 2009 - which movement is fitted?
  83. Marathon TSAR March 2009 - what movement is fitted?
  84. The beauty and appeal of bronze
  85. Seiko Sumo and 007 compatibility..
  86. Momentum/St. Moritz M1 quartz diver - movement by?
  87. Question about lume dot on bezel
  88. Artego 300M has landed....
  89. Artego Sea King ?
  90. >>Tuesday 14th December - WRUW<<
  91. In 11 months this will be mine.
  92. Just bought this from Jake B
  93. High Altitude Diving with Fernando Lozano
  94. 3 Deep Blues in a Week!!! Stan is the Man!!!
  95. Vittorium DeepDiver review
  96. Why not more titanium micro-brews....
  97. Vittorium DeepDiver DD360100
  98. My Seiko 'Stargate' is here... Some Q&Ds (better pictures to follow)...
  99. Kemmner TURTLE..... new look.
  100. A new record-breaker coming from Aeronaval Instruments-- and it's GNARLY!
  101. What is your favourite dive watch and food?
  102. Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Sping Bar Thickness?
  103. Input needed!!! Breitling Seawolf Ti or Speedy Pro to Diversify Dive Watch Collection
  104. Anyone have any pics of a JSAR on an orange Isofrane?
  105. Has anyone every stripped the "winding mechanism" on their watch?
  106. Wruw...12/13/10!
  107. A dive watch review.
  108. Which one do you guys prefer?
  109. Deep Blue Daynight Ops Deal - ShopNBC
  110. PRS-14 vs. SM300
  111. Any Desk Divers Out There Ever Consider Really Going Diving?
  112. G-shock frogman...
  113. Sunday WRUW? | December 12, 2010 |
  114. Post your Scubapro Branded Watches here.....
  115. 'Grand' Monster, anyone?
  116. New Resco
  117. Stainless Steel Case Vs. Titanium Case
  118. A cool Submariner 5510 with one owner ...
  119. Update: RESCO PATRIOT
  120. Group Buy...
  121. Someone know where to buy the new Seiko SKZ327K1 in Taipei..
  122. >>Saturday 11th December - WRUW<<
  123. Wow! 2 threads closed within 24 hours
  124. Jsar on 6.5 in wrist,how's it wear, help and opinions wanted.
  125. Share the Funny Comments that you have received while wearing a Diving Watch
  126. Sterile Dials - Yes or No?
  127. Group Buy Questions (Kemner case 2000M dive watch)
  128. New company New watch MKI
  129. Friday 10th Dec Wrist Check
  130. Can anyone talk me out of an Artego 300M?...
  131. Rattling inside my Seiko SKX 007
  132. Ok...which one of us won the bid? Pictures please?
  133. Science Question....
  134. I got this one coming
  135. Archimede SportTaucher - the german diver
  136. how do you buy steinhart?
  137. Christmas shopping giving you the "blues" ?? - Show off your "blues" divers
  138. Breitling Super Avenger Black Steel Limited edition - review by The Watch Observer
  139. What grade of movement in Hydro Explorer?
  140. OK I decided I am getting a Hydro Explorer...
  141. Advice for Christmas Present for Diver
  142. Anyone got a Deep Blue Alpha Marine?
  143. HELP: Lost my Invicta and cant find a replacement anywhere
  144. Wruw 12/09/10
  145. PDV durability question.
  146. Vdb iii
  147. New Helson Shark Diver
  148. Can you adjust the second hand on a Marathon TSAR
  149. Does Real Diver Need A Chronograph Diver?
  150. Deep Blue Ocean Diver 500
  151. Zixen Trimix on a test drive!!
  152. Seiko 5 Automatic SKZ253K1 or Deep Blue Sea Diver 1K?
  153. Anyone have contact info for Artego watches?
  154. Looking for an attractive dive watch. Suggestions?
  155. Wednesday WRUW - December 8 2010
  156. I don´t get the lame DOXA business model...
  157. Wednesday WRUW? | December 8, 2010 |
  158. Calling all Dive Kits
  159. How long does the Seiko Black Monster stay bright if it receives only room light
  160. Precista-14 vs Precista-3
  161. List of Fricker cases with crown at 4 o'clock?
  162. List of Fricker cases with HRV?
  163. Dressy dive watch for around 400 USD....
  164. Alternative Benrus Homage -worth it??
  165. My Christmas watch related present...
  166. New GAME for True Collectors/Enthusiasts!
  167. finding flaw with my HELSON SM1000
  168. Tuesday WRUW? | December 7, 2010 |
  169. new diver arrived today! (nauticfish advance 300)
  170. What it's worth???
  171. Micro Brew Stew
  172. New diver review
  173. What's looks like MKll Paradive?
  174. Accurist Super Waterproof 400
  175. Anyone else feeling left out?
  176. >>>WRUW: Monday, December 6, 2010<<<
  177. Wruw? The ultimate dive watch...
  178. Great "bang for the buck" watch takes me by suprise!
  179. Hydro Explorer on Isofrane Strap
  180. I'll be in Honolulu Dec. 6th - 12th / any dive watch fans there?
  181. Two very unusual vintage divers in da house!
  182. BLACK MONSTER CLUB starts here
  183. Vintage Zodiac Diver like Heuer 1000 Diver ?
  184. Do I need a winder??
  185. SBBN007 Gets a makeover >>>
  186. I need to find all these characteristics in a new dive watch
  187. WRUW Sunday Dec 5
  188. Damn right........1000m Invicta Venom (Chrono)!!
  189. Watch customization websites?
  190. Dwatch - holiday special
  191. 70 Dollar watch on 63.100 Dollar! (+ 4,90 Dollar shipping)
  192. Wruw 12/4/10
  193. Please Help L/Legend Diver
  194. Deep Blue Bluewater 500
  195. Got a Helson Sharkdiver this week!
  196. Latest Acquisition -- Still Trying to Get this Panerai Thing Right!
  197. I Think I Like This...but Could it Ever be Considered a Diver?
  198. BaliHa'i on an Isofrane
  199. Best source for NATOs these days?
  200. Citizen Ecozilla on Maratac PICS
  201. Dive Master 500 Bracelet comparison (Stock vs Watchadoo) w/pics
  202. A look inside the Bluering, and a question about Watchmakers.
  203. Montresor Caribbean 300m... any infos?
  204. Wruw tgif 12/03/10
  205. Helson Shark Diver 3rd Run?
  206. More photos of Seiko's new "Stargate" diver...
  207. MSAR Size
  208. "DEEPEST Guinness VERIFIED SCUBA DIVE = 318.25m Nuno Gomes"
  209. Please welcome our new sponsor AEgir Watches
  210. New Arrival: Swiss Army Dive Master 500 (w/pics)
  211. Waterproof
  212. I should just give Stan my bank account # !! Silver diver content!!
  213. My christmas gift to me: SEIKO SBDC001 Sumo (with pics)
  214. Looking for history of WR rating in watches
  215. Dievas Aqualuna? Quality? etc....???
  216. Good/Great Servicing Experiences
  217. Would you walk your dog with your diver? Would you put up decorations with your diver?
  218. Coming full circle -Can you relate?
  219. 2 new purchases!
  220. New BaliHa'i Q and PVD comparison images Artego,Helson,Baliha'i
  221. Michigan GTG
  222. Would you play tennis with your automatic diver?
  223. Request: Kobold vs. Resco comparo
  224. Longine Legend Help
  225. ^Which DIVER for Thursday 12-2-10^
  226. MK II: Is the wait too long?
  227. WAnted a good German diver under 800.00
  228. Halios Bead Blasted Brothers
  229. "Beater" dive watch?
  230. Would you go for ski with your automatic dive?
  231. Help: lost Prometheus OD lug screw
  232. Show me which divers you bought in November
  233. WRUW on Dec.1 ?
  234. Do you agree this is how you would choose a dive watch?
  235. Deep Blue Master 2000 Goldtone, some photos finally up!!
  236. Name that watch
  237. First Dive Watch!
  238. Kinda funny..........
  239. DOXA Watches Dec. 1st Early Christmas Sale, One Day Only!!!!!
  240. Recommend some divers..
  241. VSA Dive Master 500 on the way...did i get a good deal?
  242. Orange Isofrane arrived!
  243. WRUW 30th Nov - Tuesday
  244. help! can't get bezel off
  245. Tuesday WRUW? | November 30, 2010 |
  246. Seiko Monster vs Citizen Orca vs Citizen Eco-Zilla vs Seiko Kinetic diver
  247. Most visible Dive watch for walking at night
  248. My short review of my new Citizen JP2000-08E Auqualand Classic Divers.
  249. Suggestions on a watch
  250. A really cheap "diver."