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  1. DWP - Presentation
  2. Come look DEEP inside my BOX,my DIVERS BOX
  3. Halios Bluering Weight?
  4. Somebody have clear MM300 AR coat pic's?
  5. Info regarding my seiko diver.
  6. Incoming Grail - LNIB Mission Antarctica. What a find!!
  7. Registered trademark DEEPDIVER. Will this affect other brands?
  8. Sea Viper Update
  9. Anyone own a Hirsch Freestyle? Comments?
  10. DOXA with bezel in metres?
  11. WATCH-U-WEARING >>> Thursday, May 13th, 2010
  12. benarus pvd quartz, can u still get these?
  13. Oceaneer vs Hydro Explorer
  14. Seiko Solar Divers - New for 2010
  15. Omega Seamaster PO vs. Seiko Divers
  16. Brew's First Legit Dive watch
  17. Halios Holotype PVD Black dial New Arrival!!
  18. Info Luminox
  19. Prometheus Ocean Diver Chronograph
  20. Marathon MSAR mini-review
  21. Shark attack!
  22. Artego and Panatime - vintage goodness
  23. WATCH-U-WEARING >>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010
  24. New Helson Sharkdiver ETA just arrived!
  25. Benarus World diver GMT
  26. Newbie needs Help!!
  27. Steinhart Triton 100 ATM Stainless Steel
  28. What watch is your "trademark" watch that friends associate you with?
  29. Hooded lug diver - 40mm dia?
  30. PO vs. Doxa
  31. Postponed - WUS Server Move - PLEASE READ!
  32. Helson Shark diver blue face on new ISOfrane (pictures)
  33. Gucci Collection Pantheon
  34. Seiko bezel repair?
  35. Seiko Black Sumo!!!
  36. Bracelet not fitting right
  37. Recommendations on Dive Watch
  38. Marathon TSAR bezel insert
  39. Suggestions please
  40. <<<WRUW: Tuesday, May 11, 2010>>>
  41. GP Sea Hawk
  42. Zenton Watch
  43. Halios Bluering Review - Silver Dial
  44. What is This?!? BaliHa'i Pop Quiz....
  45. Two Worlds Collide - Boschett Cave Dweller on UTS Mesh
  46. Prometheus Ocean Diver GMT review
  47. DOXA worth the price of admission
  48. My Boschett Cave Dweller II is here :-)
  49. Collection pictures...
  50. Seiko Star Monster!!!
  51. Seiko Sinn!!!
  52. archimede sport taucher?
  53. WATCH-U-WEARING >>> Monday, May 10th, 2010
  54. Bluering spotted in Texas
  55. My BaliHa'i Q arrived this week... lots o' pics
  56. Recommended Special Ops watch?
  57. Helson Shark Diver ETA
  58. looking for a good GMT watch with good WR
  59. 2 different model #'s of Autozilla? Help please!
  60. Citizen Auto-Zilla!!!
  61. <<<WRUW: Sunday, May 9, 2010, Mother's Day [U.S.]>>>
  62. DWF terms Boutique divers/tool watches
  63. HELP NEEDED!!!Citizen Aqualand CO23
  64. Halios Bluering. A Canadian pictorial eh!
  65. Bonus and the green light
  66. Bored Saturday afternoon doodles.
  67. Pictures of BlueRing strap options
  68. Any Blue and Green Divers?
  69. Watches with Sawtooth Bezels?
  70. Post your UTS
  71. About to pull the trigger on a Blue Sumo, but...
  72. How do you guys...
  73. Poor Sea Devil !!!
  74. 5/8/10.....wruw
  75. Citizen Titanium Ecozilla Disc?
  76. see some heavy metal !
  77. Problem with doxa 1000T clasp
  78. Vintage Isofrane or something similar.
  79. Aqualand JP2004-07 with yellow luminous dial?
  80. Man did I do something DUMB!!!!!!!!
  81. Victorinox Dive Master 500 Automatic: how tough is the PVD?
  82. Stowa Seatime vs Marathon GSAR
  83. BaliHa'i Diver GMT Preorder
  84. I have always admired the Autozilla from afar...
  85. TGIF WRUW May 7
  86. Seiko Spring Drive 600M / NYC
  87. Casio Sea Analog Illuminator 200m Bands
  88. For those interested in the Q
  89. OK I just gave in and ordered my ISOfrane!
  90. Jewelers for Children
  91. Stronger dollar = more-affordable SAS
  92. A New Kremke Valkyrie
  93. Does anyone know of a dive watch with a.........
  94. Seth Knows Best! (and FedEx overnight rocks)
  95. Let see some Stowa Prodiver side wrist shots. Please!
  96. Trip to Jamaica / watch recommend?
  97. Vintage Citizen 300m professional diver's
  98. Steinhart Ocean
  99. W.r.u.w 5/6/10
  100. Megalodon pictures / video
  101. Swimming with Whale Sharks
  102. Website loads slow?
  103. Comparing Blue & Black Bluerings
  104. Now here is a teaser
  105. Bali Hai-Q
  106. Pita Barcelona Oceana PVD All Black
  107. Scubapro 500 lookalike
  108. question for owners of the new aquatimer (3568 series)
  109. Anti-magnetic?
  110. Rubber strap recommendations
  111. 5/5/10......Wrist check :)
  112. Megalodon and Holotype in ONE DAY!!!
  113. Seiko SRP043 the Dive Watch for Pilots...
  114. 2010 Sumo Different?
  115. If I had any
  116. anyone have experience with gnomonwatches.com?
  117. Autozilla Maintenance costs?
  118. Anyone actually dive with an Orient?
  119. Incredibly Cool Website - Archer Watches
  120. Tired of flipping....help!
  121. UTS 1000m V2 - Perfection
  122. Picture of Halios Bluering next to Seiko Sumo?
  123. Recommend me a waterproof leather strap?
  124. Recommend me a waterproof leather strap?
  125. We are looking for your help to build the watch you look for
  126. AEgir Updates?
  127. ***WRUW Tuesday May 4th***
  128. Noumea Dive Trip
  129. Halios bluering 6R15 movement in a watch winder
  130. on the fence below zero?
  131. Orient Mako worth adding to the collection
  132. I'm sorry but I went against the poll results and went with this.
  133. My new Helson Shark diver blue face
  134. i like them round and chunky
  135. Prometheus Watch Questionnaire
  136. Sub Showdown; Thoughts Please!
  137. As promised. My Zodiac Jigsaw
  138. Seiko Land Master Summiter!!!
  139. New "Dangerous" Shoes for my Ha'i Q
  140. Need Dive Watch Suggestions-Quartz
  141. Prometheus Watch Company Questionnaire
  142. Bathys Hawaii invites you to visit them at the 2010 JCK Show
  143. Bluering - Blue or Silver dial, anyone have them yet?
  144. Anyone know of a chunky Vintage Rolex deep sea special Homage other than Germano & Walter?
  145. Monday May 3rd Wrist Check
  146. Sea Dweller Evolution
  147. Is it possible to replace a flat sapphire with a domed one?
  148. Recomendation - Longines Legend or Doxa Sharkhunter
  149. Seiko Marine Master Tuna!!!
  150. My new dive watch just came in...
  151. What's new?
  152. Sunday May 2nd wrist check.
  153. Underwater watch shots - Cozumel Dec 2009 (modem burner)
  154. BLANCPAIN Fifty Fathoms 1000m Incabloc Automatic men's divers watch, cicra. 70s?
  155. 4 Black Beauties (sorry not all are dive watches)
  156. 40th Birthday diver suggestions
  157. Pictorial Comparo: Artego, OS 300M and Sumo
  158. GasBones Strap for my Bluering
  159. Sinn U1!!!
  160. Seiko Land Master SUS with new shoes!!!
  161. Really random question - 24mm strap keepers
  162. Productivity thread!
  163. WRUW for Saturday, date change time!
  164. OC destro and his brothers of another mother
  165. Kremke still available?
  166. just picked up a PRS-18Q
  167. Some of my divers
  168. Marathon watches in action
  169. A BLANCPAIN DIVER WATCH in the 70's?
  170. I think I just found my grail!!
  171. Massively Domed Crystals
  172. TGIF! Wrist Check for April 30th >>>
  173. How thick is your Diver?
  174. DWP - Official Announcement !!
  175. Which of the deluge of new divers are YOU holding out for?
  176. Benarus Remora: another cool one coming down the pipeline
  177. Zodiac SSW 1000m and Navy Seals
  178. Heavy Metal in NYC last night.
  179. Artego Bead Blasted Blue Dial
  180. New Pics of the Artego 300m - * (More Photos Added)
  181. Glycine Combat Sub
  182. WRUW Thursday 29.04.2010.
  183. Emperor Tuna gets new shoes with PVD Iso Frane>>>>>>>>
  184. Tutima DI 300 questions
  185. Marathon Maple Leaf Auto SAR/GSAR
  186. Bremont Norton
  187. Artego Blue Dial/PVD arrives
  188. Bluering today in Cancun
  189. The best service you ever heard of from a watch company
  190. Crystal thickness
  191. Can I see pics of your watch stands?
  192. Have you guys seen the new Azimuth Diver? I was speechless!
  193. Anyone else wear a dive watch as a dress watch??
  194. Wednesday 28th - what u got on?
  195. JLC Master Compressor Diving experience with rubber-clad crowns
  196. Orange Monster or BaliHai Q on Mesh??
  197. Bathys 100 F no where near the water
  198. Jsar owners, a question/opinion
  199. New Dive Watch
  200. BaliHa'i Today in Cancun
  201. bezel ratchet parts for 7548 ?
  202. The strap that ressurrected a watch!
  203. How about Zenton gettin it's own thread?
  204. Isofrane 20mm and blue
  205. Tuesday: Which is on your wrist today?
  206. Which Arctos SEKM diver should I buy, PVD or SS?
  207. Which do you recommend for actual use?
  208. Country of Origin/Manufature?
  209. Blasphemy Never Looked so Good!
  210. What about warranty or after sale service?
  211. Monday WRUW? | April 26, 2010 |
  212. UTS vs Sinn vs others
  213. Divers through the eyes of a child...
  214. Uhrmerchanick sponsor of the month
  215. My Baliha'i PVD
  216. **Surprise Combo For My Auto-Zilla**
  217. A nice little trick
  218. JSAR vs. Helson Shark Diver
  219. Seiko Land Master!
  220. SUNDAY 25TH Roll-Call
  221. Zeno airplane diver GMT 500m
  222. Trouble finding suitable dive watch
  223. Nice MKII Mod inbound
  224. Another "new" oldie today...mvt ID?
  225. Magrette Moana Pacific diver
  226. Sphere - the film...
  227. Custom Strap from Joe (EcoZilla Content)
  228. Better than sex!!!
  229. News on Helson Sharkdiver?
  230. Citizen Mission Antarctica - What is the "going rate" now that most need to be serviced?
  231. Have to stop visiting OceancTime
  232. black face/black bezel - who was first?
  233. Watch-u-wearing SATURDAY roll call!
  234. Nautilus original 200m get wet watch
  235. What are some of the watches that actually gain value as time passes by?
  236. Stowa Prodiver Baselworld follow-up
  237. Genuine Seiko Monster?
  238. Rolex SDDS video
  239. Blue Accents?
  240. Taking diving lessons; don't want to look like a poser
  241. Please welcome Bathys Hawaii as the new DWF sponsor
  242. TGIF! What's on your wrist???
  243. Soooo, my wife asks me.....
  244. Do you 'get' Magrette's engraved watches? Plus some philosophicalish rambling
  245. What should I put on My Bluering?
  246. Got my SA Dive Master today
  247. ARTEGO Watches is up and running
  248. Best Dive Watch for around $1500 USD
  249. Dive Thursday April 22, 2010
  250. Thoughts and feelings on the Doxa 800ti