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  1. Suggestion of which diver for me???
  2. A little reflection trick.
  3. A day at the beach with my Trimix
  4. A question for Trimix owners..
  5. High Torque Quartz?
  6. Sunday, August 9th. What's on your wrist on this day of rest?
  7. NATO Straps
  8. Function of Assymetrical Bezels?
  9. why do some bezel pips not line up perfectly?
  10. 24mm Oyster Bracelet
  11. Krieger Oceano 200m------need info
  12. JSAR or Subzilla, which is bigger?
  13. WRUW: Saturday 08 August 2009
  14. Deep Blue Master Timer Chrono/Strap for $199.00
  15. Teaser - Benarus Moray BRG
  16. Why no Longines forum?
  17. Oregon GTG:
  18. Another display of mind-boggling ignorance...
  19. Momentum M1 Deep 6: My First Review
  20. My new seiko 007 and some concerning stuff.
  21. My PVD Bezel arrived today
  22. Watching For the Cure Watch 4 - Stealth Monster (Extended through Aug. 17)
  23. PRS 50B wearing black/gold/white by Bradystraps...
  24. promaster on bracelet
  25. VIXA... where are you guys?
  26. Friday Aug 7/09 What's on your wrist?
  27. Favorite Color Combination(s):
  28. EZTEEM Lynx Aqua
  29. Prometheus CR1 review
  30. About the Tissot seastar 1000.
  31. Sinn U1 Spring Bar Question
  32. PVD coating samples>
  33. Pics of the new Omega Ploprof (There can be only ONE!!!)
  34. Dc, MD, VA GTG
  35. Thursday, August 6th. What's on your wrist today?
  36. Great beater for the buck!! Sottomarino
  37. Bathys-Cross one off the short list...Unboxing pics
  38. Making Progress .... One Step Backwards at a Time
  39. Tip: How to keep scratches off the case back of your watch.
  40. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  41. Heavy, heavy dive pics thread
  42. Ollech and Wajs?
  43. Web Site observation
  44. the ultimate ladies diving watch
  45. Shc039
  46. Dievas Z[eta] Phantom
  47. Hump Day >> AUG 5th << WRUW
  48. Stowa Prodiver lume vs Seatime lume?
  49. Advice on cushion diver
  50. wind up, or wound down?
  51. History of Squale Watches?
  52. My new Luminox Ultimate Seal Chronograph Professional Diver 8152 bright steel.
  53. some help please
  54. What Is Your Favorite Discontinued Watch (non-vintage)?
  55. Tuesday 8/4/09 WRUW?
  56. PRODIVE Gaurdians
  57. It was inevitable! pic-a-plenty
  58. Do you wear your dive watch on your right wrist so the crown isn't digging into your wrist
  59. PO45 impressions, orange you interested?
  60. Zinex Trimix Pepsi GMT with PVD Trimix GMT..............
  61. looking for a good quartz 200m diver and spotted this
  62. Looky, Another Tissot Seastar Mod (PART II)
  63. Monday August 3rd WRUW
  64. cuda lume!
  65. Shark Week starts tonight!
  66. do you wear your watch on the inside or outside of your wrist and why
  67. A Shameless Plug for the Cure....
  68. Diver suggestions needed; feeling jaded
  69. Denver Area WIS GTG
  70. Did anyone see the sale at Marcello C?
  71. SUNDAY >> August 2nd << What's going on, lads?
  72. Oris regulator vs. Ball trieste
  73. What do you think
  74. My "Ultimate Seal" got stolen today...
  75. Better pictures of my NEW SBBN015
  76. PVD Bezel Order
  77. U-Boat watches?
  78. It's raining here so WRUW for 8/1/09?
  79. My Retro Divers on Tropics
  80. SUMO got new "contacts" - AR Sapphire
  81. Zinex new "heliox" pre-ordering instruction
  82. Benarus has the BEST customer service
  83. Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m Question
  84. New Arrival :)) Vintage Roamer SEAROCK
  85. Beater... really?
  86. Halios or Benarus SeaDevil???
  87. Heliox pics on website!
  88. Quick picture of my latest!
  89. Marinemaster bracelet - half links available anywhere?
  90. Opinions on serket reef diver 2.0?
  91. KREMKE Subzilla (review)
  92. FRI >>>JULY 31st<<< WRUW
  93. Who's excited about Halios Bluering
  94. Any ETA based divers under $300?
  95. HELIX Okto (BEST deal going)
  96. Time to go Offshore!
  97. Low end dive watches: Casio, Momentum, others?
  98. Anyone know what happened to Alon (Dwatch)?
  99. Charity begins at home...
  100. Do you have a watch that vexes you?
  101. Oris at The Underwater Centre (video)
  102. Need info/ eval. Of aquanautic king cuda
  103. Decisions, Decisions too many options - (Doxa, Zinex, Halios, MKII)
  104. Thursday >> JULY 30th << WRUW
  105. Review: Invicta Reserve Pro Diver COSC 4467
  106. BlackSteel Winter Swim
  107. Ocean7 LM-3 on the way
  108. Seiko Tuna Can...where can you buy?
  109. Your opinion needed on SEIKO 5H26-7A10 (Divers 200m quartz)
  110. Announcing the new Watchuseek Blog
  111. What tool you recommend max. 1000$ ?
  112. New arrivals
  113. Bangor daily news.
  114. I thought you would like to know... original PRS 50
  115. Boschett Ocean Mariner?
  116. WURW Wednesday 29 July 09...Late Start
  117. Older PVD Divers
  118. Trades
  119. AJ0100 vs. BN0000?
  120. Hazards at the beach
  121. learning all about seikos
  122. 24mm replacement spring bars for Panerai...
  123. just picked up a ecozilla and would like to get it blasted...
  124. Opinion on Arctos Elite 2000M Concept
  125. Water Resistance of the MDV-102?
  126. Subzilla Strap Selection...Yea or Nay?
  127. Orsa Monstrum
  128. Are there features you like that others seem to hate...And do you care?
  129. PVD Bezel's are here
  130. WURW Tuesday 7/28/09
  131. Your weekend watch?
  132. new incoming
  133. Fitted Rubbers...
  134. New rubber for my Prodiver
  135. Kind of a dive post...
  136. When was the first....?
  137. Subzilla Tactical
  138. New bracelet option for the Seiko Sumo
  139. HELP with Jsar!!
  140. 37th Birthday Present, Number 37 Sea Devil.
  141. Watchuseek joins Lance Armstrong in the fight against cancer
  142. I found a cheap caseback opener...
  143. Monday July 27 WRUW
  144. I am close to buying a OE, but I am concerned..
  145. I was conned! Need Advice
  146. 1st post this section- what do you wear to work? AKA My Fun Job!
  147. New Camera - Playing with Divers' lights
  148. Zeno Sea Hunter
  149. 2 New Divers - OM and Cave Dweller
  150. Hi all, first post here :)
  151. Tsar Problem after a year.
  152. SUNDAY, JULY 26th >> Quick Wrist Check!
  153. Considering Longines Hydroconquest Chronograph
  154. Deep water test video
  155. Bathys - I get it.
  156. Anyone up for a game of "name that watch in the lume pic? ;-)
  157. 3 New Tools in One Week!
  158. Aristo with old Heuer Case?
  159. this citizen diver it's appropriate for my wrist....
  160. My Two Germans
  161. Ekranoplan Diver - Caspian Sea Monster!
  162. OE #16 wearing new shoes... and a new hat
  163. Citizen Vs Seiko Divers
  164. ==>>WRUW Sat. 7/25/09
  165. I Just Can't DO IT!
  166. Tight Bezel suggestions?
  167. Awaiting my OE
  168. Nautic Timer no longer made?
  169. UNVEILED: GMT Mil-Sub
  170. What is a Tool Watch?
  171. Hello Watchuseek from RGM,
  172. Watching For the Cure Watch 3 - Custom RGM SEA 3 (BNIB) with three straps
  173. Looky, Another Tissot Seastar Mod...
  174. 24 friday
  175. What is the ugliest watch that you LIKE?
  176. what think ye of bead blasted cases?
  177. Some cool Watch Paintings
  178. RICOH WATCH SCUBA 150mt
  179. Is a SS bracelet cooler than a rubber/leather strap??
  180. Trimix Fans...A New One Arrives...
  181. Diving watches from the 70's
  183. Has anyone looked on the Halios blog lately?...
  184. Thursday July 23 Watch U Wearing???
  185. My newest 'sort of' diver.....
  186. Just traded for a BNIB OE
  187. Panerai Incoming. Lots of pics :)
  188. Been without a dive watch for too long, so
  189. Wednesday JULY 22 Watcha Got On ?
  190. Do Zulu or NATO straps work on Tutima
  191. Question on vintage divers
  192. Bathys on my Blog
  193. capeland diver
  194. Update from John at Bathys - NYT best-selling author chooses Bathys over Bell and Ross
  195. Has anyone found Spring Bars for Enzo's?
  196. Can't decide....help
  197. My Corvus Bradley
  198. >> Tuesday July 21st << Quick Wrist Check!
  199. My new favorite beater -- Scubapro???
  200. Brings new meaning to the term "dive bar"...
  201. Halios Holotype Delivered and unboxed
  202. New Dwatch
  203. Oceaneer Review at Gear Patrol
  204. Breil Midway Kaiman?
  205. Monday July 20th <<< WRUW >>>
  206. Talk about your grails..........
  207. Any DWATCH wrist shots out there?
  208. seiko 6309 still strong
  209. Introducing the Corvus Bradley Dive Watch. Now shipping!
  210. Ball Trieste underwater pictures
  211. Dark Sunday
  212. Review of BaliHa'i (PVD)
  213. A "Grail Watch" is there in the "Big Picture" moments of your life. Mine on 7/18 6:38 am
  214. Decisions on makers
  215. Latest Vintage Diver, unique case, & story...Modems Beware
  216. The "Yogi" Wrist Shot
  217. Just arrived: New diver (Planet Ocean)
  218. Orange Divers Under $500
  219. Weekend Wrist Check >> JULY 18th + 19th << WRUW
  220. Dial diameter on the UTS 500m or 1000m??
  221. Let's See the Wabi!
  222. Looking for a small orange dive watch
  223. PVD Bracelet
  224. Oris Diver Crown Tube Question
  225. Update on Zinex Heliox? New Pics?
  226. Gasket/Seal requirements for various depths:
  227. Rolex Submariner (Torture Test)
  228. IT"S HERE!!!!!!!!!! MKII LRRP MilSub
  229. Did someone lose their diver in Ohio?
  230. B&R v IWC this or that....what would you do?
  231. Guys, it's FRIDAY! What's going on? Let's see'em!
  232. this story has it all! dive watch sighting.
  233. Do you live with swirlies?
  234. My Ocean Explorer Explores an Ocean!
  235. A new diver watch.......................................
  236. Sneak peak of Prometheus Ocean Diver Chronograph
  237. My Divers
  238. New one on the wrist - Omega Seamaster!
  239. Is there a dive watch that fits the description inside?....
  240. Luxor Neptune 1000M back with a vintage re-lume (pic intensive)
  241. Scratched PVD
  242. Thursday >> JULY 16th << WRUW
  243. have you seen this OceanicTime blog by TLex - AWESOME!!!!!!
  244. Maratac Attack!
  245. Can sombody help me out with a simple "spring bar" question??
  246. Went a little crazy this week...
  247. Small tool divers?
  248. 4 amigos
  249. UTS 3000M with leather strap
  250. What would you think this Diver is worth?