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  17. SAR, JSAR, GSAR, TSAR, DSAR, whaaaaat?
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  24. Happy B day, André
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  26. I have fallen off the wagon.
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  31. Watches with this kind of bezel?
  32. Orsa Monstrum crystal swap
  33. Made in Japan (twice)
  34. Another Holotype Pictorial (Black Dial Beadblasted case)
  35. TGIF ><(('< ROLL CALL >'))>< 19 June 09
  36. Another Zinex Trimix LE Big Date Finds a Home!
  37. If you had to choose, would it be one grail watch or a variety of mid-priced watches?
  38. New Wenger GST Diver
  39. New Arrival - Photos
  40. Incoming - Landmonster
  41. I sold a few watches and .....
  42. Certina DS-3 re-edition case back
  43. WRUW - June 18 Thursday
  44. What do U lads think of these 2 new Hamilton Below Zero 1000Ms?
  45. Casio MD-703-1AV on Bond and Red Stripe Zulu
  46. Would you trade ?
  47. More Holotype hype.
  48. Summer Vacation Part3(modem killer)
  49. Summer Vacation Part2(modem killer)
  50. Summer Vacation Part 1(modem killer)
  51. How many watches do you have with rubber strap?
  52. Rotary Aquaspeed?
  53. Wenger Aquagraph 72176
  54. Dressy Diver Choice ~$1000-$1500
  55. HUMP DAY >> JUNE 17th << WRUW
  56. New Corvus Bradley Dive Watch Lume Shot
  57. Any Rectangular or Square Dive Watches?
  58. Anyone notch 22/24 rubber for Monster?
  59. New Member/New Watch
  60. Daft question from a landlubber
  61. Sinn U2 (EZM 5) vs. Seiko Marine Master 300m
  62. WWWYC: Victorinox Divemaster 500 vs. Wenger Aquagraph 1000
  63. Oceaneer on Baseball strap
  64. How are Ball Dive Watches?
  65. The bezel insert of Trmix….
  66. New TSAR - Crown Hard to Pull
  67. Tuesday WRUW
  68. new dive watch! OKTO DIVE L-05
  69. Are all Oris TT1 bracelet's polished?
  70. Doxa 1000T Pro Verse Prodiver?
  71. Just picked up my Bradley....
  72. New Arrival: LM-7
  73. Sydney in the Rain
  74. Thanks Halios...
  75. Best dive watch for $700-$800??
  76. FYI - Orient 300m for $999 today (June 15)
  77. Please help me find a sub-$1000 diver with a WHITE dial
  78. GSAR mod?
  79. New Addition to the Watching for the Cure Cause
  80. ...monday 15 june 2009...
  81. Anyone put black rubber on a Boschett Reef Ranger?
  82. Considering my first diver
  83. Tiny arm.........
  84. bernhardt globemaster photos
  85. New Arrival! Serket Reef Diver 2.0
  86. whre to buy an ENZO MECHANA
  87. Mesh bracelet options for divers: Omega, Jurgens, Lonestar, others?
  88. Opinions Please!!
  89. New TRIMIX PVD LE - Photos
  90. Anyone ever put a Ted Su Dive Strap on Omega 2254?
  91. Zodiac ZO8002 orange diver
  92. Citizen dive watch bn0065-50e
  93. The taking of Breitling 123 .........
  94. So....who does not dive here ???
  95. Benrus type II class A US military Diver
  96. Hello, how does it all begin for you?
  97. What a difference (the lack of ) a cyclops make
  98. vintage straps
  99. Orsa Sea Angler Not Running
  100. Luminox bezel
  101. Benarus Moray Preproduction photos now available
  102. Anyone can direct me where i can find a 22mm Black Stainless steel Bracelet?
  103. Can't decide help...
  104. Beaters vs. luxury: How much does the activity determine what you wear?
  105. Did I get a Deal..Beuchat?
  106. LM1 & OE size comparison?
  107. TGIF! >> JUNE 12th << What's on for today, fellas?
  108. Who wants Zinex to build more Trimix Vintage Pepsi GMTs?
  109. Can anyone help me find this watch?
  110. New Precista PRS-50
  111. In-person Inspection
  112. modders help!!
  113. info and opinion about casio MTD1054
  114. Sinn U2 EZM 5 PVD pictures . . . please
  115. Two in Two Days
  116. question about solid end links and hang tags
  117. Help me decide
  118. IWC Aquatimer Release
  119. If Captain America wore a watch.....
  120. any other divers comparable to features/price of this Traser model?
  121. Thursday >> JUNE 11th << WRUW
  122. Halios on Gasbone Strap
  123. My last two new divers...
  124. Zinex Trimix Vintage Edition LE Pepsi 2000M GMT
  125. Mink in da house...
  126. Smaller Sized Dive Watches
  127. Watch Security
  128. Purchasing watches new vs. used? Your thoughts?
  129. The one that got away...
  130. Comparison of Trimix LE, SubZ Tactical, and U2.
  131. I'm done (for now)
  132. New arrival!
  133. Some pics of my Revue Thommen Cricket Nautical 200m
  134. Okay, so whats the deal with the reissued PloProf?
  135. Watchu Wearing 10 June 09 ??
  136. Zinex Trimix LE Brushed finish with Big Date
  137. Miyota movement stutter?
  138. 1 more day...
  139. test post
  140. Hopeless wis
  141. new diver from alpina
  142. Pic request SxS Zinex Trimix and O7 LM-6
  143. "Budget Diver.........Need Help?
  144. An Italian pro mine diver
  145. Recreational Swedish and Finnish divers found a Soviet WWII submarine in the Baltic Sea
  146. How do you guys justify and/or hide your watch purchases?
  147. new ruber for my stowa
  148. casio mdv-102 diver - simple mod
  149. My New Fav!
  150. New Arrival - Seiko Marinemaster 300
  151. Amazing Benarus (Sea Devil)
  152. Omega Bracelet Sizing/Stretch?
  153. Favorite Watches in Movies/TV
  154. Presentation of Prometheus silicone tropic strap
  155. Tuesday 9th June...WRUW
  156. Incoming!!
  157. Knock Knock
  158. Bathys Wahine
  159. Hirsch Extreme -- Need a match
  160. what can you tell me about this Zodiac?
  161. Incoming: Bathys Hawaii
  162. A "what the helk" post...
  163. Antigua dive sites??
  164. Orsa Monstrum back from bead blasting and with new strap - PICS
  165. Is the new Ploprof in stores already?
  166. New Diver on the way!
  167. My Korsbek OE on real ammo strap!
  168. Zinex Trimix GMT Black Pirate
  169. My new diver, which should I Buy?
  170. Look At what I did to my ECOzilla SS
  171. Girard perregaux deep diver gyromatic 1965
  172. uni directional winding
  173. Look what I got today...
  174. any brand: big S.S. or Ti, orange face, date, sapphire, tritium, wide black rubber
  175. Longines Legend Diver: lets see your custom strap choices...
  176. ...monday 8 june 2009...
  177. A List of >300 meter Dive Watches
  178. Pvd??
  179. A plethora of Dive Watch Love
  180. Rank Your Dive Watches
  181. Which watch to buy for my wife?
  182. Which would you keep & why?
  183. My Brand New Oceaneer!
  184. The One I Chose...
  185. Does Oris watches hold their value?
  186. Reactor Trident OceanicTime
  187. Rubber strap options for the Seiko 600m SD (SBDB001)?
  188. Which UTS model is this?
  189. What is the best source for spring bars?
  190. Weekend Wrist Check! Post'em here, lads >>>
  191. DLC vs. ADLC?
  192. Watches with long sleeve shirts - in or out?
  193. New shoes
  194. New SEIKO 5 Orange
  195. Weight & thickness limitations w/small wrists?
  196. ** Zinex Trimix PVD LE - First Pics and Impressions!!
  197. Corvus Bradley teaser (Update)
  198. Ocean7 PVD LM-7 Pics
  199. Funny little article on a watch being eaten by a fish...
  200. Favorite Divers on wrist
  201. Archimede's New Taucher
  202. How rough are you on your Legend Diver ??
  203. IT'S FRIDAY !! WRUW - June 5th 2009
  204. Limes 1Tausend Series II Chronograph as diver watch
  205. Bathys Benthic lug-to-lug
  206. New Diver Addition To the Family
  207. Where dive watches only meant to be used as a 60 minute timer?
  208. My Day With NUMA - Story and Pictures
  209. What has your experience been with the small dive watch manufacturers?
  210. Gift Wrapped it today
  211. Reactor Watches. Any owners..What do you think?
  212. Who has the Serket Reef Diver 2.0
  213. Say hello to my little friend
  214. anyone know anything about this seller?
  215. Strap for OM? The never-ending debate…
  216. Oris? Would you recommend one?
  217. Thursday June 4th WRUW
  218. New watch - custom (?) Seiko
  219. Incoming: Yobokies Night Monster Mod
  220. Off topic - Any tennis fans from France out there on WUS ?
  221. You Will Not Find This One in the WUS Manufacture Links Page
  222. Mine halios PVD/yelow dial
  223. Anyone used the Laco Squad for actual diving?
  224. plastic in movements, watches, etc
  225. Hi guys, I need some help - for ecozilla, SS bracelet owners (usa version)
  226. Need help for a Dressed up Diver Purchase
  227. Tag Heuer help needed!
  228. Best Rubber Strap?
  229. Wednesday WRUW?
  230. DWATCH Custom (Review)
  231. Best For Dive Watch for <$200
  232. Bernhardt Owners - Servicing: Please Chime In.
  233. Help me decide
  234. Bathys "waterproof" leather strap
  235. BH on mesh
  236. New camera,new photos
  237. Cool new cheapo diver ... mini review
  238. Citizen 20th Anniv Aqualand
  239. New Benarus 1km
  240. WRUW Tuesday 2nd June
  241. Old Skool Dive Watch - Your thoughts please
  242. New Arrival...It's Electric!
  243. Replica watches.....better than chocolate?
  244. New Arrival
  245. Help Marathon J SAR info
  246. Went to the BLADE show in ATL this weekend
  247. How do you store your dive watch(es)?
  248. Deal or no Deal?
  249. Friendly reminder that I almost forgot!
  250. Has anyone tried this orange faced Casio diver?