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  16. Wrist Check for Tuesday 03 Mar 2009?
  17. Can you swap a SAR 60 Click Bezel for a 120?
  18. alternative to screwbars?
  19. What to do....?
  20. Tool Diver Short List
  21. So what requirements does a watch need to have to be a true divers watch?
  22. Tissot Sea-Touch
  23. My watch journey (the story of a broke student)
  24. question on tax/custom when shipped from out of US
  25. The OE is HUGE, but I'm Pretty Sure I Can Pull it Off
  26. Monday {March 2, 2009.. WRUW?
  27. Looking for CHUNKY and TRITIUM
  28. How do you decide on a watch?
  29. Mon March 2 : ROLL-CALL
  30. New diver chrono in the haus...
  31. Bezel dial alignment
  32. BaliHa'i Straps - helping you keep watches on your wrist, one strap at a time
  33. NEW: Dievas AquaLuna on Sport Strap [Pic Intensive]
  34. Triton or Sumo?
  35. Had a Mini-GTG in South Carolina (pic intensive)
  36. Couldn't live without it! (TSAR)
  37. New Favre-Leuba Forum
  38. Check this video
  39. straps for omega?????
  40. Orient Mako pics...finally.
  41. Problem with sar bracelet
  42. Help me justify
  43. Finally Decided..
  44. Warning Gratuitous Dive Watch Content:
  45. German Engineering
  46. Must See Commercial:
  47. Shark Hunting
  48. SAR Screw Problem
  49. TAWATEC M7 Titan Diver
  50. SUNDAY watches < March 1, 2009 > Let's see them!
  51. Longines Hydroconquest lumed second hand???
  52. WRUW this Weekend
  53. Will a Watchadoo bracelet fit on a SA DM 500?
  54. boschett cave dweller or halios holotype
  55. Please help, question about Longines Legend Diver.......
  56. My New PRS-14 Arrived Today
  57. Is my Black Monster done "breaking in" now?
  58. Marathon CSAR questions
  59. Saturday 28th Roll-Call
  60. My latest
  61. My new Aqualung arrived today.
  62. Finally Got One!
  63. Underwater Digital CAmera
  64. Help me decide on a real diver
  65. My new diver + my first post
  66. a trip to meet IWC
  67. Alpina extreme diver pics
  68. My first Bell & Ross a BR-02
  69. Decisions... Which of these could you live with?
  70. What do you guys think of this diver?
  71. Some photos of mine Dievas Aqualuna.
  72. Alls well that ends well - Kent Parks Zinex update
  73. Going to bed so WRUW 2/27/09?
  74. Seeing Black with the Corvus Bradley Dive Watch
  75. ZINEX in da house!
  76. Aqualuna Blue
  77. Replacement Orient Mako and great service
  78. Pin options for Trimix strap change?
  79. Cheap Automatic Diver.
  80. Post your blue TUSA
  81. Anyone have a side by side of Marathon SAR and Seiko Monster
  82. Hadley Roma Bead Blasting
  83. Bernhardt Corsair v. Boschett Reef Ranger
  84. Help with aquadive
  85. New thing with startups?
  86. Pics of my new Monster mod from Yobokies. Wow.
  87. My new/old diver
  88. Diving in Bonaire...lots of pics!
  89. Thursday >> FEB 26th << WRUW
  90. Incoming
  91. UTS side-by-side pics request
  92. Bathys Hawaii Lunar Wahine youtube
  93. Worst name ever - but kinda like the watch
  94. Aquagraph
  95. POST your White dial divers
  96. Advice on an Orange Dial Diver
  97. Glycine combat sub quartz
  98. Which Divers have crowns at 4 o'clock?
  99. Bathys gmt???????
  100. Bought two watches in one week...
  101. Bali Ha'i On order and Hello from a new member
  102. What are you wearing - Weds 25 Feb 2009
  103. Bathy's did not answer email, TWICE?
  104. watches with real use wear/damage
  105. Seiko SBBN007 Tuna question
  106. Trimix on Omega mesh
  107. Sidetracked from my Grail diver quest again!!
  108. Comparison... Citizen Divers...
  109. Anyone have the WCT diver?.............
  110. Mission Antarctica - photos, please
  111. Composite strap on the Trimix.
  112. Ralph Tec WRX
  113. Vixa Watches
  114. Tues WUW 24/2/09
  115. Whats a good starting watch?
  116. Does anyone here own this watch?
  117. anyone got a Certina DS 60s 500m prototype?
  118. Help with BaliHa'i T-Shirt
  119. What are you waiting on?
  120. Trimix Bracelet Options
  121. Ratio of high, middle, and low end watches in your collection -
  122. Amazing how a little polished steel can change a watch
  123. Sailcloth strap Group Buy - Round 2 with goodies!
  124. UTS 500 inbound need help with a bracelet
  125. New watch.....
  126. help me to choose : OrisTT1 or stowa seatime
  127. Submarine steel under the ice shelf
  128. WRUW Monday 23 Feb 2009
  129. How to make sure it's waterproof?
  130. Bracelet Help
  131. New Dive watch and storage box
  132. Shipping takes SO LONG, I want my JSAR !!!
  133. Need A sub 1000$ diver/Tool watch -advice please
  134. Will I get my Ti Benthic before I go to Hawaii next month?
  135. Which is more likely to take a lickin and keep tickin?
  136. SAR springbar questions
  137. 2/22 [Triple 2's] WRUW
  138. Vintage Supper compressor!!!
  139. VSA Dive master 500 or Benarus Sea Devil or other suggestions
  140. Anyone get there LM7 back from O7 yet?
  141. Dive Show - Legends with Legends Book
  142. My Latest. Doesn't really belong here:)
  143. Zodiac Oceanaire Auto.... Opinions?
  144. Sector Ocean Master
  145. WRUW for Saturday
  146. IWC Aquatimer 1000m - opinions?
  147. Omega Diver Generations
  148. For Vintage PVD lovers only ;-) (who isn't?)
  149. new watch, 1st citizen promaster
  150. Longines Legend Lug to Lug Distance?
  151. Ocean7 Spring Bar Question - also posted on O7 forum.
  152. Replacement Bezel Inserts
  153. Modern homage to vintage divers
  154. I need Help
  155. Citizen Scuba Auto Vs. Seiko Scuba Auto
  156. What are you wearing - Fri 20 Feb 2009
  157. Need PVD!!!
  158. question about mesh bracelets
  159. Is the Sumo case carved from billet, or cast? nt
  160. Just wanted to share my divers...
  161. OE Dial Question
  162. PMMM help.
  163. Loving my Autozilla
  164. technical question
  165. HEV vs. HRV:
  166. New Buckle for my TRIMIX
  167. New Dweller
  168. New Diver - Oris TT1 lume dial
  169. Customized Sea 3, Ceramic Coating
  170. Need your help - vote for me!
  171. New Ploprof prices
  172. re: WRUW 2/19/09
  173. Show me your Zodiac SSW
  174. Sumo San - A Brief Review
  175. My New Watch!!!
  176. King of crown?
  177. My Latest!!!!!!
  178. Check out my vintage Sea Wolf
  179. Ted Su Buckle...
  180. Need help posting large pictures.
  181. My new diver
  182. Watches while travelling.
  183. The charm of understatement?
  184. Benarus Sea Devil - Date Wheel Question
  185. Thoughts on the Maratac Elite Strap?
  186. looking for pic of SS ecozila with black bezel
  187. Tell me about watches that leaked/got moisture inside
  188. ROLL-CALL Wed Feb 18
  189. Is anyone else having problems?
  190. Dont know what you got till its gone.
  191. Dive extension on a bracelet.
  192. Diving With Legends Preview Proof
  193. What are you wearing - Tues 17 Feb 2009
  194. Funny story about dive watches: a non-factor?
  195. Just wanted to give a BIG thanks to Joe from Zinex...
  196. Normally hate quartz but.......
  197. The emerald and the purple
  198. What will you do with your stimulus check?
  199. Looking for a new scuba...
  200. HELP : Monster DAY/Date Stuck *Question*
  201. Dive with Style!
  202. Happy President's Day--Monday--WRUW?
  203. Trimix‏ side-by-side pics request
  204. CX Military?
  205. Kolsterising - harder than armored steel
  206. Sailcloth Strap Group Buy UPDATE - Straps are shipping on Monday 2/16
  207. When it comes down to it.....................
  208. Watches I flipped in 2008, And The Award Goes To...
  209. A recent addition - Baume & Mercier Capeland S XXL
  210. Sotc
  211. My New Ceramic Coated Destro Pam Homage Mod...
  212. Some divers on sunday
  213. My new Aqualung Pro 500 Diver
  214. Longines Hydroquest or Tutima Pacific?
  215. Perfect pairing for the pistes
  216. Help me identify this Orsa model?
  217. Nitrox LE or Trimix
  218. Calling JSAR owners lug hole ???
  219. Considering a new beater - Seiko OM?
  220. Dievas AquaLuna - GRAY version
  221. Sunday 15th Roll-Call:
  222. About to buy a Feb 2008 GSAR, have questions
  223. HELP - JSAR or Cave Dweller, I need Lume !!!
  224. Seiko "Sumo" or Boschett "Reef Ranger"
  225. Basel 2009: UN Maxi Marine Diver Titanium
  226. 2 unique iconic divers
  227. The perfect quartz diver?
  228. New: Seiko Prospex Marine Master Professional Robert F. Marx
  229. So you want a Kevlar strap?
  230. OE is huge... not sure if I can pull it off...
  231. WRUW on this Valentines Day?
  232. I want to turn my Ray Wong SBS into a Doxa Army Homage
  233. Sumo, Tuna, Boschett or ?
  234. Thanks to a Sharpie..
  235. Silicone Straps with Contrast Stitching. Where?
  236. 20.00 strap for my trimix
  237. What is the best dive watch band?
  238. New Strap for my Trimix
  239. What's So Amazing About Grace?
  240. Two german tanks
  241. Submariner vs the world
  242. Monster Mash...
  243. What's the typical "run until failure" for ETA 2824?
  244. What do you think is the best value dive watch in the world???
  245. What can you tell me about the Orient King Diver?
  246. Go to Divers
  247. Clerc Hydroscape
  248. any one with a tigershark...
  249. Wrist-check friday feb 13
  250. Which 2 Should I Sell?