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  1. Sawtooth Bezel
  2. My latest pick-up.... DOXA GMT Carib!
  3. Another BR02 arrival
  4. UTS Watches on Aftermarket Straps
  5. New Page on Bathyshawaii.com - Bathys In Action - Send Us Your Photos
  6. Fortis Marinemaster Val. 72
  7. New Doxa has Arrived!
  8. A blue Landa on a blue Barracuda...
  9. Bathys / Crazy Horse --Feedback
  10. A mystery of the DEEP this one
  11. MONDAY <<Nov 17th 2008>> WRUW
  12. Shooting at Cellini in NYC
  13. What is the ratio of real divers to desk divers here?
  14. taking 'desk diving' to a whole new level
  15. Does anyone wear Doxa on strap? Images invited. TIA
  16. Sunday 16.11.08 WRUW
  17. Marathon any good? Price Q also.
  18. Going out tonight!
  19. NEW Sailcloth strap versions
  20. new homemade shoes on the Benarus 'cuda
  21. Dwatch - pictures
  22. Omega Planet Ocean 45.5mm - lug size?
  23. My Diver Collection so far..................
  24. Do you guys consider A Super Avenger as a divers watch?
  25. Quantum of boredom,zzzzzzzzzzzz
  26. SATURDAY <<Nov 15th 2008>> WRUW
  27. Consensus on metal bracelets that fit SBBN011?
  28. Best Dive watch under $1K
  29. MKII Sea Fighter On The Way................
  30. Ceramic or Saphire Bezels
  31. Titon on a braclet... man this is nice...
  32. I got a TSAR I need help jazzing it up!!
  33. Oceaneer Questions
  34. Help a brother out...need advice on incomming MKII
  35. Only 500..but I am hooked
  36. It's FRIDAY!!! 14.11.08 WUW!
  37. 1600 posts!!!
  38. Incoming!!!
  39. New Bathys Dealer in DC area
  40. Emerging companies
  41. For the ladies in my life...
  42. An ORANGE FEAST !!!!!!
  43. First Couple Untouched D-SLR Images-NO MODEMS
  44. Vintage Squale Grail - Check the dome::::
  45. Anyone had this problem?
  46. The colors of Fall
  47. How the MARATHON SAR should have looked...IMO...
  48. DWATCH- new dive watch company
  49. Calling all Reef Ranger owners!
  50. Orient Star 300
  51. Help needed
  52. THURSDAY <<Nov 13th 08>> WRUW
  53. What makes a watch have a higher depth rating?
  54. Preview pics of my first diver with an HRV...
  55. Sub-Par Treatment by an Authorized Dealer
  56. Anybody use their dive bezel to track a 2nd time zone?
  57. 3000+
  58. cx swiss military watch argonaut
  59. Womens Dive Watch
  60. Benthic pics?
  61. Picked up an Enzo, wanted to say thanks all!!
  62. TSAR to GSAR ??
  63. For the True 007 Fan!!
  64. 12.11.08 Hump Day WUW!
  65. Long-Lasting Tool Diver
  66. Suggestions for next watch
  67. Need help finding a B&M Capeland S XXL--Send me a PM if you see one at ur local AD
  68. Need help about a watch
  69. Does Obama wear a diver?
  70. So what are you sick of seeing in a dive watch
  71. 11.11.08 wuw!!
  72. Email's
  73. Black, blue, green?
  74. My new Mil Landmonster
  75. Picky... specific diver needed!!!
  76. Best place to buy a Marathon JSAR?
  77. 2000M a slightly bigger version
  78. Mesh forever..
  79. New custom strap for Bathys
  80. Royal Swiss tritium watch?
  81. Eintausend #8 arrived
  82. Debaufre Triton
  83. zulus and beadblast
  84. New Strap for the Seahawk
  85. Boschett Reef Ranger on Leather?
  86. 600m + 600m (more boring pics)
  87. They got the bracelets
  88. 10.11.08 wruw
  89. Happy 233rd Birthday
  90. Happy Birthday
  91. Give Away
  92. Black Bezel Winner is....
  93. Starting the work week wearing???......Nov 10
  94. Modifications
  95. My new daily wear... wonder if my SMP will get jealous?
  96. Diners, Dives & Drive-Ins...what's he wearing?
  97. Omega SEAMASTER SM120 "Baby PloProf" on KEVLAR
  98. Black Bezel Competition
  99. Bracelet Design Question
  100. KREMKE Watch Co. Subzilla pricing
  101. The International Brotherhood* of Ocean Explorers
  102. Impulse Buy - orange dive master
  103. 9/11/08 wruw
  104. Thoughts on My DeepSea:
  105. bernhardt seashark vs. others...
  106. New watch - Mod Co Finishes Seiko Sumo!!
  107. New pics of the eintausend kazimon
  108. Show your watches on the "Bond" (stripe) strap
  109. Ocean Explorer - caught up with the boat!
  110. Omega SEAMASTER 600 on DIVESTRAPS PloProf Kevlar
  111. The bracelet saga
  112. A Fish in it's Lair/Chamber
  113. 08.11.08 Weekend WUW
  114. Raymond Weil Nabucco - BIG and Impressive!
  115. Any good looking green divers out there?
  116. 15 minutes to go...
  117. SeaRaiders Stuck With Paloma!!!!
  118. HELP with RE-Lume
  119. My new Citizen diver
  120. Is this time of year like this every year - So many new models
  121. 2000M teaser
  122. DSLR Images - Omega SM120 Baby PloProf
  123. New Official Forum: Kremke Watch Co.
  124. New Kermke SUBZILLA
  125. >>> Guys, it's FRIDAY! What's goin'on?
  126. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Diving 'LE' The Bahamas Caribbean Sea
  127. JLC 'Tides of Time' & UNESCO
  128. 48+mm diver ..
  129. B&M Capeland XXL
  130. B&M Capeland XXL
  131. For those who has shattered or cracked a sapphire crystal ...
  132. My latest watch... From Rick!
  133. Watchmaker in Northern Virginia
  134. Salt water and dive watch bezels...
  135. Zinex new heliox super sub vintage
  136. Omega SEAMASTER 120m/400ft "Baby PloProf" arrives
  137. Some quick pics of my RGM diver
  138. What is the Lug to Lug measurement of Stowa ProDiver?
  139. Citizen Aqualand JP2000-08E function question
  140. Another UTS is coming!
  141. The Dreadnought has landed
  142. Official press pics of the AP Royal Oak Offshore Survivor
  143. Thursday 06.11.08 WUW
  144. Longines Legend Diver: joined the club!
  145. Stowa ProDiver - 2nd go around
  146. Financial Ruin....
  147. Does blasted ss look like plastic to anyone else?
  148. Panerai and Bathys hanging out
  149. Has anyone bought a blasted watchadoo?
  150. EINTAUSEND ... the first one!
  151. Making it my own
  152. Hardlex vs. Sapphire - questions
  153. Is it just me?
  154. Hump Day - 05.11.08 WUW
  155. My new arrival!! (Bell & Ross BR02)
  156. Need Help Resetting Chrono on Hamilton Khaki Chrono
  157. Pics from trip to NewFoundLand
  158. Help- Marcello C Tridente or Boschett Reef Ranger???
  159. Calling on people that have owned a UX and U2
  160. Prodiver looks good on Omega mesh
  161. Well i took some pics today.....(BM)
  162. Could this be one of the best values in Dive Watches?
  163. MKII Stingray Almost Here!!!!!
  164. Twins Basil, Twins...
  165. Election Day WUW!!!
  166. Well... I finally did it... Doxa 750T in the house...
  167. Help with DiveStraps
  168. Opinions on Orient 300 and Orient Star 300
  169. Can Yao's dial and hands for ETA movement be used on a SW200 movement?
  170. Where is Shane?
  171. Deep Sea wrist shot
  172. Anyone, Zulu's From Watchesu571 on Ebay???
  173. First pic of my Deep Sea
  174. Wearing this beautiful piece of dive history today!
  175. Wruw 11/03/2008
  176. Very rare Bulova Accutron
  177. Strap recommendation for JSAR
  178. A Watch Worthy of The Man of Bronze
  179. Want to buy a Bathys....where? (also: silver vs black)
  180. Can You Extend The Life Of Your Lume?
  181. What, no Sunday, 11/2/08 WRUW???
  182. Custom lume application on Dive watches
  183. Show your Hydro's
  184. New Longines Hydro Conquest
  185. Just picked something up yesterday....
  186. Release of kazimon eintausend
  187. Jacques Piccard 1922-2008
  188. New rubber for my Korsbek, Orange Hirsch Extreme.
  189. Oceanic Time (Dive Watch Blog):
  190. Searching for the right dive watch
  191. Well, I just blew my watch fund on...
  192. Seen a Deep Sea today at AD
  193. Legend passed away
  194. New diver arrival [Oris]
  195. For Sale Rant....
  196. 1/11/08 wruw
  197. Circling in the sky
  198. A little nudge please
  199. Stowa ProDiver
  200. Which of these would you sell to fund a Breitling Superocean Heritage?
  201. ENZO/Schaumburg/DeepBlue/ Etc Dial Size?
  202. Sub-42mm diver with auto HEV?
  203. Help needed from experienced members
  204. An actually relevant "what would you do"
  205. My new gig
  206. Deep Blue Master Diver 1000?
  207. Strap Help - Waterproof Gator or Croc straps?
  208. Info On - Baume & Mercier Capeland S XXL Dive Watch
  209. Looking for something new in a dive watch
  210. TGIF what on your wrist
  211. Need some help with Lume DIY
  212. Group shot
  213. MKII Stingray 60, bead blast
  214. Omega PloProf replacement rubber strap?
  215. BATHYS Ti-Benthic - UPDATES?
  216. Coolest Lug Bars ever?
  217. Sub arrives
  218. *10-31-2008* wruwt
  219. 1000 posts- what's in the box?
  220. Lets See Your Favorite Bracelet Diver!
  221. Thursday 10?30?08 WRUW
  222. Arrived today! Seiko 600M Historical
  223. My mother's in law present
  224. A good day
  225. A question to all collectors.
  226. SMP on PO rubber?
  227. Mod my Atlas? Need some advice...
  228. New Rubber Style Strap
  229. "WATCH-ING FOR THE CURE" - Please Join the WUS and SCWF Charity Project...
  230. Wednesday 10/29 WRUW
  231. Anyone here bought from ebay seller watchesu571?
  232. ATTN : outstretchedhands
  233. Snorkel masks?
  234. This may be Weird, but I just saw........
  235. It's all you guys' fault
  236. Can anyone tell me anything about this Benrus?
  237. Best name for a dive watch
  238. New to me Dino Z. Nautilo
  239. LM-7 Preorder list
  240. What's this watch??
  241. A lot of Kobolds on sales forums
  242. NYC watch lunch today - Lots of Pictures
  243. BIG incoming!!!!
  244. I got my Enzo back!! Warning-modum burner
  245. Remember Your first true dive watch?
  246. Tuesday October 28 Wrist Check
  247. Frakenmonster on watchadoo?
  248. Which would you sell and why?
  249. Please suggest a leather strap for my Frankenmonster
  250. Zinex question from new member