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  1. Wednesday 23rd Roll-Call:
  2. my latest: a gift from Sukispop!
  3. OE has landed
  4. some straps arrived
  5. Question About Seiko Monster and Advice
  6. Dive Watch GTG interest in Long Island NY or NYC
  7. MKII Sea Fighter or Marathon GSAR??
  8. Titanium suggestions...
  9. I Need Help - Dive Watch
  10. Great White
  11. Jacques Etoile Atlantis (HELP)
  12. Customization of brand name watches
  13. Got my new MKII's-thanks to all WUS'ers for your advice etc.
  14. Orange
  15. Where do I buy this Certina online ?
  16. The BEST bezel
  17. Question.................
  18. A tease for Ultra...
  19. New Rasmus incoming....
  20. Lets see them in Action...
  21. Tuesday - W R U W
  22. Finally added a new Seiko to the collection>>
  23. OK Diver Fans, Show Me Your Lume!
  24. The Professionale visits Sag Harbor
  25. Doxa 1000T COSC getting wet...and drying off
  26. I just joined the Ocean7 family
  27. New Ball Trieste chronograph in the house...
  28. Crawfish trying to steel my Doxa
  29. Overcoming horological pet peeves?
  30. I need feedback on Mark II dive watches.
  31. That's right guys, Serket Reef 2.0 bracelet:
  32. pueden opinar al respecto Your opinion please
  33. Zinex Nitrox Abyss - Image intensive
  34. Making a Poll Thread
  35. Excellent video on the Seiko MM 300
  36. Monday What U Wearing
  37. Have you seen?
  38. My First ENZO MECHANA EMV !!!!!
  39. Cheapest place to buy NEW Bell & Ross
  40. Technomarine Alpha Sport
  41. just a little quartz again:
  42. Seiko Marinemaster 300 on KEVLAR
  43. Sunday - W R U W
  44. Poul could you please take some pics....
  45. otros de la colección some others from the collection
  46. colored lume? red? orange??
  47. Sammi's new shoes
  48. Looking for a "smaller" dive watch
  49. Inexpensive dive watch
  50. This big ol' diver rolled in today............
  51. When WUS'ies meet after hours!
  52. OT: HELP with frankenmonster
  53. Got a new Diver to sing to me:)
  54. Tutima DI300...why, why not?
  55. Any companys that let you design your own watch?
  56. I wonder if Seiko has any idea of how highly we speak of the MM
  57. Best strap for a SAR
  58. sumo with heavily modded strap
  59. Saturday- W R U W
  60. Triton on sharkskin
  61. New Ti Zilla Pics
  62. New diver
  63. Just in, Certina DS-3
  64. The OE is now in
  65. How accurate is your mechanical watch
  66. Toughest dive stap goin!!
  67. re: Diving with Jaws
  68. Info on Bell & Ross Type Marine ...
  69. Added this one to the collection...........
  70. My Super Avenger
  71. Help! I "need" a new diver...
  72. Which one would you choose?
  73. Any Old Citizen Aqualand owners ?
  74. un candino
  75. Vintage LeCoultre 'Polaris' Review:
  76. Help a WIS buy a Marine Master
  77. Frantic Watch Buying week and my divers (Modem Burner)
  78. Omega Planet Ocean - PVD
  79. Friday W-U-W 18/7/08
  80. Need help! $1000 dress diver or two beater divers?
  81. I know u shouldn't but which dive watch is tough enough...
  82. Newbie w/ New Seiko Diver Questions
  83. Edox Class 1 Day Date
  84. New Reef Ranger Arrives
  85. My First ENZO MECHANA EMV !!!!!
  86. Seiko Marinemaster 300 Arrives!
  87. Please post RASMUS pics..
  88. How do you like a square diver?
  89. IWC Deep One
  90. Capelad XXL Deployant clasp
  91. Rolex Diver Mania:
  92. New Benarus project need your opinion please
  93. My little Diver Family ;) -pics-
  94. Thursday. What U Wearin???
  95. New arrival! - Dive watch?
  96. Eta 2824-2
  97. Marathon Csar
  98. What is so special about the Zodiac Super Seawolf?
  99. here again otra vez
  100. >>>> Hump Day Wrist Check <<<<
  101. Why so many Kenzo's on the sale forum?
  102. Zinex Nitrox ... finally my pics!
  103. help suggest a strap for my black Bathys 100F
  104. some other divers (franken?)
  105. Debaufre?
  106. I Missed My 1000 Post!!
  107. Hey Poul, can you give us an update for this week on the O/E?
  108. Citizen Aqualand Promaster Eco-Drive Titanium 200m
  109. Ocean-1 2Tone Blue Debaufre
  110. Some of my divers
  111. Yet another Diver added.... I have to stop now
  112. New diver...
  113. question pregunta frċga
  114. Perrelet Double Rotor Titanium Sports 43.5mm
  115. Vintage Submariner or PO
  116. FrankenTuna/Monster incoming
  117. diving watches photos
  118. Watch Angels
  119. Tuesday- W R U W
  120. Korsbek Signature Dive Hands
  121. Breitling Avenger Seawolf(Modem Burner) and Review
  122. Thoughts on Fortis Marinemaster ?
  123. bead blasted refinish?
  124. Recommendations for a new Diver
  125. Question about Swiss Military Argonaut
  126. Sumo source(s)
  127. Seiko Pins and Collars
  128. Images of the 3 New Bathys Hawaii Quartz Ti-Benthic
  129. Deep Blue PVD Offerings
  130. OT - Diver / Dry bags
  131. Fat guy in a little shirt?
  132. urgent
  133. Nagging 'zilla issue....ideas?
  134. "The Art of Time - An Historic Moment in Time"
  135. Best bet for a Vintage super Zodiac Sea wold Bracelet?
  136. What would you like to see from Marathon?
  137. Monday-Roll call
  138. Freediver Mehgan Heaney-Grier needs a sponsor?
  139. Input on Marcello C. Tridente or Nettuno
  140. Lacher Diver Wristshots Wanted
  141. Calling all military divers, nomex for a wet suit?
  142. The Dream vs. The Reality
  143. My 4 divers and others.
  144. Tudor pics
  145. My next Seiko diver
  146. Do you wear all of you watches?
  147. Zinex nitrox, blue or black?
  148. What do you think of all the new dive watch brands?
  149. Sunday- W R U W
  150. How often do you service your watches
  151. Glycine Incursore Black Jack Chronos 46mm
  152. got a huge problem..
  153. New Arrival: Zinex Nitrox
  154. Orsa Monstrum
  155. Kenzo Nautilus owners... what kind of straps?
  156. Feeling a little blue today... :-(
  157. The Bali Ha'i Project
  159. Whats all the hooha about this "ZINEX" then?
  160. TSAR incoming - bracelet question
  161. couple new shots
  162. Saturday-roll call
  163. Atomic Corndogs (JSAR lume shot!)...
  164. I was ust leafing through HR magazine and saw
  165. Breitling Superocean or Sinn UX
  166. Need Help with Watch ID
  167. DIY wetsuit extension strap
  168. Any hints for a "real" GMT diver?
  169. Please welcome Stefan (S.L.) back to the DWF!!!
  170. Nauticfish & Longio (HK) connection?
  171. Questions for Enzo fans
  172. Best Customer service/buying experience you have had?
  173. Anybody else purchase watches in pairs?
  174. Zinex Nitrox Abyss!!
  175. Glycine LCC 3000 WRIST SHOTS
  176. Any new Marathons on the horizon?
  177. Kill 7 minutes at work this friday
  178. New Dive Watch
  179. Please welcome our new sponsor Benarus!
  180. More On 'Favre-Leuba Bathy V.2.':
  181. Anyone Interested in a San Antonio / Austin WUS Meet
  182. Newish: Doxa TUSA 1000T:
  183. Friday watch-u-wearin'?
  184. New Enzo Forum!!!
  185. Can one compare the Citizen Titanium Zilla Vs. the Marathon Original SAR auto?
  186. Best strap for B&M Capeland XXL
  187. Other non-chrono movements
  188. Slightly OT
  189. New Arrival`
  190. My current divers and a quick WIS test
  191. my first divers!!!!!!!
  192. Here be monsters!...
  193. Ti seal ?'s
  194. What to buy?
  195. Anyone looking for a good watchmaker in the UK?
  196. SWEEEEEET Ladies Watch
  197. Precista Info
  198. opinions on debaufre triton vs ocean7 lm-3?
  199. Poul....so now that you decided to ship....
  200. Red SUG 20 watch
  201. Glycine LCC 3000 on KEVLAR
  202. TAG Heuer Aquagraph & Tanya Streeter:
  203. Thursday-roll Call
  204. Does anybody know where i can still buy. . . . .
  205. HELP to find citizen BN0016-55L bracelet
  206. OS 300M on a 6.8" wrist
  207. Need Help About Citizen Jp2000-08e
  208. Are there any breitling driver with a decent lume?
  209. New Marathon Sar
  210. A grail for me arrived today.............
  211. Marti 200m Sous Marine Date
  212. Hump Day
  213. New Stowa Prodiver owner - my impressions >
  214. Anyone own both the MG rasmus & seal..
  215. shout out to "Ptern"
  216. Wednesday July 9th - watch u wearin'
  217. Straps
  218. As promised- a pic of my Nauticfish
  219. uts lume video
  220. Precista PRS-50 without the "no radiation" symbol?
  221. Battery life for Bathys 100 Fathoms w/ Rhonda Movement
  222. Update on Shipping
  223. GSAR Band
  224. Wensday- working on my photographic skills
  225. New: Hamilton Below Zero Chrono:
  226. who is the best photographer on the forum
  227. I'm on a roll!
  228. Pic Request: Omega PO on leather or reptile
  229. 2 Seiko pseudo-divers
  230. MARATHON CSAR or U-BOAT -Boat Flightdeck Automatic Chrono 50mm
  231. Timing my automatic JSAR
  232. Ian's TSAR Lume Comparison Shots
  233. New style Superocean. Oh yeah!
  234. Vestal Zeppelin 52mm Chrono
  235. super hot Breitling SuperOcean Chrono-Matic
  236. Any 50mm Divers ?
  237. Come Visit The New Watchuseek Digital Watch Forum!!!
  238. PVD scratch resistance scale!
  239. Glycine Lagunare Certified Chronometer 3000 on Delaurian
  240. Ducati Watches
  241. New: Eterna KonTiki Chronograph:
  242. Breitling Pluton??
  243. Looking for a cheap 2824 diver for Mod
  244. Deep Blue Master Timer - Image Intensive
  245. fast runner
  246. Any diving course to recommend?
  247. Tuesday-Roll call
  248. Luminox Navy Seals Dive Watch
  249. Bathys AQ or Sinn 556
  250. Stingray MkII - Polished or Bead Blasted?