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  3. how was your 4th of July weekend?
  4. My Number 1
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  6. Sunday- What are u wearing
  7. About Me
  8. A couple nice ones incoming...
  9. Doxa 600T Orange dial vs UTS 300m
  10. Blue Arrow Hour Hand?
  11. Ian's TSAR arrived!
  12. Sinn EZM 3...to do or not to do
  13. Some pics of my Stowa Prodiver
  14. While we wait a few questions about the O/E...
  15. Saturday Wrist Check
  16. SAR Bracelet Question
  17. Krieger 'Sea Stallion' (WR to 1/2 mile):
  18. New box for my Doxas
  19. Few pics of my Seiko SNM037 Outside
  20. Capeland S XXL Pics
  21. which 3 watches
  22. TSAR on Kevlar
  23. Triton on the wrist
  24. Post Kenzo Nautilus wrist shots please
  25. GSAR photo donation requested
  26. timeline for the Recon GMT?
  27. July 4th Update From Poul :-(
  28. Sub-$1000
  29. Have a good 4th guys!
  30. New arrival
  31. New guy could use some advice...
  32. The Big Issue
  33. New: Tiffany & Co + Enzo Mechana:
  34. Received My Citizen
  35. Friday wrist check
  36. A couple of Lume shots
  37. Dive Video
  38. Finally succombed to the lure of the 'zilla
  39. Blacksteel Vs Ted Su
  40. Update from John At Bathys Hawaii & Happy 4th!
  41. Suggestions for my strap.
  42. Happy Independence Day weekend
  43. Any thoughts on the Longines legend diver?
  44. crown up or down
  45. A note from BOSCHETT (July 4th, Vacation & Pricing)
  46. A gaggle of dive watches...
  47. New Orsa Orange Dial Sea Anglers
  48. Dress up watch?
  49. re: Fathers Day Gift.. Yes I know its late
  50. New: UTS Bauhaus Collection 1,000 Meters:
  51. The "dark" side of divers...
  52. watches at night
  53. The Marathon JSAR ETA 2824-2 that sweeps
  54. Thursday WRIST CHECK
  55. Any U1 dive pics/wrist shots?
  56. Did Bathys Benthic Black PVD with MOP dial ever have red minute marks on rotating bezel?
  57. A New Triton
  58. New Zinex
  59. As promised, pics of the new Enzo
  60. I may have found my ONE watch for everything...
  61. 6 months and counting MKII
  62. I need one of these!!!!!
  63. Fortis wrist extender
  64. Doxa 750T Pro in Central America
  65. Oceaneer Update?
  66. WUS 10th Anniversary Giveaway - Day 22!!!
  67. Latest and last Diver added.....
  68. New: HYSEK 'Abyss Tourbillon':
  69. Newish: Michel Herbelin Divers Watches:
  70. How about one of these?
  71. Wednesday- Roll Call
  72. How to create a wish list?
  73. Looking for feedback on the Citizen Auto-Zilla
  74. Omega Planet Ocean or Stowa Prodiver ?
  75. My new Anonimo Anniversary Polluce delivered today
  76. My newest diver
  77. Dive expo Malaysia
  78. Give-a-way day 21
  79. 316l?
  80. Orange Monster NATO straps
  81. Cyma Synchron Deep Diver
  82. While I am Waiting for my Ocean Explorer........
  83. Newest edition to my collection
  84. not too bad of a strap for the 6R15 (SUMO)
  85. My humble collection of dive watches
  86. What, no Canada Day shout-out?
  87. My 8926 mod
  88. beater suggestions needed!
  89. The Real Shadow Diver
  90. Tuesday Wrist Check
  91. Long awaited Enzo arriving.... TODAY!
  92. New: Buler Swiss Watch 'Ocean Hero':
  93. new member
  94. ZENO 300M Diver
  95. Certina DS3 reissue MkII dial/hands conversion
  96. took my Bathys camping........too many pics
  97. What's your favorite Quartz Diver?
  98. Now I Get It!!!
  99. Limited Editions...
  100. Don't ask
  101. I think I am set for a while,(Stowa ProDiver)
  102. Boschett Reef Ranger First Impressions
  103. Capeland S XXL Questions...
  104. The many colors of SAR
  105. Please welcome our new sponsor!
  106. New choos for Zilla(modum burner)
  107. Is It Just Me.....
  108. Diving With legends - Update
  109. help me find the perfect diver for me..
  110. Rubber strap pics thread!
  111. Jason: Whatever happened to the Halios?
  112. WUS 10th Anniversary Giveaway - Day 20!!!
  113. Possible New Look For The Sinn U1 & U2:
  114. Big Blue arrived alst week - some pictures
  115. My new Beuchat Chrono Diver 650m!!!
  116. Precista prs14 or sumo?
  117. Suggestion for a Diver
  118. The "Zilla Gap"
  119. When storing watches, do you keep the crown...
  120. Tutima DI300- Is the crystal double AR coated?
  121. thoughts on zeno diver 300m
  122. Kenzo Nautilus 2?
  123. Anyone have pics of a Bathys Benthic in Black PVD w/ Orange dial?
  124. Any thoughts on the Accutron VX-200 divers?
  125. I'm trying to add these two Divers to my collection.
  126. What R U Wearing to start the week
  127. Another pics of PO on mesh
  128. Various straps on my GSAR
  129. Diving in the Pool
  130. Any BR 02 PVD owners with case scratches?
  131. A Planet Ocean Quandary...
  132. GP SHII BMW Oracle Racing 42mm:
  133. Is a watch over $800 nothing but jewelry?
  134. A n00bs' MKII custom watch idea
  135. GSAR & Watchadoo question
  136. Accidental score.
  137. lume applications and style
  138. new clothes for my Dievas Divergraph
  139. Lingo - Need help!!
  140. X33 issue.......?!
  141. WUS 10th Anniversary Giveaway - Day 18!!!
  142. How does everybody size their Marathon bracelets?
  143. Maybe I over did it on SAR's
  144. Muhle SAR
  145. Opinions on the Seiko Marine Master 300
  146. Brady Sailcloth straps... now in colors!
  147. Putting on my GSAR Bracelet
  148. Any news on the new bathys products?
  149. TNG Swiss Watches
  150. post UTS with Platinum dials..
  151. Watchu Wearing this WEEKEND??
  152. UTS 3000M Sport GMT
  153. Kobold SMG-1 "Homage"?
  154. New Ocean7 LM-6 PVD
  155. New Orient Star 200m Diver
  156. Thanks Walt!
  157. calling Bathy's UV owners....
  158. New member with a new JSAR
  159. night monster on velcro
  160. Oris SS TT1 - Wave Dial
  161. Definitions; helping hand
  162. For Kolbold fans
  163. The Diver "Cool Wall"
  164. Oris titanium 1000m vs. 300m... differences?
  165. my dive clocks: Rolex & Panerai
  166. For all you accuracy nuts.....
  167. WUS 10th Anniversary Giveaway - Day 17!!!
  168. test d(r)iving Ocean7 LM-1
  169. Watch Encyclopedia
  170. Matching watches to your clothes or vice
  171. New: Deep Blue Watches:
  172. Helium can't penetrate Orient Professional Diver?
  173. Please tell me this is only a nightmare !
  174. Friday roll call
  175. Took my Sinn on a trip up the Amazon
  176. Philly GTG Photos...
  177. Panerai 104 or 164 vs. Kobold Soarway PVD or LSD
  178. Ball Mad Cow
  179. Lume shot: RGM ref. 300! > > > >
  180. 200m suitable for diving?
  181. WUS 10th Anniversary Giveaway - Day 16!!!
  182. AlphaTime 1000m
  183. Anyone with Hirsch Hevea Rubber Strap?
  184. ONE watch for everything
  185. 10th Anniversary Celebration!!!
  186. Which Seiko??
  187. New to me, Anonimo...
  188. Thursday Wrist Check
  189. Jurgens Monster Mesh 24mm !
  190. Please welcome subkrawler
  191. New Marathon SAR
  192. Kobold Large Soarway Diver or Sinn U2 S?
  193. My new GSAR
  194. Luxor 1000m Dive Question
  195. Seiko SKX173 and SKX007... HELP ME CHOOSE!
  196. The KonTiki Sports Watch
  197. Help me decide on a Seiko diver
  198. Ultra heres one for ya
  199. Please welcome Nalu and OnTimeGabe as the new DWF moderators
  200. I dont think I'm done yet: 2 new Seikos arrive
  201. Loom-Loomers?
  202. Help me choose....
  203. Found while diving
  204. chronosport sea quartz pic request....
  205. Some Advice From The Pros...
  206. newbie
  207. Bling it out! (Modem burner)!
  208. Favorite Diver?
  209. hump day wrist check
  210. Stingray MKII Type 70
  211. Economic Stimulus
  212. Yeah It's Got a Bezel...
  213. Finally joined the SAR Owners Group
  214. Dievas Endurance of Seiko "Classic" SKX007?
  215. Dive Watch Summer Tan Lines
  216. Is this Seiko 6309-7290 real or a fake ?
  217. When are you officially an Addict?
  218. Marathon J SAR
  219. I think I'm done...
  220. New JSAR Not THAT big.
  221. Can you anme some popular real world dive watches???
  222. omega- Alaska project- any news or info?
  223. tuesday check!!!!!!!!
  224. Ocean7 LM Series and Omega PloProf
  225. Meistertaucher dial differences?
  226. Diver bezel question
  227. Vote for my next (sub $1K) black diver!
  228. did my 1st battery change
  229. Another "what would you do" thread..........
  230. Another WUS Milestone - 1 Million Posts!
  231. TSAR incoming...
  232. Can someone provide a link to the Korsbeck website? Thank you!
  233. Made in Hong Kong - Your thoughts
  234. WUS Reaches 1,000,000 Posts
  235. Orient Star 300M Diver size question
  236. Here's to the mods!
  237. NEW Strappie for my CSAR!
  238. Smoke'em if you got'em
  239. watcha wearing monday
  240. Selling a large inexpensive collection for one grail?
  241. show your biggest watch!
  242. Boschett or Seiko Sumo?
  243. Whatcha Wearin' This Weekend??
  244. New family member!!!!! (Modem Burner!!!!!)
  245. My main Dive watch
  246. Looking for a UTS Adventure...
  247. For the guys with huge collections .....
  248. RGM 300 Prof Diver from a different angle...
  249. 48-52mm+ divers...
  250. How big is too Big